Monday, December 27, 2010

Blue Film Special

If I was Mr. KMart, I wouldn't give this family anything. They're upset because their 9 year old daughter turned on her new (used) DVD player and it had a Kama Sutra sex CD in it...

Two Los Lunas parents said they are shocked after their 9-year-old daughter found a Kama Sutra movie in the DVD player that she got for Christmas.The child was frightened after plugging in her supposedly new DVD player for the first time.

Does anybody really care? It was obviously an accident. Now, they are disclosing their identity and playing the role of the victim. It's real easy to explain. Someone left the tape in by accident. Let's go watch ICarly, now. End of conversation.

"It is Kmart's fault for having the movie in there. If it was a return, they should've checked the merchandise before putting it back on the shelf," said the mother.The 9-year-old's parents said they bought the DVD player to restrict the sorts of things their children watch."You can't undo the images, and who knows where it leads from here," said the girl's father.

It shouldn't lead to anywhere. It should be over with. Unfortunately, we all know exactly where it's going to lead to-an unnecessary, frivolous lawsuit. We got a blue light special in aisle seven. Two crazy, religious parents with both their hands out...

Kama Sutra DVD Found In Girl's Christmas Gift - Albuquerque News Story - KOAT Albuquerque

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