Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hollywood cops

The Hollywood cops joined Erie County Executive Chris Collins in holding a news conference this week, where they informed the general public they would be doing their jobs???...

Also playing a major role in the anti-DWI effort are state police, who have made 306 drunken-driving arrests this year in Erie County.

“We intend to make the Thruway a safer place to travel through diligent enforcement of the DWI laws,” State Police Capt. Michael Nigrelli said. “We ask that everyone make the lifesaving decision this holiday season to not drink and drive.”

On other area roadways in the county, Nigrelli said troopers will be conducting “roving saturation patrols and checkpoints in an attempt to keep the roads safe for all of our families.”

Nigrelli is clearly campaigning for some sort of political post. If he goes three days without being on television or radio, it is surprising. Most of the great cops I know simply do their jobs in a quiet manner, try to help people, and then go home to their families. They don't like to be around news cameras.

Everyone knows drinking and driving is a crime. Just enforce the law. There is no need to have a self-promoting infomercial, just so you can rush home and see how good you look on television. Don't worry. Everyone you went to grammar school with knows you passed the state police exam and made your phone calls. Congratulations. All we're asking you to do is arrest the criminals. Buffalo is a small town and the word will get out fast if you're good at your job.We really don't need to see or hear you on television.

Agencies to target drunken drivers during holidays - City & Region - The Buffalo News


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