Friday, December 31, 2010

Bloomberg fails in snow removal efforts

Remember this summer when New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg was all over the media saying Carl Paladino didn't have what it took to lead? New York City got hit with a snowstorm last week and four days later, it's streets still weren't plowed. Bloomberg told the residents to "relax and take in a Broadway show." Not exactly Jimmy Griffin. This might have went over well in Manhattan, but not in the other four Burroughs, where the people found his comment out of touch. I'm surprised he didn't tell them to eat cake. New York City bloggers are posting photos of uncleared streets, while Bloomberg's elitist Manhattan street is plowed down to the pavement.

When faced with a two term limit a few years ago, Bloomberg was able to bribe some councilmembers to change the law, so he could remain mayor. We're giving him our 2010 Deer Trapped in Headlights Award for this press conference on the city's abysmal snow removal efforts. Let's see if the rich guy can buy his way out of this one. Why doesn't he just call Fred Dicker? I thought those two clowns had the answers to everything...

A different era

Just pulled this old Channel 7 New Years story off of their website. The year was 1979. If you have the time, it is worth watching.


Bikini woman banned from flying again

This woman just wants to get on a plane but they won't let her. Airport security said she had an "unusual contour" on her buttocks. Don't you hate when that happens?

TSA bans bikini woman for ‘unusual contour’ around buttocks | Raw Story

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dale Vulture

State Senator Dale Vulture ended his 38 year reign of terror in Albany today. He said the decision was made when his wife said, "Don't you think it's time you spent more time with me?" Excuse me while I wipe away the tears in my eyes. I love how these crooks become so family orientated right when they're about to get tossed out onto the curb. Volker narrowly won reelection in 2008 (losing Erie County) and was said to be facing three opponents in 2010. When asked about his biggest accomplishment, Volker cited shamelessly posing for pictures after Carl Paladino got the tolls removed. Good riddance, Vulture. We're thankful, but our wallets are even more thankful.

Volker said his proudest moment was the speech he gave at Grover Cleveland's funeral.
Volker said he would be celebrating his new found retirement by holding a naked Twister tournament next weekend at his Depew home.
Here's a shocker: He discloses in this interview that he might be in line for a state job in Andrew Cuomo's administration. So much for Cuomo bucking the status quo. Is this the fresh new blood he promised us during the campaign? Stay tuned. We'll find out just how much the Vulture really misses his wife after all...

I sense an angry mob forming

I know the entitled read my blog religiously. Whenever I write about their exciting Hollywood lifestyle, they contact people close to me and not so close to me in an effort to cover up the truth. They're so arrogant, they think they are above contacting me directly, with me being of a lower caste (non-city worker)than them and all. I don't know why they would think anyone else has any influence over me. They don't. Why should they?

Low and behold, 2,000 unique visitors each week are interested in what I have to say and many of them agree with my take on things. (James Kane: I don't consider you an enemy of mine, but you should have shown more respect when I told you I was very good at marketing.) I got this well written anonymous comment today and I thought I'd share it (since I know most people don't read the comments). Looks like some of the neighbors have had enough of the beautiful people...

Anonymous said...

I'm really beginning to get sick to death of some of these arrogant "small town Charlies" running around South Buffalo with their deluded sense of over blown self-importance. Most come from families of 4th and 5th generation political hacks with ties of patronage to City Hall and Democratic Party Headquarters, and not some mansion on a hill like they wish. It's been my observation that these same "big shots" have absolutely no clue of what it means to act and think independently. They do and vote as they're told in order to keep their cushy, no-show City Hall jobs. Other than circulating petitions for crooked local politicians at Election time and getting drunk at political fundraisers their only other function in life is to preserve their feelings of entitlement by acting smug and arrogant in South Buffalo taverns and bullying the non-political into voting the way they're told. The natural followers and yes-men who attach themselves to these plastic brahmans are even more nauseating!

I'm told there's even a daughter of one of these types who is in the process of researching a possible future book titled, "First Families of South Buffalo." I understand it is to be modled on the old line "First Families of Virgina" encyclopedia which pedigrees Tidewater high society back to the seventeenth century.

How pretentious!

Sorry sweetie, your family history of BFD firemen and saloon sweepers are not on par with the aristocratic Lee's of Virginia.

Where do these snobby deluded idiots get such arrogance? Being lower-middle class (at best) in a working-class neighborhood does not make you a Kennedy. Sorry, sweetie. Now go back to doing your pseudo Irish dancing that nobody in Ireland has ever even heard of, and brush up on your Gaelic that nobody in Ireland would recognize as Irish Gaelic. Most of all, just be arrogant, pushy and annoying to the rest of us good people of South Buffalo who are, unfortunately, stuck with far too many of your ilk.

These self annointed "first families" are definitely part of the problem with our community and not part of the solution! I'm sure you agree. Thanks for letting me spill a little bile.

-Bitter Bill


Highway robbery at HSBC Arena

In a move I think is completely justified, mayor Byron Brown has written a letter to the Attorney General's office asking for an investigation into price gouging at the parking lots near the HSBC Arena for the World Junior Hockey Championships. From The Buffalo News...

"The mayor is upset, and when [the rates at privately operated lots] were brought to our attention yesterday, we set about looking at what options we had available to us," said Peter K. Cutler, the mayor's spokesman. "It's clear the best one is to go to the Attorney General's Office to ask through their Consumer Affairs Bureau to look into this."

The mayor has written a letter to the Attorney General's Office requesting such an investigation, Cutler said.

Two greedy businessmen have done their best to make the city look bad. We have guests coming in from another country with limited parking options. Most don't know their way around town. Because of the Peace Bridge fiasco, they arrive just before game time, unsure of where to park. They face two unenviable choices: Get mugged by the parking companies and pay $50 to park or park a few blocks away and literally get mugged. Mark Croce, formerly an ambassador for the city, has completely taken advantage of the situation and has lost much credibility in doing so...

Buffalo, he said, was being too small-minded.

"Buffalo has to start thinking like a big city. This is a big event — it's supposed to generate economic development," Croce said.

Croce should stop trying to sound like Donald Trump. Nobody's buying the nonsense he's trying to sell. Most Buffalonians I've spoken to are embarrassed by his actions. He's given the city a black eye. So many people have worked hard to make this event a success. Croce's giving these fans a reason to never come back to Buffalo. Not a smart move for a guy with both hands out for the Statler Building. Bloggers have long memories.

Mayor wants state to probe parking prices near arena - City Hall - The Buffalo News


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Brown continues opposition to S. Buffalo youth facility

Listen to Did I Do That from Steve Urkel
Despite overwhelming support on the Common Council and the South Buffalo community, mayor Brown is doing his best to prevent South Buffalo residents from getting a state of the art sports complex/educational center for it's youth.

The Council was successful in overriding the mayor's veto last week. However, a new Councilmember friendly to the mayor (Reverend Darius Pridgen), replaces outgoing Councilmember Curtis Haynes next week. Haynes was in favor of the project. Pridgen is widely expected to do the mayor's bidding. His vote could prevent the rest of the council from freeing up funding for the proposed facility. From The Buffalo News..

Mayor Byron W. Brown announced that he will not authorize bonds to pay for the Nevilly Court project. The Council could have a tough time lining up six votes to free up funding because a key project supporter is leaving the Council on Friday.

The development near South Park Avenue has been on the drawing board since 2006 and would include playing fields, a gymnasium, an educational facility with classroom, library and performance space.

The mayor's latest trick is to recruit (hire?) one of the neighbors to act as an obstructionist to Kearns' project. Oh, and I'm sure this will come as a shocker to everyone, he's a city employee...

Nick Macri, president of the Dallas Zollars Block Club, insisted that some residents only heard about the project through the media.

"No one knew what Nevilly Court was, and it's in our backyard," Macri wrote. "After talking to neighbors and block club members, our area is against this plan and feel funding should go to existing facilities."
Listen to Human Voice Clip Male Ten Year Old Boy Exclamations Liar Liar Pants On Fire from Human
Kearns said it is untrue that Macri wasn't briefed on the project. The lawmaker claimed he personally outlined the plans to Macri during earlier conversations. Kearns also raised suspicions about Macri's motives, noting that Macri is a city employee.

"I just find it suspect that [Macri's] letter even uses some of the same terms that were in the mayor's earlier veto message," Kearns said.

I believe Kearns when he says he spoke to Macri about the project. The mayor's people obviously coached Macri on what to say in his letter. I'd love to know on what grounds they oppose this project? Buffalo should change it's name from the Queen City to the Obstructionist City. We have people waiting two hours to get across the Peace Bridge because politicians can't make a decision on building a new one. The owner of Pano's Restaurant on Elmwood had to fight preservationists like crazy to expand his business. Now, it is one of the nicest buildings on the Elmwood strip.

We have Brian Higgins and his "South Buffalo team " (Antoine Kennedy, the Comerfords, the Mckinley Circle Lady, Jim Keane, Kevin Kelley, Pinocchio Petrucci,etc.) to thank for this also. They were the ones who told you and your neighbors how you needed four more years of Byron Brown.
Looks Like the Circus is in Town
Where do they stand on this project? They're against it, because it won't make them look good. If they were true leaders, they would be speaking out for it, for the neighborhood. Most of these people don't care about the neighborhood children at all. Why should they? Most live in the suburbs, or are hoping to, soon. One even lives in Florida. All they care about is furthering their own careers and securing politically appointed jobs for their entitled kids.

Most residents I talk to don't care who looks good by building the Community Center. They just want a place for their children to go and play sports and receive tutoring services, and socialize in a safe environment. A place like they have in almost every other part of the city. Councilmember Kearns knows this also, which is why I think he's not ready to give up the fight on this project.
This isn't over with by a long shot.
Listen to Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? from Movies

HEAP is currently accepting applications

I encourage everyone to apply for HEAP. You'd be surprised as to who qualifies. Take Bonnie "Garbage Tax" Kane and James Kane. Who would have thought that they would qualify based on the amount of our hard earned tax dollars they take in each year? I guess it pays to be a member of the entitled class...

Person of the year

I'm encouraging all my readers and Carl Paladino supporters to go to WBEN and vote for him as their 2010 person of the year. His run for governor took a lot of guts, especially when most "experts" said he had no chance of winning the primary. People don't understand how difficult it is to put your name out there. As soon as you do, you become a target for those that like things to stay exactly the way they are, and these people are some of the most vicious people you would ever want to meet. Whether you agree with his politics or not, Paladino could be sitting on a beach counting his money. Instead, he is trying to fight the status quo. Just like me. Only $125 Million dollars separate us.

One of the guys they are nominating is Mark Croce, better known as the guy charging people $50 to park at the HSBC Arena. Hilarious. Here is the link...

Person of the Year Page


crime stats 12/21-12/26

Thank you to South Distric Chief Pat Pascall for providing these. Please remember, all suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Here is a front runner for this week's best:

12/26/2010 170 Abbott Harassment UNK UNK w/m did try to force employee to open KFC so he could eat. Store was closed.

106 Weyand Assault JUIV Arrest Def did strike compl, and when officers arrived he ran

12/21/2010 1140 Abbott Burglary UNK UNK person did break into Church and did remove cash

12/21/2010 South Park and Ohio Larceny vehicle UNK UNK person entered unlocked vehicle and did remove drills and a saw

12/21/2010 34 Geary Larceny KNOWN Person known did remove checks from her check book

12/21/2010 28 Clifford Robbery KNOWN Susp did point gun at compl and forcibly took money. Possible drug dealer victim

12/21/2010 35 Allegany Harassment Brian Stone Def arrested

12/21/2010 119b Fulton Harassment KNOWN Ex-BF did harass compl

12/21/2010 Seneca and Keppel V&T, CPSC Amanda Harding Def was stopped for switched plates, then was found in poss of CS

12/21/2010 418 South Park Harassment GROUP Group of indiv refused to move from in front of store

34 Seminole Burglary UNK UNK person enteren apt and removed a microwave and toaster that were boxed

12/22/2010 1115 Seneca Burglary KNOWN Person known did enter Cigars Bar and did remove various items (liquor)

12/22/2010 1989 Seneca Larceny UNK UNK person did remove money from compl jacket while at Horton's

12/22/2010 124 Woodside Larceny vehicle UNK UNK person did damage DS window of veh nothing taken

12/22/2010 146 Habmurg Larceny vehicle UNK UNK person entered compl veh and removed radio (0300-0500hrs)

12/22/2010 440 Willet Larceny vehicle UNK UNK prson did enter compl veh and did remove camera (1900-0700hrs)

12/22/2010 85 Lockwood Harassment KNOWN Compl is receiving unwanted texts from known susp

12/22/2010 1989 Seneca Pos of Marij Bryan Young Def was in poss of Marij at Tim Hortons

12/22/2010 100 Rittling Criminal Mischief KNOWN Compl had an altercation with known person who then slashed his tires

12/22/2010 287 Smith V&T and Poss of weapon Ghani-Hassan Def was pulled over for switched plates, and found with knife

12/22/2010 Casmir and Fredro Disorderly Conduct and Obstructing Aaron Hill Def did obstruct officers from inv a man with gun call, became loud and abusive, and had marij in poss

12/23/2010 888 South Park Larceny KNOWN Known susp (EX-BF) did steal christmas gifts

12/23/2010 659 Exchange Larceny vehicle UNK UNK susp did remove various tools from unlocked truck

12/23/2010 568 South Park Larceny UNK UNK person entered compl truck while unloading and did remove a backpack with various items

12/23/2010 360 Dingens Larceny vehicle UNK UNK susp did remove items from comp veh as he was unloading

12/23/2010 1798 Seneca Larceny KNOWN Known susp did remove tools from front hall

12/23/2010 503 South Division Burglary UNK UNK person did break into back door and while inside did remove various items (1630-2215hrs)

12/23/2010 465 South Division Burglary UNK UNK person did remove screen on window, did enter and remove christmas presents (1930-2236hrs)

12/23/2010 1221 Seneca Stolen Car KNOWN Known susp did take compl car from location

12/23/2010 1533 Seneca Assault KNOWN JUIV Mother reports that daughter did hit her and make threats with knife

12/23/2010 28 Kamper Criminal Mischief and Crual to anim KNOWN JUIV Susp did grab cat by tail and did allow dog to attack. Also susp did push compl down stairs

12/23/2010 17 Mesmer Harassment KNOWN Compl states that after an argument with BF he did becom mad and damaged doors and did make threats to stab her

12/23/2010 34 Geary VOOP KNOWN Susp did VOOP

122 Aldrich Harassment and VOOP Keith Andrie Def did harass compl and was in VOOP

12/24/2010 119 Arbour Assault KNOWN JUIV Susp did light candle and did start compl hair on fire

12/24/2010 942 McKinley Larceny Timothy Brown Def did attempt to steal items from store

12/24/2010 148 Scoville Larceny vehicle UNK UNK person did enter unlocked veh and did take change (0900-1100hrs)

12/24/2010 155 Bailey Larceny UNK UNK w/m did remove beer from store w/o paying

12/24/2010 172 Stevenson Larceny vehicle UNK UNK person did enter compl veh and did remove car radio (2300-1300hrs)

12/24/2010 60 Mount Vernon Larceny vehicle UNK UNK person did slip lock on veh and did remove GPS and Radio (2100-1115hrs)

12/24/2010 14 Teresa Larceny vehicle UNK UNK person did break into compl veh and did remove radio (2200-1200hrs)

12/24/2010 190 Hamburg Larceny vehicle UNK UNK person did break DS window of veh and did remove nano ipod and GPS. (2200-0700hrs)

12/24/2010 54 Baitz Trespass UNK UNK b/m tried to open door of home, then ran off (0029hrs)

12/24/2010 Tifft and RT 5 DWI and Various V&T John Puglisi Def was driving the wrong way down the ramp of RT 5

12/24/2010 22 Norman Assault and End Welfare of Child Lisa Brennan Def while under the influence, did pull vicyims hair and did then push face against object

12/24/2010 69 Fredro Assault KNOWN Known susp did grab compl out of veh and began kicking her.

12/24/2010 353 Alabama Harassment and Criminal Mischief KNOWN Known susp did fight with compl and did then start throwing itmes around the house

12/25/2010 30 Remoleno Harassment KNOWN Known susp did make threats to compl

12/25/2010 2340 Seneca Harassment and Criminal Mischief KNOWN Known susp did throw glass at compl breaking same

49 Houston Larceny vehicle UNK Unk person did enter unlocked veh (due to ice) and did remove radio and loose change

12/26/2010 31 Cliff Larceny KNOWN Known susp did remove itmes from compl home while alone there

12/26/2010 344 Perry Larceny KNOWN Known (brother) person did remove items from his home

12/26/2010 438 South Park Larceny UNK UNK b/m walked into the Family Dollar and stole a radio

12/26/2010 2133 South Park Larceny UNK UNK w/m did remove beer from NOCO w/o paying

12/26/2010 85 Indian Church Forgery William Hanavan Def was in poss of a forged insp sticker

12/26/2010 865 Elk Disorderly Conduct and Obstructing Rachel Cuthbert Def was asked to leave bar and rufused. Def then did shove officers

12/26/2010 118 Choate Harassment Melanie Moore and Shane Greene Def were involved in a domestic pushing and shoving each other while walking down the street

12/26/2010 170 Abbott Harassment UNK UNK w/m did try to force employee to open KFC so he could eat. Store was closed.

12/26/2010 30 Remoleno Harassment Travis Dellapenta Def arrested


Price gouging at HSBC: Has anyone seen our empty suit mayor?

People (mostly out of towners) are being forced to pay $50 to park near the HSBC Arena by a group that does tons of business with the city. What does our empty suit mayor Byron Brown think about all of this? He says the city is powerless to tell a private business how much they can charge. A private businessman who is asking the residents of the city to pay for the Statler Building's renovation.

That's who you elected. A wimp in an expensive suit. Do you think that would be the same response we'd get if Rudy Giuliani or Richard Daley were mayor? Hell no. Those guys actually want to lead. If Jimmy Griffin were alive, he'd probably have gone down there and confronted Pay2Park owner Mark Croce personally...

"Sixty dollars for the day?" asked Pat Crawford, of Stratford, Ont. "That's outrageous. It's not even that much for a [Toronto Maple] Leafs game, and they like to gouge you."

Wayne Edwards of Ottawa, attending the game with his father, Gary, said he usually pays $11 to park at Scotiabank Place there. They paid $60 parking for the three games Tuesday.

"Man, oh, man, they ought to give you a [hockey jersey] for that amount," Wayne Edwards said.

Worse than Croce giving the city a black eye is the mayor's reluctance to condemn it. We're already making the Canadian fans wait two hours at the Peace Bridge because of our leaders inabilities to solve problems. There is nothing that can be done about that right now. However, I'm glad Buffalonians are seeing firsthand, they reelected a wimp.


Price gouging at HSBC

Charging $50 to park at HSBC is not supply and demand. It is price gouging. Mark Croce, who claims to be an ambassador for Buffalo, should be ashamed of himself. I can't believe anyone was willing to pay. Whether what he did was legal or not, Croce should be reprimanded for putting the city in such a bad light. This nonsense is inexcusable. He might have made a little money, but he's lost all credibility in my book... | Buffalo, NY | Premium Price For Parking Charged At World Junior Hockey In Buffalo


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lost in translation

With Twitter and other social networking sites so popular these days, athletes are constantly putting their feet into their mouths. What I find funny is how they can say something so straightforward and then try to cover it up by saying they didn't say what we all heard them say!

You did say it. We all read it. It can only be construed one way. Take this 18 year old dufus from team USA, Emerson, Lake, and Palmer Etem. Yesterday he said, "Buffalo is a ghost town. The worst city ever." That's about as straightforward as you can get. Today, of course, he apologized and said it was not what he meant and he was sorry for the confusion. Not what he meant? Confusion? What confusion is he talking about? He said Buffalo sucks. There isn't anything confusing about that statement.

On Tuesday, Etem apologized, telling the National Post, "My point to get across was not to put down a great host city like this. I know a lot of people put in time and effort to make this thing possible."

"It was a poorly written Tweet by me. Sorry for the confusion," Etem told the newspaper.

Actually, his point to get across
was to put down the host city. What other point could he have had? It would be refreshing if someone came out and said, "I said what I said and I meant to say it. I apologize if I offended anyone but I have a big mouth." In the past, people could say regrettable things and then cover them up by denying they said what was reported. Nowadays, with cameras and 24 hour news,and such,whatever they say or write is filmed or recorded, yet they still deny it. I find this hilarious.

It actually reminds me of the scene in Star Wars where Obi Wan Kenobi tells the stormtroopers with a straight face, "These aren't the droids you are looking for. You don't need to see his identification." Because he uses his mind control, they buy it (By the way, this is a great trick to try the next time you are at Customs). In fact, they were the droids they were looking for and...That man behind the curtain? It might be a good idea to keep your eyes on him, too while you're at it...

Community says goodbye in Swormville

Meghan Redenbach lost her battle against ovarian cancer on Christmas Eve. Friends and family paid their respects at St. Mary's Church on Transit Road. This is both a sad and an inspirational story. The main thing the Roy Hart student left her friends, relatives, and coaches with was her fighting spirit. Thank you to Rich Newberg and WIVB for providing this story...


World Junior Hockey Tournament

There are some negative comments about Buffalo coming from the World Junior Hockey Tournament. An 18 year old team USA member as well as a few members of the Swedish press both whined about the city. From WKBW...

Channel 7 also found hockey websites trashing Buffalo. Two sports bloggers from Sweden who are here covering the tournament had this to say.

"Coming to Buffalo was like falling into a scene from the movie "28 Days Later" minus all the zombies. The streets were horrible fate," bloggers said.

The Swedes need to be reminded that their country produced the pop band ABBA, forever rendering irrelevant, their opinion on anything. The USA hockey player seems to be forgetting he is 18 years old. He needs to go to the Galleria Mall and buy a soft pretzel and be thankful he can get into an R rated movie. He should check out Niagara Falls and just shut up and play hockey. This loser's too young to drink, anyway. He's probably a spoiled brat, whose parents mortgaged their house so he could play hockey.

Actually, this is a good opportunity for Buffalo to find out what would make this a great experience for the fans. We have the bars and restaurants, but could do so much more. For example, I think an indoor water park would be a great idea in the future. There's one in Erie, Pa. but why not one downtown? As I've said before, the city has the facilities to be the amateur sports haven of the Northeast. All it has to do is give the families more things to do when they are here.Hopefully, planners will use this to build on for the next event.


Monday, December 27, 2010

Blue Film Special

If I was Mr. KMart, I wouldn't give this family anything. They're upset because their 9 year old daughter turned on her new (used) DVD player and it had a Kama Sutra sex CD in it...

Two Los Lunas parents said they are shocked after their 9-year-old daughter found a Kama Sutra movie in the DVD player that she got for Christmas.The child was frightened after plugging in her supposedly new DVD player for the first time.

Does anybody really care? It was obviously an accident. Now, they are disclosing their identity and playing the role of the victim. It's real easy to explain. Someone left the tape in by accident. Let's go watch ICarly, now. End of conversation.

"It is Kmart's fault for having the movie in there. If it was a return, they should've checked the merchandise before putting it back on the shelf," said the mother.The 9-year-old's parents said they bought the DVD player to restrict the sorts of things their children watch."You can't undo the images, and who knows where it leads from here," said the girl's father.

It shouldn't lead to anywhere. It should be over with. Unfortunately, we all know exactly where it's going to lead to-an unnecessary, frivolous lawsuit. We got a blue light special in aisle seven. Two crazy, religious parents with both their hands out...

Kama Sutra DVD Found In Girl's Christmas Gift - Albuquerque News Story - KOAT Albuquerque

Team USA player disses Buffalo

Once the word spreads, hopefully Emerson Etem will be booed every time he touches the puck. He's obviously just another dumb athlete demonstrating the dangers of having a Twitter account when your IQ matches your jersey number. We'll wait for the apology tomorrow followed by the requisite, "it was all just a misunderstanding. I actually love Buffalo." He's lucky Irv Weinstein doesn't live here anymore. From the loser's Twitter account...

"much needed day off, buffalo is a ghost town!! the worst city ever, it makes medicine hat look like paradise, never thought ide say that"

Medicine Hat is located in the southeastern part of the province of Alberta in Canada. Etem plays for the Medicine Hat Tigers of the Western Hockey League. He was drafted by the Anahein Ducks.

Listen to Baby crying 1 from Huma

He can't say that about us. Only we can say that about us. Go Canada. I'd become a big fan of the team USA coach if he sent this spoiled brat home and called up one of the alternates. Hopefully, he'll get hit in the face with a puck and lose all of his teeth.


In Lakeway, a crusade against speed traps

Who said there are no more heroes? When Lance Mitchell of Lakeway, Texas sees a speed trap, he goes back a couple of blocks, puts on his orange shirt, and warns motorists. I wish there were more people like this crackpot.

"I saw a cop pull up in the parking lot of the old Lake Travis Elementary," he wrote in March 2008. "About 1,000 feet up the road, there was a perfect spot for me to set up. So, there I stood, holding my 2 x 2 hand held sign, waving my other hand and pointing at the sign."

With the determination of a superhero, he vowed to continue his crusade. "I'll be out again soon! Any time, any place I see a cop blasting out radar, I'll be not too far away, blasting out my message.

Good for him. I think most people know these speed traps have less to do with safety and more to do with pulling in cash for the town.

In Lakeway, a crusade against speed traps

Bohemian Crapsody

My nephew Michael Coughlin does his best William Hung imitation at the family Christmas bash. The guy with the orange hat is my long lost twin brother. It was announced shortly after this song that there would be no alcohol served at next year's party. (Actually, believe it or not. Alcohol was not a factor in this performance.)

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Christmas is definitely for kids. The one thing that often fails is expensive gifts. They often aren't necessary, as the things adults value are not the same as the things kids value. As a last minute gift, my mother bought $5 snuggies for her grandchildren. On Christmas Eve, they left all the expensive electronic junk in the boxes and walked around wearing these bizarre looking outfits...

Check mate

A Riverside man was charged with 1st degree assault after smashing a glass chessboard over his girlfriend's head.
Listen to Glass Smash from Glass
Shocking, I know. Someone from Riverside actually knows how to play chess...

A Riverside man has been charged with assault and harassment after he allegedly smashed a glass chessboard over his girlfriend's head on Christmas morning.

According to police, the couple was drinking and playing chess in a home on Crowley Avenue near Riverside Park around 1:30 a.m. Saturday. They had a fight over a phone number that was found in the man's cell phone, according to a police document. The victim suffered cuts on her face and head after she was hit with the glass chessboard.

Police arrested Wade L. Anderson, 40, of Tonawanda Street. He was charged with first-degree assault and second-degree harassment.

Riverside man charged in chessboard attack - Police Blotter - The Buffalo News


It's the thought that counts

A 16 year old Jamestown youth flipped out when he received a Christmas gift that wasn't up to his standards. He must have been hoping for a Red Rider BB gun to shoot up all the crack houses in Jamestown....

A 16-year-old boy landed in the city lock-up after a Yuletide offering sent him into a rage. He hurled a humidifier across a room, breaking the device. He then smashed his hand into a large mirror, causing it to shatter into jagged pieces. It was around 8 a.m., and the teen had just opened a gift that he didn't like, Jamestown police reported.

Teen briefly jailed after outburst over Christmas gift - Police Blotter - The Buffalo News


Fan fest

Hockey Town USA will be hosting a fan festival down at the convention center until Wednesday. I think this World Junior Hockey Tournament will be a great event. I've said it before. Buffalo should try and capitalize on the community's love for the game. I think Buffalo could become a gateway for amateur hockey players(as well as other sports). All you have to do is look at the Flickinger Center. It is hugely popular for amateur swimming events.

I'm not a huge hockey fan but I think Buffalo could be a huge hockey city. The chicken wing can only get us so far...

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Syracuse sighting

Her coworkers thought she was a bit crazy when my niece Sarah reported seeing a strange looking animal near the New York State Thruway outside of Syracuse. They later apologized after the DEC sent them this photo of an African cat that had been struck by a car outside of the city. They believe the African serval cat was brought here as a pet and then released into the wild (probably after it got too big for the owner to handle.) From

One strong possibility is that it escaped from Glenn Donnelly’s private zoo/wildlife area, which he maintains on the outskirts of Weedsport. The former president of DIRT Motorsports keeps 48 different wild/exotic cats at his place, several of them servals.
For the full story, please go to


Staten Island turkeys

This was a bizarre story.An urban Staten Island neighborhood has been overrun with turkeys. Residents say they've seen as many as 135 trying to cross the street at once...

Jets coach=Freak

Jets coach Rex Ryan responds about a foot fetish video involving he and his wife. Ryan usually doesn't go two weeks without saying or doing something stupid. His father Buddy Ryan was famous for putting a bounty on an opposing player and punching assistant coach Kevin Gilbride in the face. Ryan also released future Hall of Fame Wide Receiver Chris Carter saying, "all he does is catch touchdowns."

In a story unrelated to Ryan's foot fetish, the Jets this week signed three kickers and five punters...

The Chicago Tribune printed this story on Ryan in the shape of a foot...


Friday, December 24, 2010

The Angola horror

No, we're not talking about the women wearing bathing suits at Wendt Beach in the summer. Rich Kellman at channel 2 did an interesting story on a train crash 143 years ago in Angola. The trains were wooden and heated by coal burning stones. More than 40 people died after the trains fell into a gorge...


Jimmy McMillan

From WIVB: Crazy Jimmy McMillan is running for President. I'm sure it's just a ploy to sell more t-shirts and maybe a few of his trademarked black gloves. It's got to be easier than going out and getting a job, I guess.


Christmas mayhem

A masked gunman robs a bank. A customer follows him out of the bank and fires 4-6 shots at him with his gun. The whole thing is witnessed by a creepy looking man, who doubles as an Eastern Hills Mall's Santa Claus. No, this is not the script of an old Richard Pryor movie. It actually happened today out in Amherst.


Icicle contest

This icicle on Seneca and Cazenovia Street is the biggest one I've spotted this year. If anyone knows of a bigger one, please take a picture and send it to my email at

Crazy free throw

Funnier than the free throw itself are all the conspiracy theories and scientific explanations that follow underneath the story. Funniest of all might be the gay Idaho State fan dressed as superman in the stands...


Thursday, December 23, 2010

97 Rock listeners save Christmas

97 Rock appealed to it's listeners to donate toys to a Buffalo group that had all of their presents stolen last week. The listeners rosponded and the members of the group F.A.T.H.E.R.S. seemed genuinely grateful for their act of kindness. To me, it's a good group because they are trying to keep families together and be accountable in their kids' lives.

I'd been willing to donate if 97 Rock agreed to change their play list a little bit. I mean, I like Pink Floyd and the Rolling Stones too, but after hearing the same songs for 35 years? However, they did do one good thing recently, and that was bringing back South Buffalo's Slick Tom Tiberi. Tiberi is one of the only truly funny guys in local radio (most of the others are posers) and has the best sound effects. Here is the story from Channel 7...


Squirrel season


Letter to the editor-Political castoffs at Thruway Authority

This letter writer in today's Buffalo News raises some serious questions about the political hacks at the New York State Thruway Authority...

More Questions remain on Thruway Authority

Now that the Thruway Authority spokesmen have answered many of the questions about the recent storm, perhaps we should ask them to answer some additional questions. How many members are there?Who are they? What qualifications are required?Who appointed them?How much do they get paid?How often do they meet?How long is their term of service?

Perhaps in this difficult economy, we should ask these questions of every board, commission and agency at the local, county and state level. I suspect that many of these appointees are simply part of the “business as usual, payoffs and good-ole boy network.”

Peter J. Plumpis



Buffalo Police exam date set

Buffalo Police exam scheduled for April 23rd

Buffalo’s Police Department is looking for qualified people to take the police exam on April 23.

The city, which plans to hire about 40 new police officers in the coming year, has launched a recruitment campaign. The deadline for registration is March 16.

To qualify, applicants must meet a number of requirements: 19 to 35 years old as of the exam date; resident of Erie, Niagara, Genesee, Wyoming, Cattaraugus or Chautauqua counties for at least 90 days before March 16; and having at least 60 college credit hours or two years of continuous military service.

As soon as the exam is completed, South Buffalo residents are encouraged to make their obligatory phone calls and send donations to their political contacts. Please remember to study hard, as you will have to score 20 points higher than the Keanes, Kanes, Whalens, Lewis, and Comerfords to even be considered for the job. Also, if you didn't graduate from Bishop Timon, save yourself the time and money and go play golf that day instead...


Beware of the salad

An al Quaeda terrorist group was reportedly planning to spray poison into salad bars at hotels and restaurants across the country. It's a good thing most Americans don't eat salad.

Ponderosa restaurant was years ahead of the terrorists, naturally poisoning their customers since 1981. Seriously, you'd look at the salad dressing and see twelve other pieces of food that other customers dropped in it...

Al Qaeda group contemplated poisoning food in U.S., officials say

If something like this occurred, it would not be first time it happened in the US. In 1984, a bizarre cult in Oregon tried to poison a whole town in an effort to win local elections. 750 people were poisoned and all of their candidates still lost....

1984: Rajneesh Cult Attacks Local Salad Bar

THE DALLES, Ore. (AP) - In 1984, followers of the Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh spiked salad bars at 10 restaurants in town with salmonella and sickened about 750 people.

The cult members had hoped to incapacitate so many voters that their own candidates in the county elections would win. The scheme failed, but the episode spread fear in The Dalles and drained the town's economy.