Friday, April 30, 2010

Schroeder calls Silver ‘obstructionist’ on UB’s 2020 program : State : The Buffalo News

I wish more people from the Western New York delegation would speak out against Sheldon Silver. Mark Schroeder recently labeled Silver an obstructionist for killing a plan to help the expansion efforts at UB. Joe Bruno is awaiting a jail cell and hopefully, his partner in crime Silver will not be too far behind. They should give those two and the governor their own cell so they can really be the "three men in a room." From the news article:

“If the speaker is not being an obstructionist, he should bring the bill to the floor for a full house vote,” Schroeder said.
In Buffalo, it is seen as benefiting the downtown health corridor. UB has said its plans will create nearly 7,000 jobs.

It is clear Silver's interests lie in Manhattan. He probably couldn't find Buffalo on a map yet he has considerable influence over the lives of all Western New Yorkers. It's time for him to go. We need to send this clown packing. Just look at the picture of this freak.

More than 40 Democrats have pledged to support the Higher Education Empowerment and Innovation Act, he said, and Republicans have told him they can provide 38 votes — enough to pass the legislation if brought to the floor.
Silver and other Democrats from New York City oppose the measure, which will largely help the upstate-based SUNY system, Schroeder said.

Western New York gets screwed over again because it's needs don't fit in with the needs of New York city politicians. Sheldon Silver should be put in Attica.
Schroeder calls Silver ‘obstructionist’ on UB’s 2020 program : State : The Buffalo News

Dale Volker's retiring: good riddance bohunk.

Dale Vulture resigned from office today saying he has "no regrets". Western NY residents have had 38 years of regrets, the number of years Vulture has preyed on our wallets. In fact, since 1944, Vulture's family has held this seat for all but six years. They got a lot done, didn't they?

The worst political commercial I ever saw was Volker's two years ago where he was at some picnic telling stooges, "I'll get back to you!" Volker is also famous for opposing the removal of the thruway tolls, yet having the nerve to show up and take credit for their removal. Maybe he is most famous for calling some protester a bohunk. I guess it's a derogatory term in some parts of Depew? Don't ask me to explain it.
Vulture, please promise we will never see your kids' or grandchildrens' name attached to anything in Western NY unless it is a bowling alley in Riverside. Go enjoy the nice pension you stole from Western New York taxpayers and move to Florida like all the other bloodsucking bohunks.
With 'no regrets,' Volker announces retirement : Albany : The Buffalo News

Thursday, April 29, 2010

New police chief at South District

Byron Brown must have heard that Brian Strobele was doing a great job and didn't want it to affect his reputation of being a lackluster mayor. Strobele was let go yesterday sending shock waves throughout the block club community. From the Buffalo News:

Meanwhile, the president of a citywide coalition of block clubs said she is bitterly disappointed that the mayor has demoted South District Police Chief Brian S. Strobele. Brown has named Patrick M. Pascall chief. Linda J. Freidenberg, president of the Board of Block Clubs, called Strobele’s demotion “a big mistake” and “a few steps backward in the development of good crime-prevention practices in Buffalo.” Strobele returned to his lieutenant’s post.
“Every block club in South Buffalo loved him,” Freidenberg told The Buffalo News. “He went out of his way to help us.”
While Freidenberg doesn’t know Pascall, she said, she believes that the mayor should have followed the adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Patrick Pascall is a good man. I know him and his brother Mike is in line to be our next Lieutenant Governor. I wish him well. This isn't meant to be any knock on him. For those of you who don't know, Brian Strobele sends me the popular South District crime reports that I republish each week in this blog. It would be great if Pascall can continue sending this information out as I think people appreciate knowing who is committing crimes and where they are committing them. The report the city sends out is not even close in detail to what Strobele sent out. If Pascall can't do it, perhaps he can appoint someone under him to do so. In any event, it would be great if these reports could continue. I wish Pat Pascall luck and I'd like to thank Brian for the great work he did over there the last few years.
Brown is on the defensive for demoting 2 police chiefs : City & Region : The Buffalo News
Here is the email Strobele sent out to block club leaders and crackpots such as myself:
Thank-you to everyone for all the great thoughts and well wishes,it means a lot to me.
I just want to let everyone know that 2 1/2 years ago the Mayor took a chance on me and gave me a very important job in the Buffalo Police dept .I had never even met the Mayor in person before the job offer or made any Political donation to him. I did after I was hired,I felt it was what I needed to do
I gratefully excepted the position as Chief of A District and did my best,also knowing that is was never Political.The last year was very difficult for me,trying to run a District with an election between Councilman Kearns and the mayor.
I did my best to balance the City of Buffalo's wishes as well as do my best for the councilman and issues he needed within the district.,also with all 4 of the Councilman in the A District..
I am disappointed that I had to step down,but I am not mad. I enjoyed the job very much and was very fortunate to have the opportunity of a lifetime that most will never experience.
It was also very tough on the staff at A District. I went from a Lieutenant in Communications to being in charge of a District and trying to run things as smooth as possible.
Councilman Kearns is a great man and he is doing a wonderful job and I hope he continues for many years to come.My support stayed with Mayor Brown because of my appointment. I never made it personal.
Whatever the reason for my removal,I will always be grateful for the chance to run the District,to have met so many wonderful people that care about this great City of Buffalo, without all of you this City would be done.Keep up all your hard work.

Brian Strobele

I will not be involved in any crime stats,maybe the new Chief will.

Nushawn Williams: Family Man?

Looks like Nushawn Williams went on Extreme Makeover. The one man AIDS epidemic now wants to get out of prison so he's going with the cleancut look. Williams infected at least 13 and as many as 50 young women in the Jamestown area and now wants to be given another chance. His wife, Mrs. Nushawn, says:

"He's not that kind of person. He won't infect anyone else," Nina Williams said after her husband's brief appearance in State Supreme Court in Buffalo.
Portraying him as a family man, the Virginia woman and her husband's mother, Denise Williams, said he is anxious to be set free and join them and his four children.

She saves her best line for last:

"I feel they should let him go. He did his time," Nina Williams said. "We have four children, and I'm infected, but he wasn't the one who did it."

Hahahahaha! Now that's romantic, but I got a better idea. They are so completely full of crap. If Nushawn is let out, he will continue to infect more unsuspecting women. How bout we keep him locked up for another 100 years and then think about it?
HIV predator's sentence done, he aims to be set free : Southern Tier : The Buffalo News

DNA exonerates Rochester man

A strange story unfolding out of Rochester. Frank Sterling was released from prison after serving 18 years. DNA on 74 year old murder victim Viola Manville matched that of Mark Christie. Christie was already in prison for the murder of 4 year old Kali Poulton. Check out the mullet on Christie. I think he looks like Francis Buxton III from Pee Wee's Big Adventure. Seriously, I would have no problem with guards if they "accidentally" put Christie in the prison's general population. I hear the inmates there are very receptive to child murderers with oversized mullets...

Wake up sleepyhead

Some say I sound angry on this blog. I have to tell you, it couldn't be further from the truth. I learned a long time ago, you make your own breaks in life. I would never let any of these clowns get me down.

Penniless? Maybe. Angry? No way. When I go to bed at night, I know I've done everything in my power to expose these greedy bastards and I know it's driving them crazy. Of course, none of them even know where to find me to confront me so they go to friends and relatives and harrass them. I'm out in the community several nights a week with the people. Why would I expect the entitled to know where the people congregate?

Angry? I couldn't be more happy. This blog will continue to go out to thousands each month. I promise you, I will always be one step ahead of these fools. I believe many people are on my side and they know this. Louie, whoever you are. Thanks for this photo documenting Brian Higgins' 7 long years in Washington. Remember what my good friend Ghandi once said, "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, and then YOU win. I wonder if Ghandi had a blog???

Thanks for the pic brother Louie...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Standoff on Koester St.

Yellow crime tape was everywhere in the Durant park neighborhood. People were walking around with rifles. Parents barricaded their children in their houses and were afraid to let them go out and play. And that was last week.

Today, there was a standoff on Koester St. involving a man with several guns. Fortunately, it ended peacefully and the distraught man was taken to ECMC for observation...

The standoff ended peacefully after the Buffalo Police used a rare negotiation ploy. They showed the gunman never before seen footage of police spokesman Mike DeGeorge talking about his days at Sports Extra. When the man understandably fell asleep, he was easily apprehended by police.

Buffalo Police vs Buffalo Parking Enforcement

Parking enforcement in the city of Buffalo is a complete joke. Everyone knows that, and it's a major reason people avoid going downtown. (That, and the only stores left sell inner city street gear.) I'm sure there is probably more going on than they mention in this article. The police are upset because the rent a cop parking enforcers are ticketing their private cars downtown in front of police headquarters.The rent a cops probably got their orders from mayor Steve Casey. Who knows?

Apparently, the police are now going around trying to ticket the parking enforcers for seat belt violations! These people act like they are still in high school. If I was a cop and I read the article in today's paper, I'd be personally embarrassed. You got people breaking into legally parked cars left and right and you're spending your time playing high school games with the parking cops?

I worked downtown for six years. The parking cops are out of control. Half the meters are broken yet they constantly give out tickets in an overzealous manner. Someone parked in front of a fire hydrant deserves a ticket. However, in other close cases, they should give the car owner the benefit of the doubt, and they don't. I tried to fight a parking ticket once. The meter was broken. I went before one of the LoTempio political flunkies and of course I didn't stand a chance. Parking downtown is a big money grab for all the crooks in city hall. It's just funny to hear the police say they are short on manpower yet they have the time to drive around and engage in this type of petty behavior. How about going after the people downtown that are committing real crimes on a daily basis? I could tell you the exact locations where the smash and grabbers operate. If the police officers lived in Buffalo, they might be more concerned about quality of life issues. Lots of comments underneath this article...
Parking enforcers cry foul as cops get even : Home: The Buffalo News

I'm not the only one who feels this way. Here is a good letter from today's paper on the same topic:

It’s nice to sever ties with City of Buffalo

I left the city that I once loved 16 years ago, having become fed up with an incompetent City Hall and feeling I had become the prey of City Hall, having been repeatedly ticketed five minutes after alternate parking went into effect on the West Side.

I finally have severed my only link to the city. I sold the property I used to live in, now a rental property, for $55,000, after years of fighting with the city over its tax assessment, last at $120,000. Perhaps the city will reimburse me for the excessive taxes I paid over many years, but I won’t hold my breath.
I’m not complaining, mind you. It’s worth it to never have to deal with the City of Buffalo again.
Gary Waldman
West Valley

Grand Island Bridge

I'll bet you there were lots of unhappy motorists today in Grand Island. From what I hear, the afternoon commute is no picnic either. They are fining the contractors $125,000 for each day of this nonsense. I'm glad I live South of downtown. What a nightmare...

Contractor faces $125,000 fine for South Grand Island Bridge delays

A contractor working to replace the deck of the northbound South Grand Island Bridge faces a $125,000 fine for delays in reopening the bridge to traffic today.
Thomas Pericak, director of the Buffalo Division of the New York Thruway Authority, said a series of problems during the overnight construction work caused the bridge to remain closed this morning past a 6 a.m. deadline.
The bridge is now slated to reopen at about 4 p.m., Pericak said.
Contractor American Bridge Co. faces a fine of $500 per minute for the first 30 minutes past 6 a.m. that the bridge remains closed. After that, the fine increases to $1,000 per minute, but maxes out at $125,000 per day under its contract, Pericak said.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Grover Cleveland

Grover Cleveland's grandson was here as his grandfather was honored with a wooden statue at his namesake's high school in Buffalo. No word yet on whether any of the students burned it down yet. On a side note, three out of four students had previously thought Grover Cleveland was a backup Wide Receiver for the Buffalo Bills...

Grover Cleveland's kin seeks roots, finds a family tree
Buffalo high school honors a favorite son

By Tom Buckham

Posing beside the wood carving of Grover Cleveland, his elbow resting on the top hat cradled in the statue's right arm, George Cleveland bore a strong resemblance to his grandfather — right down to the full, drooping mustache.
The New Hampshire resident was revisiting his ancestral roots Monday to help dedicate the lacquered likeness of the 22nd and 24th president — the only one to serve split terms — at Grover Cleveland High School.

Letters to the editor- voter angst

Three letters of disgust in today's paper... People are finally starting to get fed up. Maybe something drastic is going to happen soon. I'm waiting for some organized egg throwing at these clowns and their goofy followers.

Dysfunction in Albany is destroying New York

When I was in high school in the late ’60s, in Colorado, my teacher would read stories in civics class about Jimmy Hoffa and New York politics. I remember the class laughing and thinking that he must be making up these maniacal stories. Two years ago I moved back to Western New York to be near my children. Some of my high school friends are still laughing about the boondoggle in Albany last year when Pedro Espada switched parties and put the Senate in turmoil not for a day, not for a week, but for a month. He returned to his original party only when the party made him Senate majority leader and gave his son a six-figure job, which he was not qualified for and eventually quit.

Even Sen. Dale Volker was quoted in this newspaper, “There has never been a time in my career that has ever been more dysfunctional.” Volker spends more money running his office each year ($1.5 million) than an average teacher will make in 32 years. I am a retired teacher and I pay four times the state income taxes in New York than in Colorado. The corruption in Albany is disgraceful. Why anyone would vote for an incumbent is an enigma to me. Since New York does not require an ID to vote, I am sure there are many dead New Yorkers still voting. I do believe that if we voted out the incumbents, Albany couldn’t be nearly as dysfunctional and corrupt. Please keep that in mind in November.
Doug Dolan

Don’t let incumbents run for office unchallenged

The News’ lead story on April 21 is that there is no one in Western New York who will step up to run against the sorry group of incumbents who purport to represent us. I never expected proud Western New Yorkers to be afraid to even get into a fight. This is about freedom. Weren’t you paying attention as the smug, sorry local representatives were on TV laughing and joking as they clamped down on our freedoms? Somebody step up and run! Where is a Jack Kemp-type when we need one?
Diane Harrington

Patronage abounds at Water Authority

Imagine that, Water Authority commissioner candidates are more politically qualified than professionally qualified. Every time The News prints these literary marvels of political patronage “puke fests,” it should be required to paste the face of the offenders also. I would pray that the public, as well as God, sees all. Maybe I could get the commissioner’s job? I fixed a plumbing leak once or twice. Or does that make me overqualified?

Frank Kolbmann

Kid's Day at Buffalo News

Kid's Day is the time when people risk their lives standing in busy intersections to sell the Buffalo News. My favorite Kid's Day memory involves former South District councilmember Mary Martino. A friend of mine was volunteering in 2001 selling newspapers. Martino waddled out of her car, took a quick snapshot holding up a paper, and then waddled back into her car. Class act. It took a few years for people to catch on to her pathetic act but at least most normal people did catch on.

This cavewoman cared so much about the city that she couldn't wait to move to Angola, NY soon after she lost to Griffin. She went to Brian Higgins and company and landed a job with the United Way. Whenever they call and ask for a donation, I tell them sure, as soon as you stop hiring chain-smoking political rejects.

Monday, April 26, 2010

4-5 yr old clinic a great success

Thursday will be our last day for the 4/5 yr old clinic. I think the kids had a great time and the adults certainly had a great time watching them. These are some future stars for South Buffalo Soccer. We sat them on the dividing wall for a picture. Unfortunately, my camera was only able to catch half of them at a time. I want to thank the adults who helped move the equipment every week as well as Arielle Brown, Colleen Finn, and Jessica Coia for their great help with the players. These three girls are all 10 and 11 years old. They were there every week as instructors. All three were a tremendous help.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kennedy-Stachowski debate

When Tim Kennedy and Bill Stachowski meet for a debate it's going to be quite the meeting of the minds. How anyone could vote for either one of them (unless they are related to or stand to gain financially from one of them) is beyond me. Neither one has ever been confused with a rocket scientist. Here's a preview of their future debate:


Knock knock! Who's there?

Whatever happened to ringing someone's doorbell and running away or simply having pizzas delivered to their house? Phillip Conran,A 42 year old unemployed cook in Connecticut, posted an explicit ad on Craigslist pretending to be a female neighbor with whom he had been feuding. He put up a cropped topless photo and called it Looking for Lust. At least six guys showed up to her house and several others circled the block. Police raided the suspect's house and found six gerbils and a life sized cutout of David Hasselhoff. (I made that part up).

Chef Boyardee will now be looking for lust in the Connecticut State prison system:

Saturday, April 24, 2010

u12s win league championship game

Our u12 girls team, pictured here, defeated Amherst today 3-2 to win the 12 and under division at the Epic Center Sports and Fun Center. Alyssa Siracuse scored two goals including the game winner with 30 seconds left. Erin Webster had a great assist on the game winning goal. Abbie Krug scored the other goal. Jenna Sczopinski led the defense and rookie goalie Victoria Erdolino was terrific in goal to preserve the victory. Here is a clip taken right after the game. Their picture, along with our u14s picture, will now go up on the famed Epic Center wall. I hope they've saved a lot of space for our girls for future years. Numbers wise the South Buffalo girls belong to the smallest club in the league. However, the city girls obviously know what it takes to compete:

Doctor letter was a fake and my brother Pat report that the Sean Doctor letter in today's Buffalo News was a fake. They had a few people fooled, myself included, with their clever practical joke. What a childish and ridiculous prank. Why didn't I think of it first? Here is the fake letter from today's paper:

Buffalo firefighters need to stick together

Since starting at the Fire Department, I’ve always worked two full-time jobs. During that time, certain chiefs tried to hold me back. Now they know what it feels like to have money taken from them. If it’s not the chiefs, it’s City Hall holding me back. Enough is enough. Can I get my donation back from Mayor Byron Brown?

Now that we are all back on the same team, we should stick together. This should be an eye-opener to certain officers in our department. Let us do what we have to to make ends meet. I was always part of a team. People should not take it personally that I am willing to work hard.

Sean Doctor
Buffalo Fire Department Buffalo

Friday, April 23, 2010

Craigslist part II

Holy roller agrees to buy a computer off Craigslist. Meets seller at WalMart parking lot in Lockport. The guy points a gun to his head and demands $1,000.00. A few other people in the parking lot see them wrestling and beat up the 103lb. suspect, who happens to bear a strange resemblance to Alfred E. Newman.

On the bright side, he says his new computer is working really well and he is going to give the seller a high rating, except in the area of customer service...

Man tries to sell two kids on Craigslist

Brockport guy says his ad was just a joke. Good one. Ranks right up there with yelling fire in a crowded theatre. I don't know what happened. It was a great joke. Unfortunately, the people from Child Protective Services didn't find it as amusing...

Bills shock everyone with draft pick today...

So much for taking high character guys. Have you seen this guy's rap sheet?...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Casey's garbage games

Instead of looking inside city hall to save money, Buffalo Mayor Steve Casey has instead directed his efforts towards the garbagemen. I can tell you this. Garbage is a tough job. I worked as a seasonal garbageman in the pre-tote era. These guys work in all sorts of weather and have to deal with getting stuck with needles or having objects fly out of the trucks at them. It is a dangerous job at times.They do more work in 5 hours than most people in city hall do all day.

This is what will happen. Casey will crack down and come up with "reforms" in the sanitation department. The reforms will last for a few months and then everything will go back to normal (because workers will not lift garbage for 7 hours per day). I do agree with Casey that the workers should be more careful about leaving garbage out on the street as well as totes.

I know everyone would love to work a shorter day but very few people could do the work the garbagemen do day in and day out. I hear the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority just hired Crystal Peoples' husband (who also happens to be Leonard Stokes' uncle) as their new "crime prevention specialist." No word on whether Mayor Casey is as outraged over this obvious waste of taxpayers' money.

City aims to revise garbage routes, increase efficiency : City Hall : The Buffalo News

The superintendent who cried wolf

Buffalo schools superintendent James Williams must have a short memory. Doesn't he remember when Western New Yorkers laughed Joel Giambra off the local political stage when he came up with his infamous red budget/green budget? Giambra was full of crap and so is Williams. Williams says the city might have to lay off 700 employees (200 teachers) in his worst case scenerio/I'm completely bluffing proposed budget.

My message to Dr. Williams remains the same. Don't talk about layoffs. Do them! Until then, most people will simply view it as another empty threat by you. Still no response from Dr. Williams on Councilman Kearns' request for a list of administrative salaries at the Buffalo Board of Patronage, err, I mean Education. I wonder what they are trying to hide over there.

These big city superintendents are like bad NFL coaches that keep getting recycled and rewarded for their incompetence. Many teachers are starting to read this site, Big Daddy. If you want to start with layoffs, you might want to consider Buffalo's highest paid residency violator James Kane or Jim Comerford's daughter and the no-show job you created for her. You keep coming with the idle threats and I'll keep exposing them for what they are...
'Worst-case' city school budget would lay off 700 : City & Region : The Buffalo News
Here are some comments under the story:
-Williams has a new Executive Assistant who is paid 73k per year. In addition to hiring a PR person to the tune of 70 or 80k per year. Lets start cutting that fat before we take teachers out of classrooms and aides off buses. What happened to going back to neighborhood schools? That would save the district about 40 million. Not to mention eliminating the problems that arise on the buses. There is no reason to bus students all over the city.
-This fool, Williams, proposes cutting 200 teachers and 500 other employees but only 5 administrators? He needs to be taken back to the woodshed. He is the main problem with the BPS system, not the teachers.
-How about the 4 community superintendents whose salaries total half a million dollars ? What about the 7 salary "cabinet" to the superintendent ?
-They are hiding tons of administrators that are teachers that do not teach any kids. They use to house them off of Babcock street.Keep the teachers in the classrooms. Open more charter schools.
-"Can someone explain to me why teachers have a cosmetic rider?
"High School boys like big boobs.
-Todays parents want public schools to be orphanages. Private schools and porochial schools make it mandatory that parents participate in school/teacher/parent programs, otherwise their kids are kicked out and go to public schools.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jim Kelly's first game as a Buffalo Bill

One of the things I miss about my old job is talking to the clients about things. One of my old clients, Scott, was a huge sports fan. Every winter, we would talk about hockey. Every fall, we would talk football. He often said he hated the Bills but always seemed to bring them up. We had an ongoing debate for years regarding Jim Kelly's first game as a Bill against the New York Jets.

This was the game where the referee (Ben Dright) tried to make a call in which Kelly and a New York Jet Defensive Lineman got into a fight. Bills fans were probably shocked to see their quarterback fighting with a lineman. Dright called a 15 yard penalty against the Jet for "giving Kelly the business".

Scott swore for years that it was Mark Gastineau, then changed it to Joe Klecko. I told Scott I was pretty sure it was #93 Marty Lyons. Scott finally decided to end the debate when Kelly had an autograph session recently at the Boulevard Mall for Hunter's Hope. He showed up for the session with all his Miami Dolphins gear on to ask Kelly himself. I didn't expect him to call me while he was at the table talking to Kelly. This is the actual message he left me that day...

Marilla Street Stud

Congratulations to Barry Reiss who got married over the weekend. Mr. Reiss, pictured here with his much younger new bride, is affectionately known as the "Larry King of Buffalo". Hopefully, this bride will work out better than the last one (whom he ordered through the mail from the former Soviet Republic of Belarus). Can you say restraining order?

Toxic Tifft Farms

Here is some more footage I collected today next to the Union Ship Canal. I'm still trying to find out who owns the land. The politicians have been shown the tape. Next step is to contact some of the news media. Here is some asbestos along with countless tires along a dirt road. The next clip is a body of water filled with tires and aspestos. At the top is a sign I encountered while walking. I'm not sure if it's publicly or privately owned land. Anyone's information would be greatly appreciated.

Congressmen face little or no opposition

The founding fathers are probably rolling over in their graves. We have the health care crises, high taxes, ridiculous spending, and a different scandal every week. Yet, the system is set up to protect the incumbants. They set up their districts so that they are party friendly. They pay off big groups and certain political hacks. Our own Brian Higgins pays Rick Finnigan $20,000/year to collect signatures for him and put up signs. He has Bonnie "Garbage Tax" Lockwood as an $80,000 secretary while you and I struggle to pay our bills.

Despite serious problems in our region for decades, all three congressional representatives will face little or no opposition this fall. If the system was fair, there would be someone willing to run. Unfortunately, it will take something very serious to change this.

House in disrepute, but area incumbents have little to fear : Home: The Buffalo News

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Letter to the editor- teacher residency

Last week, Buffalo school boaed member Catherine Nugent Panepinto, no relation to Ted Nugent Panepinto, said the city should do away with residency requirements for teachers. Panepinto said the city should instead "encourage" potential teachers to "want to live in Buffalo".

You might remember the last time Panepinto was in the news. Before her district issued laptop computer was to be checked for abuse violations, she went out and had it professionally "scrubbed". Thus, the public never got the chance to see all the naked midget wrestling websites Panepinto had visited. Panepinto is pandering to former city residents, now living in the suburbs trying to get their kids teaching jobs in the city. There are no shortage of qualified city residents looking to teach in Buffalo. If a person doesn't want to live next door to the poor, why would we hire them to teach the poor? School board president Ralph Pornandez could not be reached to comment on this story.

Don’t make exceptions for city residency rule
April 20, 2010, 12:30 am

In response to School Board Member Catherine Nugent Panepinto’s request to consider using incentives to persuade employees to live in the city, how about this for incentive: You get to keep your job! A rule is a rule. The exceptions are ridiculous. If school employees get an out, so should everyone.

Cindy Becker
Town of Tonawanda

Harika! I think I've found it

I liked it better when the Why Guy was on too early in the morning for us to watch his stupid stories. Here's a story on 2 year old Harika, who is very good at Geography. Nice kid. But how do you say shut the hell up in Pakistani? As a blogger, I wonder if I'm considered a member of the lower caste? Next week, channel two will do a follow up story on the methods Harika's family uses to beat, I mean teach, her geography.

Corruption is alive and well at the Water Authority

We keep hearing how broke Erie County is. Then, we find out the blowhard commisioner of the Water Authority, Frank Swiatek, created a $300,000 golden parachute for the executive director Robert Mendez(were he to be fired). What a joke. I read in the paper how board candidate John ODonnell was proud of his family's years of "public service". Public service? Is that what you call raping the taxpayers for five generations? How about public disservice? Go away, nerd. Watch Buffalo attorney John Elmore in this clip. The channel 2 reporter asks the candidates basic questions from the authority's website. Elmore refuses to be interviewed and tries the old trick of continually pressing the elevator button (in hopes that it will arrive quicker). The worst might be Swiatek who looks very confused when confronted with basic questions. Keep in mind, he's a current board member.Talk about corruption in WNY. Look at these quasi-government agencies. The Water Authority, Thruway Authority, Sewer Authority, etc.

crime stats 4/12-4/18

Monday April 12th

1 Cazenovia park---larceny---known person stole skateboard.
125 Fredro--Burglary--cash stolen.
128 Cambria--Garage Burglary--from Oct 09 to April 2010 --unknown persons stole snowblower and mower.
462 Elk-larceny--2 hubcaps stolen off van.
92 Norman--larceny from a car--Garmin-GPS,IPod,Cobra Radar detector stolen.
39 Mt Vernon--larceny--license plate stolen.
39 Mt Vernon--larceny--Ipod touch stolen by known person.
33 Littel--1 arrest--DWI--Mark Reska..Buckwheat rd...Alden.
18 Zittel--RUUV
1 Fulton--Counterfeit Money
21 Eaglewood--tresspassing--suspects listed.
Minton/Smith--1 arrest--drugs---Dennis F Conley..Vincennes
1166 Abbott--RUUV
1121 Seneca--1 arrest--DWI--Willie Rosenthal...Southside pkwy
149 Selkirk--threats--suspect listed.

Tuesday April 13th

2066 Clinton--Gang Assault---1 arrest--Keanna Jemison..E Amherst,
50 Kingston--crim mis/larceny--damage to door,change stolen.
22 Leamington--larceny--computer,cell phoe and cash stolen--possible suspects listed.
2010 Seneca--larceny--1 arrest---Quentell Suttles...Stevens st..stole flat screen tv on 4-8-10.
12 Barnard--larceny----wheel barrell stolen.
1619 S Park--crim mis--painted poured on windows.
77 Edson--Contempt of Court Order--1 arrest---Richard R Vieira....Seneca St
70 Hayden--Crim mis/Harassment---1 arrest--Sean Thomas..Cascade...Amherst
114 Aldrich--threats witha knife---1 arrest--Charles W Mobus
100 Alsace--RUUV
400 Willet--Assault--suspect listed.
1014 Abbott--Contempt of Court Order--warrant card issued.
131 Walter--Contempt of Court Order--suspect listed.
50 Kingston--crim mis--suspect listed.
122 Geary--Crim mis.

Wednesday April 14th

136 Cazenovia--larceny--Ryobi weedwacker stolen from back of truck.
842 Abbott--UUV
Bailey/S Park--UUV
95 Dorothy--larceny---copper stolen from dumpster.
2301 S park--larceny from a car--dual cd/radio stolen by W/F.
Abbott/Woodside--larceny--book bag stolen from car.
665 Perry--larceny--wallet stolen from breakroon at Tyson.
62 Republic--larceny--cell phone stolen.
34 Coronada--larceny--medication stolen from coat pocket.
2066 Clinton st-1 arrest for gang assault --John Mullen.Aldrich st
332 Germania--crim mis to a car--driverside window broken.
2188 Seneca--harassment--warrant card issued.
1942 S Park--crim mis--window broken.
226 Myrtle--ID theft
97 Meridan--harassment--warrant card issued.
462 Weimar--crim mis--plants damaged
358 Germania--crim mis to a car--front drivers window broken.
89 Lakewood--crim mis--driver side mirror broken.
150 Southside(South Park)--harassment--suspect listed.
Smith/Seneca--Assault--child hit by W/M riding a bike
707 S Division--crim mis--brick thrown thru front window.
39 Fredro--Assault from 4-7-10--1 arrest--Sarah Maymi..S Park
837 Tifft--1 arrest--possesion of weapon(knife)--Sean White..Remoleno
1200 Fuhrman(Tifft Farms)--crim mis/larceny from a car--3 W/M 19-20-driving late 80's tan / brown..possible Chrysler Lebaron with a loud muffler--broke car window and stole TOM-TOM Gps,cash.

Thursday April 15th

40 Dingens--harassment--suspect listed.
2066 Clinton--Burglary--door forced open---DVD/Vcr,clothes,convertor box...bleach poured all over.
24 Troupe--stabbing--unk persons stabbed victim with steak knife in the hand.
US Sugar(Bailey Ave)--larceny--generator stolen--van recovered at Fillmore/Harwood place.
942 McKinley--Attempt Larceny from a car--1 arrest--Sean Wisniewski....City Mission.
1460 S Park--shoplifting---1 arrest---Regina Rozler...Olcott st
1070 Seneca--crim mis/larceny--150ft electric cord cut and stolen from work site.
Dorrance/Abbott--2 arrests--drugs--Jennifer A Halik..McKInley...Blasdell,Jamie Lachance..Hubbell
72 Fillmore--harassment--warrant card issued
1 Cazenovia--crim mis--2 windows damaged by BB gun pellets.
7 Zittel--crim mis/harassment--1 arrest---James Rozell...Flohr ..W Seneca
Bailey/William--1 arrest--DWI--Terrie Allen...Roma ave
24 Altruria--crim mis--vehicle scratched.

Friday April 16th

7 Zittel--threats--suspect listed.
2330 Seneca--1 arrest--drugs--Akram Aldairi..Fredro,David Custard..Edson
718 Hopkins--Burglary--locked bedroom entered...medication stolen.
7 Zittel--harassment---warrant card issued.
9 Downing--larceny--suspect listed.
468 Southside--crim contempt--warrant card issued.
7 Zittel--Assault--suspect listed.
29 Woodside--tresspassing
16 S Cedar--fight--1 arrest--Cecilo Colon
1989 S Park--RUUV
E Market st--RUUV
241 SEneca st--1 arrest--drugs--Search Warrant on a car---Rodney Johnson...Fulton st

Saturday April 17th

688 Abbott--larceny--bike stolen.
William/Bailey--V&T/Drugs--1 arrest---Anthony Parsons..Haven st
117 Richfield--Assault--Thomas D Bukolt
995 Exchange--Burglary--tv,stereo,10 pair sneakers stolen.
41 Duerstein--Assault---suspect listed.
571 Louisianna-1 arrest--DWI--Shannon Cross...Kensington
25 Stevenson--fraud/larceny--unauthorized withdraw from bank account.
77 Sheffield--crim mis--driverside mirror broken off.
Foot of Smith--RUUV
134 Amber--crim mis/larceny from a car--rear driver side window---PS3 stolen.
31 Cliff--larceny--cash stolen--suspect listed.
1251 Fuhrman--Accident injury--1 arrest--DWI--Jesica Brown..Domedian Ave
A District--1 arrest---warrant from Lackawanna PD---Timothy Jones...Blaine ave

Sunday April 18th

South Park/Woodside--crim mis--1 arrest---Barry Hassett..Altruria st
1979 Seneca--Burglary--unknown person threw large rock,breaking front window,enterd and stole medication.
Seneca/Duerstein--2 arrests--Drugs---Jamal Griffin...Duerstein,David Vines.Duerstein.--crack recovered,scale recovered.
108 Macamley--Assault--suspect listed.
9 Downing--1 arrest for larceny from 4-16-10---Christopher Cammilleri
19 Fairview--Burgalry--1 arrest---Gary Colvin...Troupe st
109 Ryan--larceny from a car--MP-3 player,car radio stolen.
38 Crystal--larceny from a car--Sirus satellite radio,IPOD,medication stolen.
77 Southside---crim mis/larceny from a car--Sony speakers & Amp stolen
106 Spaulding--Assault--suspect listed.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Is everyone aware of this?

Whenever I bring my camera with me, I always end up finding some unexpected footage. I went over by the new road across from Tifft Farms (the Union Ship Canal) hoping to film deer or maybe a coyote. The area now is somewhat of an office park surrounded by woods and railroad tracks.

Everyone has been to the trails over at the nature preserve but I thought it would be interesting to check out the area by this new road. Since there are less people (than at the nature preserve), I figured there might be more animal sightings. I went out about an hour before dark. I was shocked at what I saw over there and I think you will be too. Watch this video and see what is back there. Tires, household garbage, garbage bags filled with what looks like hazardous waste.Look especially at the pile of garbage at 1:36. I'm not looking to point fingers with this footage. Just trying to get people talking and hopefully get this stuff removed. If anyone knows who might be responsible for this, please comment underneath this story. Look at all the names on this sign (which is located less than 50 yards from where I got this footage. Environmental Restoration Program? Watch this footage and you decide...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

People that think differently from us...

You might have thought the recent earthquakes in Iran were caused by several fault lines running underneath the country. That's not the case however. The quakes have actually been caused by Iranian women wearing makeup in public. These are people some amongst us want to negotiate rationally with?

Extramarital sex fuels earthquakes, warns Iran cleric
From correspondents in Tehran
From: AFP

A SENIOR Iranian cleric has claimed that dolled-up women incite extramarital sex, causing more earthquakes in Iran, a country that straddles several fault lines, newspapers reported today.

"Many women who dress inappropriately ... cause youths to go astray, taint their chastity and incite extramarital sex in society, which increases earthquakes," Ayatollah Kazem Sedighi told worshippers at overnight prayers in Tehran."Calamities are the result of people's deeds," he was quoted as saying by reformist Aftab-e Yazd newspaper."We have no way but conform to Islam to ward off dangers."The Islamic dress code is mandatory in Iran, which has been under clerical rule for more than three decades.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Baseball clips

I put together a list of some great and bizarre moments in baseball. There are countless more I'm sure.It just seems like the fans were more a part of the game in the past. I hope Rogo and my cousin Paul Blake(two of the biggest baseball fans I know) approve of it.
9.)86' Mets parachute man- Some crazy New York City lawyer lands on the out field just before the famous rally (Bill Buckner's error) in game six with a sign that read Go Mets! It looked like his 8 year old kid drew the sign.I remember watching the game at home. I think this wacko fan got everyone in the crowd going. I could not find video of this landing but a picture of it is at the top.

8.) Mark "the bird" Fidrych. A real life Forrest Gump. This guy played with a lot of enthusiasm and was known to talk to the ball at times.

7.)Hank Aaron's record breaking home run. Check out the two fans congratulating him as he goes around 2nd base:

6.)Cubs fan Steve Bartman being escorted out of Wrigley Field after he got in the way of a catchable ball to prevent his own team from winning a playoff game:

5.)Also in Chicago (but this time at Comiskey Park),Disco Demolition Night. A local radio station put an end to the disco era by blowing up disco records out in center field. The ensuing fires and riot weren't part of the original promotion:

4.)Ten cent beer night in Cleveland. Another great idea.

3.)Reggie Jackson dodging and running over fans to get to the dugout in the era before security became really necessary:

2.)Earl Weaver getting tossed out of a game. He and the umpire were both miked. I like at 2:00 where he brags to the ump that he's going to be in the Hall of Fame. The ump says, "for what? Blowing the World Series?

1.)Two fans came out on the field and tried to burn the American flag in some type of political protest in Los Angeles. Dodgers outfielder Rick Monday races to the flag and grabs it before they could light it. Some people call it the greatest play in baseball history.

Kevin Trudeau: Pyramid schemer

Have you ever caught this guy on TV at 1AM? He's Kevin Trudeau, the biggest scam artist in the United States. This guy is very good at what he does. He sounds convincing. Here's what Wikipedia says about him:
Kevin Mark Trudeau (born February 6, 1963) is an American author,
infomercial salesman, founder of the International Pool Tour, self-proclaimed advocate of alternative medicine, radio personality, and convicted felon. He is best known for a number of controversial television infomercials promoting his products and for several books including Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You to Know About.
Because of
pyramid schemes and other illegal activities in relation to these promotional activities, Trudeau has been embroiled in a number of civil suits, felonies and misdemeanors, resulting in arrests, convictions, fines, and jail time.

After being voted Most Likely to Succeed by his high school class of 1981, Trudeau's criminal career began:
After serving prison time for criminal activity in the early 1990s, Trudeau and a fellow inmate that he met in prison joined Nutrition for Life, a
multi-level marketing firm, where they were successful. He and his partner were sued by the Illinois Attorney General for running a pyramid scheme. Trudeau and his company entered into a settlement with Illinois and seven other states for U$185,000.[3][4][5][6]
Trudeau then produced and appeared in
infomercials, broadcast frequently on late night TV in North America and promoted a range of products, including health aids, dietary supplements (such as coral calcium), real estate investment strategies, memory-improvement courses, baldness remedies, addiction breaking strategies, and reading improvement programs, among others. The claims made resulted in regulatory actions by the FTC, based on his alleged misrepresentations and unsubstantiated claims. In 1998, he was fined, and in 2004 Trudeau settled an FTC contempt-of-court action by agreeing to a settlement that banned him from using infomercials to promote products, except for those publications protected by the First Amendment. He also agreed to pay a $2 million settlement.[7]

Here is Trudeau in action talking about the power of positive thinking. He is a great actor with the gift of gab. Unfortunately, he is also an unmatched scam artist:

Random Thoughts From the Ghetto-Volume 26

I look out my window and see the empty 40 oz beer bottles, hypodermic needles, crack pipes and abandoned shopping carts on my front lawn and I begin to think. The end results have become known as my random thoughts from the ghetto...

-When did hockey players get tall? Tyler Myers is 6 ft 8. The guy for the Bruins(Chara) is 6 ft 9.Both are great players. I thought hockey was the one thing us short people had left.

-When your TV was broke, you got up and smacked it on the side. When a CD skips, you take it out, blow on it, put it back in, and it works. When your computer doesn't work, the "experts" tell you to turn it off and then back on. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

-Did anyone ever hear this DJ on 107.7 the Lake? I'm not sure what his name is.He is monotone and sounds very depressed. He goes out of his way to sound like he is uninterested in playing music.

-One sign of a bad movie is when the main character starts dodging bullets. Especially if it happens more than once during the film. People do not do this in real life. As soon as I see this, I start questioning why I paid $10 to be there. I'd much rather see the actor use cunning or deception to trick the bad guys. The extreme example would be Rambo. Come on! An entire army is shooting at one guy and nobody can hit him?

-I needed some medication last month and don't have any health insurance. I ordered the generic version online for 1/4 of the cost. The only drawback is it was shipped from India and I think it might have been developed from a lab by a college student with no medical experience.

-Everyone hates when people use stereotypes but they usually are true. Take a trip to Wegmans. The pharmacists are Asian. The bankers are Jewish. The deli workers are Italian. And, of course, the Irish are stocking the shelves.

-I didn't want to hand in my 2010 Census because I would rather have less government "representation". However, since it's the law, I filled it out. However, I marked myself down as a 65 year old, hispanic female.

-Years ago, we had an old school priest from St. Agatha's named Father Gerald Smith. He was straight from Ireland and had a thick Irish accent. He didn't drive. One time, he pulled up to the church behind the wheel of a car. My father said, "you drive?" He said, "Yes, I do." "Do you have a license?" He said, "No, I don't."

-My favorite fan of the blog is a guy whose name showed up twice on the crime report for non-violent offenses. Before, they only put the crimes and left out the names. I kind of liked that better as it wasn't my intention to embarrass people. He said that's what drew him to the blog and he grew to become a fan. Go forth and sin no more...

Friday, April 16, 2010

I just have to make a quick stop with the van...

Misery loves company

I guess drinking does impair your judgement. This happens so often now, it doesn't even qualify as being strange anymore. West Seneca woman pulls up to scene where her husband is undergoing DWI test. Guess what? She's wasted too! Reservations for two please...


WEST SENECA,N.Y. - State Police say a West Seneca woman pulled up on the scene as her husband was undergoing a field sobriety test for DWI and ended up getting charged with the same offense.

It all took place on Winspear Road in the town just after 12:30 am Friday. Troopers pulled over Joseph Nagowski, 50, for failure to keep right. As Nagowski was being tested his wife Chrisanne, 48, pulled up in another
car and asked if everything was ok. Troopers also placed her under arrest after they determined she had been drinking. The couple was taken to the Elma barracks were both submitted to a breath test and were found to be over the legal limit.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Canadian goose

Some might find this boring but others might like it. I filmed this Canadian goose the other day. I think it looks pretty cool. Not sure if they say zed instead of Z...

I was a Yankees fan but I think this call was a joke. George Brett's pine tar home run off of "Goose" Gossage. I liked Billy Martin, but come on! What a great home run off one of the best relief pitchers at that time. How can you protest that? How about having some dignity in defeat?

The call was overturned by the commissioner. They were ordered to play the last 1/2 inning. 1,200 people showed up to watch four minutes of baseball. It probably took twice as long for the players to put on their uniforms.

Letter to the editor- union support of state Democrats

I don't have a problem with the unions. It is their job to get the best benefits and working conditions for their membership. I do have a problem with poorly negotiated contracts that end up costing the taxpayers and anybody trying to do business in New York state. This letter writer points out that unions traditionally give money to and support the state Democrats endorsed by the political machine. There seems to be growing division between the taxpayer and the public sector unions as demonstrated by letters like this:

Private enterprise, taxpayers get fleeced

How does this make sense? On local news broadcasts, I watched public union members picketing because of the possibility of a temporary loss of the 4 percent raise they were scheduled to receive. A union official decried the injustice of it all during an interview. He thought it despicable that such a thing could take place.
Last time I checked, public unions throw massive support to the Democrats who run the state government. In turn, the Democrats vote for issues the unions favor, which in part is why the state is in a catastrophe now. It seems to me all those pickets should look at just who they voted for and what demands they, the unions, hammerlocked Albany into supporting.
In the end, private enterprise and the taxpayer get fleeced.

Charles Schwendler
Orchard Park

$12,000 firefighter payback is projected : City Hall : The Buffalo News

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tea Party Extremists

The Tea Party people are viewed by some as wackos. I think it's an unfair characterization. Sure, some are extremists. But most are just regular Americans fed up with high taxes and big government. Look, here are a few pictures we snapped at the last Tea Party gathering. These are everyday Americans, just like you and I...

Congressman Tickler

Come on. Give me a break! Does this look like the face of someone who spent his entire time in Washington trying to pick up his male staffers? Never mind. Sorry I asked.

Higgins throws Paladino under a Greyhound bus

The Paladino campaign fired back today at the sources of his email leaks. While acknowledging that the emails were in bad taste and apologizing to anyone offended by them, Paladino campaign manager Michael Caputo contends that the source of the leak was none other than Congressman Brian Higgins:

" "If you get in this race, this is how I will hurt you,' " Caputo quoted the friend, blaming Higgins for leaking the e-mails.
"He will squirm and hide under a rock and deny it," Caputo said. "But this is a state Democratic Party hit delivered by Brian Higgins and a liberal Democratic blogger. The timing of it was measured very carefully."
Caputo said he now views the situation as "war, and believe me, we are heavily armed."

Brian Higgins is a good guy. I will always remember him as a young councilman. He worked hard to help me with the soccer program in the early years. But I think he has begun to be more Washington minded than constituent minded in recent years. A few years ago, he secured the appointments of Jeff Conrad and Tim Kennedy, two yes-men, to the Common Council and County Legislature, respectively. The South Buffalo Committeemen made the ultimate recommendation. But those members all follow Higgins' lead (in exchange for jobs for themselves and their family members.)Two years ago, he opened up a headquarters for Senator Bill Stachowski and told residents we needed more of Stachowski's 30 year"representation" in Albany. Last year, he actively helped Byron Brown against one of South Buffalo's own neighbors, councilman Mickey Kearns. Now, this year, he is working with megaweasel Steve Pigeon in an effort to unseat Stachowski, a guy two years ago he said we absolutely needed to reelect. Which is it? Higgins is too good of a guy to lower himself with the likes of Pigeon.

And now this. Paladino's emails were in poor taste. However, let's not forget how he got rid of the tolls and has fought for the average WNY resident. It seems odd that Higgins would oppose a man that has stood up for his constituents. It will be interesting to see what happens next.
Paladino draws derision from left and right : Home: The Buffalo News