Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tim Kennedy- Status quo politician


Tim Kennedy's reform Albany platform is the biggest joke since the Bison's talked about becoming a major league franchise in the early 90's. If you're undecided on this race, just look at a few points brought up in today's Buffalo News regarding Kennedy's record:

Term limits-
But while his campaign for the State Senate focuses on his intent to “Change Albany” from its corrupt, self-serving mind-set, Kennedy has not always focused on reform-minded changes to the County Legislature.

For example, as a State Senate candidate, Kennedy advocates term limits. But when a term-limit proposal surfaced in the County Legislature in 2006, he co-sponsored a measure endorsing more study and giving opponents of term limits cover to do nothing.

Shrinking the County Legislature
Various proposals to shrink the County Legislature from its current 15 members sat without action for months, and Kennedy was among the lawmakers looking the other way.

However, when a specially created commission in 2009 recommended cutting four seats to create an 11-member Legislature, Kennedy jumped on board, a few months before announcing his Senate run.

Ethics reform
As a Senate candidate, Kennedy urges creation of a powerful ethics commission to monitor the conduct of state officials.

Yet he and the rest of the County Legislature said nothing while the Erie County Board of Ethics faded away in recent years. They did not act to confirm the most recent appointee, and the board is down to one member.

Albany's "pay to play"-
Kennedy wants to eradicate Albany’s “pay-to-play” culture, but he counts among his donors county vendors and special interests who have been invited into county policy discussions.

I've said it for a long time. You cannot trust this guy. He supported Byron Brown over South Buffalo resident Mickey Kearns because the people who pull his strings told him to do so. The article goes on to call Kennedy an "acolyte" of Brian Higgins. If that word means mindless blow-up doll,
Blow up inflatable doll Pictures, Images and Photos
I would have to agree. Kennedy calls Higgins every morning to ask him what color tie he should wear to work. Please consider anybody but this guy in the primary in two weeks. He will do whatever benefits himself at the time and shows no respect to his neighborhood blogger.

Kennedy reform theme belies county record - City & Region - The Buffalo News

Random thoughts from the ghetto-Volume 32


I look out my window and see the empty 40 oz beer bottles, hypodermic needles, crack pipes and abandoned shopping carts on my front lawn and begin to think. The end results have become known as my random thoughts from the ghetto...

-I'm inclined to believe Columbus had it right. The earth is flat. Here is the map of what our children should be studying in school.

-And this landing on the moon crap...I'll believe it when I see it. One small step for man, one giant leap for American propaganda.

-Some interesting quotes I heard lately: Sigmund Freud said the Irish were "impervious to psychoanalysis." If he said it today, he'd probably have to go on an apology tour. And speaking about the lack of randomness in nature, Albert Einstein said, "God does not play dice with the Universe."

-When people ask me for advice before they go for an interview, I usually say, "Just be somebody other than yourself."

-I would pay a large sum of money to watch civil war reenactors compete against U.S. Postal employees in anything. (dodgeball, flag football, boxing). Could you imagine the fireworks that would result from the pent up aggression and anger on both sides? Somebody put that on Reality TV.

-It's always funny when NFL coaches talk about the great importance of rookies being at training camp on time. Bills' rookie C.J. Spiller showed up at the end of camp and has been the best player on the field the last few games. Maybe Bruce Smith had it right back in the day.

-At concerts, I'm not a big fan of encores. When a performer leaves the stage for the first time, who really believes the concert is over? Just do all the songs you want and then leave the stage until the next show. Has there ever been a performance so bad the crowd begged the band
not to come back and perform one more song?

-In the 1980's, it was pretty pathetic to see musicians try to be actors with those stupid videos. They would always be in the starring role of some kind of attempt to visualize the meaning of their songs. Phil Collins was the worst. The videos I liked the most were the ones where the band did what musicians are good at-THEY PLAYED THEIR MUSIC ON A STAGE AND DIDN'T TRY TO BE MATT DAMON OR ROBERT FREAKING DE NERO!

-Formal education is the biggest waste of time and money known to man. This is confirmed to me every time I watch a documentary on somebody brilliant and they mention that they "dropped out of school in the 10th grade".

-Why do serial killers insist on leaving bodies in the basement? Every time they are caught, authorities say they first became suspicious when they entered the house and noticed a strange smell. "Oh, don't mind that smell. It's just yesterday's leftovers. It's not rotting, decaying human flesh underneath my floor boards or anything!"

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Darnell to be arrested

Community activist Darnell Jackson says he is expecting the Buffalo Police to arrest him on witness intimidation charges, in a case unrelated to the City Grill shootings. Jackson has retained the services of high powered defense attorney Herbert Greenman.

Did he commit a crime or is he being targeted because he orchestrated the televised surrender last week of the accused City Grill shooter? We will be reserving judgment until all the facts come in. Jackson has scheduled a news conference outside city court immediately after his arraignment. This is surprising, given the low profile the normally bashful Jackson exhibits towards the media...

I don't see what the big deal is. Michael J. Fox and the entire cast of Happy Days made a career out of pretending to be 14. All this 21 year old convicted burglar wanted to do was play organized football against 13 and 14 year olds. He actually got away with it for three years straight.
A 21-year-old poses as middle school football player

crime stats 8/21-8/26

Thank you to chief Pat Pascall for providing us with these:

322 Weimar Burglary UNK Unk person entered garage and removed 2 ATV

1885 South Park Burglary UNK Person unk did enter football team shed and removed various football equipment

359 McKinley Larceny UNK Compl let an UNK person into their home (why…who knows) and that person took a drill, and check from his check book

2019 South Park Larceny UNK UNK person removed wallet off table

Hamburg and South Assault UNK UNK person did swing a bat at compl. He lives on Amber

35 Hayden menacing, harass Jason Pilarski Def did come to compl residence , did wave pistol and did threaten him.
35 Hayden (rear) Poss of Drug Parap and Unlaw poss of Marij Sarah Metzger Def arrested for poss of marij and poss of para

Seneca and Ryan Assault and Harassment Steffon Caesar Def of 7 S Ryan did hit compl and harass her
54 South (lower) Harassment Ray Buford Susps did call and make threats to compl
14 Ryan S Harassment Matt Lesniak Susps, after argument with compl, did throw shoe at compl
279 Perry Criminal Mischief UNK Person unk did break DS window of vehicle

Babcock and Seneca LOST PROPERTY LOST Dennis Mack reports that he lost his deposit bag from Seneca Deli (blue)
25 Good Assault and Harassment John Gillis Def did hit compl in face
92 Mariemont Criminal Mischief and Harassment David Cannon Susp did throw urine at compl kitchen window. Some got into house and caused smell
105 Dorothy VOOP Stephen Jackson Susp did harass compl in VOOP
750 McKinley Identity Theft UNK UNK person did use compl visa card to order an exercise program
106 Spann Harassment UNK UNK person is calling compl stating ther are federal agents (1-866 NUMBER)
179 Weaver Criminal Mischief UNK UNK person did throw rock and veh window, and then threw unk substance on it
155 Weyand Various V&T and Poss of Marij and Illegal inspection sticker Bryan McMillan Def of 8 Forrestal West Seneca was in poss of Marij, and a stolen insp sticker

Seneca and Kamper Obstructing GA and Resisting Darlene Schuler Def od 6 Gierlach in Sloan did interfere with officers invest. When asked to leave she refused.
111 Elk Assault and Obstructing GA Peter Ortiz Def was engaged in fight with compl. When officers arrived he ran.
111 Aldrich Burglary UNK UNK b/m/ in green crys minivan did kick in door and remove items. Neighbors say he was squatting there
591 Fulton Burglary UNK UNK person did enter apt by unk means. When inside did remove birth cert and other personal papers from closet
22 Kamper Harassment Neil Rodriguez Def did threaten compl
86 Hamburg Harassment Joseph McCarthy Compl states that her son spit on her other children
1735 Seneca Poss of Marij Zachery Kane and Matt Koester Def were in veh and in poss of Marij and CS. Kane lives at 147 Royal, Koester lives at 147 Royal Barmore lives at 56 Reservation
164 Woodside W Assault and Harassment Diana Rizzo Def did come home drunk and did strike compl
1614 Seneca Harassment Michael Frigioni Def arrested for outstanding warrant he lives at 283 Shepherd in Kenmore
109 Elk Criminal Mischief UNK Person unk did damage DS mirror

335 Germania Larceny PREVIOUS PREVIOUS REPORT: Also taken from veh was wallet
699 Abbott Harassment KNOWN Susp continues to send email and text
7 Zittle Criminal Contempt James Rozell Def was in VOOP
128 Orlando Larceny Matt Helmbrick Susps did take compl sons bike
94 Woodside Burglary UNK UNK person did enter apt through unlocked back door and did take xbox and games
19 Columbus Public Lewdness UNK UNK person did urinate on her front lawn
34 South Menacing and Crim Poss of weapon Juanita Rosado Def did brandish a 12" knife, and did threaten compl. He lives at 32 South
10 Arbour Lane Assault and Harassment Wilfredo Renoules Def (Compl BF) did try to choke her
41 Gorski Criminal Mischief UNK UNK person did dump unk chem on lawn damaging same
25 Allegany Assault and Harassment Christopher Waz Def (Husband) did slap her across the face

Abbott and Whitfield Obstructing and resisting Kristie Redlinski Def was obnox and rude and did obstruct and resist
352 Baraga Harassment Megan Leberer Def did throw ketchup at compl and put pepsi in shoes
46 Krakow Burglary Theadore Harrington Compl states that person (possibly suspect) did enter his garage and did remove tools. Susp lives at 73 Davey Street
463 Abbott Burglary KNOWN Person known did enter compl apt w/o permission and did take various items (friend is suspect)
1005 McKinley Burglary UNK Unk person did enter business and did remove 150 packs of cigarettes
2064 Clinton Larceny UNK Unk person did enter dentist office and did remove wallet. Wallet found outside.
155 Fillmore UUV UNK Vehicle stolen (no plates)
37 Kamper Obstructing govt admin and resisting Leroy Robinson Def did hinder police invest, and did run from officers
295 BARNARD Criminal Trespass and Harassment Andrew Longboat Def did harass compl and did enter apt w/o permission
92 Trowbridge Criminal Trespass and Criminal Mischief Jalic Brown and Mitchel Jones Def(s) did enter abond. Home and did damge same
2330 Seneca Crim Poss of Marij Christopher Taylor Def of 9 Zittle did poss. Marij
30 South Harassment and resisting arrest Nayka Cruz-Rosado Def of 30 South Street did become violent with officers and did kick LT in groin
25 Allegany Assault and Harassment Christopher Waz PREVIOUS CASE CLEARED BY ARREST
149 Selkirk Burglary KNOWN Compl states that ex BF did break into apt and did remove clothes
663 Hopkins Burglary UNK Unk person did enter apt by unk means. Once inside did trash apt and did remove DVD player
67 Baitz Larceny KNOWN Known susp did remove check from mail and did cash
273 Okell Larceny vehicle UNK UNK person did remove ipod and radar det from vehicle
590 Elk Larceny UNK UNK person did remove tools from tool box at ex-employer (modern Corp)

Quinn and Peabody C poss of CS Erin McNally Def did poss pills
2346 Seneca Criminal Mischief and Harassment Paul Dunleavey and Dilea Smith Complk states that poss susp (due to past problems) did destroy his wheelchair and did leave note with threats. Susp lives on Mt Vernon
93 Fields Passed stop sign and DWI Donald Kill Def (from Lack) did pass sign and was DWI
327 Southside Criminal Mischief and Harassment Gregory Bruenn Def (on 3 separate occ) did cook while intox and did cause damage to apt

South Park and Lockwood Disorderly Conduct and Obstructing Louis Mendez and Nicole Dolan After receiving a call of susp veh, and during the inves, des did swear at officers, and did try to drive away
1763 Clinton VOOP and Harassment Todo Dopik Def did violate OOP
555 Hopkins Criminal Trespass and Assault KNOWN Ex GF did enter apt w/o permission and did then throw beer bottle at compl
46 Princeton Harassment KNOWN Susp is calling compl with threats (30-40 times)
77 Arbour Lane Harassment and Criminal Mischief Anthony Urtali Susp did harass compl (push her) and did then break car window
1667 Seneca Crim Poss of CS Jerry Majka and Justin Smith Officers were attempting to make warrant arrest and def(s) were in poss of Cocaine

Durant Park Assault and Harassment Jordan Sullivan Susp did punch compl in face
743 South Division Criminal Mischief Treasure McGehchy Def (ex GF) did break his wiper blades on veh
250 Abbott Larceny UNK UNK valet did remove wallett from veh
807 Tifft Assault and Harassment Gary Stoll Susp of 807 Tifft did strike compl with hockey stick
25 Matejako Harassment Colleen O'Boyle Susp continues to text compl (unwanted)
109 Unger Identity Theft UNK UNK person did use their name to obtain electric service
64 Weiss Assault and Harassment William Alexander Def of 913 Fillmore did strike the wife about the head and face
1732 South Park Disorderly Conduct Terrell Cooper Def of 42 East Utica was arrested for warrant while also arrested for domestic

Botanical Gardens UUV and Arson UNK Person unk did steal vehicle from unk location, and was recovered burining at Botanical Gardens
376 Dorrence Criminal Trespass UNK UNK person did enter hallway and did remove various items from back pack. Also removed a $1,000 tent
140 Abbott Harassment UNK UNK person did make threats to store clerk
145 O'Connell Harassment Robert Warsaw Susp continually text's compl. He lives at 95 Vandalia (she does not wish to pros)
1979 Seneca Assault and Harassment Jaime Pepe Def did shove compl and choke
170 Culver Harassment Ryan Bukaczeski Susp (boyfriend) did lock her cell phone in bedroom, and then threw her to the ground. Warrant Card issued

Cazenovia Park Assault and Harassment Thomas Dombrowski Fiance did grab and drag compl, and did state, "I should put a bullet in you". He lives at 9628 Kenmore
68 Roanoke Obstructing and Disorderly Conduct Daniel Root Def kept yelling and arguing. When officers asked him to stop, he bacame abusive
999 Exchange Harassment Justine Reed Def came home after drinking and did slap compl in face
44 Latona Court Trespass Daniel Alexander Compl states that landlord did enter apt w/o permission
143 Trowbridge Harassment Natalya Dixon Def did attack compl while holding baby


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Don't forget the cannolis

These two bakers from north of New York City are attempting to get in the Guinness Book of World Records for this 7 foot, 123 lb. cannoli. Obviously,I couldn't do this story without including this clip:

These bakers take the ... cannoli; two bakers north of city try to make record-setting pastry

South Park mugging reported

Police are searching area dentist offices today for the mugger who attacked the wrong woman on South Park and Lockwood Ave. The first rule of crime is never attack a woman at 5:30 AM after she comes out of Nick's...

Mugger gets surprise from feisty victim

A mugger got the surprise of his life when the woman he just robbed on South Park Avenue early Saturday morning chased him down, jumped on his back and took back her wallet and later kneed him in the teeth, the victim told South District police.

The victim said she was on South Park at Lockwood Avenue about 5:30 a. m. when the man approached her and asked for change. Though the woman gave him a dollar, the man said: “I know you have more,” then grabbed her and threw her to the ground and took her purse-like wallet.

The woman, however, chased the man down, jumped on his back and took back her wallet. When the mugger attacked her again, he got kneed in the teeth, then fled, police said.

Police have released this photo of someone they are describing as a "person of interest"...

Wacky talent

I wish this West Seneca kid good luck with his contest but I have to say, I'm not sure how rare his talent is. It is, however, better than I could do with a hula hoop. By the way, what happened to Kathy Lee and who the hell is Kelly?:


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Worst idea ever

This might be the worst idea I've ever heard of from any school administration. From Gawker.com: A middle school tried to make the elections "more fair" by only allowing white kids to run for class President and black kids to run for Vice President. Believe it or not, this was some kind of misguided attempt to get more kids involved in the school's elections, since 72% of the school is white. All went as planned until a parent of a mixed child called the school to ask which group her son belonged to. Officials told her in those cases, it would come down to the race of the mother. So, these are the people we are entrusting to run our school systems?

Middle School Segregates Class Elections by Race

Thinking about running for eighth grade class president at Mississippi's Nettleton Middle School? Are you white? Because only white kids can run for president. Black kids can be vice-president, though! But only black kids. Update: They changed the policy.

A few days ago, Nettleton Middle School students brought home the following memo, which spells out the requirements for students who want to run for class office and was provided to blogger Suzy Richardson by a parent:

Middle School Segregates Class Elections by Race (Updated)

Dead Cities

We have a list of top 10 dead cities. Guess who made #1? You guessed it.

1. Buffalo

In 1900, Buffalo was the eighth largest city in America. It was located on one of the busiest sections of the Erie Canal, the terminus of the canal on the Great Lakes. Thanks to its location, Buffalo had huge grain milling operations and one of the largest steel mills in the country. Buffalo prospered during WWII as did many northern industrial cities. After the WWII, the manufacturing plants returned to the production of cars and industrial goods. The population rose to more than 500,000 in the mid-1950s. It is half that today. Buffalo was wounded irreparably by the de-industrialization of America.

T.O. at the Buffalo Chophouse

While answering one softball question after another, T.O. confided that he offered to give back the key to the city to Byron Brown and Brown refused. T.O. didn't bother me while he was here. He's past his prime and the team wasn't a very good one. It will be interesting to see how he does in Cincinnati with Carson Palmer throwing him the ball...


Friday, August 27, 2010

A Bronx tale

Teacher's aide Dawn Singletary (no relation to Mike Singletary-although she does have his eyes) lied about her mother's death, in order to get off from work for three days. People lie to their employers all the time. But when she acepted $150 in donations from concerned coworkers and was caught bowling with her dead mother a week later, she probably went a little bit overboard...

After she was confronted by the Office of the Special Commissioner of Investigation, Singletary copped to the grave deception -- and to bowling with mom weekly at Ball Park Lanes in The Bronx.

Singletary is reportedly looking for work as a model.
Dozens of school workers have lost their jobs in the past 18 months for faking illness - NYPOST.com

Local pics- (Smith St. and South Park Ave.)


Letter to the editor-Buffalo a laughingstock

Our friend and sometime blog contributor Marty Farrell has made it into the Buffalo News again...

Buffalo has become laughingstock of nation

Is there really a difference between paying corrupt or unproductive employees as opposed to paying former dead employees? Mayor Byron W. Brown has been guilty of this as long as he’s been in office, which makes our city the laughingstock of the nation.

Marty Farrell
West Seneca

Since Marty's letter is a little depressing (albeit true), I thought these videos I took tonight at the Polish Falcons' Car Show might cheer you up:

Thursday, August 26, 2010


When I heard coach Chan Gailey confronted fans at the Bills training camp in Pittsford, NY, I thought they were college students or drunken adults. I didn't realize the fans were smart aleck little kids. After looking at them in this clip, I'm glad the team avoided this section of the crowd with autographs. They look like a bunch of delinquents.

The verdict is still out on coach Gailey after I heard him on the radio talking about Marshawn Lynch. He said Lynch was a very good receiver out of the backfield. Lynch is a power running back. Now, Thurman Thomas, he was great at catching passes in the flat. Lynch? I don't think so, and I think most fans would agree. I'm hoping Gailey was just talking Lynch up in hopes of trading him at the time. Anyway, I do like the fact that Gailey has a redneck accent and shows enthusiasm towards the team.

In hockey, here's my favorite fan/player altercation. Tai Domi squirts a Philadelphia Flyers fan with a water bottle and the fan goes after him in the penalty box...

Activist plans boycott march of paper

A group protesting the Buffalo News is planning a march tonight from city hall to the newspaper's headquarters on Washington St. They are upset with the news for publishing the criminal backgrounds of the City Grill shooter. I wish I didn't have plans already tonight. I'd like to protest the Buffalo News endorsement process and their editorial board. They ripped me when I ran for the Common Council in 2001 and spoke in great terms about my two opponents, both of whom now reside in the suburbs.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

City Grill person of interest arrested

Riccardo McCray accompanied by community activist Darnell Jackson, turned himself in to channel 4. He is being described by police as a main person of interest in the City Grill Massacre. Watch as the detective tells Jackson, "get out of my way or I'll arrest you." McCray's attorney was late getting to channel 4. Perhaps he was backed up in that 62 mile traffic jam in Beijing...

Here is channel 2's interview with Darnell Jackson, seen here eating some kind of snack throughout the interview. He gets very testy with Claudia Ewing, and even halts the interview to answer his cell phone...

Stewardess! I speak jive!

Federal drug enforcement administrators are looking for somebody fluent in ebonics (this is not a joke) to help translate wiretapped phone conversations involving potential suspects.

"DEA's position is, it's a language form we have a need for," Sanders said. "I think it's a language form that DEA recognizes a need to have someone versed in to conduct investigations."

The translators, being hired in the agency's Southeast Region -- which includes Atlanta, Georgia; Washington; New Orleans, Louisiana; Miami, Florida; and the Caribbean -- would listen to wiretaps, translate what was said and be able to testify in court if necessary, he said.

The term "Ebonics" -- a blend of "ebony" and "phonics" -- became known in 1996, when the Oakland, California, Unified School District proposed using it in teaching English. After the school board came under fire, it voted to alter the plan, which recognized Ebonics as a distinct language.

DEA wants to hire Ebonics translators

The DEA has announced this leading candidate to assist with the search for applicants...


The letter

A six page scathing letter was released today by the state education department urging the Buffalo Public School's administration to set aside their differences and start working with the individual schools:

“This existence of deep divisions within the district among the adults, along with the countless examples of their cancerous effect, must be set aside and replaced with a culture that continually nurtures and supports all of them in fulfilling their professional responsibilities to the children,” wrote Donald A. Ogilvie, superintendent of Erie 1 Board of Cooperative Educational Services.

Dr. Williams had no comment on the letter's findings, which he kept hidden in a shoebox for the past 12 months. It looks like Williams' on again-off again love affair with school board president Ralph Pornandez is off again...

“This information is slow in coming. It’s very disturbing,” said Ralph R. Hernandez, board president. “Williams did have it. He could have released it. But because it was so harsh on him and his administration and the way he did business, he just left it alone.”

How about these clowns stop looking at pornography and just accept the fact that the consistently poor performing schools are just a reflection of who is living in the city? Families who could afford to move out, did so long ago or send their kids to private schools. The charter schools and the better performing Buffalo Public Schools (ie. Olmstead, Discovery, City Honors) get mostly kids from families involved in their children's education. With some exceptions, the poorer performing schools get what is left. It would be great to see these eggheads stop pointing fingers at each other and comparing test scores and figure out a way to get the parents at these schools involved and help these teachers. By the way, we're still waiting for Dr. Williams to release the list of his administrative staff members and their salaries...

Scathing letter rips culture of city schools - The Buffalo News

Cockroaches on Aldrich Street

Some neighbors are upset about their street being overrun with cockroaches. What's the big deal? If they just wait a little while, the rats will eat them...

We found your other sock...

West Seneca police found a guy parked behind Wimbledon Plaza yesterday naked, except for one sock, with pornographic materials spread out all over the front seat and dashboard. He was apprehended after leaving the scene and fleeing from the cops. The suspect is now sharing a cell at the Erie County Holding Center with the guy from Cheektowaga who tried to cook his cat last week:

A man wearing just a sock led police on a short chase through West Seneca early this
morning, before police located his van ... with pornographic photos inside ... and found him hiding nearby. The incident began at about 4:15 a.m., when Lt. Edward Baker checked on a suspicious van behind Wimbledon Plaza and found pornographic photos spread across the front seat and dashboard. The lieutenant also found an occupant in the back seat, wearing only one sock. The man in the van wouldn't get out of the vehicle and instead fled from the scene in the van, almost getting into an accident on Center Road before the pursuing lieutenant lost sight of him on a
side street. The fleeing driver ditched the van at a Seneca Street collision shop, before Baker found him hiding on top of a nearby abandoned travel trailer.

Baker charged Garrett Scheg, 37, of no permanent address, with seven misdemeanors, including unlawfully fleeing from police, public display of offensive sexual material and public lewdness. West Seneca police have had at least one recent report of similar activity in a van spotted in the town.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Paladino details welfare to work plan

I'm voting for Carl Paladino for governor because he's the only one out of the three candidates who is not a cookie cutter politician. I was reminded of this today when I drove on the 190 South and noticed a blank space where a 75 cent toll booth once stood. Rick Lazio and Andrew Cuomo won't do anything to disrupt the status quo in Albany or New York City. Paladino sure will try.

Paladino made a statement about his plan to help get people off of welfare yesterday (Have you seen the other guys' plans? No, because they don't have any.) The national media came out and said Paladino wants to house welfare recipients in prisons. Everyone jumped to conclusions without listening to the actual plan. Paladino wants to use existing space (we have unused prison space as well as college space) to set up dormitories to help interested people obtain jobs and get off welfare. Someone like Lazio or Cuomo would want to spend millions of dollars building new space. Paladino, thinking like a businessman, simply pointed out that we already have available space to carry out his plan...

But Michael R. Caputo, campaign spokesman, said Monday that Paladino’s ideas are being widely misinterpreted.
He said Paladino wants to remove fences and bars from prisons being closed and invite welfare recipients to receive training from state workers who Paladino anticipates would be cut from other state jobs in the near future.
He also suggested unused State University of New York dormitories and facilities could be used for the program.
“We’re talking about minimum- security prisons where we would rip down anything resembling security and turn them into dormitory and training centers where people can go to learn,” Caputo said.

Paladino is modeling the idea after the Civilian Conservation Corps, which his own father benefited from during the great depression. He also came up with what I think is a great quote regarding today's economy:

“The Dignity Corps proposal brings my father’s wonderful Civilian Conservation Corps experience to mind,” Paladino said. “There was economic trouble when he joined the CCC, much like we have today. Recession, depression: It doesn’t matter much what the economists call it if you can’t find a job.”

When Paladino comes up with ideas like this, people are free to offer their suggestions on what is practical. Paladino doesn't care what is politically correct (like Andrew and Rick will). He cares about what is doable. I'm not saying I agree with everything he stands for. I don't. I just like the fact that we have a chance to upset the apple cart in Albany and make some real change. If you like things the way they are, support Andrew Cuomo or Rick Lazio. They are being backed by the party leaders and Wall Street. They love the way things are right now at our expense, believe me.

Letter to the editor- Rod Watson's collumn on the names of the schools

I give Buffalo News writer Rod Watson credit for writing about controversial topics. Sometimes I agree with him. Other times, I don't. A week ago, he wrote a collumn about how poor the test scores were at certain schools (I remember he mentioned Martin Luther King School). He asserted that the test results dishonored the names of the schools. He went on to blame the teachers and the schools themselves but forgot to blame the main culprit for the low test scores: the complete lack of respect for education by the students and their families at the schools he mentioned.
Watson should spend a week subbing at the Martin Luther King School. He could see the kids show up without pens, listen to the kids swear at him and talk over him, and watch the students run around the room throwing things out the window and at each other. Then, he could watch as the principal tries to deal with the most serious infractions, while the parents scold him/her for trying to discipline their child. I think this letter writer accurately sums up the same point...
Test scores reflect reality, not legacy of past leaders
Contrary to News columnist Rod Watson’s opinion in his column, “Test results dishonor school names,” I don’t think the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would have a “nightmare” when it comes to test scores. But he might have a nightmare when he sees the insurmountable obstacles Buffalo school children have to face.

King might be more upset at the cause of low scores, such as gang and drug activity, teenage pregnancy, absentee fathers and mothers, domestic violence, homelessness, unemployment, parents on drugs, parents in jail, drive-by shootings, etc. The effects of a bankrupt childhood have a lasting impact.

Our country has become obsessed with test scores. Society blames the teachers, which is as futile as shooting the messenger, and doesn’t address or fix the problem. Students have told me several times, “the lure of the streets is more powerful,” and I believe them. Our society is about appearances and little about substance. We are no longer the land of opportunity. As a teacher, the carrot I dangle in front of them (the American Dream) is at the end of a long road with little promise; compared with the quick rewards of street life.

No, I don’t think King would care too much about test scores. He would have been out there, in the trenches, relentlessly working to bring about change. King was not a finger pointer. Watson’s reference to this so-called nightmare might stem from his disbelief that since King has died, there has been no one to evolutionize his dialogue and vision; and that we continue to live off his 42-year-old dream, with little vision of our own.
Catherine Breen

Monday, August 23, 2010

Paladino closing the gap on Lazio

My T-shirts sold well at Carl Paladino's fundraiser at Fontana's Picnic Grove yesterday. I sold about two dozen. I'd like to thank Paladino's staff for their great help. They were very nice and helped me get set up. They were very busy but took the time to tell others about my shirts, and even bought some themselves.

Everyone keeps saying people that oppose the current government are angry people. I did not witness that yesterday. I had many conversations with small business people who just want to sell their products without being overtaxed and having the government dictate every part of their lives. Most are not the racists that the national media are trying to portray them as.

Paladino is at least talking about issues. He was the first to oppose the mosque at Ground Zero. Cuomo and Lazio waited until their handlers told them what stance they needed to take. Hopefully, Paladino will close the gap on Lazio and give a real challenge to Andrew "Status Quo-mo." Lazio has been working really hard after being handed the Republican endorsement. Here's a photo of him taken out on the campaign trail recently...

Residents stage burning of Buffalo News

Residents gathered to protest the Buffalo News for it's article on the criminal pasts of the City Grill shooting victims. They burned copies of the newspaper. When you have alcohol, guns, and gang members out past midnight, it's a recipe for disaster. I don't fault the Buffalo News for reporting on the victims' pasts. The fact is, the criminal lifestyles of those involved led to them associating with the shooter. The victims' lifestyle should in no way diminish the magnitude of this unnecessary tragedy, but it does help give a possible explanation as to why it may have happened.

Eden bank robber is no geezer bandit

A would be bank robber in the town of Eden changes his mind after a brief wardrobe malfunction. He forgot to put his surgical mask over his face to conceal his identity. He also received a cell phone call from an accomplice, probably telling him he entered the bank maskless. He's in big trouble now. Thanks to the surveillance cameras, all the police need to do is compare his picture to all known doctors in Western New York:

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rev. Pridgen reacts to Buffalo News story

The Reverend Darius Pridgen reacted today from the pulpit on the Buffalo News story from Sunday's paper discussing the criminal pasts of the City Grill shooting victims:

As I've stated before on this site, I like Darius Pridgen's style. I think he's going to defeat Curtis Haynes for a position on the Buffalo Common Council. It's unfortunate, because Haynes is a very intelligent leader also, something which Buffalo is in short supply of these days. I can certainly understand Pridgen's anger towards the News. He knew some of the victims personally ( even mentioning that he baptized two of them recently). I would like to think that the Buffalo News would have mentioned the victims' criminal past had they been white instead of black.

It would be great if a leader as charasmatic as Pridgen could use this tragedy to help change the gun laws. Cities like Buffalo need to do something drastic to make it less easy for young people to get their hands on illegal guns. That's the first step. People selling the guns to the criminals need to be prosecuted. In other countries, the only people able to obtain firearms are legitimate hunters. Somebody out there is being greedy and the end result is gang members walking around with guns.I don't know what the answer is, but I'm sure a guy like Pridgen would have some very good suggestions.

The other two problems in both poor white and poor black communities are the breakdown of the traditional family and a complete lack of respect for the importance of education. Until those three issues (guns, family, and education) are seriously addressed within the poorer communities, tragedies like the one at the City Grill will continue. I have confidence that someone like Reverand Pridgen will step up with some solutions to these issues that have been around for at least two generations now.

Car crashes into house, stuns neighbors

Speeding car crashes into house and then the driver runs away. Fortunately, nobody was out in front. Just another typical afternoon on the West side...

7 of 8 City Grill victims had criminal past

The Buffalo News released this information today about the victims of the City Grill shooter:

Eight young people who grew up on Buffalo's streets were gunned down in a hail of bullets last weekend outside City Grill downtown, four of them fatally.

And arrest and conviction records.
Their records indicating past or present associations with crime begets a certain lifestyle risk, law enforcement and criminology experts say.

We don't need law enforcement or criminology experts to tell us that. The picture the families gave the news showed guys in their 30s flashing gang symbols. Nothing should be done to punish City Grill. These were criminals and shootings are one of the things criminals do. The news also pointed out:

-One of the dead victims was on probation and forbidden from being inside any establishment serving alcohol.
-Two of the eight who were shot served state prison time on weapons or assault charges.
-Five are convicted felons.
-Six have been arrested by Buffalo police since 2008.

The scary part is that these guys were all out downtown to begin with. You, I, or one of your loved ones could easily have been downtown around City Grill and crossed paths with these people. Of course, now that the victims were shot, area leaders are describing them as saints:

"Because they had one, two arrests, it caused them to be slaughtered? That's just really ridiculous," said Arlee Daniels Jr., chairman of the Stop the Violence Coalition. "You show me a man on the face of the earth who never sinned."

"Which one of us growing up was Mother Teresa, other than Mother Teresa?" asked the Rev. Kinzer Pointer, who knew several of the victims and their families. "To paint everyone with a brush that their lifestyle led to this? Give me a break."

I hate to tell Daniels and Pointer this but the people I know have not been arrested for assault and do not carry loaded firearms around with them. Look at a few examples from this case:

Robbs was sentenced to prison in 2001 after he shot at another man but missed and shot an innocent bystander, a 51-year-old woman, in the ankle. Shortly after the shooting, an eyewitness led police to where Robbs was playing basketball.

Tiffany Wilhite, 31, who was killed in the massacre outside City Grill, was serving a five-year sentence of probation for felony reckless endangerment in connection with a January 2009 fight outside a Broadway-Fillmore neighborhood bar where she used her Jeep Cherokee to run down four women, breaking one of the victim's pelvis in four places.

Willie R. McCaa III, 26, who was also killed, had survived a March 2008 shooting outside an East Side store. He was scheduled for trial last week in State Supreme Court on charges he and another man robbed a man at gunpoint in May 2008 at Kensington Avenue and Godfrey Street.

These were people with criminal records who lived a dangerous lifestyle. Should they have been shot to death? No. Is it unfortunate? Yes. Should we be surprised it happened based on their lifestyle choices? No.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ohio Bear Kills Caretaker

I'm really surprised this happened yesterday in Ohio. Usually, when people keep bears, wolves, and tigers as backyard pets and teach them how to wrestle, things work out so well for them...

classic movie scene- Midnight Cowboy

"Don't worry about that. Actually, that aint a bad way to pick up insurance, you know?"

If the creek don't rise

A woman went out for a drive yesterday near Ellicott Creek. Before rescue workers could get to her, a priest, a local judge, and a married father of four with a suspicious lisp came out from behind the bushes to rescue her. Somewhere today, she's hearing a lot of stupid water jokes from her friends and family...