Thursday, December 30, 2010

Highway robbery at HSBC Arena

In a move I think is completely justified, mayor Byron Brown has written a letter to the Attorney General's office asking for an investigation into price gouging at the parking lots near the HSBC Arena for the World Junior Hockey Championships. From The Buffalo News...

"The mayor is upset, and when [the rates at privately operated lots] were brought to our attention yesterday, we set about looking at what options we had available to us," said Peter K. Cutler, the mayor's spokesman. "It's clear the best one is to go to the Attorney General's Office to ask through their Consumer Affairs Bureau to look into this."

The mayor has written a letter to the Attorney General's Office requesting such an investigation, Cutler said.

Two greedy businessmen have done their best to make the city look bad. We have guests coming in from another country with limited parking options. Most don't know their way around town. Because of the Peace Bridge fiasco, they arrive just before game time, unsure of where to park. They face two unenviable choices: Get mugged by the parking companies and pay $50 to park or park a few blocks away and literally get mugged. Mark Croce, formerly an ambassador for the city, has completely taken advantage of the situation and has lost much credibility in doing so...

Buffalo, he said, was being too small-minded.

"Buffalo has to start thinking like a big city. This is a big event — it's supposed to generate economic development," Croce said.

Croce should stop trying to sound like Donald Trump. Nobody's buying the nonsense he's trying to sell. Most Buffalonians I've spoken to are embarrassed by his actions. He's given the city a black eye. So many people have worked hard to make this event a success. Croce's giving these fans a reason to never come back to Buffalo. Not a smart move for a guy with both hands out for the Statler Building. Bloggers have long memories.

Mayor wants state to probe parking prices near arena - City Hall - The Buffalo News


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  1. highway robbery: just check out how he boarded up the back door of Crocodile bar so he can sell one more parking spot.