Friday, December 17, 2010

Mall Santas

Sometimes,there's nothing creepier than a mall santa...

Here, you have the child molester. Look at santa's right hand. No wonder the kid is crying.
sketchy santa fails - Whatcha Doin' With That Hand?

Drunken, passed out in his own vomit Santa. This one's just gross...
sketchy santa fails - C'mon Santa Let's Go Home, You've Had Enough

Crystal meth Santa. Time for rehab...
sketchy santa fails - Moments Before Disaster

The best part about this picture is the kid really seems to think he's in the presence of the real Santa. Maybe he is. Who am I to judge?
sketchy santa fails - Everything's Cooler At The North Pole

Here we have the peek sneaking perverted Santa.
sketchy santa fails - Sneakin' A Peek

Rough night yesterday?
sketchy santa fails - SAVE THE CHILDREN!
The santa most likely to be a computer specialist during the week...
sketchy santa fails - Santa Bomb!

Finally, we have white trash Santa. He's dressed as Santa but that didn't stop this guy from having a beer in his right hand and a cigarette in his left, while talking to a four year old...
sketchy santa fails - Kid + Santa + Beer + Smokes = Bad Idea

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