Monday, May 31, 2010

International Update-Guatemala

This sinkhole in Guatemala City, Guatemala was caused by tropical storm Agatha. It swallowed up a three story building and a house.

This one was equally as big (100 yds deep) and swallowed up a dozen houses. It was also in Guatemala in 2007:

Memorial Day photos

Talk about strange. I went to take a picture of the giant flag on the side of the house on Hopkins and Tifft (behind Subway/Stop N Gas) today. After thirty some years, it was gone. Just like that.

But all was not lost. I was able to snap this photo of the garage on Trowbridge St. I am told the 4th of July is when the grass gets cut each year.:

Caz Carnival

One step ahead of their parole officers, the Caz Carnival rolled into town this weekend. The heads of the five families (Riverside, Seneca-Babcock, South Buffalo, Lackawanna, and Lovejoy) met secretly at midnight on Thursday at the Cazenovia Park shelter house to kick off the festivities.

This year, representatives from the Humanitarian group Greenpeace were on hand offering free tickets to Wrestlemania XVII, a 40 oz, and a pack of Senecas to those who agreed to immediate, on the spot sterilization.

Paladino tells it like it is: Will people listen?

I was there yesterday as a large crowd gathered to welcome Carl Paladino back from his boat tour of the state. Paladino did not disappoint his supporters. I've taken a few clips from his speech. In this one, he talks about how the left leaning Cuomo is now using the press to come off like a right leaning Tea Party type. The Cuomo name is synamonous with big government and higher taxes. But now, as Andrew sees the public tide turning on such matters, all of a sudden he is speaking like a born again conservative. That right there, should tell you this guy is no leader. He's an actor on a stage who was born and bred into politics and corruption. This governor's race is his audition for President. He's clearly a wolf in sheep's clothing.

In this next clip, Paladino describes how the entitled Cuomo doesn't stand for anything. He also reminds his supporters about how Mario Cuomo helped make New York state a destination for people seeking public handouts, and how this has led to the near elimination of the working class and an exodus of jobs in New York:

Supporters cheer Paladino following canal trek : Latest Local News : The Buffalo News

Letter to the editor-Ticketing cars at parks

While I don't think most law abiding citicens "rooted for Bucky Phillips, after he shot two police officers", I do agree that the state police ticketing taxpayers after they went to the closed parks is another example of arrogance on their part. Every one of these tickets should be thrown out and the person responsible for writing them should apologize to the motorists involved. Go out and look for criminals and stop harrassing taxpayers. It doesn't do much for your image.

Ticketing cars at parks offends the public more

The audacity and stupidity of New York State troopers ticketing cars parked in closed state parks blows my mind. The state supposedly can’t afford to pay a part-time park attendant $8 an hour. However, apparently it can afford to pay a trooper well over $50 an hour with benefits to rub salt in the wounds of taxpayers trying to utilize property that they, in theory, own.
Apparently, the state could save money by laying off troopers, considering they have time to harass law-abiding citizens versus fight real crime. Who would order this action? Law enforcement officers and officials who pondered why law-abiding citizens would root for Bucky Phillips, even after he shot two officers, need wonder no longer. They just answered their own question.
Bob Tortorici
Orchard Park

Ticketing cars at parks offends the public more : Everybody's Column : The Buffalo News

The war's over

Civil War Reenactors-
I like hobbies just as much as the next guy, but come on. Why not just announce: "I have no interest in being considered attractive by members of the opposite sex."

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Better late than never

Mark Twain will be releasing a tell all book about his life 100 years after his death. This is like a literary time capsule. He felt that if it was released any earlier, it would have hurt his image. From Newser:

(Newser) – A century after his death, Mark Twain remains a master at stirring up interest in his books: It was the author's dying wish that his lengthy and revealing autobiography not be published until 100 years after his death—which happens to be this year. The 5,000 pages he left behind detail Twain's ill-fated affair with his secretary, his doubts about God, and his criticism of US imperialism in Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines, the Independent reports.
Many think the reason for the hundred-year delay in publication is that Twain's privately held views would have hurt his public image—and his friends. "He spent six months of the last year of his life writing a manuscript full of vitriol, saying things that he'd never said about anyone in print before. It really is 400 pages of bile," a historian said of the last section of the manuscript. The first volume of the eventual trilogy will be published in November by the University of California, Berkeley.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

College student tries to sell his degree on Ebay

A Purdue University alumnus tried to sell his Philosophy degree on Ebay this week with a starting bid of $38,000. However, Ebay pulled Nick Enlow's listing, citing "sensitivity" reasons:

"A degree in the liberal arts is not an automatic ticket to a job, but then again, no degree is," Irwin Weiser, interim dean of Purdue's College of Liberal Arts, told the Journal & Courier. "However, studying any of the disciplines in the arts, humanities, or social sciences prepares students to be successful because they learn to think creatively, critically and ethically, and to communicate what they think effectively."

But in 2002, Howard Cohen, the chancellor of Purdue's Calumet campus, wrote that "In addition to the obvious benefits associated with personal growth and intellectual development, studies show college graduates have considerably more earning power over a lifetime than high school graduates. The difference in earning capacity is estimated between $600,000 and $1 million. In other words, a college education is less an expense that it is an investment." (emphasis added.)

Interesting. When they are recruiting students, college is a financial investment. When the students graduate and can't find a job, their four years at school simply helped them to think more creatively. What a scam! Tell your kids to become plumbers or go to tractor trailor school. They'll be better off.

Gary Coleman 1968-2010

The 1980s lost an icon when the diminutive Gary Coleman passed away yesterday at age 42. I remember watching Different Strokes years ago and hearing people say he wasn't expected to live too long due to his kidney problems.

The media loved Coleman after the show ended. Whether it was beating up on overweight autograph seekers, working as a 4 ft tall security guard, or running for governor of California, this guy could not get out of the tabloid news. When he was on Different Strokes, he talked like an adult trapped in a kid's body (probably because he was a twenty seven year old man portraying an eight year old boy). After the show ended, I think everyone considered him a kid, despite the fact he was in his thirties. I'll never forget watching him on Court TV defending himself on assault charges against some 300 pound lady. Coleman had been out looking for a bulletproof vest when he was approached for an autograph.

When reached by phone, fellow 80s star Alf said Coleman was a talented actor and would be greatly missed. Webster was unavailable for comment.

Race to the bottom

New York state's cap on charter schools will rise to 460 from the current 260 schools after a new agreement with state lawmakers was reached this week. 114 of the new 260 schools must be in New York City, as billionaire mayor Michael Bloomberg demonstrated he can pretty much buy anything he wants these days. From the Buffalo News article:

There are currently 16 charter schools in the Buffalo area, serving 6,526 students, according to a Buffalo Board of Education report. The Buffalo City School District has 33,442 students, according to the board report. The report also indicates that charter enrollment has been steadily increasing while enrollment in the traditional city schools has been steadily declining.
The New York State United Teachers union argued that Buffalo, as well as Albany, should be limited in new charters because such a relatively large number of the alternative schools exist in relation to traditional schools.
“We strongly feel that when you get to a certain percentage of charters, like in Buffalo and Albany, the negative impact on public schools to meet the needs of other students is very significant,” said Richard Iannuzzi, president of NYSUT.

With the Buffalo schools losing so many students, one has to wonder why we still have so many administrators? Superintendent Williams refuses to release the salaries and positions of the district's staff to the general public. He obviously has something to hide. He talked about teacher layoffs about a month ago but that was just another empty threat on his part. I hear the phone ringing. It's the Akron, Ohio School District saying, "We told you so!"

Opponents of charter schools say these schools send all the troublemakers back to the Buffalo schools. I feel bad for the good kids who are stuck on waiting lists to get out of the Buffalo schools. Dr.Williams should start sending all the bad apples to a select group of alternative schools. They should be separated from the kids and parents who are serious about getting an education. These do-gooders can talk about funding and test scores, etc. But what it really comes down to is parents learning to raise their kids properly and not relying on everyone else to raise them for them. Charter schools force the parents to get in the game. The neighborhood Buffalo schools keep enabling the parents by not forcing them to be accountable for the actions of their little angels. I feel bad for the many good kids and good parents in the Buffalo neighborhood schools that are caught in the middle of all this nonsense.
State agrees to double charter schools : State : The Buffalo News

Sign of the times

One of our roving reporters (ok, it was me), spotted this photo outside the Hop-Inn in South Buffalo today:


The deer like to hang out on the small hill next to the junkyard on Hopkins St. When coming down the hill be very careful as the road is divided by woods on both sides. I hope you enjoy these close up shots I got:

I captured this clip of a young deer eating leaves or berries on Furhmann Blvd. by Tifft Farms:

The deer aren't the only ones around here. A reader of my blog from Okell St. sent me this video. He and some friends of his went hiking back in Tifft Farms and captured this amazing footage. I didn't know these things were even back there...

Friday, May 28, 2010

Cuomo: Slacker just like his old man

How could you read the headline in this story and not laugh? The word words trust and Cuomo should never be used in the same sentence.

Seeking to portray himself as an Albany outsider, Cuomo addressed convention delegates for 24 minutes, criticizing the wayward direction of state government and pledging to "restore the public trust in government."

An Albany outsider? His father was the governor of New York for most of the 1980s. This guy received one political job after another starting right after he made his first communion. Einstein's insanity definition (doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results) is one of the most overused quotes today. However, in this case, I believe it is applicable. Cuomo is no outsider. He's the consumate insider. He was born into dysfunctional New York state politics and is in lock and step with the special interest groups.

How people could complain about taxes and NY government and then go out and vote for an insider, is beyond me. There's a reason why they call him Andrew "Status-Cuomo".

Cuomo sets out to restore trust in state government : State : The Buffalo News

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Last night's school board meeting

I stopped by city hall around 7PM last night to observe the Buffalo School Board in action. I was unaware that the actual public meeting took place at 5:30. In any event, all my friends were there. Big Daddy Williams,James Kane, Lou Petrucci, Ralph Pornandez. They were all present. I had gone there to watch a possible debate on extending Dr. Williams' contract. Instead, I caught the mundane end of what had to be a very long day for everyone involved.

I also met Erin Comerford at the meeting. She was understandably upset about some of the things I'd written about her. She did point out to me that she was never hired as Stefen Whateverhislastname's assistant. I am writing this now to make that correction. Erin turned out to be very nice. I told her about my frustration with the politics in this area and how I didn't intend for her hiring to become a major story on my blog. I had written one line and it appeared to have set off Jim Comerford (her father) so I took the ball and ran with it. I am not qualified for her job, and I'm sure she is great at it.

I can admit when I'm wrong about something. I should not have brought her name into my daily writings. Erin's sister played soccer in my league and we know many of the same people. There are no plans for me to change the content of my blog. However, I'm glad to have had the opportunity to talk to Erin in person. With that said, my goal is to have 1,000 readers a day come to this site eventually, so everone else there should scrub their laptops, move back into to the city, and pay homage.


I like this picture taken by Harry Scull, Jr. from today's Buffalo News. It shows Thomas Knapp of South Buffalo playing his guitar while riding a bicycle. It looks like it was taken at the Cazenovia Pkwy. bridge.

Sherriff won't release taped jail beating

The inmate involved is probably a complete scumbag. However, if we have someone beating inmates while they are in handcuffs, it should be made public. There is no excuse for that. The sherriff obviously doesn't want this tape getting out. From the Buffalo News:

“Based upon the facts as I understand them, it is unlikely that the sheriff has a valid basis for withholding the videotape,” said Robert J. Freeman, executive director of the New York State Committee on Open Government.
“Privacy considerations appear to be minimal,” he said, “and it is unlikely that disclosure would interfere with a law enforcement function.”

The Buffalo News may not have been able to get this tape, but we have obtained a copy of it:

Video on alleged jail beating withheld : City & Region : The Buffalo News

I'm glad they caught this guy

An arrest has been made in the graveyard theft in Olean. 23 year old George Leaf, no relation to former first round bust Ryan Leaf, is accused of stealing a statue of St. Michael from the grave of a fallen Marine. Come on, dude. Find some other way to support your drug or gambling addiction. I guess there is no honor amongst thieves...

Arrest made in theft at Marine's grave
Man accused of stealing angel statue

OLEAN, N.Y. (WIVB) - An arrest has been made in connection a the theft at a Marine's grave site, at Saint Bonaventure Cemetery.
George Leaf, 23, was arrested for first-degree cemetery desecration, a class E felony.
Leaf is accused of taking a St. Michael statue from the grave site of David Woods, who had served as a Corporal in the Marine Corps.

Unclaimed funds

Did you know, if you don't use a gift card, the money goes back to the state as unclaimed funds ($9 billion)? New Yorkers only know to claim about 1% of this money. Watch this story and help make this number go up to 2%. The process is surprisingly easy as Al Vaughters demonstrates. I think Vaughters is the best news guy in WNY.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Police reopening 31 year old missing persons case in NYC

It was the first time a missing person's picture was placed on a milk carton. Now, 31 years later, the district attorney is reopening the case and they have a suspect in mind.

New York (CNN) -- His was the first face of a missing child to appear on the back of a milk carton. Now, nearly 31 years to the day since Etan Patz vanished from a New York street, authorities are reopening his case.
The communications director for Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. confirmed that the office is taking another look at the decades-old mystery.

These cold cases fascinate me. Think of how many things have changed since 1979. It's always interesting to see the people who stay on a case in the pursuit of justice. Police believe this guy is responsible for the 6 year old's murder. Hopefully, there will soon be some answers for the family members:

District attorney reopens case of first missing child on milk carton

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Substance abuse audit- the money's under the sink

First of all, the city can't even provide basic services. Why are we even in the business of running drug clinics? Can you imagine how much cash is being stolen in various city departments based on this Buffalo News article:

In fact, two thefts occurred, including a December 2008 heist when someone found $834 stuffed in envelopes beneath the kitchen sink. A police report found no evidence of a break-in.
Six months later, $585 was reported stolen from the clinic's front desk. A police report said a complainant suspected the theft was committed by an "in-house worker."
City officials said no arrests or disciplinary action has been taken against any employee. No perpetrator has been caught.

Can you believe this? We know one of our workers is stealing the public's cash. Not only will we not arrest them. We'll let them continue working there handling the cash!

Did anyone even know there was a Division of Substance Abuse Services? My prediction is that one of the staff will get caught stealing money and then say it was to support their drug habit.Get rid of this department and lower my damn water bill. Not that I don't trust Byron Brown's friends stuffing money under kitchen sinks in envelopes.

Wienckowski's family searches for justice

This case is very disturbing. The Buffalo detectives claim Amanda Wienckowski died from an accidental drug overdose. The family understandably disagrees. They say they have statements from several people around the victim that night that the detectives aren't interested in hearing from.(???):

Cohen, the family and former Buffalo cold case Detective Dennis Delano have long contended Wienckowski was murdered and dumped where she was found. They said they have statements from a dozen individuals who can shed light on her death, including the names of three individuals who were with her when she was last seen alive Dec. 7, 2008.
Among them, they said, is a man with a history of strangling women during sex. They say police have not expressed interest in that information. Police say the investigation remains open.

Even if she did die from a drug overdose, who threw her naked body in a garbage tote? How is that not corpse abuse? Obviously, this individual has something to hide ( murder perhaps). Did the detectives really think the family was going to accept this ridiculous finding? Who's in charge over there at police headquarters that lets this shoddy investigative work take place? Do you think this case would have been handled differently had it been one of their daughters killed? Their findings clearly don't add up and someone needs to be arrested and taken off of the streets.

Higgins vs Kearns over youth sports complex

Politics will always be politics. I don't worship any politician. I've been friends with Mickey Kearns since we went to grammer school together and I think he is trying his best. That doesn't mean I always agree with him. Right before the mayoral election, he announced he would keep the Comerford Commissioners around if he won. I found this to be a slap in the face to those of us who hadn't sold out our neighborhood (like they famously had.) I found this to be a desperate attempt by Kearns to pick up the 5 or 6 votes these bohunks brought to the table.

Having said that, I do admire Kearns for running, and I do support the sports complex he is trying to build on South Park Avenue by Sorrento Cheese. On this, I am not alone. From what I have heard, Superintendent Williams is behind it. As is Senator for life Bill Stachowski. Even Mayor Steve Casey is rumored to like the idea. I'm told he'd like to use this project as a model in hopes of building similar complexes throughout the city. Why shouldn't South Buffalo have this for it's children? There are community centers on every other block on the West side. The East side has numerous centers as well as the Johnny Wiley Sports Complex.

Here's where things get interesting. A good source tells me Congressman Brian Higgins

has asked the mayor not to support Kearns' sports complex. I have not received this information from Mickey but from someone close to him. The sad part is Higgins' reasoning. He knows this is Kearns' project and it will make Kearns look good (like his own work on the Waterfront made Higgins look good). I have great respect for Brian Higgins as a politician. However, I find this latest development to be rather bizarre. Several people have lined up behind Kearns' project. Not supporting it is one thing. But telling others not to support it out of spite is juvenile and bordering on paranoiac. Higgins needs to work for all of South Buffalo and not just the ethically challenged friends of his (who put a price on their integrity years ago). He should support Kearns' complex and encourage the mayor to do so as well, simply because it's the right thing to do for the neighborhood. People are going to question Higgins' motives should he not support it, and he's going to look pretty silly if Kearns gets the project done without his help. But what do I know? I'm just an unassuming blogger from the

Monday, May 24, 2010

Random Thoughts From the Ghetto-Volume 28

I look out my window and see the empty 40 oz beer bottles, hypodermic needles, crack pipes and abandoned shopping carts on my front lawn and I begin to think. The end results have become known as my random thoughts from the ghetto...

-The world really misses Johnny Carson, in my opinion. I don't know if it was his writers or if he was just naturally funny. Jay Leno isn't talented enough to tie his shoes much less follow in his footsteps. Carson seemed to get funnier as he got older.

-Ironically, Bill Cosby and Eddie Murphy seemed to have lost it as they've gotten older. Cosby used to be hilarious. Now, although I usually agree with him, he comes across as angry. I saw Murphy the other day on one of the talk shows. Everything he said in the 1980s was hilarious, although a little too vulgar for me. I kept waiting for him to say something funny in this interview but it never happened.

-Did you ever see the commercial for the Lifelock company? That's the identity theft prevention company where the guy puts his social security number on the side of a bus to "prove" how great his system is. I just found out the other day, this guy (I don't know his name-just his SS#) been fined several times for false advertising because his identity has been stolen at least 13 times.

-Have you heard of this site called You can put in a person's name and they tell you the things they've purchased with their credit cards and bank statements. My one friend does a lot of model painting and they correctly stated that he spends much of his time in hobby shops. With cameras everywhere and stuff like this, it seems like George Orwell's 1984 has come true.

-As soon as you see "mall walkers" in a mall, you know the mall won't be around much longer. (See the Seneca Mall and the Thruway Mall as examples).

-An older friend of mine has been sick and was tested for memory problems. The doctor asked him who the current President was. He said Barack Obama. The doctor then asked him who the Vice President was. He said, "I don't know. Some white guy."

-Did you hear how much the Bass Pro project/joke is being subsidized by the taxpayers? I'm thinking about writing a book about Brian Higgins, Byron Brown and Bass Pro. It's going to be titled The One That Got Away.

Off duty cop acted appropriately

An off duty Buffalo police officer acted and captured four robbery suspects over the weekend. Apparently, his gun discharged during the chase. Now, he is the subject of an internal investigation:

Police Department probing firing of gun by officer

An off-duty Buffalo police officer fired a shot Saturday morning as he chased a burglary suspect, prompting an investigation by the Police Department’s Internal Affairs Division.
Three other suspects ran through several yards and Shoshone Park— during Little League baseball games— before police apprehended them on Huntington Avenue between Wesley and Beard avenues.
The off-duty officer, whose name was withheld, investigated suspicious activity at a home on the 100 block of West Northrup Place at about 10:40 a. m. As he began to check the house, at least four youths exited and ran away.
The three arrested youths, whose identities were withheld, were charged with second-degree burglary, petit larceny and criminal mischief.

The public needs to wait until all of the facts come out before making judgements in this case. I, for one, am glad he acted and arrested these criminals. How would you like to be the one whose home was broken into?Now, we're going to make the robbers the victims? I don't think so. He shouldn't get in trouble but should be given an award. He didn't have to do anything, yet he acted. I hope the police brass rule on his side. Anything to combat the scumbags that are currently trying to take over the streets.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

crime stats 5/14-5/19


Vehicle Larceny
Person unk did enter vehicle and take phone and damage console

Unk person did remove one license plate from vehicle # EDJ 6648

Botanical Gardens
While at Botanical Gardens unk person did take book bag with ID and prescription drugs

Unk person did take from office 112 Percoset and 86 Oxycotton from bag

Juiv did steal gum and candy from Red Apple

Last name Brown
comple states that listed suspect did steal computer form home while visiting and ran away.

Larceny, Threats
Brian Cereani
suspect (ex boyfriend) did not return playstation and earrings and did threaten her

Person unk did enter fenced yard and did take 2 ATV's (1 red, 1 blue) that were chained to fence.

Unk did take one license plate # 8182790

Violation order of protection, Stolen Car, Burglary
Jacob Zierk
Suspect did enter compl residence in vio of order of pro, choked and punched compl, stole car (green pont Plate# ERX 9195

Jennifer Luczkowiak
compl states that person did strike her, she is 3 months preg.

Criminal Mischief
compl states that unk person pulled sink from wall.

Criminal Mischief
compl states that juiv did damage his vehicle

South Park
Violation of Order of Protection
Jaymes Tyrrel
def was in violation of order of protection by leaving handwritten letter.

Walter Wright
Def was arrested for DWI

Buying alcohol for minor
Michael Crockett
def of 480 Leroy did purchase alcohol for minor

Crim Tresspass
Kathy Yuen
def did trespass in yard of River Wright

South Park
Melanie Fishback
def did steal items from Tops, and did run from security. In possession of box cutter

DeMark Hood
def (from 187 Southhampton) did slap compl on face and did spray rubbing alcohol on her

unk did break side window and removed 42" TV

Porter Jones
def did refuse to leave residence, and did fight with officers

unk susp did punch compl in face (w/m 6', orange shirt, baseball cap, jeans).

Criminal Mischief
Jolene Scott
known susp did, after domestic dispute, did throw paint which landed on compl car.

NOCO reports that unk 2 w/m, 1 with red hair, 1 mixed race did steal items from store

Lorenz Auto Shop reports that known susp did remove various tools from shop.

Edward Shealy
compl states that susp did text her and harass her.

unk susp did take inspection sticker from vehicle

Jefferson and Clinton
DWI, Other V&T violations
Tamara Turner
def arrested for DUI and other V&T

Joseph Marinaro
susp did come home and got into argumant with compl, grabbed her.

Sue Reese
Compl states that susp (ex-girlfriend) keeps calling and texting him.

Criminal Mischief
Eddie Gauthier
susp did drive by home in black vehicle and did throw brick at window causing damage.

person did enter apt. with hidden key and id take various items.

Stolen Car
compl gave car to susp for repair, did not return (green Toyota Camry, 4 door)

Brian Cereani

juiv def did strike compl and did damage vehicle

Criminal Mischief
unk susp damaged driver side mirror

Criminal Mischief
unk susp damaged driver side mirror

compl phone harassed by unk person who knew their name

Houghton Park
compl states that unk person (s) white males in a white PU truck did kick him causing pain.

Jessica Hale

Michael Mathers
Compl states that sus did harass her. Does not wish to press charges

Criminal Mischief
Justin Lynch
compl states that probably her ex-botfriend did smash the rear window on her veh

Loiter, trespass, obstruct
Vince McAllister
def did loiter on sidewalk, when asked to disperse did obstruct by refusing to coop with police

Harassment, violation OOP
Christopher Richeal
did call compl in viol of OOP

South Park
Grand Larceny
Ronald Depczynski

South Park and Payson
Michael Sterner
Arrested for selling drugs to Juiv

Criminal Trespass
Jaime Gonzalez
def did enter apartment without permission and did threaten others

Clinton and Hubbard
Violation of Order of Protection
Jose Matos
def in violation of OOP

Warrant, poss of crack
Anthony Vallone
Warrant and poss of susp crack. Lives at 35 Paul

Recovered Stolen var
recovered vehicle

Criminal Mischief
Def was seen throwing rock through window of home

Jessica Hale
susp did phone compl in violation of OOP

Larry Hickmott
phone harassment

South Park
Person unknown did harass compl in parking lot of HSBC bank

Dennis Coxson
Phone harassment (sons acq)

Criminal Mischief
unk did throw bricks at vehicle while at Bear Metalworks lot

Criminal Mischief
Michael Crockett
sus did threaten compl, and did push in door causing damage.

South Park
susp did enter building and did take 580' of copper.

Justin Lester
Roomate did take items from apartment.

while in jail pers(s) unk did break into his apartment

Notre Dame Academy Boy Scouts report that someone removed a tent from their storage area. Possible suspect.

Larceny, Poss of Burglar tools
Joey Stachal
Def found stealing cooper wire from CSX Railroad. Def lives at 91 O'Connell

Grand Larceny
Raymond Book
susp gave compl estimate for roofing work and asked for deposit. The susp tried to cash check for cash rather than deposit. Compl felt pressured to buy. Property on Richfield

Larry Zielinski
sus went in compl bedroom and stole money.

susp removed items from house to sell at pawn shop

Marie Mazurkiewicz
sus removed grandmothers phone from apt without permission.

unk person took cell phone from victim.

Richard Young
Def did force his way into apartment and did remove large screen TV- ARRESTED. Young lives at 2066 Clinton, Marrelli lives at 1921 Abbott. Connected to 78 Riverview.

South Park
Burglary 1, Home Invasion
Compl states that unk W/M and B/M forced their way into their home, did point gun at victim, and did then take money, pills and a phone from under the couch.

South Legion
Domestic, DWI
Cacley Fazio
def did have a domestic dispute, then drove car while intoxicated.

Violation OOP
Albert Oatmeyer
violated OOP

Sarah Siadecki
sus calls compl harassing her.

Arbour Lane
Hector Natal
def did strike compl. About the head

Criminal Mischief
Known susp did damage numerous windows at US Sugar.

susp did strike compl with vehicle after compl tried to repo same.

After fight, known juiv susp did strike compl in face.

West Woodside
William Starzynski
Def did strike compl and juiv after domestic incident

Criminal Mischief, Poss of burglary tools
George McCrayer
Def did break into cable box. Was in possession of tool to do so as well.

Timothy Roberts
Def did steal controlled substance from compl.

Jessie Mediak
compl states that sus did text her harassing her

Criminal Mischief
compl states that known susp did crack vehicle windshield.

Seneca and Cazenovia
Kevin Murphy
Listed susp did throw egg at compl. Hit in face.

Vehicle Larceny
Person unk did remove various items from vehicle. "Sexy" was etched on back window in dirt

Mineral Springs
Assault and larceny
Ronald Proctor
Susp (ex-boyfriend) did assault compl, and did steal her cell phone.

South Park
Aspire of WNY did report that unk person did take controlled substance from double locked medicine room.

South Park
Joshue Kennuth
Def did remove seafood items from Tops Markets

Compl reports that UPS package that was delivered was removed by unk person.

Compl reports that person unk did damage side door of garage, and did take Black and Decker lawnmower (grn/yel) and 2 snow blowers (Toro).

South Park
Unk susp did break rear side window and once inside did take various items including semi-auto rifle.

Criminal Mischief
unk susp did throw a pad lock at glass block window and did crack. No entry.

Criminal Poss of a forged instrument
Saundra Welch
Def did try to pass a counterfeit $20 to the cashier.

Reckless Endangerment
Vehicle passed house and shot at known persons. No one injured.

Alexander Richeal
def of 334 72nd street Nia Falls did follow compl.

Stolen Car
Vehicle recovered at stated address.

Agg Harassment
Dennis White
compl states that def from 85 Lockwood did call her and threaten her.

John McCarthy
compl states that susp did throw headboard at her.

Compl states that he received a threatening phone call, when he came home house was trashed. Damage $550.00.

Compl states that while she was in holding center, someone broke back window of house out and took $2,925

Compl states that person unk did enter apartment and did remove one laptop computer

Vehicle Larceny
Compl heard his car alarm go off. When he reached the car the center counsel was ripped out and stereo and amps were gone.

Arvin Romero
Def did strike the compl about the body with a bike chain

DWI, Marijuana poss
Terrance Donohue
Def was speeding, when officer pulled him over he smelled of alcohol and did then possess marijuana

South Park
V&T charges, Poss of controlled sub
Shawn Hussar
After being stopped for V&T, def(s) did possess controlled sub without pre. Hussar lives at 280 Katherine, Rajewski at 91 Roseville

Abbott and McKinley
Louis Benes
compl states that sus threatened him while selling flowers

Matilde Canale
Compl states that susp did come to her house and threaten her, and did grab her.

Caz Park Diamonds
Disorderly conduct and obstructing
During a baseball game def did fight, and when asked to leave by officers did refuse yelling, etc.

Disorderly conduct and obstructing
Mabel Vizcarrondo
Def did obstruct officers while they inves an assault.

South Park
Criminal Mischief, trespass
Susp did drive ATV over property several times and did damage same.

Joseph Stuchal
Def did strike compl with hockey stick.

South Park and Louisiana
Poss of Marij
Carlos Rodgers
Def refused to leave corner several times and did refuse. Def in poss of mariju

Poss of Marij
Kenneth Broadbeat
While in Rite Aid parking lot did poss bag of Marij

While at South Park HS juiv did strike compl while he tried to break up fight.

South Park
Assault and Violation of Order of Protection
Tanya Holt
susp did strike comple about the body in violation of OOP.

Macamley and Southside
Assault, obstructing
Gary Sullivan
Def did strike compl. When officers arrived he ran, was chased by officers. Def lives at 29 Macamley

Joseph Goff
Def arrested on outstanding warrant.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Timon-Orchard Park Lacrosse

The much anticipated Timon-Orchard Park Lacrosse game turned out to be a dud as Timon was without it's best player, Senior Chris Kane, due to an "administrative suspension":

OP routs short-handed Timon
By Keith McShea

The Orchard Park boys lacrosse team, as it often is against Western New York opponents, was simply too much for Bishop Timon-St. Jude in their highly anticipated matchup Friday evening. The Quakers jumped to a 4-0 start and went on to an 11-3 victory.

It was a performance that probably would have been too much for Timon — even if its best player was on the field. Timon was without senior standout and Syracuse University-bound Chris Kane. Timon coach Mike Burke said Kane — who was in uniform — was sidelined due to what he called a school administration suspension.

Tom Sullivan, in my opinion, is the best principal Bishop Timon has ever had. However, he must not have been told that the entitled don't have to follow the same rules as you and I. Chris Kane is the son of James Kane, chief of staff for Buffalo Public Schools Superintendent James Williams. Kane, a suburban resident, is also widely recognized as Buffalo's highest paid residency violator.








OP routs short-handed Timon : High School : The Buffalo News

Hardwick donates some of his salary. What about Kennedy?

Hardwick shares pay with groups

An Erie County legislator is donating part of his salary to community groups in his district.
Legislator Kevin R. Hardwick, R-City of Tonawanda, has given $500 to the Tonawanda American Little League and $650 to the Grand Island Senior Center to purchase a sign for the entrance on Whitehaven Road.
Hardwick said he’s making good on his campaign pledge to donate $7,500 of his annual $42,588 salary to community groups in the Tonawandas and Grand Island.

Hardwick is among the county legislators, mostly the Republicans, who say the salary of an Erie County legislator is too high. “They are considerably higher than what other counties, and even states, pay their representatives,” Hardwick said in a news release of legislative salaries. “But until I get the other leaders to realize a change must be made, I will give back a portion of residents’ money to them by helping deserving community organizations.”

Erie County legislators make $43,000/yr for a part time, no show job. Tim Kennedy, is going to tell you he is a reformist this summer, when he runs against felow status-quo member Bill Stachowski. I can assure you, he is not. Kevin Hardwick is setting a different standard of reform by giving some of his salary back. The only question is, will Tim Kennedy give back $7,000 of his overpaid salary to community groups, like other members of the legislature have? He is currently waiting by the phone to see if Brian Higgins and Steve Pigeon give him permission to do so.

*(Efforts were made to contact legislator Kennedy for this story, however, he was unavailable for comment. He was at the new KFC/Taco Bell drive thru ordering both chicken and tacos simultaneously.)
Hardwick shares pay with groups : Northern Suburbs : The Buffalo News

Friday, May 21, 2010

You don't have to live like a refugee (unless of course, you are one)

My nephew Andrew Blake wrote a nice article for Artvoice about a guy from Burma who operates a laundromat on the West Side of Buffalo. His name is Zaw Win (no relation to Tom Finn). He learned to speak Eglish while reading and writing on a prison floor in Burma (the laundry owner, not my nephew):

Zaw Win, a neighborhood resident and proprietor of the newly opened West Side Value Laundromat, remembers 1991 all too well. “They put me in a prison with hard labor for four years because I was fighting for freedom and democracy,” he says.

Zaw, now 40 years old, became a political prisoner in his native Burma at age 18, while still in high school. He picked up a good chunk of his secondary education (including the English language) by reading and writing on the prison floor. Pencil and paper weren’t allowed.
So what? We did the same thing at St. Agatha's.
For the full article, please go to:

Talent show

We got everything on here. Here are two SBCS students performing Michael Jackson's Billie Jean at the recent talent show.

Allegany-Limestone baseball coach

People are talking about Alleganey Limestone High School baseball coach Paul Furlong telling two of his pitchers to throw at opposing players. While this might be common in the pros and in college, it is unacceptable at the high school level. Furlong has admitted his mistake and is now taking ssome time off in Tibet.

Throwing inside to back a player from crowding the plate is one thing. That is part of the game. But throwing at a player? Some coaches need to stop and think about why they are involved in youth sports.

Our correspondents in the Southern Tier were there and were nice enough to send us this video of the incident:

Hit and Run arrest

Buffalo police have made an arrest in the horrific hit and run accident that took place on Abbott Rd. and Cazenovia Pkwy on Monday. Andrew Siwi, 35, turned himself in (only after he was confronted with the threat of arrest. I don't know how someone could get out of their car and then not help. His twin brother was the guy who escaped custody from West Seneca police just a few weeks ago.

What happens in Washington, follows you to Buffalo

Come on CEO! Come on East Aurora Jim! My readers are demanding answers. 1000 Buffalonians a week read this website. Can you give us more information about the incident in Washington? Was he arrested? Was he charged with a felony? I know you called Congressman Higgins, but who did Higgins call to make the whole thing go away? Did you have to pay the victim's family and how much of our hard earned tax dollars did you have to give them? Please call me at 602-9932 and give me the scoop.

Come on! When Marcus Whitfield, Ritchie Campbell, and Nigel Bostic all got in trouble with the law, it made the Buffalo papers and TV news. How come it didn't happen in your case? Better late than never!
I was All-Western NY, too. I came back from school and got thousands of city kids playing a suburban sport. I've never been arrested or spent a night in jail. But if I do, can I call you guys? You must know some important people! Is this going to affect him when you guys get him his entitled job at city hall? Let us know. Thousands of your neighbors are eagerly awaiting your response.
Don't worry about me. I'm a nobody. Can I cut your lawn this summer while you're out on your yachts? Please tell me what I can do to become as much of an intellectual as you guys. I'm standing here. You make the move. It's your move...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jack Blake tomorrow at the Blarney Castle

Jack Blake and Jessie Reiter will be playing at the Blarney Castle (1856 South Park Ave.) tomorrow night 5/21 from 9PM-12AM. It is right across the street from the South District police station. They are a very good acoustic rock band. They play music from the Beatles, Rolling Stones, and other songs from that era. I think people in their 30s and up will really enjoy their music (as well as younger people). Please stop by and bring some friends. It will be a great show.

Walmart on Seneca St.

I have to admit, I've never been a big fan of WalMart. Groups opposed to them have documented all the effects they've had on certain communities. The main thing I hate to see is small businesses driven out of business by the retail giant.

However, it seems to me like the proposed Walmart at the former Ames plaza on Seneca St. is a win-win situation for the neighborhood as well as WalMart. I don't see what businesses they would be driving out of town. There isn't much on that part of Seneca drive out and I think this investment could also help spur other businesses to pop up, nearby. It is on a bus route, so I think people from all over the city (who don't drive) might go there. Their money is just as green as anybody else's (unless they are using food stamps). West Seneca mayor Wally"Mart" Piotrowski and Assemblyman "Wall"Mark Schroeder should be commended for dealing directly with WalMart management to get the deal done. I could be wrong, but I feel this is a positive development for Seneca St. I would like to apply for the greeter position. However, from what I understand, some famous people are already being considered.

Not cool

Did you hear about the college valedictorian in New Jersey who proposed to her longtime boyfriend on the stage after making her graduation speech? Nothing like taking everyone's day and turning it into your day? I guess the thing that annoys me the most about this whole stunt (besides being selfish) is that it seems so contrived. Just like the woman in Duffs the other day with the President, it appears rehearsed to me.

I can just imagine these two "resume builders" working on a homecoming float last year and saying, "let's get engaged during the graduation ceremony so we can be on the Today show. The boyfriend does not appear to be the least bit surprised during the clip. Maybe he will be when she leaves him in a few months and starts dating the Sociology professor...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hit and run by Mercy Hospital

Good job by Buffalo police in finding the truck involved in a very bad hit and run yesterday. The accident happened on Abbott Rd. and Cazenovia Pkwy. A 44 year old pregnant woman was struck by a man in his 30s around 8AM. He got out of his car and then fled.

Lynette Venezia, 44, a resident of South Buffalo, remained in critical condition today in the trauma intensive-care unit of Erie County Medical Center.

Please help spread the word and help catch the man responsible for this crime. Hitting somebody is one thing but leaving the scene is a cowardly act. Police found the red pickup truck in Orchard Park. If you know someone that might have been driving a truck matching this description in the vicinity around 8AM, please call the Buffalo Police immediately at 847-2255. It is often a tip from the public that helps to solve crimes like this.

Here is a picture of what a Ford F250 looks like:

Police report developments in search for pickup that hit pregnant woman : Latest Local News : The Buffalo News

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Running of the Geese

I filmed this today: I'd say there might be a slight geese overpopulation problem developing at Tifft Farms...

Sub teacher-1 Punk student-0

This substitute teacher didn't like having a jelly bean thrown at him so he did what any normal person would do. He threw a chair at the student:

Seventh grader, Tyrone Woods Jr. said a substitute teacher accused him of throwing jellybeans at him. As he denied it, he said the teacher picked up a chair.

"He said, I think you threw it so I backed away from him. So that’s when he had the chair in his hands, he grabbed it with two hands and threw it towards my way and I tried jumping over the chair and it hit the inside of my ankle," said Woods Jr.

Woods Jr. left the classroom, limped down the hall and called his parents.

The little boy ended up with a fractured ankle.

"He needs to be held accountable. There’s no question about it. He needs to be held to the same standards that you or I would be held at if we threw a chair at a student or at anybody,” said Woods Sr.

The school said they have removed the teacher from the school and are investigating the incident.

Before the parents went to the doctor's office, they went straight to a lawyer's office. Tyrone has now made the transition from trouble making punk to helpless victim. The good news is Bobby Knight has now asked the sub to be on his coaching staff:

What the hell did she say?

Neighbors pulled two people from a house in the Langfield housing projects yesterday. Good for them, as they acted before the firefighters were able to get there. Hopefully, the victims will be ok. Check out the play by play one of the neighbors gives at 1:15 of this clip. If you can understand one word she says, you are a better man than me:

Monday, May 17, 2010

Time to switch to fishing?

If it wasn't for bad luck, this guy would have no luck at all. 86 year old Jack Harris spent 7 years to complete a 5,000 piece jigsaw puzzle, only to find out one piece was missing! It took him so long, the company no longer produces the puzzle. The family thinks the dog may have eaten the piece. I haven't figured it out but there is a metaphor somewhere in this story...

Gowanda superintendent overeacts

The Gowanda HS superintendent cancelled the remainder of the lacrosse season after being shown a video of two or three of the athletes fighting in the locker room. Is he serious? Whatever happened to sitting the group down and talking to them first? This was not an example of hazing or bullying. The kids were just horsing around.(I guess they call the current stupid fad "locker boxing") The whole matter will go before the school board where hopefully common sense will prevail.

There's a test today?

What does it matter that the Somali kids aren't learning any English? The administration doesn't even know when to give out the statewide tests. From Artvoice:

With all the focus on the tangled mess that was the Buffalo School Board elections last week, the district distinguished itself among others in New York by failing to schedule the correct test dates for the math exam given statewide to students in grades three through eight.

The massive gaffe, which appeared in both the printed and online versions of the school district calendar indicated that testing would take place on Monday, May 10 for third, fifth, and seventh graders; while fourth, sixth and eighth graders would take the test on Tuesday, May 11 and Wednesday, May 12.

New York State Department of Education officials claim that all school districts in the state were notified that the tests would be administered statewide May 5-7 at least as far back as January. Still, no changes were made in Buffalo until the evening of May 5, after the first round of tests were to have been given that day.

Parents received automated phone calls that Wednesday evening, informing them that Monday’s statewide math tests would instead be given tomorrow. “Make sure your children are well rested and eat a good breakfast. Thank you for your continued support,” the message advised.

Fact: For the amount of money taxpayers currently pay to educate Buffalo Public School students, we could send each one of them to Nichols. Now, we are paying the entitled daughter of Jim Comerford $80,000/yr to remind kids to rest and eat a good breakfast! WTF!!!!!!!!!

Buffalo's highest paid residency violator-James Kane

Coming to America

A new report says the Buffalo Schools are doing a horrible job at teaching all the foreign students who move here (because things are so great in their countries). From the report:

Buffalo public schools provide inconsistent, inadequate and inequitable services to students who speak English as their second language, according to a scathing report recently released to the administration and Board of Education.

The city's rapidly growing student population of recent immigrants and refugees — now numbering more than 3,000 — has historically been "largely invisible" in Buffalo schools, the report contends.

"In short, the instructional program for many of these new Americans is poorly defined, inconsistently implemented, and lacking a clear strategy for developing English acquisition skills."

This is unacceptable and contrasts sharply with the Buffalo Public Schools' unblemished record of educating students born here. A spokesman for the Buffalo Public Schools reacted to the criticism by saying, "What's the problem? Most of the American kids we teach leave our school system unable to speak English, either."

Included in the following article is the 158 page report which proves someone out there has a tremendous amount of free time while the rest of us are actually busy working:
City fails on dual language in schools : Twitter - Buffalo News : The Buffalo News