Monday, June 29, 2009

Girls Travel Soccer

I was just thinking about our girls travel soccer program. We've been very lucky to have great support from all the players and parents. Unfortunately, people only end up hearing the negative stuff sometimes from me. However, from our first year until now, it's been nothing but positive from everyone. Honestly, the cooperation I've received to try and get things done has exceeded my expectations.
I'm considering stepping aside (after the summer and after getting new uniforms). My uncertain work future and health issues are the main reasons. It doesn't have anything to do with any kind of disputes with anybody. In most other areas, I'd just be a coach for one team. However, as a former serious player, I saw a greater need to do more in S Bflo. At our last tournament, I saw great support from the parents. We have a large group of people that are willing to cooperate to keep improving girls soccer in S Bflo. My decision might change. Not sure yet. I like reffing. Like coaching. But kind of losing desire to organize, etc.

Friday, June 26, 2009

S Bflo resident of privilege given job as Mychajliw's assistant

The Buffalo Board of Education recently gave a job to a S Bflo resident as the assistant to Stefan Mychajliw. Mychajliw had been added a short time ago as a spokesperson to Superintendent James Williams. Now the spokesperson needs an assistant? The job was given to Erin Comerford of the entitled Comerford family. So now when they tell you Byron Brown has been good for the city, you know they mean good for the Comerfords.

I spoke to the assistant superintendent James Kane on the phone. He told me Comerford was working on her PHD. This was a blatent lie. Comerford actually has just recently applied for the test to get into a PHD program. I guess the facts don't matter much when you are born with a silver spoon in your mouth. Instead of an assistant to Mychajliw, how about hiring a teacher to teach some of these students how to read? Congratulations to James Kane and the Comerfords: working together to help further their families at everyone else's expense.

The King of Pop

Michael Jackson was definitely a strange guy. I know I'm going out on a limb with that one. However, I do remember going to his concert in Rich Stadium in 1984. He was a great performer. We paid like $15 for tickets off of a scalper. The next night we tried to go again and tickets were going for over $150. Here is a pepsi commercial. Great 80s images here. I'm not sure if this is the one where he almost burned to death by igniting his scalp???

Thursday, June 18, 2009

positive news

I was over by Seneca St. this afternoon. I like the work done around St Theresa's Church. Tops has done a nice job fixing up the B-Kwik store. It's good to see a Tim Hortons over there. The ice cream shop is a nice family owned business and the McCarthy family has always been very good to the neighborhood. The whole block looks like a decent neighborhood should. The area is well lit at night and the stores all have very good signs. It looks so much better than a few years back. It's just tough when the homes on many of the surrounding streets are not owner occupied but there are still many great families over there.

on last night's news

In addition to the $80,000/year and the $25,000 for the phony committees, the state Senators and Assembleymen (including Mark Schroeder) also receive a $160 "per diem" check. So in addition to their outrageous part time salary, they also receive $160 each day for food and lodging. Are you kidding me? Mark Schroeder is always telling people to shop in their neighborhood. How many of us in "the neighborhood" earn this kind of money? It's time to go. He's had long enough to start reform if he really wanted to. Bill Stachowski, our state Senator, has a record of 28 years with no accomplishments in the Senate. Without trying to be funny, I honestly feel Stachowski is borderline disabled. These two are walking advertisements for the need for term limits. Remember, they don't want you to know how much money they are taking from our pockets.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Residency for Buffalo Public Schools

The residency policy for the Buffalo Public Schools teachers and administrators is of great concern to me. From what I'm told, with the exception of Math and Special Education, all teachers and administrators are supposed to be city residents. The reason those two subjects are exempt is because there is a great need for more teachers in those areas.

A friend of mine used a freedom of information request and found that several of the most recent hirees in the physical education department were suburban residents. This would be surprising if it wasn't for the fact that Dave Thomas, director of physical education in Buffalo, along with his wife, is a resident of East Amherst. His wife is the principal at South Park High School.

We've worked like crazy for 18 years to see our city girls finally become competitive against some of the wealthiest suburban areas in WNY. I know it is tough since there are many obstacles facing the city children. However, the record of the Buffalo Public School teams in sectional games is atrocious. Recently, for example McKinley and Hutch Tech lost in the first round of the baseball tournament by scores close to 11-1. This is unacceptable. Sadly, this is a common result with the only exception being boys basketball. The girls sports teams in the Buffalo Public Schools are not taken seriously by the administration. They are a disaster. Many of you with daughters in our soccer program will find this out firsthand if they end up going to a Buffalo Public School. I'm not knocking the schools themselves as I consider City Honors, Hutch Tech, and Da Vinci to be good schools.With it being 2009, you would think this would change.

It's funny how these people are so dedicated to city children, yet they don't want to live next door to them. I've lived in the city for 37 years, coached city athletes for 18 years, and couldn't even get an interview in Buffalo with a master's degree. Fortunately, I went out and found something else on my own. The only way a Buffalo resident can get looked at in the Buffalo Schools system is if they are part of one of the "entitled" families. That's ok, though. This issue of residency is being closely monitered and there will be an update in the near future. Dave Thomas ,you are welcome to come back and live amongst us.