Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ryan Miller prank

With all the high tech gadgets these days, it's nice to know the traditional prank phone call is alive and well. Yesterday, an MSNBC viewer called a show pretending to be team USA goalie Ryan Miller and guaranteed a victory for the Americans. It's too bad he didn't ask the interviewer if his refrigerator was running or if he had Prince Albert in a can...:

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Controversy after honkies win national step dancing competition

A white step team from the University of Arkansas has won a national competition sparking a debate across black campuses. Stepping is the form of dance characterized by rhythmic clapping and foot stomping. Until recently, it was only practiced by young black girls. However, it has recently spread to the American suburbs.

Corporate sponsor Coca Cola ruled the competition a draw after complaints and declared the runner up team from the University of Indiana co-champions. Both teams were awarded $100,000 scholarships and a 12 pack of 1987 New Coke. In their ruling, they cited "scoring discrepancies" although they refused to elaborate. (The discrepancies were they didn't want Al Sharpton telling every black person across the country to switch to Pepsi.)

The whole controversy is silly. Once something becomes popular, it will eventually spread to everyone. I remember the first time I saw white people breakdancing or witnessed a Vanilla Ice video on MTV. I thought it was some sort of joke. The latter of which proved to be true. Regardless, you can't restrict art. If white people want to stomp their feet and clap their hands, they are going to. I actually like watching step dancing and don't care what color the dancers are. It doesn't diminish the fact that stepping started and was made popular in the black communities. It will always be linked with black culture but that doesn't mean other races don't have the right to perform it. What if the Chinese became upset because whites and blacks liked to practice the martial arts? Or Italians protested others cooking pasta? The white team from Arkansas also won several new cars. However, many of the girls complained that the prize was useless since their daddies recently purchased brand new cars for their 16th birthdays.
Here is the article and the YouTube clip of the winners (I mean co-winners???) of the competition. Watch at the 2:00 mark of the clip as the emcee announces the winner. The team wearing red storms off the stage...

Man Vs. Bird

Move over Alfred Hitchcock. I filmed these ducks at South Park Lake this afternoon. I don't think I've ever seen this many birds in one location. They looked like South Buffalo Irish Democrats lining up to get handed politically appointed jobs:

Friday, February 26, 2010

Buffalo ice maze breaks world record

It's taken Buffalo this long to realize it's biggest liability (long winters) could actually become it's biggest draw. Congratulations to the organizors of the winter festival for making it into the Guiness Book of World Records. Buffalo beat an ice maze constructed in Toronto at their festival in 2005, and ours was done at a fraction of their cost. As someone noted underneath the article, USA defeats Canada again. They should immediately name Winter Festival organizor Jeff Empric Erie County Executive.

They should make Byron Brown, Jack Quinn, Bill Stachowski and all the other useless politicians get in the maze and see which one of the rats can figure it out first.

It's official: Downtown ice maze is world's largest : Latest Local News : The Buffalo News

Paterson will not run for reelection

Has this guy been the worst governor in New York's history or the victim of the worst smear campaign in recent memory? He didn't pass the smell test when I first heard him speak. More proof New York is merely a criminal enterprise.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

O'Donnell resigns: plans to join the roller derby

Denise O'Donnell is built like the transgender woman from The World According to Garp. Remember the character played by John Lithgow who used to play tight end for the Philadelphia Eagles. I remember women's basketball players from East Germany during the cold war that were less masculine than O'Donnell. She needs to go out and get a real job and stop sponging off of the government. Sam Hoyt says the governor should resign because of reports that Paterson's administration interfered with a domestic violence investigation involving one of his aides. Hoyt should resign from his Assemblyman's position for, I don't know, 18 years of of sheer incompetence. Remember, he didn't earn his seat. He inherited it from his father, just like Jack Quinn's dim witted son. This kid would be working at the McKinley Mall if his father wasn't a former Congressman/failed lobbyist.
O'Donnell resigns, citing State Police actions : Twitter - Buffalo News : The Buffalo News

Western NY should market itself as hockey central

Maybe the readers of The Buffalo News are fiscally conservative but the majority of them are against building new ice rinks in West Seneca. I agree. If there was a demand for a new rink and it could make money (as they claim), then it could be done privately, for a profit.

Having said that, I think Western New York would be smart to start marketing itself as the ice hockey capital of the world. I think we have two distinct advantages over most other places. First, you have the weather. Instead of whining about the snow we get, we should embrace it as hockey weather. We could even have major street hockey tournaments in the spring and summer. Second, we already have the enthusiasm for the sport. People in this area love hockey like no other area in the country, with the possible exception of Detroit. Girls are starting to play hockey also. Buffalo could become a factory for producing great women's collegiate players.

Other parts of the country produce great warm weather athletes because they can play their sports outside year round. One reason Buffalo has produced so many great hockey players recently is because the weather forces them to choose indoor sports during the winter. In my opinion, Western New York would be wise to tap into our region's love for the game. There are so many different ways we could do it. I don't think initially it would take tons of money, just some good ideas from the public.

West Seneca Town Board urged to build twin rinks : Eastern Suburbs : The Buffalo News

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

City and fire union fight over beer

The city says it will not pay $9,000 it claims the fire department spent on alcohol related items at receptions during the funerals of Jonathan Croom and Charles "Chip" McCarthy. Union President Dan Cunningham says the city is trying to make them out to be "a bunch of drunks". This dispute will now be heard in the all too familiar Court of Public Opinion.
Dispute grows over expenses for firefighters' funerals : City Hall : The Buffalo News

Canada surprises everyone with new goalie tonight...

The Canadian coach has decided to shake things up tonight against Russia and go with a new goalie. Some thought it would be Luongo over Brodeur but they found this guy wandering the streets of Newfoundland...

crime stats 2/15-2/21

Fulton/Van Rensselaer--2 arrests--drugs---Shawn A Lang...Pooley,Michael C Sherk...Ansley ct...West Seneca
692 Fulton--Assault--2 suspects listed.
608 S Park--Assault--suspect listed.
189 Orlando--Assault---1 arrest--Joan Rodriguez...Ontario st
398 Marilla---Assault---suspect listed.
2397 Seneca----2 arrests for warrants after traffic stop..--Eddie Soto Jr...Benzinger st,Chrissie Rosado...Dewitt st
2140 Seneca--Assault--1 arrest--Edward J Powers...Fillmore ave
56 Gorski--Arson from 12-12-08--1 arrest--Jennifer Gielowski...Clinton st
1909 S Park--larceny--
51 Pritchard--harassment--suspect listed.
2 Pawnee Pkwy---Assault--1 arrest---Richard Niver
225 Hamburg--Crim mis--suspect listed.
21 Houston--Burglary--door broken,tv stolen.
430 Southside--Burglary--window broken to work trailer,boxes of lite bulbs stolen.
133 Trowbridge--threats
232 Fenton--larceny from a car--passport stolen.

Tue Feb 16th

63 Krakow--larceny from a car---change,6 cassette tapes stolen.
Clinton/Bailey(Bowl Inn)--larceny--jacket stolen that did contain a PSP3000
432 Weimar---larceny from a cra---Garmin stolen from car returned to owner.
128 Spaulding---larceny---warrant card issued.
1271 Seneca--Burglary--Nintendo & 3 games,purse,cash stolen.
349 Cable--Burglary--door kicked in --bag with martial arts items stolen,coins taken
30 Geary--Assault--1 arrest--Keith Moore
168 Dundee---Harassment---1 arrest--Devin Kielbiewicz..Hackanaw ave...Hamburg PD
213 Mineral Springs--harassment--suspect listed.
368 Swan--ID Theft
43 Weaver--threats--suspect listed.
232 Fenton--1 arrest--Possesion of stolen property--Robert Rath...Pulaski st--possesed passport stolen from vehicle.
1695 S Park--2 arrest--Search Warrant---Shannon L Reiter,Juan J Huertas....Child Endangering.
1695 S Park--2 arrest--Search Warrant---Eddie W Booker,Anthony Turello...Newton st---Possesion of a weapon.
1553 S Park(Auto Zone)--crim mis--8-10 paintballs shot at building.

Wed Feb 17th

78 Dash--Assault--1 arrest---Kevin Henry...Best st
35 Krakow--1 arrest--V&T/DWI---Jeffery C Kowal...Krakow st
19 Lockwood--harassment-- 1arrest---Helen Velasquez..Spaulding st
Elk/Babcock--1 arrest--V&T/Drugs---Tanisha Parrett...Riley st
Elk/Babcock--3 additional arrests--Drugs--William Clemons..Cambridge st,Kevin Staley...Orlando,Marcus Bellamy...Ivanhoe..Chektowaga.
45 Van Rensselaer--crim mis--1 arrest---Brandon Coke
136 Parkview---threats--suspect listed.
727 Bailey--larceny--hired delivery person stole food and cash.
17 Mesmer--Burglary--suspect listed.
39 Cable--Burglary--cash stolen.

Thur Feb 18th

1460 S Park--1 arrest on a warrant---Butch Heppner...Woodside
300 Scott--larceny---2 arrests---Daniel Skinner...Mackinaw,Michael Barrett...Louisianna st.
205 Geary--larceny from a car---radio,change stolen
487 S Ogden--crim mis to a car---window broken.
319 Alabama--2 arrest--Possesion of a weapon---Jose Carlos Cora-Valentin...Perry st,Lilliam Figueroa...Grant st
Quinn/Orlando---1 arrest--Drugs---Terrance Long...Babcock st
40 South---harassment--- 1arrest---Evelyn Castillo
162 Elk--Crim mis--car spray painted.
166 Elk--Crim mis--car spray painted
63 Kingston--2 arrest--Crim Possesion of weapon---Kenneth Weiland,Melissa Benz

Fri Feb 19th

91 O'Connell--Robbery--1 w/m,1 H/m did exit a silevr Eclipse ,assaulted victim and stole cash.
2449 Seneca(Texas Hots)-Robbery--unk male,6'0",thin took cash..fled in silver SUV...on Maywood..
2186 Seneca--Assault--victim shot in the eye with a BB.
1460 S Park(Tops)--shoplifter--1 arrest--India A Rivera...Harvey Pl.
222 Smith--larceny---suspect listed.
2022 Seneca--Larceny--suspect listed.
1514 Clinton--larceny--warrant card issued.
422 Seneca--larceny--wallet taken from car.
143 Indian Church--tresspasser--1 arrest--Adam Schimek...Duerstein
694 S Ogden--Burglary--front doors smashed..Cash stolen.
50 Lester---threats--suspect listed.
Griswold/S Ogden--Accident PDO--1 arrest---DWI--Tiffany Masney...Willet st
A District--1 arrest--warrant--Francine Torres...Lincoln ave
319 Alabama--Crim mis--car window broken--suspect listed.
222 Smith---1 arrest--drugs---Lynn Oliveri...Leddy st
72 Kentucky--3 arrests--1 on warrant--John Avent..Normal st,2 arrests for Obstructing officers.//Dennis McCloskey,Cindy Ann Krompharpt.

Sat Feb 20th

2114 Seneca--Robbery--1 arrest--Deparis Vives...Kamper st..assaulted victim and stole beer.
55 Sheffield--UUV
15 Glendhu---Burglary--attempt---raer porch door damaged.
77 Paul--crim mis--1 arrest--Kyle McEvoy..Oakdale
119 Pawnee--harassment--1 arrest---Andrew Miller..84th st..Niagara Falls
Seneca/Stevenson--DWI..Paul Triogr...Fort Erie Ontario
Stannard/Hayward...1 arrest--DWI--Andre Worthy...Perry st
51 Shenandoah---Threats---suspect listed.
2277 Seneca--Harassment--warrant card issued.
339 Cumberland--crim mis--suspect listed.
716 Hopkins--! Arrest--V&T,Drugs/Obstructing Officer---Cornell Edwards...Houston st
85 Lockwood--threats--suspect listed.
S Park/Lockwood---Assault---suspect listed.

Sun Feb 21st

164 Melrose---larceny--suspect listed.
18 Lester--Burglary--front door damaged,meds stolen.
S Park/Lockwood--2 arrests--Francis Smith..Rosary..Lackawanna ..Keary Keane..St John st...Lancaster, assault from 2-20-10
Seneca/Harrison-harassment---suspect listed.
156 Ryan---harassment--1 arrest---Karol Sundyland
155 Bailey--1 arrest--possesion of a weapon(knife)--Thomas Gaffney..Center ave ..Lackawanna
28 Kamper--Assault--1 arrest--Enrique Calix

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Great shot in Manhatten Cup playoff game

Check out Bishop Timon player Kyle Kobis as he makes a great full court shot at the end of the 1st quarter in the Tigers 76-50 loss to Nichols. The kids from Nichols forgot to play out the quarter as they were too busy maxing out their parent's credit cards...
Stunning full-court shot highlights Manhattan Cup playoff action : Sports : The Buffalo News

But he does have time to meet with T.O. ...

Representratives from the state wanted to meet with Byron Brown to hopefully give the city $11 million dollars for a project on the West side. Brown turned them down due to a "scheduling conflict." This week's letter of disgust is brought to you by Siegel, Kelleher & Kahn: Dedicated... Committed... Knowledgeable...Your trusted attorneys for over 30 years

Mayor must do a better job in order for city to succeed

Donn Esmonde’s commentary titled, “
Our mayor—missing when it matters” should prompt not only citizens of Buffalo but all of Western New York who want the city and region to succeed to take pause and ask the question: Where is Mayor Byron Brown?

State officials were prepared to hand over up to $11 million to help resurrect a sizable swath of the West Side, and Brown had a “scheduling conflict”? Seriously? What was Brown doing that was more important than meeting with state officials? Was he attending a meeting whereby a business wanted to invest $12 million in the city? I do not recall seeing any such news story.

Brown didn’t like being called on the carpet by HUD, so he was a no-show when HUD officials came to town. Really? What is this, kindergarten? In most situations these days, if you don’t do your job you’re fired. Hiding doesn’t work.

And yet, when Buffalo experienced a spate of deadly violence, city crews were sent to “spruce up” an area where fatalities occurred. What is wrong with this picture? I almost left the area on two occasions. I stayed. I love the area. Myfamily is here. I believed that the region was ready to turn the corner for the better. Buffalo is the center of the region. If Buffalo doesn’t succeed, the rest of Western New York doesn’t either.

Brown needs to set a positive example. Vague excuses of scheduling conflicts are unacceptable. He was elected to do a job. I wish he would start to do it.

Kristopher Pendrak
North Tonawanda

Snoop Fan

You want to see Snoop Dogg real bad but can't afford the tickets. What do you do? Just say you need to use the restroom and then sneak into the show. That will work. Fo shizzle my izzle!

Woman accused of sneaking into Snoop Dogg concert

Buffalo News

A 28-year-old woman was charged with theft of services late Sunday after she allegedly tried to sneak her way into the Snoop Dogg show at the Town Ballroom by feigning the need to go to the bathroom, according to Buffalo police reports.
Kristen Wright, no address listed, told an employee at the Main Street establishment that she needed to use the bathroom there at about 11:45 p. m. Wright was permitted entrance but then allegedly entered the sold-out show.
Central District police were called, and Wright was arrested.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Break-dancer arrested in Elma while trying to do the wave

Yes, unfortunately, break-dancing is making a comeback. This is one thing you will never hear me brag about. I tried to learn how to break dance and I stunk. I couldn't even do the wave, the simplest of all breakdancing moves. This kid in Cheektowaga broke the first rule of break-dancing. Never travel to a house party without bringing your cardboard box.

Break-dancer charged with ruining hardwood floors

News Staff Reports

A large diamond belt buckle worn by an 18-year-old Cheektowaga man while break-dancing at a party caused $3,000 worth of gouging damage on some hardwood floors -- and left him charged with felony criminal mischief.
Erie County sheriff's deputies said Ryan T. Baczkiewicz, of Toelsin Road, went to a house party in the Town of Elma while intoxicated and caused the damage during repeated attempts at break-dancing.
The party was hosted by the homeowner's daughters. The parent returned home from vacation to find the damage, leading sheriff's deputies to investigate the crime.
Deputy Daryl DeMari of the Elma substation, assisted by Cheektowaga police, arrested Baczkiewicz at his home Sunday evening. He's charged with criminal mischief and criminal trespass, a misdemeanor, according to police reports.

Heidinger breaks Canisius record

Congratulations to my good friend Josh Heidinger on setting the all time scoring record in hockey at Canisius College. I know Josh from my days of working at the Old 1st Ward Community Center. Heidinger left Western New York after high school to play in Montana. He came back to the area and became a four year star for Canisius. Every time I see him, Josh always takes the time to say hello and joke about old times.

Heidinger was the youngest bar employee I ever seen. When he was twelve, he worked at his father's bar (Leahy's) on O'Connell St. I'm sure playing hockey with Canisius, Montana, and the Buffalo Regals was tough but not as tough as playing in the Old 1st Ward Floor Hockey League. Often times, the rule book was considered optional. In fact, Heidinger says the toughest player he ever faced was 10 time OFW all star goaltender Michael Parker.

Heidinger sets Griffs mark

Senior Josh Heidinger became Canisius College’s all-time leading scorer in the Division I era in his final regular- season home game Sunday.
Heidinger set a Canisius single-game record with four assists to lead the Golden Griffins to a 5-3 win over American International (5-22-3, 5-18-3) in an Atlantic Hockey Association game at the Buffalo State Ice Arena. The Bishop Timon- St. Jude graduate now has 123 career points, four more than the total amassed by David Deeves (1998-2002).
“It was a good way to say goodbye to our fans, family and friends. It’s nice to go out with a win as well,” said Heidinger, who holds the Canisius record for career assists with 89 and also has 34 goals.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Take off, eh

Congratulations to the USA and Ryan Miller on their victory over Canada in ice hockey. Now if we could only beat them in curling. Here is a clip of Bob and Doug Mckenzie, eh. One of the comments underneath says,"I knew guys like this while going to high school in Northern Ontario. They wore hunting boots to class and bragged about their moose kills."

Wutch you talking about Willis?

Thanks to Marty Farrell for sending me this tape of Gary Coleman flipping out on the set of The Insider. You have to hand it to Arnold Drummond though. He is aging better than anyone I know, including myself. With that kidney of his, I'm surprised he's still alive. He apparently still has some anger issues to resolve however. Maybe he's still traumatized over the very special episode where the bicycle owner ( Mr Carleson from WKRP) tried to molest him and his friend Dudley:

BB Gun shooting on Seneca St.

Terrible story from today's Buffalo News. I'm not sure from the article whether the shooting victim knew the shooter or if it was just a random act of stupidity. All you have to do is read this blog's crime reports each week to see there are certain problem streets in South Buffalo. The same streets show up over and over again each week. I just hope they catch whoever did this and throw the book at him...

Victim loses eye in BB gun shooting
A Zittel Street man lost an eye Friday after he was shot with a BB gun in South Buffalo.
Joseph Ray was hit in the left eye at about 5:20 p. m. in a parking lot at 2186 Seneca St., near Cazenovia Street, Buffalo police said.
He was taken to Erie County Medical Center.
The shooter was not known.

Shop in Your Neighborhood

Small businesses across the country have been closing shop during the last decade. However, in South Buffalo, I believe there's been some light at the end of the tunnel. There have been pockets of hope on Seneca St., South Park Avenue, and over at the Clinton/Bailey Market. I know in 2001, Seneca St. looked terrible. The only businesses on it were run down bars. I believe things started to improve during the next year and have slowly continued.

The Tops on Seneca St. along with Francesca's, Dairy King, Wiseguys Pizza, and McCarthy's Funeral Home have that block looking very good. It is well lit and busy with shoppers. I know I sometimes go to the Tops over there due to it's proximity to Tim Hortons. On South Park, there is a new plaza on Okell St. with Leo's Pizza and the appliance store whose name I can't remember. That block, along with Mineo's Pizza and the South Buffalo Dance Academy looks good as well. The Wayside is not too far, either. There is also a nice car show in the Fall as well as a Taste of South Buffalo. Two events that I think are catching on in popularity.

Since 2001, Assemblyman Mark Schroeder has preached for residents to shop in their own neighborhoods. The Greater South Buffalo Chamber of Commerce, formed in the same year and led by Ann Enger, has been instrumental in helping newer businesses get off the ground and showcasing existing businesses. Ann's office is located inside Assemblyman Schroeder's office at Seneca and Cazenovia St.In fact, I don't consider this blog a business. However, Mark told me he reads it regularly and both Ann and Mark have opted to work with it, instead of against it. Both have also helped us with our efforts to promote indoor and travel soccer in South Buffalo.

I hope to speak to Ann about possibly getting some of the small businesses to donate gift certificates to raffle off to the readers. That way, the businesses get the advertising as well as potential new customers and the readers would get gift certificates for local businesses. I hope to showcase some of the good things happening in our area, while still reporting everything else.Much still needs to be done. Unfortunately, there are still small pockets of people living on some of these sidestreets causing disruptions to families trying to do the right thing. It would be nice to see the good, law abiding families of South Buffalo take back their neighborhoods. One small, but important step is to take back the commercial strips by shopping there.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Unsteady Eddie

Watching the winter olympics on TV reminds me of the 1988 games in Calgary. Remember Eddie "the Eagle" Edwards. He was a speed skier who took advantage of a loophole to represent Great Britain as a ski jumper. He had no competition in qualifying. The only problem was he was farsighted and afraid of heights. The press called him Mr. Magoo. At 181 lbs, he was twenty pounds heavier than the average ski jumper. Eddie finished dead last in the ski jumping events and subsequent olympic rule changes made it much more difficult for circus acts like Edwards' to qualify for the olympics.

As his character grew, so did the crowd's enthusiasm. Edwards seemed to feed off it and set a Great Britain record for the ski jump at the Calgary games. So what started out as a joke, turned into a great triumph, which is really what the olympics are supposed to represent. After the games, he returned to Great Britain where 10,000 people waited for him at the airport.

Here is some footage of unsteady Eddie as he later became known. Sorry about the foreign audio. I couldn't find anything decent in English:

Remember before cable television when you only had your choice of four channels? ABC's Wide World of Sports had this introduction where the showed this Yugoslavian skier's horrific fall when describing "the agony of defeat." Here it is:

Abuse of Power #214: NY State Thruway Authority

In reading the paper today, I have to wonder in all seriousness if criminals have actually taken over New York state. Disgruntled New York state Thruway Authority/political hack Brian Rusk is now ready to spill the beans on corruption going on at the authority. He claims that William Eagan, a former town of Boston supervisor, is being paid twice the amount he should be. Eagan makes $92,000/year for a job that is described as a "right of way specialist". What does this job title even mean? He specializes in giving people the right of way?

The inspector general recently accused Rusk of making 1079 phone calls for his private PR business while on state time. If he had enough time to do that, what was he actually doing for the state? Most of us in the real world would never have the time to make that many phone calls during work time. I barely have enough time to eat a slice of pizza during my 45 minute lunch break. Rusk was making a paltry $86,000/year from the state to do nothing.

In related news today, governor Paterson proposed the closing of 41 state parks due to the state's budget problems. How can we afford to have parks when guys like Brian Rusk and William Eagan need no-show jobs? I blame you. Voters continue to inexplicably support the machine-backed incumbents while things like this go on on a daily basis.

Friday, February 19, 2010

State of the city protest

Very interesting clip in this story taken from the police officers and firemen protesting Mayor Brown's state of the city speech. I'm not sure who brought the bullhorn. Looks like one of the Comerfords comes out at about 0:50. That means they'll be an extra six weeks of winter. He looks mad. Wouldn't you if most of the people in your neighborhood accused you of prostituting yourself to the mayor? I hear him or one of the protestors (I can't tell from tape)calling each other "tough guys" and challenging each other to fights. Very original. We didn't see that coming.

In the actual speech itself, Mayor Brown announced that he was a huge fan of men's figure skating and Bette Midler movies.

Brown wants to eliminate Buffalo Economic Renaissance Corp. : Home: The Buffalo News

South Side Girl

I saw that the Stone Bridge Band is having a contest to see who should be given the title of South Side Girl. Southside Girl is the name of their song (I'm not sure if it's new or not). It is written by Willie Schoellkopf. As someone with no musical talent, I have to say I have great respect for all musicians. Here is the song; Maybe you can nominate someone you know:

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Running away and joining society?

Traffic was backed up for miles in Atlanta as a zebra was running all over downtown after it escaped the circus. You couldn't make something like this up...

Misery loves Buffalo

Forbes Magazine has Buffalo listed as the 8th most miserable city in America. At least we're not Cleveland, Ohio. They ranked number one. They obviously didn't talk to any members of the privileged South Buffalo families. They certainly aren't miserable.

You just turned 22? Here's a no-show job. We don't need to see your resume'. All we need is your last name. Qualifications? What are those? They're overrated, anyway. So what if all the more qualified young people are forced to move to less miserable cities. You're grandfather was a political prostitute and your grandkids will be too. Go ahead and marry your cousin, too. Why let human genetics get in the way of anything?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Death and delayed tax scams

Here's the latest joke from Albany. Governor Paterson is trying to withhold sending back your state refund a few weeks longer (so they can collect on the interest). Don't fall for it. New York government is like a crack addict just trying to get more of your money to support it's bad spending habits.
On the radio, I heard them say this amounted to $500 million. What would happen if you got a speeding ticket and told the state "I'll pay it a few weeks later"? They'd hit you with a huge late fee. But it's ok for them to do this to us. I don't think so.

You hear citizens in this report say,"What can we do?" "They're going to get us no matter what we do." I can tell you what you can do. Stop voting for the same last names! Guys like Sam Hoyt and Bill Stachowski have been in Albany living off their fathers' last names for decades and what have they accomplished? Zero. I'm using my tax refund to get my muffler fixed. If they send the taxes back late, I'm going to mail the old muffler to Hoyt with a friendly note attached telling him how useless he is.

As an aside, I wonder how much money Esther Gulyas is worth? She's to the Western New York tax community what Cellino & Barnes is to the law community.

crime stats 2/8-2/14

McCamley/Taylor--Robbery Attempt---2 B/m's did point handgun at victim and asaulted him.
76 Roanoke--Burglary--unknown entry,peurse stolen.
123 Maurice--larceny--jewelry stolen.
921 Tifft--larceny--refrigerator stolen...suspect listed.
127 Imson--Fraud--2 checks cashed.
30 Kenefick---larceny--suspect listed.
A District--RUUV
2003 Seneca--RUUV
274 Abbott--threats with a knife---1 arrest---Juan R Torres
S Park/Marilla--Violating order of Protection--1 arrest---Joshua Patton...Como st
43 Southside--Assault---1 arrest---Stephen Banko
312 Perry--1 arrest--Obstructing Officers---Dhal Bawvor...Garner st
Bailey/Clinton--Driving under influence of drugs--1 arrest---Walter J Riley...Roberts st...Hamburg
10 Littel--1 arrest---warrant---Larry Rogers...Blake st
2097 Seneca--Robbery from 12-11-09---1 arrest---Amy Bangel...Emerling drive...Blasdell..
2406 S Park--crim mis--window kicked in---suspect listed.

Tue Feb 9th

2267 S Park--2 arrests--drugs---Shelby Babcock...Taylor rd...Hamburg...Robert Sattler...James ave...Blasdell.
137 Willett----larceny--suspect listed.
23 Archer--larceny--suspect listed.
52 Buffalo st--crim mis/larceny from a car--window pryed radio stolen.
224 Dingens--larceny from 3 vehicle---catalytic convertors cut off 3 vehicles.
1402 S Park--Burglary--entry thru unlocked bay door---oil burner stolen.
127 Imson--UUV & RUUV
743 Tifft--Assault--warrant card issued.
S Park/Katherine---phone threats--suspect listed.
11 Sheffield--crim mis to a car---rear tires slashed.
1832 Seneca--Assault--1 arrest---Christopher Steward...Seneca st
Red Jacket/Fulton--1 arrest--drugs---Suzette Craver...Kentucky st
31 Norman--Assault---1 arrest---Patrick Ferron
435 Perry--Crim mis--1 arrest---Ronald Hillyard.
159 Smith---Burglary--1 arrest---Ronald Hillyard.

Wed Feb 10th

36 Harvey--larceny--suspect listed.
16 Carter--Assault---suspect listed.
7 Zittel--Burglary--suspect listed.
40 Wheelock--Burglary--suspect listed.
241 Alabama--Burglary--screen cut,window broken...nothing stolen at this time.
26 Seymour--larcenypackage stolen from 11/09 to 2-10-10.
76 Lakewood---crim mis to a car---4 tires slashed.
177 Louisianna---DWI--1 arrest--William P Yuskiw...Alabama st
209 Cazenovia--harasment---suspect listed.
1725 Clinton--threats--suspect listed.
1525 South Park--1 arrest---drugs---Joseph Szafraniec...Lester st
1525 South Park--crim mis---1 arrest--Terrance Helm Jr...Camden st

Thursday Feb 11th

2146 S Park--Stabbing--victim stabbed 3 times and Robbed of cash...suspect listed.
7 Zittel--1 arrest---Falsely Reporting---Kristine Montroy
287 Choate--Burglary--suspect listed..some property returned.
42 Kamper --phone threats---suspect listed.
528 Marilla--harassment---suspect listed.
A District--Sexual abuse---Mother reports for juvenile daughter...28ys old male had sex with her daughter.
S Park/Katherine--phone threats/Viol order of protection---1 arrest---Lemario Cotto...Barbara...Cheek
155 Cazenovia---larceny--HP laptop stolen.
Hamburg PD--1 arrest---Buffalo warrant---Ian Gasiewicz...Delaware ave
21 Athol--RUUV
69 weyand---harassment
57 Polish pl---ID theft

Fri Feb 12th

356 Hopkins--larceny---items stolen from 3 vehicles---suspect listed.
39 Griswold--UUV
1329 Clinton--Burglary--suspect listed
S Park/Bloomfield--UUV & RUUV
117 Hayden--crim mis--suspect listed did break window.
Edson/Seneca--1 arrest--Forgery/Possing forged inspection sticker---Mark Ramirez...Amber st
Abbott/Good--stalking---suspect listed.
268 Holly--Burglary--entry thru kitchen window--nothing missing at this time
31 Gorski--threats--300 Louisianna--larceny---K-9 sign stolen from the side of City on Buffalo building.

Sat Feb 13th

Hamburg Pd--1 arrest--Buffalo warrant---Brian Emerson...Broadway...Gowanda
417 Perry---Assault/Contempt of Court order---1 arrest---Leon Hughes...Fenton st
499 S Ogden--crim mis---tire slashed--suspect listed.
Lackawanna PD--1 arrest on Buffalo warrant---Mark Nolan...Long ave
Foot of Smith---1 arrest--drugs---Kevin D Geercken.....Sudbury rd...Lackawanna
A District---victim states she was sexually assaulted while walking home from a bar.
418 Perry--threats--suspect listed.
64 Cantwell---larceny---suspect listed.
56 Remoleno--crim mis--vehicle kicked and damaged.
1031 Abbott---Burglary--window broken---cash register damaged ,cash stolen.
1695 S Park---1 arrest--disorderly conduct---Sean Lermineau.....Peasleeville rd....Schuler Falls NY
32 Leamington...crim mis---1 arrest---Christopher Nola..Potomac
19 Oakdale---crim mis from 1-30-10---1 arrest---Gerald Kwasniewski....S Park

Sun Feb 14th

Lackawanna PD--1 arrest---Buffalo warrant--Sara A Guthrie...Fuller st
133 Trowbridge---phone threats---suspect listed.
Parkview/Indian Church---issued.
22 Owahn--harassment--suspect listed.
2449 Seneca--crim mis---3 arrests---Robin Fuller...Hillary st,Greg T Gioia...N Ryan,Michael A Lawrence...Eden st
39 Griswold---RUUV

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

No gunman found at UB

A surveillance camera allegedly caught someone trying to enter UB's Lockwood Library with a gun this afternoon. Officials said they checked every room and found nothing. Campus police are being tight lipped about the incident but my sources have obtained this picture of somebody they are labeling as a "person of interest"...

Forgotten Neighborhoods

Some people from Forgotten Buffalo will be conducting tours of Jimmy Griffin's and Tim Russert's former neighborhoods. The people are going to pay $45 each to drive around in a bus and talk about how much they love the Old 1st Ward and South Buffalo neighborhoods (which explains why the majority of them couldn't wait to move to the suburbs). No thanks.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sunset at South Park Lake

I filmed these in the wooded area between South Park Lake and the railroad tracks that go from Tifft Farms to downtown Buffalo.

Brown vows crackdown on injury abuses: This message is brought to you by Cellino & Barnes

I hope your sitting down. For the first time in four years,Deputy Mayor Byron Brown came out today and offered an opinion on an issue. Brown says 2010 is going to be the year the city of Buffalo cracks down on Buffalo police officers and firemen pretending to be hurt. He claims to be serious this time. Police and fire leaders say Brown is merely grandstanding again. Efforts to reach Mayor Steve Casey for his comments on this issue were unsuccessful.
Brown vows crackdown on injury abuses : Home: The Buffalo News#comment#comment#comment

Here are some of the more interesting comments from Buffalo News readers on this story. Most were anti-Urkel but some agreed with him:

-Here's a suggestion: Have the News publish the names and addresses of those receiving these benefits. Then let their neighbors share their observations on those who are cheating. Publish a phone number where these reports can be made with guaranteed anonymity and get ready for (pardon the pun) a "firestorm" of reports in which to "police" the abuses that will be revealed. Nah, it's probably too simple.

-For a bigger savings, Mayor Urkel should look into the citys uncivil servants who dont really work while on duty. A citizen with a video camera could catch many every day.

-Police and Fire unions are jokes. They only look for ways to take advantage of the system and by doing so leave the taxpayer with the bill. I don't agree with Brown 99% of the time, but this is the 1%.

-My neighbor is a Cheektowaga police officer who is out on disability right now, and he rides his four wheeler all the time across the street in the woods. I told him that my father was hurt on the job and was scared to go outside and rake leaves because he though he would get caught by the insurance company. My neighbor told me if they ever caught him doing anything he wasnt supposed to the union would never let that evidence come to light.

-You think fake comp claims are bad with the Buffalo police and Firemen? You should see how many questionable comp claims are in the Buffalo Board of Education!

-My neighbor is a retired cop on disability, he claims he damaged his sciatic nerve from his belt (wuss). The phony now has a second career as s security officer and runs marathons. I applaud Mayor Brown for showing some stones and taking on the corrupt unions and the biggest crooks in the world...COPS!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Random Thoughts From the Ghetto-Volume 22

I look out my window and see the empty 40 oz beer bottles, hypodermic needles, crack pipes and abandoned shopping carts left on my front lawn. I begin to think. The end results have become known as my random thoughts from the ghetto...

-Somebody needs to do something about these school bus aides. Is it really necessary for them to back up traffic by having five minute conversations with the parents waiting for their kids? They seem oblivious to the fact that cars are backed up for a mile waiting for them to get back inside the bus. I'm usually pretty patient but I think it might be time for motorists to start blaring their horns until they get the message.

-They had one of those Flash Mobs at city hall last week. If you're not familiar with a Flash Mob, it's where people communicate via the Internet and decide to meet at a certain place and time and do something completely random and bizarre for a very brief period of time. They then stop and everyone disperses. On Thursday at 11:20 AM, the workers at city hall began smiling at residents. They spoke proper English and offered to help them with whatever concerns the residents had. They actually answered phone calls in person and did not try to pawn people off to other departments. Two minutes later, it all stopped and the workers went back to being arrogant and indifferent again.

-I'm not a big Mighty Taco fan. However, I feel obligated to inform the readers that they are opening a satellite restaurant inside the NOCO gas station(across from Delta Sonic). Not to be outdone, Taco Bell is going to share space with KFC on Abbott when they finish that construction project 65 years from now. Either they know there are many fat slobs in the neighborhood or they're expecting a sudden influx of Mexican immigrants.

-Does anyone remember when the cable company gave everyone free cable for one weekend and they accidentally included the Playboy Channel? Oops. I'll bet someone was called into the boss' office on the Monday following that slip up.

-We still haven't won a Super Bowl or a Stanley Cup but Buffalo is leading the country in artist renditions. Everyday in the paper, some politician is coming up with pictures of what Bass Pro or the waterfront are going to look like 25 years from now. That, and the oversized check at the local community center are two of their biggest known scams.

-It's become too much of a cliche' for the players to dump Gatorade on the coach's head after winning a big football game. The best was when some college team doused their coach after scoring a go ahead touchdown with 30 seconds left in a bowl game a few years back. The opposing team then returned the ensuing kickoff back for the winning touchdown. That's one locker room I wouldn't have wanted to been near.

-It's never good to judge a book by it's cover but if a guy wears jeans and a ponytail, he's pretty much advertising the fact that he's served time for something.

-American figure skater Johnny Weir has announced that he won't wear fox fur on his outfit at the Olympics after receiving death threats from anonymous animal rights activists. A guy wearing costumes with fur. That's really going to hurt the image most people have of figure skating being such a masculine sport.

-White people love going to movies with predominantly black audiences. One time, I was at a movie at the old Thruway Mall. The bad guy was about to get what he had coming to him at the end of the movie. Right before he was about to get shot, someone in the crowd yelled, "Kill the m*th#rf*c&er!

-One time, I went to a funeral for one of my old client's fathers with a coworker. It was on Genessee Street. The preacher was delivering this great eulogy for the man who had died at age 79. He said,"Alonzo Sr. lived a great life. A God-fearing life that ended suddenly at age 79. He lived such a great life, I'm going to give him 80!" My coworker and I looked at each other in stunned disbelief. We never knew ministers had the authority to add time to someone's life. Go forth and sin no more...

Spicoli vs Mr. Hand

One of the best movies from the 1980s was Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Sean Penn played the California surfer Jeff Spicoli who was often at odds with his uptite and ultra- conservative History teacher Mr. Hand (Ray Walston). The exchanges between these two were great. Here are two scenes from the movie. In the first scene, Spicooli orders a pizza to the classroom:

Earlier in the movie, Mr. Hand warns the students not to waste his classroom time. He says,"You wouldn't want me come over to your house and discuss US history on your time, would you?" In this scene, he does just that,coincidentally, on the night of the senior dance. In the audio clip that follows, Spicholi uses surfer terminology to sum up US history...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

1st Annual Yolanda Vega $50 Memorial Drawing

I've posted something on this blog every day since June of 2009. Some people have been very instrumental in helping me get the link out. According to the data I'm receiving, the site is getting between 150-200 visitors per day.

By no means do I claim to be a writer or a journalist. My imperfections are too many to note here. I'd like to thank Linda Herbert, Jean and Tom Finn, Teresa Blake, Patrick Blake, Sharon Coughlin, Jennifer Schenk-Reiss, Marty Farrell, Jason D'Anthony, Billy O'Heir, Mark "Rogo" Rogowski, and Daisy Borrero. These are people that forwarded the link to all of their friends and let me know about it. Many other people have told me they enjoy reading the blog and I appreciate that also. I hope to do more marketing like this in the future. It hass just been very difficult finding the time lately. If you did forward the link, but failed to notify me, I will include you in the next drawing. Here is the drawing, live from my Florida Condo. Don't forget to cash the check within 24 hours as it might as well be made out of synthetic rubber:

Abuse of Power #213: West Seneca police chief has gas

The crime of using town cars at the expense of the taxpayer is becoming so common, I'm actually surprised now when it doesn't happen. West Seneca Police Chief Edward Gehen makes $115,000/year in that job. Because he must want to move to Orchard Park someday, Gehen also works part time at ECC as a security officer. He uses the town issued car (and gas) to get from West Seneca to ECC(In true investigative fashion, Bflo News journalist Mary Pasciak doesn't specify which campus Gehen drives to??? Apparently, she is unaware of the fact there are three campuses spread out throughout WNY.)

Gehen justifies the use of the car by saying he is often called from his security job at ECC to handle town crime. So, not only is this guy getting free gas from West Seneca taxpayers, he's also getting paid to do two jobs at once. I'm sure this makes the people at ECC feel real safe. But what would they care? Jack Quinn, the President of the school, is a complete tool anyway. He's so dense, he doesn't know his ass from page 10. Hey greedy police chief: Drive your own car to work and fill up at NOCO like the rest of us.

Councilman questions chief’s use of town’s car : City & Region : The Buffalo News

Abuse of Power #212:Brian Rusk

Looks like $86,000/year wasn't enough for this scumbag. While he was supposed to be working for the New York State Thruway Authority (doing who knows what?), Brian Rusk was doing work collecting money for his "charitable" work. He was collecting tens of thousands of dollars from nursing homes , doctors offices, and health care groups for his work in helping children and adults from other countries disfigured in accidents and birth defects. This is why I never donate to large groups. You know some or all of the money is going to losers like this. Good thing our thruway tolls went up a few weeks ago to pay $86,000/year so scumbags like this can have no-show jobs.
Rusk fired over outside work on Thruway time : Latest Local News : The Buffalo News

Friday, February 12, 2010

Wide Wrong:Bills raising ticket prices for next season

The Toronto Bills will be raising season ticket prices next year. Let's face it. If you want to witness another 7-9 season, you better be willing to pay for it. They are basically holding a gun to the heads all the fans in WNY. They want you to pay more for the next crappy quarterback they are about to draft. Hey, Eric Flowers played great in the Pro Bowl two weeks ago, didn't he? Instead of playing one game in Toronto next season, the Bills should schedule three home games in Charlotte next year. They can charge more for tickets, since most of the former Buffalo residents living there actually have jobs.

I can't say it bothers me. I haven't been to a Bills home game since Jim Kelly's second season. Have we ended the losing streak against Miami yet? They are just charging what the market demands and people are willing to pay. I came across this clip today. 80,000 Bills fans tearing down the goal posts after winning the AFC East against Miami. Pay special attention to the 50 or so security guards trying to stop them. We'll give them today's Avis: We Try Harder Award.
Bills raising ticket prices : Latest Local News : The Buffalo News

Remember this guy?

Bill Stachowski and Tim Kennedy have both announced they will be running for State Senator this year.This is a very important job. We all know these two possess superior intelligence and leadership abilities. What we need now is for a third person with similar qualities to enter the race. Hey. Does this guy live in New York State?...

Paladino for Governor

I thought this was a good letter from today's Buffalo News. I hope Carl Paladino does decide to run for governor. New York state is at a critical point in it's history. We have to decide what direction we want to go in. Do we want to keep electing guys like Eliot Spitzer, Mario Cuomo's son, or David Paterson? Things will never change if we do this. Here's the letter from Tom Cox of West Seneca:

Don’t knock Paladino for telling it like it is
Carl Paladino is an independent, outspoken guy who says it like it is even if a few toes get stepped on. Why is it that guys like him are usually right, but also usually the ones most criticized? John the Baptist, Patrick Henry, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Martin Luther King and Jimmy Griffin all come to mind, along with Paladino. Love them or hate them, we should all be glad they are around, because without them, the rest of us would get shafted all the time, instead of just some of the time. That’s my two cents worth.
Tom Cox
West Seneca

I don't even know how this could be a subject of debate for Buffalonians. We've had one clown after another represent us for as long as I can remember. You don't have to agree with Paladino on every issue to respect the fact that he's passionate about this area and continuously spends his own money to try and better it.

Paladino's the farthest thing from a career politician and is really a reluctant potential candidate. Remember, all the insiders are going to try and characterize him as "crazy". This is simply an effort on their part to dismiss Paladino because, in their warped minds, he is crazy for standing up for the residents of New York State. They perceive him as a threat because they know he doesn't need any of them and they will attempt to try and minimize him. Don't fall for it. If you're interested in becoming one of his volunteers or joining his mailing list, please go to

Thursday, February 11, 2010

County Legislature

The Erie County Legislature met tonight to discuss the downsizing issue. Civic leader Kevin Gaughan spoke about his plan to reduce the group to nine members. Legislator Tim Kennedy used the forum to profess his undying love for Congressman Brian Higgins until someone explained to him that the meeting was about downsizing. Talk about a group of idiots that do absolutely nothing. Erie County used to be led by an all volunteer Board of Managers until the politicians decided they needed more jobs. Listen to this woman Catherine Rieley Goddard speak out against downsizing. I just wonder which politician she works for.

The meeting was running smoothly until Kennedy began choking on a McRib sandwich and had to be escorted to the hospital. Listen to this interview on channel IV where he attempts to sound articulate with his ridiculously bad imitation of Brian Higgins. Notice carefully how he mispronounces the S in his use of the word embrace as if he's from Allentown.

White Trash

From today's Buffalo News: Look for these two on the Jerry Springer Show soon. An Okell St. woman bit her ex-boyfriend and then beat him with a piece of frozen steak. At least he'll have something to put over his black eye to keep the swelling down. Somebody needs to tell her she's supposed to bite the steak, not the ex-boyfriend.

South Buffalo man attacked with meat

An ex-girlfriend beat a South Buffalo man with a frozen block of meat and also bit him on the torso about 6:30 p. m. Wednesday, Buffalo police said.
The man, who had an order of protection, was attacked by the 39-year-old Okell Street woman, who went to the victim’s Carter Street home, where an argument ensued, police said.
The victim suffered a black eye, bump on his forehead and several cuts and a bruise to his torso, police added.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Evolution of the South Bflo. Derelict

The first step in becoming a South Buffalo derelict is to be born into the right family. However, that's not always possible. Don't despair. If you're willing to prostitute yourself and your family, you too, can achieve this high level of mediocrity.

-It all starts with youth. When your kids are young, make sure you get them into the right social networking groups. Irish Dancing and ice hockey are pretty reliable. South Buffalo Baseball is loaded with entrenched people, too. It's not important what your kids learn from these activities. Just make sure you are noticed at the rink or walking behind your dancing kids at the parade. Youth soccer is supposed to be an elitist sport but they tend to let less prestigious families in by keeping the price down in South Bflo for some reason(???). Hopefully, someday this will change. Whatever you do, don't sign your kids up for football. None of these parents are municipal workers and you could be wasting valuable networking time in the Fall.

-Next comes adolescence. It's very important that you make the right phone calls or political contributions to get your child a mayor's summer youth job. They will be overpayed and underworked, an important skill that will help them in later years. They also will get to become lifelong friends and network with the children of other likeminded derelicts. It is here that they will learn they are better than everyone else, despite having no known talents. In the winter, do what you can to get your kid a job as a rink attendant or a lifeguard at the Cazenovia pool. Now, they will probably spend 3/4 of their checks drinking at the Caz golf course. Please don't be alarmed. I don't know where they tend to pick up this bad habit. I can't imagine it having anything to do with their parents. I know that every picture you has a beer bottle within six inches of your arms, but this is just a coincidence.

-The college years present several opportunities for the South Buffalo political hack. You can make the "phone call" to that uncle of yours and become an usher at the HSBC arena. Working down at HEAP is always an option as is the Water/Sewer Authorities. So what, if all of your friends' kids have to get real part time jobs at Wegmans or the mall? You are better than them. You've already put a price on your integrity. Why stop now?

-If you quit school(odds are you will), you can become a sanitation worker (like one of the Finnegans, if you're a guy) or a police dispatcher or a teacher's aide (if you're a female). You'll make more money than people like me, that finished school and choose not to prostitute themselves. See, it does pay to think so little of yourself after all.

-Next, take those all important civil service tests. If you do extremely well, it won't matter what your last name is (unless they don't like you and cross you off the list).But chances are, you will be drinking at Doc Sullivans until 4AM the night before the test, so this could adversely affect your performance. Well, it really doesn't matter too much how well you do, as you will be chosen by virtue of your last name and by how much the incumbents think they have your family in their pockets. After you take the test, don't forget to call your uncle or the career politician you sell out to every two-four years. That's what they're there for, silly. After they hand you the job, you can tell everyone that you got it on your own. Don't worry. Nobody will believe you, but you can still tell people that if you like.

-Have a great career. Maybe you'll make the South Buffalo Hall of Fame and become a government double dipper. You can start talking about all the pensions you'll be collecting after age 40. Whatever you do, don't take any risks. Don't go to school or start a business. Play it safe and just sell yourself to the highest, I mean lowest bidder. Just keep getting by with a little help from your friends...

Lackawanna/Lake Shore Game ends in Forfeit

I saw this in today's Buffalo News and it irritated me. Lake Shore girl's basketball coach Andrea Mungovan pulled her team off the court with 2:03 seconds left in a game against Lackawanna. Lackawanna was awarded a 2-0 forfeit win (which was probably the score of the game anyway at the time). The coach was upset about some foul not being called. I've seen this happen a million times. A coach is upset because their team is losing and they use the officials as a scapegoat. They always use the same tired phrase, 'I was afraid someone was going to get hurt out there."BS. The only thing that was going to get hurt was your pride.You took a high school game and tried to make it about you. If the Lake Shore HS Athletic Director is worth a nickel, he/she will relieve this coach of her duties. You don't pull your players off of the court. Garbage.

H.S. Extra: Lackawanna girls win by forfeit

Lackawanna was awarded a forfeit by game officials over Lake Shore, 2-0, in a nonleague girls basketball game after Eagles coach Andrea Mungovan pulled her team off the court with 2:03 left in the game.
"They pulled the girls off the court and said one of our girls did something to try and hurt one of their girls," said Lackawanna coach Dave Oliveri. "But no foul was called and there was a referee behind the play and one under the basket, and neither one saw it. They said they wouldn't come back on the court if I let that girl come out."
Mungovan declined to comment.
Kayla Golden and Sharmayne Walton had 10 points each for Lackawanna before the game was halted.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

crime stats 2/1-2/7

Best name of the week has to be Fritz Wedgeworth, arrested for assault on 2/2. If you were trying to come up with a name for a snobby rich guy on a TV show, could you think of a better sounding name? Doubt it. Not your typical tough guy sounding name.

Monday Feb 1st

16 Hines--Burglary--several men moving item from house.
60 Baitz--Burglary--B/M,30's,6'0",Buffalo Bills jacket...attempting to gain entry to garage.
1907 James E Casey--larceny--uniforms taken by temp employee.
40 Wheelock--larceny--suspect listed.
430 S Park--larceny--cell phone stolen.
48 Keppel--1 arrest--DWI--Donald Vaneck...Melvin pl
4 Weiss--threats--suspect listed
19 Richfield---ID theft

Tuesday Feb 2nd

125 Arbour lane #1--Burglary--cash,misc items stolen.
18 Pembina--UUV
167 Parkview--larceny--DVD player stolen from van.
1285 William--crim mis--lock cut off gate.
107 Kelburn--Assault--1 arrest--Fritz Wedgeworth...Kelburn
7 S Ryan--threats---suspect listed.
97 O'Kell--Assault--1 arrest---Stewart Osario
573 Hopkins--threats--warrant card issued.

Wed Feb 3rd

85 Hayden--Burglary--jewelry stolen--possible suspect listed.
426 Abbott(Roots Collision)--Burglary--cash stolen from office--Suspect Identified.
1460 S Park--RUUV
Miami/Ohio--crim mis/larceny from a car--pass window broken--Dell laptop stolen.
Ohio/Moore--crim mis/larceny from a car--pass window broken--Dell laptop,GPS,IPOD stolen.
Miami/Ohio--Crim mis/larceny from a car--Pass window broken--HP laptop,case stolen.
Ohio/Miami--crim mis/larceny from a car--pass window broken--GPS,IPOD stolen.
S Park/Michigan--crim mis/larceny from a car--pass window broken--IPOD stolen.
Ohio/Miami--crim mis/larceny from a car--drivers window broken---Garmin GPS stolen.
Moore/Miami--crim mis/larceny from a car--pass window broken--Sirus sattelite radio stolen.
Miami/Ohio--crim mis--car window broken
Miami/Ohio--crim mis/larceny from a car--pass window broken--brief case stolen & recovered outside car.
Ohio/Miami--crim mis--car window broken
150 Southside--threats--suspect listed.
South Park/Good--1 arrest--marijuana--Clarence Thomas...William st
453 Perry--harassment--1 arrest---Eliud Burgos...Perry st
2022 Seneca--threats--suspect listed.
848 Seneca--1 arrest--V&T,Drugs--Raheem Young...Fisher st

Thur Feb 4th

57 Lilac---larceny--mini bike stolen---1 arrest---Carlos Dejesus Jr...Hopkins st
5 Pomeroy--UUV
2054 Seneca--crim mis/larceny from a car---lock broken,stereo,navigation system stolen.
224 Columbus--larceny--M&T bank card stolen from pocket & used without permission.
2051 Seneca--larceny--suspect listed.
52 Indian Church--larceny--laptop stolen--suspect listed.
114 Cable--Assault--1 arrest--Maurice Evans
100 Weyand--threats--2 arrests---Joseph Lubera...Wayne st...Depew,Andrew Ostrander...Weyand
50 Weiss--ID theft--gas turned on in victims name.
367 Weimar--threats---suspect listed.
765 Tifft--Assault--suspect listed.
78 Ridgewood--threats--suspect listed.
409 Cumberland--harassment--suspect listed.

Fri Feb 5th

36 Harvey--Assault--warrant card issued.
21 Milford--crim mis/larceny from a car--radio damaged,binoculars stolen.
249 Columbus--larceny from a car--tools,CD's.prescription drugs stolen.
251 Columbus--larceny from a car--Sirus radio ,CD's stolen.
18 Sage--larceny--IPOD,Blue tooth,cash stolen.
1460 S Park(Tops)--shoplifter--1 arrest---Arthur Knox...Kensington ave
35 Hayden(rear)--larceny--possible suspect listed.
Seneca st near Edson----Robbery/Assault--victim assaulted by 3 unknown persons--cell phone,cash stolen.
129 Bloomfield--Garage Burglary--window forced--power supply,radio stolen.
20 Lakewood--Assault--1 arrest of a minor.
108 Geary--threats--suspect listed.
1586 S Park--crim mis--window kicked in--partial description of suspect listed.
80 Edson--Assault--1 arrest--Angeline Mobus
McKinley/Woodside--crim mis--school bus damaged.
350 S Park--RUUV
431 Willet--1 arrest--Endangering the welfare of a minor--Robert Howard

Sat Feb 6th

877 S Park--UUV--1 arrest--Joseph Robinson
52 Indian Church--1 arrest for larceny from 2-4-10---Hollie Belz...Seneca st
336 Mystic--tresspassing--suspect listed.
384 Willett--Assault---1 arrest--Joseph Kramer
756 Tifft--1 arrest for assault---Jeffery Sullivan
43 Southside apt #5--Assault--suspect listed.
260 O'Kell--harassment---suspect listed.
60 Baitz--harasment--unknown W/F,60's.
80 Cable--crim mis--tenant moving did a large amount of damage to apartment.
40 Salem--crim mis--tv damaged--suspect listed.
2426 S Park--1 arrest--disorderly conduct---Daniel Driscoll...Marilla st
135 Weimar--threats--suspect listed.
136 Parkview--Phone threats--warrant card issued.
54 Columbus--harassment--suspect listed
1847 S Park--1 arrest--Bsheere Saleh...Southwestern blvd

Sun Feb 7th

2406 S Park--crim mis--window kicked in---suspect listed.
S Park/Reading---unk Arabian male,white work truck with ladders on top did touch victim against her will.
1799 Clinton--larceny--while playing basketball at center---gym bag was stolen.
30 Kenefick--larceny--suspect listed.
274 Abbott--threats with a knife---1 arrest--Juan Torres
921 Tifft--larceny--suspect listed.
2003 Seneca--RUUV
20 Athol--UUV
76 Alsace--Burglary--door kicked in,victim assaulted by known suspect.
160 Altruria--1 arrest---drugs and underaged party--Jamie Burgess
1895 Clinton--Asault--suspect listed.
1834 S Park--Assault--
2426 S Park--Assault--2 arrests--Jessica Loster...Broadway ..Cheektowaga,Candy Carney...Walter st
305 Perry--Assault---suspect listed.

Where did they find this guy?

I guess you can call it South Buffalo intuition. When I first saw David Paterson speak after taking over for Elliott Spitzer, I told my coworkers"this guy is going to be more trouble than Spitzer." At his first press conference, when he admitted to his past drug use and extramarital affairs, something just didn't seem right about him. He looked like he was already trying to cover something up before he even became the governor.

Now, reports say the New York Times is planning on doing a monster story about Paterson's personal life. It supposedly involves drug use and Paterson's swinging lifestyle. Sources say when the story breaks, he will most certainly be forced to resign. I don't know if I like the way the Times is handling this. How long does it take to write a story? It almost sounds like blackmail on their part. Anyway, Paterson looks like the proverbial deer caught in headlights. He knows about his alleged seamy behavior, but doesn't know how much will be shared with you and I. Hopefully, not too much, because the whole thing grosses me out, frankly. This is fast becoming a very big story but right now it is merely based on rumors, which reminds me of this cheesy song from the 80s...
Frustrated Paterson lashes out at 'distraction' : Home: The Buffalo News