Sunday, January 31, 2010

I didn't even know Buffalo had a basketball team

The Buffalo Stampede semi pro basketball team made a mistake by prematurely announcing they had signed Leonard Stokes to their team (Yea. That Leonard Stokes). In reality, Stokes is waiting patiently for a contract offer from the Cleveland Caviliers. It was actually just a matter of miscommunication. The team thought Stokes wanted to play basketball for them but he actually had been asked by Byron Brown to run the snack bar at home games, due to his great track record at running successful restaurants.

Stampede 'jumped the gun' on announcement of Stokes signing
News Staff Reports

The Buffalo Stampede has made its share of gaffes on the basketball court during its brief history, but the second-year Premier Basketball League team made a huge off-court one Thursday.

The Stampede (2-5) sent out an inaccurate press release announcing the addition of former Turner-Carroll and Cincinnati Bearcats star Leonard Stokes without actually signing the former NBA Development League player to a contract. The two sides discussed the possibility of joining forces but Stokes never signed a contract.

"We may have jumped the gun a little bit," team owner Vince Lesh said Saturday night by phone before the Stampede's 114-111 win over Manchester at the Koessler Center.

Stokes didn't return a phone message from The Buffalo News.
Is the team open to issuing refunds to any disgruntled fans?
"If anybody said, "I'm here just to see [Stokes],' obviously it's not a problem," Lesh said.

I'm going to show up at the next home game and say, "I'm here just to see Stokes." Maybe they'll give me my $10 back or at least a free box of popcorn, or something.

Hey, Where's my Shoe?

Weird story in today's Buffalo News: A man was robbed off Broadway this morning. Money, a cell phone, and one sneaker was taken from the victim.

Cash, phone, sneaker stolen as man is beaten
January 31, 2010
A man was beaten up and robbed of $160, a cell phone and one sneaker Saturday morning off Broadway, Buffalo police said.
The strong-arm robbery occurred about 11:30 a. m. on Schmarbeck Avenue, according to police. The victim told police he was kicked and punched in the face and ribs.

Buffalo police have released this photo of someone whom they describe as "a person of interest"in the investigation.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Nerd Alert...

It's so easy, even a caveman can do it...

Bin Laden's Radio Show

In an unusual move, Osama bin Laden is now talking about global warming. He blames US corporations of course and says the only way to preven a global disaster is to stop spending the US dollar. Whatever happened to rambling Islamic millitant rhetoric from bin Laden? Now he's talking about global warming? Someone needs to send one of those unmanned drones into his cave. This guy killed thousands of people and now has his own radio show.

In a related note bin Laden, President of the Tora Bora Bils Backers, said he liked the signing of new Bills special teams coach Bruce DeHaven.

Bin Laden blasts US for climate change : World & Nation : The Buffalo News

Friday, January 29, 2010

Comerford Sets WNY Record for Most Excuses in One Interview

The following article from today's Buffalo News talks about one prospective businessman's frustrations in dealing with the Permits, Licensing, and Inspections Department in the city of Buffalo. Why wouldn't it be difficult to start a business in Buffalo? So many businesses are looking to move into this bustling city. It's a hub of activity.

What this article doesn't talk about are the two types of help potential businesses get from the department. If you're an outsider like the guy in this article, you get no help at all, just rude service followed by one roadblock after another. You get entitled, incompetent bureaucrats in city hall telling you all the things you need to do. Most of these people wouldn't know how to operate a lemonaide stand but they'll give you a million hoops to jump through before you can even get started. Good luck running a business when the city works against your dreams and not with them.

If you're one of the Doctor brothers opening a pizzeria or Dennis Donovan's daughter starting a purse store, the city will bend over backwards for you. They will give you all sorts of low interest loans and grants. You won't have to worry about any red tape. Cut to the front of the line just like you have your entire lives. Ironically, both of these businesses failed miserably. Eventually, blood and sweat, competence, and a good product will supercede any and all political connections. Just ask Tony the Barber or any other successful local businessman.

In typical fashion, East Aurora resident Jim Comerford offers one excuse after another. He says the department is improving from a couple of years ago. Well, I hope so. You're following the notoriously corrupt and inept Ray McGurn. There's only one way to go from there, and that's up. Those are some incredibly small shoes to fill, pal. Buffalo should get rid of Comerford and fellow Muskateer McGurn.
Hey local residency violator: stop making excuses and give people a reason to start businesses in the city. The buck stops with you.
Donn Esmonde: City Hall is no friend to business folk : City & Region : The Buffalo News
Here's rare footage of one of my friends from the South Buffalo underclass wishing he could someday be as lucky as a Comerford, Higgins, McGurn, Kane, Gould, Scanlon, and whatever other families pretend to care about the region for their own personal gain:

Thursday, January 28, 2010

crime stats 1/18-1/24

Monday January 18th

917 Tifft---phone threats
113 Aldrich--crim mis--1 arrest---Jamall Powell
206 Elk--crim mis/larceny attempt--suspect listed
48 Mineral Springs---Assault--suspect listed.
23 Avondale--attempt larcenies to several cars---2 arrests---Brian Smith..Louisianna,James Trala...Mackinaw st
2114 Seneca--drugs---2 arrests---Frederick McCray..Ridge rd...Christopher Marks...Woeppel ave
703 Perry--violation oredr of protection---suspect listed.
Seneca/Troupe---Assault---1 arrest---Joseph Goho...Metcalf
Woodside/Abbott--Assault---suspect listed.
123 Abbott--harassment---suspect listed.
229 Mackinaw---Burglary--lock to gate cut...window broken
65 Mariemont---UUV--1 arrest---Suzanne Gorney...Highridge Terrace Hamburg
335 Dingens--Burglary---window broken---cash stolen.
14 Wasson---Assault--1 arrest---William Cowell
Vandalia/O'Conell---crim mis--car mirror broken
1986 S Park--tresspassing---1 Arrest---Shawn O'Connell..Lockwood
225 Maurice---arson attempt---suspect listed.

Tuesday January 19th

67 Hayden--larceny---suspect listed
113 Aldrich--larceny--suspect listed.
19 Lester---crim mis--windshield damaged.
1028 McKinley(McDonalds)--crim mis--cushions in booth cut.
160 Abbott--RUUV
100 Eden---threats--suspect listed.
185 Chicago--Harassment---suspect listed.
315 Abby--harasment--suspect listed.
156 Ryan--crim mis---suspect listed.

Wednesday January 20th

969 McKinley--larceny--suspect listed.
70 Richfield--ID Theft--money withdrawn from local account from Arizona.
17 Mt Vernon--Burglary--laptop stolen
224 Maurice--crim mis/larceny from a car---window broken/GPS stolen.
65 Miami--crim mis/larceny---copper ground wire stolen from several telephone poles.
A District--1 arrest warrant --Shawn Hastings...N Bass st...Cordela ..Georgia
2270 S Park--drugs--1 arrest--Damian Wolf..Bley rd...Eden
S Park/Marilla--accident--1 arrest--DWI--Debra Nagel...Warsaw...Lackawanna
80 Cable--crim mis--siding damaged.
2265 Seneca--crim mis--damage to several washing machines.
100 Eden--harassment--suspect listed.
25 Kenefick--phone threats
62 Fredro--harassment---suspect listed.
Clinton/Willet--Assault--suspect listed

Thursday January 21st

231 Ship Canal--UUV & RUUV by Lackawanna PD
119 Southside--Burglary--suspect listed.
326 Mystic--Burglary--WII,WII fit,X Box,games stolen.
942 McKinley(Dunn Tire)--crim mis--window broken
1578 Clinton--tresspassing--1 arrest---Jon Cambell..Custer st
165 Folger---ID Theft--suspect listed.
422 S Division---threats--suspect listed.
2070 Seneca--Assault--1 arrest---Christopher Courtney...Uniondale..Cheektowaga
2156 Seneca--1 arrest--V&T/Resisting arrest---William Cambell...Seneca st
25 Kamper---Assault--suspect listed.

Friday January 22nd

101 Woodside--Burglary--side door forced open--WII,Game cube,15 DS Games,PS2 stolen.
19 Roseville--harassment
122 Weimar---Assault--1 arrest--Jermaine Leatherwood
150 Southside--Assault---2 arrests--Ricky Willimas..Sussex ct,Raedonah Smith...Hempstead ave
1220 Clinton st--Crim possesion of weapon/Menacing(knife)--1 arrest---Nestor Quiros
478 N Legion--possesion of forged instrument---1 arrest--Vincent Fortunato...Waltercrest...West Seneca.
393 Perry--1 arrest--drugs---Julian Jones...Williamsville NY
50 Thielman--firework left on table.

Saturday January 23rd

Louisianna/Scott st--1 arrest--Obstruction/Dis con---Angel Morales...West st
20 Downing--larceny/Fraud--1 arrest--Dennis Keller...55 yrs,W/M...Eckhart..lackawanna,edson st Bflo...did tell victim he needed money for formula & babysitter.Also had a warrant.
66 Kamper--larceny from a car--GPS,Gymbag,MP3 player stolen.
116 Smith--larceny--gift card stolen.
77 Weyand--crim mis/larceny from a car--am/fm Pioneer radio stolen.
76 Garvey--Assault--1 arrest---Lawrence Mclaughlin
64 Edson---Assault--1 arrest---Tiecia Orgovan
282 Miami--Burglary--back door kicked in...laptop,WII,coins stolen.
268 Miami---threats
213 Mineral Springs--crim mis--possible suspect listed.
45 Sirret--harassment--
1329 William(R&R Salvage)--crim mis/larceny--fenced damaged/aluminum stolen.
273 Barnard--crim mis--suspect listed.
1312 Seneca--crim mis/larceny...dash damaged,cd palyer stolen.
107 Abbott--crim mis/larceny--window broken--GPS stolen.

Sunday January 24th

Seneca/Duerstein--1 arrest--drugs--Nichole Flury...Maryknoll drive...Lackawanna
2022 Seneca--tresspasing--1 arrest...Jeremiah Scholl ..Briarhill...West Seneca
1574 S Park--false impersonation--1 arrest---Billy Hallman..S Park
444 Elk---larceny from a car---stereo,IPOD,binoculars stolen.
1971 S Park---larceny--warrant card issued.
1220 Seneca--larceny--purse stolen.
584 Fulton--UUV
A District--1 arrest--warrant---Rashawn Brown...Fay st
2265 Seneca---crim mis from 1-12-10--Charles Zaccarine...Stephenson ..West Seneca
20 Edson---1 arrest--warrant---Brandon Witzak
133 Trowbridge--crim mis---1 arrest---Nicholas Stanson
1220 Clinton---threats--warrant card issued.
2340 Seneca--Assault--warrant card issued

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No Carpetbagging Zone

I don't know if I like people moving into other states just to run for office. To me, having lived somewhere a long time should be a must. I didn't like it when Hillary Clinton moved to NY just in time to run for Senator. Then she gets here, promises 150,000 jobs for upstate, then leaves to become Secretary of State. It's the same thing with Harold Ford. He probably knows about as much about New York state as you or I know about his home state of Tennessee. I'm definitely not a fan of Kristen Gillibrand either, but I think the person running against her should be a native New Yorker. You're telling me there's not one New York resident willing to challenge her? I thought these were leadership positions born out of some kind of grassroots ideology. In the future, are these guys going to be like NFL players? Represent one state and then get traded to another? It's almost like these national politicians think of themselves as entertainers first. The whole thing reminds me of the movie Back to the Future. The scientist in 1955 refused to believe that Michael J. Fox was from 1985 because Fox told him Ronald Reagan was the President in 1985. Later, once this is proven true to the scientist and he is shown a video camera, he says, "No wonder your president has to be an actor. He has to look good on television." This would be funny if it weren't true.

Back to the Gillibrand race, they're now in the namecalling phase of the election. Gillibrand called Ford a parakete the other day or Ford called Gillibrand a parakete. I can't remember. It doesn't really matter. What's the difference? Why isn't there a third candidate? This whole race makes me think about the song "Southern Man" where Canadian Neil Young talks about the racial problems of the South. Later Lynyrd Skynyrd wrote the song Sweet Home Alabama and said, "I hope Neil Young will remember. A Southern man doesn't need him around anyhow."The South's racial issues notwithstanding, I think there's something to be said for actually being from the place you want to represent. Hopefully, the Republicans wil forward this on Twitter and I'll have 1,000,000 hits tomorrow.
Gloves off in Kirsten Gillibrand vs. Harold Ford fight - Manu Raju and Glenn Thrush -

Video of the day 1/27/10

I received this video from Carl Paladino's group. Check out this talented 7 year old singing the national anthem at a college basketball game. At first I thought he was lip syncing, but it is actually his voice:

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Selective Hearing

OK. I like the sentiment expressed in this note but it's hard for me to understand why 33% of the students I teach (white, black, and hispanic) insist on adding an N to my last name. I pronounce it correctly, tell them it rhymes with rake and snowflake, and they still look at me and say, " Mr. Blank?" Don't believe me? Click on this drawing I got today...

Watch Your Step

A college student accidentally tripped and fell onto Picasso's The Actor painting recently, causing a six inch tear. Snobby art appraisers estimate the damage to be 50% of it's value or $65 million out of an estimated $130 million. Oops. The last time something this funny happened locally was when an unidentified worker accidentally dropped the Jumbrotron at HSBC Arena.

The woman in the Picasso fall was uninjured but her professor said the whole incident was going to cost her a drop of one letter grade. She reportedly is switching majors from Art to Physical Education.

I Love NY

Item - State lawmakers, in the midst of cutting funding for schools, police, bridge repair, and soup kitchens, found it in their hearts to spend $5.2 million dollars to upgrade their hearing rooms.What??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Item- Louis Marciano was sentenced to 5 years' probation and ordered to pay $1,500 for loafing at his New York State job. A former state Office of General Services supervisor for 31 years, Marciano built a "cave" in which he smoked pot, slept, and watched TV while he was on the clock. A spokesman for the state Office of Specific Services is said to be outraged by Marciano's actions.

Item- Want to know who might be the next New York state employee sleeping and smoking pot on the job? Reporter Don Herbert, Jr. sent us this link of all New York state salaries. Use it to impress your friends and neighbors at your next coctail party...

Hop on the Bus Gus

The NFTA paid a consultant a great deal of money to tell them they need to have more routes in the city (where people can't afford cars) and less routes in the suburbs(where everybody drives a minivan). Wow. I would have told them that for free. They're also talking about extending the metro rail system, but say it will take at least another decade to get moving on that. I'm sure the 5 or 6 people left in Western NY in 10 years will appreciate the easier commute to work. So... just slip out the back, Jack. Make a new plan, Stan. You don't need to be coy, Roy. You just listen to me. Hop on the bus Gus. You don't need to discuss much. Just drop off the key, Lee. And get yourself free...
NFTA weighs simplifying fares to lure passengers : Home: The Buffalo News

Monday, January 25, 2010

Rescuers pull survivor from rubble in Haiti :Trapped for 11 days

An amazing story of survival from Haiti. Eleven days after the devasting earthquake, a shopkeeper is pulled from beneath the rubble. He survived by eating cookies and drinking cola and beer (coincidentally, the same diet I'm on). Rescuers think the wooden structure of the building created air pockets which enabled him to breathe. He had been trapped underneath 16-20 feet of debris.
Rescuers pull survivor from rubble in Haiti : National : The Buffalo News

Think Different

Thanks, Teresa. What a great clip. You gotta love just about everyone in this video. I wish I could show it at school but YouTube is a blocked site.Very true...

Health Care Debate

An East Aurora reader gives Higgins an earful in today's Buffalo News on his health care policy. Says Higgin's fate could be the same as Martha Coakley, who was just upset by unknown Scott Brown for Ted Kennedy's seat (thought to be owned for life by the Democrats)...
How can Higgins defend such a corrupt process?
January 25, 2010, 6:44 am /

I read Brian Higgins’ article on health care in the Jan. 17 paper and have to wonder if he is delusional, an extreme left-wing ideologue or just a stooge for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. It should be obvious to anyone paying attention to the American public that this health care bill is not wanted, yet he writes as if we are idiots and he knows best.

No one believes that this bill will reduce our health care costs, no one believes that it is revenue-neutral and no one believes that we will have better health care if it passes. If a bill, which none of these representatives bothered to read, takes 2,000 pages it can only mean one thing—it is full of “gifts” to special interests and doesn’t benefit the taxpayer. Higgins should call the process what it really is—corrupt.

Maybe he should look to the east and see what the people really think of the health care bill. His fate will be the same as Martha Coakley’s if he continues to disregard our voice. I urge readers to visit and work to overturn the entire Congress in the next election. We need to clean up the House.

Paul Beauchemin
East Aurora

Cultural Differences-Saudi Arabian and Bflo Schools

A student in Saudi Arabia was sentenced to 90 lashes after assaulting a teacher. The teacher had confiscated her camera phone...

Caught with a camera phone at school: student sentenced to 90-lash flogging
January 25, 2010
Associated Press

A female student has been sentenced to a 90-lash flogging and two months in prison as punishment for assaulting a teacher, a Saudi judge says.
Human rights group Amnesty International said the assault happened after the student was caught with a camera phone at school.
The student, whose name was not released, was sentenced on Tuesday.
She could be spared by a pardon from King Abdullah, said Judge Riyadh al-Meihdib in an interview published on Sunday.

This policy, which is obviously extreme and ridiculous, contrasts sharply with Dr. William's policy of taking kids who assault teachers to the Buffalo Chophouse for a free dinner. That's what happened a few years ago when some students at Performing Arts High School assaulted a teacher. And people wonder urban schools are in the shape they are.

In a related story, Anne O'Connor of Buffalo wrote to The Buffalo News wondering when the Buffalo School Board was going to start holding the principals accountable. I hope she's not holding her breath...

Why won’t board hold principals accountable?
January 25, 2010, 6:44 am /

Oh honestly, we’ve been reading about this kind of nonsense for so long! Whether it’s Crystal Barton or Fatima Morrell, the bottom line is that it’s an injustice to our kids and an outright disgrace that these principals are continuing in their positions. Where is the accountability for these supposed leaders of our children?
Is it any wonder families choose to send their children to charter schools? I’m so ashamed of our public school system and our School Board.

Anne O’Connor

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Blow off Your Steam Recap-Volume 6

Pat called the Metro Community News with a heavy heart. She says she was introduced to South Buffalo by her husband. She says, "South Buffalonians, You are special (at least we know Tim Kennedy is), You're honest, loyal, super mindful of others, generous, and humorous. (Most people I know from South Buffalo are cheap. And we all saw how loyal Brian Higgins and Tim Kennedy were when they supported Steve Urkel over one of their neighbors).

She says we all know in our hearts that Brian, Tim, Mark, and Mickey(she forgot Dopey and Sneezy) all care about the community and are doing such a terrific job. Brian, Mark, and Timmy are all products of the political machine. Mickey ran against the machine and I think he and Mark are willing to suffer politically from time to time to benefit the community. Brian would throw Pat and all of her neighbors under a greyhound bus if it made him look good or even remotely helped his career. Timmy's not even a factor because he does whatever Brian tells him to do. He is NOT a leader of any kind and is about as bright as Potsie from Happy Days.

Pat says she truly believes that Mark, Brian, Mickey, and Tim can help make Buffalo a great community again. Are you freaking kidding me? She must have forgot that Brian Higgins has been in office since the 1980s and presided over the mass exodus of hundreds of thousands of citizens to other parts of the country. She says we need all of them working for us. No, actually we could do a great deal better with less of them working for us. In fact, we wouldn't even notice if half of them were gone. She closes by saying,"I have no doubt that the special flavor that is South Buffalo will shine through in them for all of us." I highly doubt it, Pat.

I'm sorry. I have to wipe the tears off my eyes. I thought it was Blow Off Your Steam? Pat is looking at things with rose colored glasses and apparently taking lots of illegal drugs. She just presupposes that Tim, Mark, Brian, Mickey, and Ringo will be in office for the next 20 years. Of course they will, because Pat's neighbors don't do any research on who they are voting for(if they even bother to vote at all). It's people like Pat that make these guys think they are movie stars. I like your optimism to a point Pat but wake up and smell the coffee. Keep holding on to you dreams...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lindsey Harmon Case

My problem with calling something a hate crime is that it requires the prosecution to go inside the mind of the assailant. I think the law was originally intended for clear cut cases. For example, if a car load of skin heads wait outside a gay bar and beat up the first person that walks out, it would be safe to assume the crime was motivated by hatred. However, these other recent cases are not as clear cut.

For this reason, I don't think the senseless attack on Lindsey Harmon meets the definition of a hate crime. The defendant knew Harmon. From the news stories, it seems as though she probably would have attacked her even if Harmon had been straight. I believe there was some other motive involved other than Harmon's sexual orientation. Having said that, people who are willing to stab others in the face should be put away for a very long time, regardless of their motives. Likewise, I think the black youths who attacked the white kid with the black girlfriend should also be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If Harmon's case is to be considered a hate crime, then certainly that one should be too.
Hate crime laws should be thrown out and judges should be able to impose stiffer sentences on senseless acts like the two crimes mentioned. We need to take as many lowlifes off the streets and put them in jail where they belong and certainly don't need crime labels to accomplish that.
Woman charged with hate crime over New Year's Day stabbing : Home: The Buffalo News

It's Bring Your Mother to School Day at Seneca Vocational

It's really nice to see parents getting involved in their children's education these days. Nothing says,"I care" like showing up at Seneca Vocational High School and punching another student in the mouth. Can we get a tax refund on the school supplies check this woman was probably awarded last September?

crime stats 1/11-1/16

Monday January 11th

29 Macamley(lower)--Burglary--4 arrests--Jordan Sullivan Macamley,Sean Sutherland..Trowbridge
David Clark..Macamley,Helen Sullivan...Macamley.7 guns,medication recovered.
73 Culver--UUV
205 Aldrich---Larceny--used credit card for amount under $100.00143 Fillmore--larceny--orange dumpster stolen.
Bailey/Clinton--1 arrest--V&T,False name--William Liga...W Delavan...also 3 outstanding warrants.
25 Kamper--Assault--Suspect listed.

Tuesday January 12th

19 Alamo--harassment by bus aide.
54 Columbus--threats--suspect listed.
19 Macamley--DOA--2 arrest---woman found dead in the house from overdose...2 arrests for crack pipe & pills---Michael Botlin,Camille Carveth.
223 Smith--Drugs--1 arrest--Tammie Cummings
A District--1 arrest--Bflo warrant frm Hamburg PD...Noel Merced...Angola NY

Wednesday January 13th

25 Alamo--UUV
42 Edson--Larceny--suspect listed.
162 Trowbridge--Burglary--1 arrest---Keith recovered.
142 Mackinaw---larceny---1 arrest---Cindy Egloff
Bailey/Seneca--Violation order of protection--1 arrest---Haley Sinclair...Keppel
8 Keppel--Violation order of protection---suspect listed.
2265 Seneca--Crim mis--suspect listed.
Bailey/Seneca--harassment---suspect listed.
68 Ryan--harassment---suspect listed.
1853 Clinton--crim mis--window broken
435 Bailey---threats--suspect listed.
25 Alamo--RUUV
726 Exchange---threats---suspect listed.
Okell/S Park--Assault--2 arrests---Pamela Medza...Okell,Johnathan Hill...Okell

Thursday January 14th

426 Abbott--Larceny--inspection sticker stolen from Roots collision.
363 Hamburg--larceny--wallet stolen from truck while making a delivery.
42 Edson--Burglary--computer,TV,tires,speakers stolen...son & girlfriend are suspects.
626 Abbott--Caz Pool--Burglary---door lifted--locker broken into.
1799 Clinton--Assault--1 arrest of juvenile.
235 Weimar---Crim Mis to a car--pass window broken.
182 Maurice--ID theft--info used to open mortgage loan.

Friday January 15th

1719 Seneca--larceny from a car---stereo stolen from car repair lot.
88 Indian Church--larceny--surround sound stolen from attic--suspect listed.
154 Cazenovia--Crim Mis---doors damaged
154 Cazenovia--Burglary--doctors office door kicked in---3 Dell PC's stolen,1 laptop,22 " monitors,3 office phones damaged.
30 Glendhu--harassment--1 arrest--Chester Rush...Lord st
A District--Attempt Rape---Suspect listed.
202 Weimar--Assault--warrant card issued.
1200 Fuhrman--crim mis to a car---door pryed,window broken.
13 Lester--1 arrest--Falsley Reporting...Jennifer Koepnick...Lester st

Saturday January 16th

77 Paul--threats--1 arrest--Kyle Mcevoy...Oakdale
35 Moore--crim mis to a car---pass window broken
108 Weiss--Burglary--entry thru window,garbage thrown around.
108 Cable--larceny--1 arrest---Joseph Szczodrowski.
845 Abbott(lot)--Robbery--W/F,late 20's,Green/white hat,black jacket,gray scarf,dark pants --pointed handgun at victim & took $17.00 cash....fled on foot down Woodside towrad Potters rd.
Woodside/Abbott--Robbery---W/F,5'5",suntan complexion,gray scarf,black carhart jacket,galsse with blue letters"Cheers",Beige Timberland boots did display a handgun and took victims cash & cellphone.
Seneca/Duerstein--V&T--1 arrest---Jordan Hamilton-Kennedy...Galloway st
2065 S Park---Crim mis--apartment window broken.
447 Bailey--Burglary--copper stolen from scrap yard.
249 S Legion--threats--suspect listed.
301 Bailey--larceny from a car---stereo stolen.
160 Abbott--UUV
428 Louisianna--Assault--1 arrest--Carl Jackson...Parkdale st

Sunday January 17th

Hickory/N Division--Drugs--2 arrests--Mesha Branch...Mortimer,Tamara Dowdall..Beach dr...Medina NY
247 Hancock---larceny from a car---1 arrest---Dennis M Lyons... Arbour lane---drug addict and car popper..
Perry/Louisianna--crim mis--bottle thrown at car breaking window...suspect unk B/M.
1870 Clinton--2 arrests--V&T/Drugs---Luther Butler...Goulding,Daniel Birkmeyer...Weaver st...poss of Hypodermic needles/Heroin.
72 Garvey --threatsHamburg/190 North exit--2 arrest--RUUV/Drugs---Tanya M Munoz...Junior st,Scott Dombrowski..Gibson st
69 Weyan--threats--
230 Weiss--larcenyfrom a car--Sony radio,tools,toys stolen.
108 Weiss--crim mis--suspect listed broke front window.
1801 Clinton--larceny--gym bag stolen while playing basketball.
108 O'Connor--threats--suspect listed.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Seven Buffalo Schools Earn Distinctive Recognition

Seven Buffalo Public Schools were honored as "persistently lowest achieving" in New York State on Thursday. Bennett, Burgard, MLK, School 45, Riverside, Lafayette, and South Park High School made this exclusive list.
Officials at Grover Cleveland and East High School were said to be outraged at this obvious snub. "I don't understand it. We have all the things these schools have. Low test scores, kids roaming the halls, violence towards teachers, students bringing drugs to school... The whole selection process is unfair. Hopefully we'll lower our standards next year and catch up to these seven other zoos", an official at Grover stated.

Dr. Williams is on to the problem and will solve it the same way he always does, by changing the names of the schools involved. South Park will now be known as the Lynn DeJac School of Excellence. We tried to contact School Board President Ralph Pornandez for comment on this story, but he was too busy downloading filthy movies onto his district issued laptop.
One of the state's reform recommendations is for each of the schools to replace the principals and at least 50% of the current staff. How about replacing 90% of the students? It's not the staff's fault. Riverside's Principal Mike Mogavero, for example, does a terrific job. but his hands are tied. He can't help it that a large percentage of his students come to school with all the problems associated with poverty. Buffalo school officials need to stop dancing around the issues and hire the guy seen in these videos:

7 Buffalo schools on state list face reforms : Home: The Buffalo News

Three South Buffalo Guys Having a Conversation

Stupid S. Buffalo Guy #1:
Hey what's up? What number are you on the latest list?

Stupid S. Buffalo Guy #2:
I'm number 242. I studied so hard for that damn test. The only reason I havent been called is because I'm white.

Stupid S. Bflo Guy #1:
Aint it? The only people they hire anymore are the blacks. Hey, that reminds me, are you going to the next Byron Brown fundraiser?

Stupid S. Bflo Guy #2:
Of course I am. I talk racist just like you but when it comes down to it, it's all talk. I was told I have to be there so of course... I will. I'll leave my manhood at the door. After we leave, we can go back to being false tough guys.

Stupid S. Bflo Guy #1:
Hey, we are really tough, aren't we? We never fight anyone one on one. We usually wait until the other guy is drunk and then find 10 other tough guys to jump him.

Stupid S. Bflo Guy #2:
Why not? Isn't that the only way to do it? That's how we show everyone in South Bflo. how tough we are. If I was you, I'd call Higgs about that job.

Stupid S. Bflo Guy #1:
Don't worry. I already called him. He told me he'd try to take care of me just like he took care of my father the fireman, my brother the cop, and my sister the police dispatcher. I called him before I even took the test. I can't wait to get called so I can tell people how I got it on my own.

Stupid S Bflo Guy #2:Hey. How's Danny doing at St. Bonaventure? You knew one of the priests to get him a great deal on tuition right?

Stupid S Bflo Guy #1:Didn't you hear? He got there and none of the other professors cared that he knew a bunch of S. Bflo political hacks. They tried to make him work just like all the other students. They even tried to get him to come to class after a night of full partying! He's at ECC now but we know a few people over there, too.

Stupid S. Bflo Guy #3:
Hey, can I borrow your green pants? I have to go honor some other stupid fool at this year's St Patrick's Day beer blast. Do you remember when this year's honoree passed out drunk at Hoppers a few years ago? Oh man, we are so damn crazy. The things we do are really zany.

Stupid S. Bflo Guy #1:
Hey Stupid S. Bflo guy #3; Who are we being ordered to vote for this year?

Stupid S Bflo Guy #3:
I'm not sure yet. But regardless of who it is or what they stand for, we'll make sure we call all of our friends and relatives because remember, we think very little of ourselves. Most of us were backups in high school so we might as well be backups in the game of life.

Stupid S Bflo Guys #1 and #2:
Damn right we were.

Stupid S. Bflo Guy #3:
You guys want to go to Docs? We can go stare at some more guys and talk about how tough they are, too.

Stupid S. Bflo Guy #2:
No. Let's go to Doctor's Pizza. Those guys are cool. They might be able to tell us who we've been told to vote for.

Stupid S. Bflo Guy #3:
They closed years ago. Nobody really knows why. Where have you been? I gotta go. I'll see you at the parade. Don't tell anyone I'm Jewish, OK?...

5th Straight Day of Rain in California

California enters 5th day straight of rain
January 22, 2010 By The Associated Press RAQUEL MARIA DILLON (Associated Press Writer)
(AP) — Volatile conditions behind a series of storms that flooded streets and left a trail of damage in southern California have unleashed hail, lightning and thunder as authorities continued to warn of huge mud flows in foothill communities.
With predictions for more showers Friday, the supersaturated ground threaten to send damaging debris downhill. Authorities said an extensive flood-control...

Regular blog readers who follow the news probably knew this was coming. I guess Albert Hammond had it all wrong after all. Apparently, it does rain in California...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Random Thoughts From the Ghetto-Volume 20

I look out my window and see the empty 40 oz beer bottles, hypodermic needles, crack pipes and abandoned shopping carts left on my front lawn. I begin to think. The end results have become known as my random thoughts from the ghetto...

-The greatest Buffalo Bill of the 1990s was Thurman Thomas. Without a doubt, he was an unbelievable running back. However, I'm starting to get sick of seeing him everywhere trying to sell stuff. I hear him on WGR 55. I have to admit, I do like his candid analysis. But he's also on billboards promoting his sports camps for rich WNY residents. I call M & T to check my bank account and the first thing I hear is Thurman's voice. Now, I see he's going to be at Wegmans promoting his new chicken wing sauce. Come on already #34! I heard Thurman blew much of his money from his playing days but this is getting embarrassing. It's almost like he came back to WNY to bank in on his name. If he won one of those Super Bowls, he might have at least been able to pawn the ring.

-One thing you can never ask a woman is "When's your baby due?" out of the off chance that she's not pregnant and may have just packed on some weight. So most people just stay silent and pretend not to notice. If there's a 90% chance that a woman's pregnant, I still won't say anything. I wait until someone else finds out the good news or gets an angry tongue lashing.

-Every video involving South America on Tru TV involves a riot at a soccer game or people out in the streets wearing soccer jerseys shooting guns into the air. Reminds me of a quote I heard recently that "Rugby is a hooligans game played by gentlemen and soccer is a gentlemen's game played by hooligans".

-Buddy Nix, the Bills new GM, has a great Southern accent and sounds like a football guy. They could end up being 0-16 and it'll still sound like he knows what he's talking about. I'll take him over the two Ivy League bozos we've had recently (GM Marv Levy and head coach Dick Jauron). I heard Nix on the radio today talking about tacklin'. That's what we need. We hope.

-Because I'm poor and not related to Brian Higgins, I sometimes shop at the Salvation Army for my work clothes. I have a rule that I must thoroughly wash any clothes I buy from there before wearing them. The other day, I was in a hurry and quickly put on a pair of pants that I had just purchased from the store. Some friends were outside waiting for me in their car. I felt what I thought might be an itch and immediately decided to change out of them. I realized I wasn't in that much of a hurry.

-Speaking of the Bills, you can tell they are a second rate franchise by their cheerleaders. The San Diego Chargers and the Dallas Cowboys' cheerleaders look like Hollywood actresses or supermodels. The Bills cheerleaders look like they just got done finishing their shift at Wegmans. One of them even looks like she could be Ralph Wilson's older sister.

-The news lately is rather depressing. I was watching TV yesterday and I heard the newsman talking about mass graves, gangs wielding machetes, sporadic looting, sudden violence, and kids wandering the streets in search of their parents. I thought it just was another story on the tragedy over in Haiti but soon realized channel 2 was doing a local piece on Seneca St.

-You want to see something funny? Read the reader comments underneath the Shrine of Fatima article. The powers that be and their relatives are really getting upset over this blog. These people don't like the fact that they are being exposed to the general public by an ordinary schmuck like me. And to think, all I do is demonstrate that they and most of their friends are incompetent buffoons on a daily basis. All I am is the messanger.

-A new name is emerging to take on Byron Brown supporter Tim "Status Quo" Kennedy. His name is Shawn Cooney. Cooney is an attorney and seems very bright. He is not tied into the political machine like Kennedy and 357 year incumbant Bill Stachowski. Look for those two clowns to be going everywhere handing out giant checks as if it's their money. Remember, it's your money they are handing out. Cooney has helped out in South Buffalo before with Rogo's lawn cutting service. These are the guys who go around cutting lawns for elderly South Buffalo residents at no charge. I hope Cooney does well, and for the record, he's not related to this guy...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Shrine of Fatima

Donn Esmonde wrote this column about James Williams and his hiring of Fatima Morrell. Usually, Esmonde spends half the article describing the physical characteristics of his male subjects, but not this time. He talks about how poorly Lafayette principal Morrell performed before she was promoted to her current position. She failed miserably at school 31 according to teachers, students, and parents. She was the assistant principal at McKinley during the Jayvonna Kincannon debacle. At Lafayette under Morrell, students are allowed to swear at teachers without fear of being suspended. Morrell yells at teachers and degrades them in front of the students. She recently told the football team "not to embarrass her" during one of her morning announcements.

Just another day in the Buffalo Public School System. Actually, City Honors, Hutch Tech, Da Vinci, and Emerson are very good high schools. They should take all the other high schools and pick the 10% of each school that are decent kids and form another good high school. Could you imagine Fatima Morrell being hired in any suburban school district? Not in a million years. Despite a dismal track record, Morrell kept getting promoted under Williams. I wonder what School Board President Ralph Pornandez thinks about this?
According to some of the comments underneath the article (which are usually more informative than the actual story), Morrell is the best friend of William's girlfriend. Say it isn't so, Dr. Williams. Is it all about the children or is it all about your mistress' friends? Keep up the great work. Why didn't you take that one way ticket out of Buffalo? I guess Nashville's loss was our loss, too.
Donn Esmonde: Blame mess at Lafayette on Williams : City & Region : The Buffalo News

What's in the Water Down There?

Random acts of violence, civil unrest, unfair distribution of wealth, people getting arrested. Are we talking about the war in Iraq? Haiti after the devastating earthquake? No. Just another council meeting in Lackawanna...
Tensions erupt, resident arrested at Lackawanna Council meeting : Southern Suburbs : The Buffalo News

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Blow off Your Steam Recap-Volume 5

Both Rick and Rusty write that they upset with Brian Higgins, Mark Schroeder, and Tim "Status Quo" Kennedy for supporting Byron Brown over one of their own neighbors. Rusty says Kennedy's career is over and he shouldn't waste his time or money on the Senate race. Kennedy's got bigger problems than that. He has not been backed by Mark Schroeder or Mickey Kearns-and won't be. He is being backed by Steve Pigeon, whom most voters are beginning to detest. Pigeon is not interested in any kind of reform whatsoever and frankly, I'm surprised Higgins would lower himself by associating with him. I think Higgins and Pigeon are underestimating the intelligence of a large number of South Buffalo voters. Once they realize Pigeon is behind Kennedy's campaign, they'll drop him like a bad habit.

Len writes that he sympathizes with the previous weeks' writer who was upset at Higgins, Schroeder, and Kennedy for supporting Byron Brown. He justifies their endorsement by saying "in the world of Albany, sometimes you have to give a little to receive support for yourself." I didn't know the mayor's race had anything to do with Albany. This person thinks Higgins and Kennedy care more about this region than themselves. He couldn't be more wrong. They are only concerned about their own careers. Kennedy hasn't made one decision on his own since being appointed. I take that back. He chooses whether to have his wings cooked hot, medium, or mild. Their decision to back Brown over Kearns has many people very upset.

Jack is very upset about the Water Authority raising it's rates. Join the club. How many patronage jobs are over there? Can someone get me a list of all their employees? A previous reader mentioned that the guy who was caught selling the handicapped parking tags stolen from city hall recently got a job at the Water Authority. Who knew he was such an expert on water?Where is the outrage from Higgins, Kennedy, and Kearns over this hire?

Then there is Marge. Marge steals all the wooden elves from the two McKinley circles placed there by actual community volunteers. These parents then had to explain to their kids why this woman would be crazy enough to carry out such a senseless vindictive act on Christmas Eve. Then Marge has the nerve to call the Metro Community News and accuse someone from this group of knocking over her stupid looking Santa Claus. Marge, I have to tell you this. I know someone's going to forward this to you. You need to quit while you're behind. From the many comments under my elf story, people in your own neighborhood are on to your dreadful act. They know your group consists of about three people and you receive tens of thousands of dollars in government money from all the incumbants that you shamelessly kiss up to. By stealing elves from kids, you are fast becoming little more than a circus act. I hope someone in your group explains to you that what you did on Christmas Eve really puts your entire group in a bad light. And that's too bad because I know of well intentioned people in your group that are just out trying to improve the neighborhood. You just don't happen to be one of them.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Lafayette High School

Teachers at Lafayette High School say under principal Fatima Morrell, the students are running the school. Lafayette has a four year graduation rate of under 50%. One comment from a recent survey of teachers says the school is "on the edge of despair." Another says, "Students get away with telling teachers off, being disruptive and rude. The students have figured out that they are running the building." Sounds like 70% of the schools in the city.

School Board President Ralph Pornandez recommended that Superintendent Williams send a senior staff member to deal with the teachers' concerns. Let me save you the trouble. Stop making proven failures like Fatima Morrell principals at these tough schools. This lady was removed from school #31 in 2007 after complaints from parents, teachers, and students. (They forgot to mention custodians.)

Put some people in these schools that aren't going to tolerate students acting like thugs at school. Have at least two schools assigned as alternative schools for the kids that act disrespectful or violent in class. Currently, there is only one. They need to be separated from the students that realize the opportunity for an education is a privilege and not a right. Stop trying to save everyone and focus on the kids and parents that value an education.
Lafayette teachers criticize principal : City & Region : The Buffalo News#comment#comment#comment#comment

One Man's Take on Riverside

This is funny. Users can edit things on Here is an article on the Riverside section of Buffalo. I know who edited this but I'm not sure he wants the notoriety or exposure, so he will remain nameless. If I patrolled the streets down there for many years, I might feel the same way about this neighborhood. My favorite part is the author's description of some of the residents as sociopaths, sexual deviates, and societal misfits. I'm just posting this to show that sometimes can be opinion mixed in with fact. Also, I wonder how long it will remain on the site before being edited itself.

[edit] Today

Currently, the Riverside area is well known throughout
Western New York for producing some of the worst examples of dirty, nose-picking, white trash known to man. With home prices so high in many other prosperous city neighborhoods such as Allentown, the Elmwood Village, and North Buffalo, Riverside offers potential slum lords more affordable options in an area known for sociopaths, sexual deviates and societal misfits. However, as a negative side-effect of low real estate prices, many of the small businesses that once existed along the commercial districts on Ontario and Tonawanda Streets have left. Nevertheless, some of the area's original mom and pop porno shops, methadone clinics, drug and alcohol half-way houses, tattoo parlors and junk yards are still going strong and servicing the demands of the neighborhood's filthy residents. Riverside is looked down on by most natives of Western New York for its well earned reputation as the White Trash Capital of the Universe.

Three Stooges Clip

When posting a Three Stooges clip the other day, I looked them up on Wikipedia. I know it's not always an accurate site but you can find some interesting information on there.

At first glance, the stooges might seem like a harmless comedy act. I'm not too big on slapstick comedy but those guys were brilliant. It's hard to believe something that was made so long ago can still be looked at as funny today.

According to a published report, Moe, Larry, and director Jules White considered their best film to be You Nazty Spy! In this short film, Moe satirized Adolf Hitler at a time when the US was still neutral towards the Germans. Hitler was so outraged by this that he immediately placed the stooges on his so called "death list".

When Joe Besser replaced Shemp in 1956, he had a clause in his contract specifically prohibiting him from being slapped too hard. He noted how he felt Larry's face had become "calloused" from constantly being struck by Moe.

I like some of the clever lines that went along with the unprovoked violence. Here is a clip I came across today of Curly dancing. Listen to how old the music is. Curly accidentily rips off Moe's partner's dress. She is unaware of this and asks him if he feels a draft. He says, "Draft? No. I was exempted." Curly's partner tells him he is a very unusual dancer. He says, "I come from a long family of dancers. My father died dancing. On the end of a rope."

Oops-FBI Compares Random Guy to bin laden

From the How could they let this happen? department: The FBI wanted to give people a digitally enhanced picture of what Osama Bin Laden might look like today at age 52. An FBI forensic artist thought it might be a good idea to use an image of a Spanish lawmaker taken from Google images as a model for the updated picture of the terrorist. Surprisingly, the Spanish guy has become a little upset.

Hey FBI: You might want to remind people that Bin Laden is a 6 foot 6 Arabian guy surrounded by people that are on average about 5 foot 6. That might be a good start. If I was you, you might want to check all the over-40 basketball leagues in Pakistan.
Spanish lawmaker's photo used for bin Laden poster : National : The Buffalo News

Sunday, January 17, 2010

UB Should Move Law School Downtown

In what I think is a good idea, Congressman Brian Higgins Saturday called on the University of Buffalo to move their law school into the now vacant Statler Towers. Higgins says. "The present availibility of the Statler as a result of bankruptcy proceedings presents the state and the university with a serendipitous opportunity." Serendipitous. That's a big word. Higgins must have learned it at Harvard when they were giving him that fake degree.

UB spokesman John DellaContrada said they had looked very seriously into acquiring the Statler but it didn't fit into the university's "comprehensive physical plan." The university's comprehensive physical plan DellaContrada is talking about is the one where the university would be physically as far away from downtown Buffalo as humanly possible.

When asked to comment on Higgin's idea, County Legislator Tim Kennedy's response could not be recorded, as he had a very large cupcake in his mouth and one in each of his hands.

Put UB’s law school in the Statler : City & Region : The Buffalo News

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Los Angeles Gang Tours

In what some are labeling "ghettotainment", former gang members are charging people $65 a head to tour some of Los Angeles' worst gang infested neighborhoods. The tourists suffering from "white guilt" have to sign a waiver acknowledging that they could become crime victims themselves by taking part in the tour. All the profits go to some made up non profit agency.
For $70 a person, maybe they'll let you become the victim of a carjacking. Whatever happened to just going to a movie? I wonder if this tour would work on parts of Seneca St? I'm just asking.
For $65, tourists get peek at Los Angeles gangland : 24 Hour Breaking News : The Buffalo News

Updates on WNY Residents in Haiti

Some very tough stories coming out of Haiti. Erin Lancer of West Seneca, was able to come home yesterday. The Lancers new adopted son Geoffrey is in the custody of friends back in Haiti for now. Clearly overcome by what she witnessed in the region, Mrs. Lancer declined to be interviewed. She was very understanding that the needs of all the Haitian people have to come first right now over individual situations. I hope the WNY Congressional delegation is able to help the Lancers get their son when things improve over there.

Patrick Hartwick, the professor from Daeman College is still missing. He had been there on a humanitarian mission.

The last time we witnessed anything like this must have been Hurricane Katrina and the tsunami that struck Thailand. Haiti has been getting help from some unlikely sources. The Dominican Republic, a country often at odds with them, has been sending doctors and support staff. China also is trying to help by doing the same. Hopefully, with all the advances in technology these days, more lives will be saved and some kind of order can eventually be restored.

West Seneca woman returns from Haiti without adoptive son : City & Region : The Buffalo News

crime stats 1/4-1/10

Looking at this week's crime report, I see some famous people were arrested this week in South Buffalo. On Tuesday January 5th, former Supreme Court Justice nominee Clarence Thomas was arrested for a hit and run on Seneca/Elk. And on Friday, January 8th, former Chicago Bears running back Anthony Thomas (no relation) was arrested on Cumberland for assault. I'm glad he was arrested. I think he had a bad game in 2002 and cost me a fantasy league championship.

Monday January 4th 1205 Seneca--Burglary--Appliances & plumbing stolen...suspect listed.
1205 Seneca--Burglary--door damaged,walls to aprtment damaged.
156 Ryan--crim mis--unknown 16yr old was on car,damaging same.
145 Cable--crim mis--damage to outside door knob
1111 Fuhrmann--RUUV
18 Hillside--threats--1 arrest--Paul Pollina...Dismonda
140 Coolidge---Assault--1 arrest---Debra Wrobel.
2022 Seneca--tresspassing---suspect listed.
364 Marilla--phone harassment---

Tuesday January 5th

S Park/Elk--UUV/Hit & Run---1 arrest--Clarence Thomas..William St
220 Fulton--Burglary--door pryed open..400 feet of copper piping stolen.btwn 12-15-09 & 1-4-10
213 S Park--larceny--keys stolen from kitchen
26 Alamo--crim mis/larceny from a car---window broken,32" tv stolen from car.
38 Eaglewood--larceny from a car--laptop,bookbag,CD's stolen.
63 Ryan--larceny--$300.00 cash,Debit cards stolen...ATM card used .
1232 Clinton--larceny--1 arrest--Lamar L Baker...Hutchinson st
22 Hollywood--crim is--damage to dash board.
2228 Seneca--Assault/Menacing with a gun--2 arrests--Zachery T Bennett..Abbott rd,Shawnta Cody...Alleghany st.
42 Edson--harassment--suspect listed.
36 Harvey Pl--threats--suspect listed.
206 Elk--crim mis--window on car broken

Wednesday January 6th

210 Cable--assault--1 arrest--Francis Kross
180 Perry--crim mis/larceny from a car--window broken..purse,wallet,scarf stolen.
220 W Woodside--threats--suspect listed.
162 Trowbridge--Burglary--suspect listed.
162 Trowbridge--Contempt of Court Order--1 arrest--Bryan Krytus...Thorndale..West Seneca
138 Edson--possesion of a weapon--1 arrest---Bryan Slaughter...large knife
565 Abbott--Fraud--3 money orders forged & cashed.
13 Lester--harassment--suspect listed.
Whitfield/S Park--crim mis to a car--vehicle spray painted.
50 Edson--threats--1 arrest---Joshuah Whyte
29 Duerstein--Assault from 12-23-09--1 arrest--Bryan Slaughter...Hopkins
176 Myrtle--Robbery from 12-31-09--1 arrest---David R Sepulveda

Thursday January 7th

499 Marilla--theft of services--B/M did not pay $35.30 in cab fare
621 Fulton--Assault--1 arrest--Carlos Figueroa
140 McCamley--Assault---suspect listed.
2133 S Park(NOCO)--Robbery--1 arrest--Reece Mims...City Mission
44 Robins--trespassing---suspect listed.
1749 S Park(Aspire)--larceny/fraud---used company credit card illegally--4 suspects listed.
20 Portland--crim mis--damage to drives door
41 Eaglewood--fraud--suspect sold vehicle with altered title and mileage.
103 Spaulding--ID Theft--utilities turned on in victims name.
479 S Legion--Crim mis to a car---rear window broken
Seneca/Cazenovia--larceny--purse stolen from car
382 Swann--UUV---ATV dirt bike stolen from garage--NY REG 80YV06.
382 Swan--Burglary--garage door damaged
Abbott/Edgewood---larceny--suspect listed did remove cash from victims purse.
135 Whitehall--larceny---change stolen from a car.
148 Whitehall--larceny---Garmin GPS,charger,cell phone charger stolen.
290 Larkin--Forgery---1 arrest Felicia Finkley..Glenwood,,did forge several company checks.
162 Trowbridge--Burglary--1 arrest--Warren King...Long st

Friday January 8th

155 Bailey--larceny from a car--purse,cash,radio faceplate stolen.
Perry/E Market --crim mis to a car--drivers window broken
Perry/E Market--crim mis to a car--pass window broken
Abbott/Red Jacket--Drugs--1 arrest---Mike Cassidy..Marilyn Dr ..West Seneca
125 Cable--Assault-suspect listed.
159 Cantwell-- Gang Assault---4 arrests---Eric Crawford,Joshua Mahoney..Rudolph ..Lackawanna,Max Oestereich...Fairview,Jeffery Panicca...Southside Pkwy.
162 Trowbridge--Criminal Contempt...warrant card issued.
395 Cumberland--Assault--1 arrest--Anthony Thomas
123 Roberts--crim mis--rear car window broken
2133 S Park(NOCO)--crim mis to register--1 arrest----Reece Mims...Holding Center--did damage register during Robbery 1-7-10
255 Willett--crim mis-- car keyed while parked in driveway.
86 Geary---threats--suspect listed.
15 Como--Burglary--door,controller,game stolen.
1205 Seneca--crim mis--suspect listed.
Bailey/Elk--Accident Injury--1 arrest--DWI--Alex Migliore...Delaware ave
312 Perry Apt 7G--Burglary--possible key,tv stolen.
6 Yale--falsely reporting---1 arrest--Shanna Foster...
29 Macamley---assault---suspect listed.

Saturday January 9th

1200 Fuhrman--larceny--purse stolen from a car---recovered at S Park/Chicago missing cash.
59 Griswold--larceny from a car--3 wallets stolen,credit cards ,DMV papers.
A District--1 arrest--warrant--Steven Jedynak...Gibbons st
216 Tifft(Soccer Field)--crim mis/larceny from a car--window broken--meds stolen,jump box,tools,Cash stolen.
417 Fulton--harassment--suspect listed.
7 Zittle--crim possesion of stolen property---metal stolen from O Park--suspect followed to 7 Zittle--1 arrest--Kevin Usiak..Zittle
46 Ridgewood--larceny from a car--GPS,medication stolen.
166 Lockwood--larceny--2 W/M's did take complt $20.00 to buy beer and never returned.
1441 Clinton--Burglary--overhead door damaged---change stolen from office.
58 Clifford--Assault/Man with a gun--2 arrests--Christopher Nola...Potomac..poss of weapon,Assault,menacing....2nd arrest---William Boeheim...Leamington st...Disorderly Conduct,False personation. .45 handgun recovered.
279 Perry---Robbery--victim robbed with shotgun by 3 B/M's--wallet,cash stolen.
2158 Seneca--crim mis--1 arrest--Jeremiah Scholl..Briarhill ..West Seneca...broke jukebox
100 Ladner--threats--suspect listed.
242 McKinley--larceny from a car---change stolen.

Sunday January 10th

63 Ryan--lost property--purse lost after getting out of car.
2426 South Park(Reckios)--larceny--purse stolen with cash--purse recovered in Corfu NY.
31 Sirret--crim mis--1 arrest---Shaun Gombos
120 Orlando--larceny--front license plate stolen.
Dingens/James E Casey--Robbery---W/M,small black handgun,forced victim in car(older Buick or Oldsmobile.light blue ,loud muffler)took cell phone camers and dropped victim at S Elmwood/Johnson Park.
58 Pulaski--crim mis/larceny--suspect listed.
770 Carrol--larceny---cash taken work work that was not done...suspect listed.
1807 S Park--crim mis--4 by 4 window broken
20 Amber--Burglary--PS3,Dell Laptop,TV forced entry.
152 Lockwood--Contempt of Court--1 arrest---Anna Grady
138 Geary--Assault---1 arrest--Mohammed Algawani
140 Macamley--1 arrest for case from 1-7-10---Darryl Barnes
1205 Seneca--Burgalry from 12-30-09---1 arest---Jose Martinez...Prospect ave
385 Perry--1 arrest--Obstruction---Latrice D Robinson
135 Gilbert---Burglary--suspect listed did enter,rip phone from wall,held victim for 24 hrs.

Friday, January 15, 2010

The Three Stooges: Tim Kennedy, Brian Higgins, and Steve Pigeon

I put together this short clip on Erie County Legislator Tim Kennedy who is being led by the nose and financially supported by Steve Pigeon. Recently, the two were seen eating pizza in the Main Place Mall Food Court (where the hell was my camera at the time?) I apologize for the rough transitions and the poor graphics in this clip. However, I'm sure regular readers of this blog have become used to them by now.

In all seriousness, I can tell you Tim Kennedy does not represent you or I. He represents Brian Higgins and a select group of union members. He recently supported Byron Brown over South Buffalo resident Mickey Kearns because he was told to do so. He has no mind of his own as you will soon see. Both Kearns and Mark Schroeder have chosen not to back Kennedy as his association with the notoriously corrupt Pigeon has people questioning his motives and integrity.

WIVB Crime Reports Link

Many people seem to like the crime reports we get from Brian Strobele of the Buffalo Police Department. I will still be posting it weekly. However, I recently came across a link that gives you up to the minute reports of crimes going on near your house. All you have to do is go to the link and print out your city and zip code. It's pretty interesting. I will also be putting the link on my second website (the one with all the interesting deals and links). Here is the crime reports link from WIVB:

Cejka is Coming Back on the Air-Good Move by Channel 4

I'm glad they're letting Mike Cejka back on the air. If Scott Norwood can be forgiven in this town, so can Cejka. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. The guy is one of the few weathermen in WNY that presents the weather without trying to be a B level comedian.

I wish channel 4 would pull a "Pontius Pilot" and sacrifice Don Paul "the foul ball" for Cejka's misgiving. Cejka can be the Barabas that gets forgiven by the people and Paul can be taken off the airwaves indefinitely. As I said the first day it was reported, as long as Paul is at channel 4, Cejka's not even the weirdest guy in his own studio.

Cejka going back on the air Tuesday : Latest Local News : The Buffalo News

Robertson and Limbaugh Respond to Haiti in Typical Fashion

Every time there is an international tragedy, someone says something utterly ridiculous. On Haiti, Pat Robertson reportedly said the earthquake was a result of a "pact with the devil." Yea. That's what it was. I'm convinced Robertson's 700 Club is the combined IQ of the people watching his show.

Not to be outdone, Rush Limbaugh urged people on his radio show not to donate to the Haitian relief effort, somehow trying to tie it in to President Obama. It's become so common for these two to put their feet into their mouth I'm surprised a word hasn't been invented in their honor. When someone says something so over the top that it borders on ridiculous, they should call it pulling a "Robertson"or a "Limbaugh."

Are these two imbeciles just trying to get their names out in the national media or could they possibly be this ignorant?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pink Snow in Babcock Could Be Algae (Blogger's Opinion)

I read about this recently on a site I follow called Pink snow fell in the Philadelphia area just like we had in Buffalo. Some kid came out of his house and informed the scientists that he had looked it up on the internet. He believed it was due to an algae called chlamydomonas nivalis, more commonly known as watermelon snow. Later, scientists verified his claim.Could someone forward this article to the people investigating the pink snow in Buffalo? It sounds very similar to me but Buffalo's could also be from a company.
That's what I like about city neighborhoods. If this had happened in Orchard Park, there would be a town meeting called. The DEC would be called in to investigate. Schools would be closed and they'd be talking about making their kids wear surgical masks before they go outside. In Babcock, it was just a typical Wednesday. As long as the pink snow didn't affect Bingo at the community center, nobody really cared.