Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Change Albany?

From respected Albany reporter Liz Benjamin in her Capital Tonight blog...

- Tim Kennedy, of Buffalo, was also in Albany. He arrived late to the closed-door conference meeting, I’m told, and wasn’t allowed in because the man he defeated in the September primary, Sen. Bill Stachowski, was already inside

Why didn't someone warn Little Antoine that they have Mighty Taco stores in Albany? Those damn drive-thru lines will get you every time.

Benjamin goes on to point out that after the meeting, Kennedy met with the entrenched Albany insider, Senator John Sampson...

Kennedy met later with Sampson for over an hour and pledged his support to the Brooklyn Democrat, according to one Senate source.

So much for Kennedy's Change Albany slogan. Sampson is the Democratic leader most responsible for the AEG casino scandal as well as Albany's perennially late budgets. Over an hour? That must be how long it took for Kennedy to read the number of Keanes looking for state jobs, now that one of their own is doing their bidding.

Let's see. They control the Thruway Authority and we recently saw how efficiently it is run. So that's what happens when you stock jobs with people with no experience or expertise in a specific field. The end result is motorists being stranded on the Thruway for days. Thanks Jimmy Keane!

Sen. Valesky To Explain His (Non)Vote


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