Thursday, December 9, 2010

Schools to avoid

According to New York State, here are some Buffalo schools that stink. If you are a substitute teacher, these are schools to avoid, as there is probably violence, disrespect, and lack of discipline accompanying the lousy test scores. It's funny how it seems to work that way...

Buffalo Elementary School of Technology
Bilingual Center
PS 37 Futures Academy
PS 59 Dr. Charles Drew Science Magnet
Waterfront School
East High School
Burgard Vocational High School
Lafayette High School
Riverside Institute of Technology

"I think we need money but I think we need it in the format of early childhood education that should be mandated for every child. Kindergarten should be mandated. We have a large number of kids, students leaving home going to first grade right away you're already behind. So that's where we should put the money in the formative years of our young people," said Superintendent Dr. James Williams.

I agree with Dr. Williams on this point. Once the students are in middle school, it is too late. They are not getting the help they need at home and that's not going to change. They need to get in school as soon as possible.

State Report: Buffalo Public Schools Bad | WKBW News 7: News, Sports, Weather | Buffalo, NY...


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