Saturday, December 11, 2010

Murder defendant rips judge in Niagara County

If you're a defendant in a murder trial, it's probably not a good idea to rip the judge right before sentencing. 19 year old Anthony Allen, convicted of murdering 24 year old group home worker Renee Greco, did just that against the advice of his attorneys...

"Your actions are worse than most of the people who you sentence in this courtroom on a regular basis. You made the changes that you did so that you could have the satisfaction to sentence an innocent man to 25 years to life on television. But it doesn't matter to you whether I'm guilty or not as long as you get the privilege to be heard and seen. You disgrace the title "honorable" and you don't deserve to have it in front of your name," said Allen.

Judge Sperrazza responded by sentencing him to 25-years to life.

The young man is actually a very articulate speaker, which makes it sad that he chose the path he did in life. He and another defendant murdered Greco in cold blood to cover up a $160 theft. I still find it hard to believe that the agency left Greco alone to supervise violent criminals...

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