Thursday, December 23, 2010

Nevilly Court opponent

I just came back from the docks and the canaries over there were really chirping. Some people close to Deputy Mayor Byron Brown are telling me a major opponent of the proposed athletic complex/educational center by the Sorrento Cheese processing plant is none other than the McKinley Circle Lady.

Apparently, everyone's favorite flower person phoned Brown's office and told him there already were enough playing fields in South Buffalo and the education center would go unused. That we have a mayor who gives this person an ounce of credibility, is astonishing to me. She doesn't have a clue about the needs of South Buffalo's youth or anything else, for that matter. The only time she encounters the youth is when she is stealing their Christmas elves from the otherwise barren, publicly funded, circles on McKinley Parkway. A year ago, she wrote an article for the Metro Community News Blow off Your Steam section in which she alleged the new center was an attempt to close Cazenovia Park altogether. This had to be the most ridiculous thing I'd ever seen in that paper, (and I've seen many ridiculous things in it.) Nobody in their right mind is suggesting to do anything to Cazenovia Park, one of the most beautiful Olmsted Parks in the entire area.

One council-member told me he was very uncomfortable with the self proclaimed citizen of the year calling him and trying to influence his vote. This woman is becoming out of control, he told me. She's receiving a community service award from Bishop Timon for her paid job of planting flowers. I don't know if she's aware that Bishop Timon is rumored to be one of the groups hoping to use the new gym for their home basketball games.
She doesn't like Councilmember Kearns and will stop at nothing to prevent him from looking good. Some people have more hot air than a tornado in Kansas...



  1. I know this area is needed, we need a safe, new area where hundreds of SB youth can utilize for soccer, baseball, football , and lacrosse. I have seen kids and adults get injured because of the ruts in our so called fine soccer fields and ball fields. This project may not solve all the problems but it is a start. Doesn't she know that other areas have new fields that the Mayor supported(Riverside, Wiley, etc..)

  2. There's no "a" in Olmsted.