Monday, December 6, 2010

Sports and life

I came across this story today on Columbia Central High School in Tennessee won their first ever state championship, hours after one of their 16 year old teammates died of colon cancer...

As he lay in his hospital bed early Friday morning, his courageous eight-month battle with cancer about to come to an end, 16-year-old Dylan Rebeor had only one question:

"Did we win?"

His mother, Heather, knowing how much her son's connection to his friends and teammates on the Columbia (Tenn.) Central football team had helped him in his fight, replied with the only possible answer:"Yes."

Dylan Rebeor lost his fight with colon cancer soon after. A few hours later, his teammates took the field - ripping through a sign that had their motto: 'Fight Like Dylan' - and made their friend's final wish come true, winning the first state title in school history.

When the game was over, Eric Belew collapsed in tears, overcome by the events of the day.

To win a game hours after a teammate dies is one thing. But the school's first ever state championship? Unbelievable.

"The blessing is that we did have these last eight months after he was diagnosed to fight hard and try to survive," his mom told the Herald-Citizen. "The last five days we realized it's not meant to be. God wanted to take him home. He has more work to do up there. It was a blessing to have this last week with him and to talk with him and know he wasn't scared. He wasn't ready, but he wasn't scared."


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