Thursday, September 30, 2010

The bicker with Dicker

3. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a candidate put forward by one group to divide the opposition or mask the candidacy of another person for whom the stalking-horse would then withdraw

Every time one of these moments happens, Carl Paladino seems to flourish with the public. His poll numbers seem to go up. In this interview, he says he is unintimidatable. In one of my favorite quotes years ago in a newspaper article, he said he was unembarrassable. It makes you think Mike Tyson is one of his advisers.

The fact is certain members of the press have an agenda. New York Post writer Fred Dicker is Andrew Cuomo's "stalking horse." He's not reporting the news. He's trying to become part of the story. He's Cuomo's "bird dog." He might as well be on his payroll (if he's not already). When Cuomo says he's staying "out of the gutter", it's an outright lie. He knows some old lady's going to hear that and say, "Andrew is such a nice young man." BS. He's a scumbag who is afraid to debate Paladino because Paladino is talking about issues that concern the public. Cuomo thinks he's entitled to the governor's seat by virtue of his last name. He's sending out bottom feeders like Fred Dicker and Alphonse TO'mato to write and say nasty things about Paladino. He even went to a museum and dragged out the irrelevant Ed Koch.

Mr. Dicker: When Carl Paladino says he's going to "take you out", it's just a term of affection in upstate New York. We want to "take you out" and show you the Falls and all the great restaurants in Western New York.
Fred Dicker's a classy guy. Be on the lookout. You might see him in your neighborhood, hiding in the bushes with the rest of the rats, taking pictures of 10 year old girls. This might fly in New York City but not here in Buffalo. You might be a reporter, but if you come back here Freddy, we're going to be the ones asking the tough questions.

My target audience

I've been selling the anti-Cuomo merchandise for about a month now. One thing I've heard at least 20 people say is, "I have to get one of those shirts/signs for my father/grandfather!" Apparently, there are a lot of very angry, baseball wielding, old men walking around New York state these days. You know what they say, the older you get the wiser you become.

If your father, grandfather, uncle, or elderly neighbor reminds you of Walter Matthau's character from Grumpy Old Men, I have the perfect gift for them. One of my products. I know times are tough, but they're cheap and right to the point. I can ship them out right away very easily and they will love you forever. What old man doesn't hate the idea of another Cuomo reaching into their wallet? I have found my target audience. For the angry, old man in your family or on your street who just wants "those damn kids to stay away from his lawn!", I suggest you go to and buy one of my "Friends don't let friends elect another Cuomo" t-shirt, bumper sticker, or lawn sign.


Running on empty

I know kissing up to Brian Higgins and nominating yourself for multiple "civic pride" awards is a full time job, but Jeff, you could at least take the time to tell your runners which direction the course goes. From Buffalo News...

Jackson stays the course

It was an unusual day at Cazenovia Park for the Mount Mercy and Nardin cross country teams.

The race leaders on the 5K course took a wrong turn.

And that ended up nixing the results of the best runners from both schools.

Mount Mercy senior Bridget Jackson stuck to the course she was told to run, avoiding the wrong turn the others in front of her took, and ended up winning the race in 24:13. Mount Mercy edged Nardin by one point for the team victory, handing Nardin its first loss.

"The top 11 runners were all disqualified because they went on the wrong course," Mount Mercy coach Jeff Conrad said. "But there were 45 runners in the race, so 34 ran the right course and it came down to the middle runners on both teams.

"Bridget knew the course and decided that she was staying on the course that the coaches told her to run. She followed her instinct to follow directions and it won her the race. It was a great lesson in sportsmanship for both teams."

What the f%*K does running the right course have to do with sportsmanship? Seriously. I have no idea what he means with this quote. Brian just called, buddy. The streetlights are on. You have to come home now.

The Sagamore Smackdown

This is cool. Go into the barber shop and hear what people are saying about the reporter baiting Paladino last night...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I don't like the View

The View's Joy Behar got on the air and made a ridiculous statement in a cheap effort to get a laugh from her crowd. She said Carl Paladino could win the race for governor if he "got all of his illegitimate children out to vote". It's at the end of this brief clip:

Paladino responded with a statement of his own saying:

""Joy Behar should be absolutely ashamed of herself for referring to Carl's daughter as illegitimate. She's a child and does not deserve that kind of treatment from a woman who should know better. That's catty, it's pissy and strikes of something that someone would say when suffering from a sudden hot flash. The only person here who's illegitimate is Joy Behar's hairstylist."

Behar has a great face-for radio. For her to tell a joke at the expense of a child should tell you something about her talent level. If a male reporter made a crack like that about a female candidate, there would be women's groups calling for that man to be taken off the air. But at least Behar's not as scary as this Neandrothal reject from the View.


Youth football brawl

Was this the Stingrays Vs. the West Side? The coach in the orange shirt who sucker punches the guy in the blue shirt in this clip should go to jail for awhile. He could have seriously hurt the guy over a youth football game. Idiots like this need to be taken off of the streets...


Bus Station cyclist acquitted

The 65 year old man arrested for using the bathroom at the NFTA bust station downtown was acquitted yesterday.

Enoch "Edsil" Cook was found not guilty Monday by a judge who lauded the willingness of a witness to testify about Cook's run-in with a transit cop after he parked his bicycle and went to the men's room at the downtown bus terminal.

The acquittal followed a half-day, nonjury trial at which Dorothy Fuller of Buffalo disputed the claims by Transit Officer Adam Brodsky that Cook, 65, fought with him after being told he was under arrest for illegally using the restroom.

City Judge James A.W. McLeod said convicting Cook of anything would be a "miscarriage of justice."

The man was beaten in front of a witness and spent a night in jail. It doesn't appear as though he was being belligerent. I hope he has contacted a lawyer and I hope he sues the NFTA and the cop, also.

Cyclist who used NFTA restroom acquitted - Courts - The Buffalo News


A good interview

This poor guy from Fixed News sounds like he was afraid to ask the questions. What do you say to voters who look like me? Get some hair plugs...

Carl Paladino Pulls No Punches

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Random thoughts from the ghetto-Volume 34


I look out my window and see the empty 40 oz beer bottles, hypodermic needles, crack pipes and abandoned shopping carts on my front lawn and begin to think. The end results have become known as my random thoughts from the ghetto...

It's late September and I really should be back at school...

-Have you ever been to an event where a half ovation occurs? Some performer or speaker finishes a mediocre performance and one person (the easily entertained) stands up. A couple other people follow their lead but the majority of the crowd remain holdouts. What do you do? Should you succumb to peer pressure and stand up? Do you hope they eventually realize their enthusiasm is not shared by everyone? It's very uncomfortable. I blame the first standers. If the performance was so great, there would be no discussion. So sit down losers.

-The Buffalo Bills will be working on a new promotion in a couple of weeks. They are going to pick a random guy out of the stands to play quarterback. They're also going to have him run the no huddle offense.

-Don't you hate it when you get handed your change and something just doesn't feel right? You have been given a Canadian quarter. I don't live in Canada. I don't play ice hockey and wrestle moose. It is worth less than an American quarter. You gave it to me because you didn't want it. Did you really think I would want it?

-September is Red Cross National Preparedness Month. I had something I wanted to say about this topic but I forgot what it was.

-The Buffalo News has a column called the lighter side where they share their lame attempt at humor. Not a very good idea, especially when you're not that funny. The other day they were making a joke about football player Reggie Bush breaking his leg. They said he was posing for the Heisman Trophy. A professional athlete's season is over because of a serious injury and the News finds this funny why? Did they ever notice that the players don't stand around and tell jokes when one of their teammates or opponents is injured?

-Some people might not like what I write on here. So sorry. That's fine. I don't work for them. In fact, these entitled ham and eggers(Rocky term)have been against me for some time. I have no problem with that. I meet people one on one and let them decide for themselves their opinion of me. I was reminded of them when I heard this quote in a movie recently, "You stop telling lies about me and I'll stop telling the truth about you."

-Burger King is starting to get serious about promoting their breakfast menu. Way to be on top of things over there. Someone must have stood up at a meeting and said, "Hey, you know McDonalds makes a lot of money selling hot cakes. Do you think we could too?"

-Go forth and sin no more. And see a doctor if your erection lasts longer than four hours.


Free at last

I was surprised to hear about this new political party, the Freedom Party, in today's Buffalo News. Fed up with the Democrats and Republicans', this new group feels that both major parties have taken minority groups for granted...

Eva M. Doyle, a retired Buffalo Public Schools teacher who has emerged as the party's candidate for lieutenant governor, says the party aims to put the state's entire political structure on notice.

"If I listen to both candidates, I'm not hearing them address any issues pertaining to the working class, poor people or urban communities," she said Monday. "That's why I'm running for lieutenant governor."

The Freedom Party qualified for the statewide ballot in August when it submitted 45,300 petition signatures for its formation, while only 15,000 were required.

Getting three times the required signatures is pretty impressive. It will be interesting to see if this group can catch lightning in a bottle or just become one of the many other fringe groups (see the Green Party) that have no real affect on anything. I can't disagree with their premise. Both major parties promise everyone the world and then take care of the special interest groups (the guys with the money).

"The idea behind [the Freedom Party] was the time of being ignored is over. When Cuomo picked his group, he totally ignored blacks," Kirkland said. "But Paladino has sort of changed things in that Cuomo thought it would be a cake walk to [Albany], and he didn't need the black vote. Now that Paladino is closing that gap and came out of nowhere, every black vote Cuomo gets, he needs."

While the party is beginning to gain more notice, the Cuomo camp is dismissing Barron and his ticket as "extremists."

If they can get a small percentage of the vote in November, this could only hurt Andrew Cuomo and help Paladino. It will be something to watch out for.

Channel 7 story

This ones even better. You got to see the guy wearing one of my shirts at the anti-Cuomo rally today. Is that Eric Dickerson?

My products are everywhere

This is great. My signs made it onto NY 1, a New York City news station. They're starting to appear everywhere along with the bumper stickers and the t-shirts. Here is the picture as it appears in NY 1's website. Watch the video on the link for some other great shots of my signs. I love it!

We're all winners

I guess this was a nice gesture but I'm getting a little sick of these "heartwarming" stories. When the kid with autism made all the three pointers in Rochester, that was cool. Shooting a three point basket takes considerable skill (even if they let you shoot).

In this clip, a high school team lets an opponent with Down Syndrome score a 51 yard touchdown. Listen to the announcer: "I am misty eyed. That is absolutely so wonderful." Please. It would have been hilarious had some jerk on the other team, grabbed the ball out of his hands and run the other way. The ensuing brawl would have been worth the price of admission. If I was the ref, I would have called a holding penalty on the offense just to confuse everyone.

Monday, September 27, 2010

The sale of Andrew Cuomo

This is why Friends don't let friends elect another Cuomo:

"Where I come from, this is called a payoff." Speaking the language of everyday people is what has gotten Carl Paladino this far...

NFTA continues it's hijacking of waterfront

Dug's Dive owner Tucker Curtin wants to keep the popular restaurant open year round. The NFTA is dragging it's feet and giving him the runaround.

Score another one for the NFTA. The owner of Dug's Dive, the popular restaurant located at the small boat harbour, wants to keep it open year round. Instead of celebrating this as great news for the waterfront, the NFTA appears to be acting as an obstructionist...

The owner of Dug's Dive wants to keep the Small Boat Harbor restaurant open year-round, but claims his plans are being thwarted by his landlord, the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority.

Tucker Curtin, who operates Dug's Dive under an agreement with the NFTA, said he has approached the authority with what he contends is a viable offer to keep the restaurant open after the boating season ends.

But NFTA officials, while saying they share Curtin's interest in seeing Dug's Dive become a year-round operation, also said they need to work out an agreement that would cover all of their costs before that could happen.

The result is a stalemate that, for now, is putting Curtin's plans in limbo as the boating season comes to a close within the next month. Curtin said he needs an agreement soon if he is going to keep the restaurant open beyond its traditional October closing date.

"I just don't understand it," Curtin said.

The NFTA has outlived it's usefullness on the waterfront. It's time for them to step away so real progress can occur. I've been to Dug's Dive several times. It's a nice restaurant. Cut the red tape and let this private businessman make some money. I know you guys wouldn't know anything about taking any risks, since most of your jobs are appointed. Give Curtin an answer so he can keep the doors open.


crime stats 8/26-9/3

*Please note: All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

8/26/2010 Botanical Gardens UUV and Arson UNK Person unk did steal vehicle from unk location, and was recovered burining at Botanical Gardens

8/26/2010 376 Dorrence Criminal Trespass UNK UNK person did enter hallway and did remove various items from back pack. Also removed a $1,000 tent

8/26/2010 140 Abbott Harassment UNK UNK person did make threats to store clerk

8/26/2010 145 O'Connell Harassment Robert Warsaw Susp continually text's compl. He lives at 95 Vandalia (she does not wish to pros)

8/26/2010 1979 Seneca Assault and Harassment Jaime Pepe Def did shove compl and choke

8/26/2010 170 Culver Harassment Ryan Bukaczeski Susp (boyfriend) did lock her cell phone in bedroom, and then threw her to the ground. Warrant Card issued

8/26/2010 Cazenovia Park Assault and Harassment Thomas Dombrowski Fiance did grab and drag compl, and did state, "I should put a bullet in you". He lives at 9628 Kenmore

8/26/2010 68 Roanoke Obstructing and Disorderly Conduct Daniel Root Def kept yelling and arguing. When officers asked him to stop, he bacame abusive

8/26/2010 999 Exchange Harassment Justine Reed Def came home after drinking and did slap compl in face

8/26/2010 44 Latona Court Trespass Daniel Alexander Compl states that landlord did enter apt w/o permission

8/26/2010 143 Trowbridge Harassment Natalya Dixon Def did attack compl while holding baby DATE NUMBER STREET CLASSIFICATION ARREST-SUSP NOTES WE SEP3

8/27/2010 164 Okell Robbery Chamarr J Wiggins, Xavier Zielinski, Colin J Buckland, Rico L Perry Def did punch complt in face, knock him down to ground, tell complt to give them money and electronics

8/27/2010 Frank/Geary Indec Exposure unknown Suspect did expose himself to complt and her friend

8/27/2010 127 Gilbert Agg Harassment Rebecca Smale-Whitaker Suspect continually texting, calling and sending facebook msgs to complt

8/27/2010 169 Chicago Violent Domestic Wilfredo Osorio Def did punch complt in face and also did come after complt with knife

8/27/2010 7 Zittel crim contempt James A Rozell Def arrested on previously reported incident

8/27/2010 8 Magnolia Narcotics Jonathan Andrisani, Alex T Bosiacki Def was selling marijuana and his drug money and drugs were taken. Defs did fight with Lt.

8/27/2010 24 Dismonda Rape Edwin Cosme Jr Suspect did put something in complt's drink which made her sleepy and she awoke to being naked and suspect standing over her.

8/27/2010 21 Pries UUV unknown unk per(s) did take complt's vehicle along with laptop, clothes and various CD's that were in vehicle

8/27/2010 2175 S Park Ave Burglary unknown unk per(s) did gain access to bldg-inventory to follow

8/27/2010 1 Hopkins RUUV unknown Vehicle recovered in damaged condition

8/27/2010 1971 S Park Ave Larceny Mark DeVoe Suspect did take (6)pack Little Debbie cakes without paying for same

8/27/2010 1791 S Park Ave Robbery unknown suspect demanded oxycotin and did display handgun and then fled

8/27/2010 Clinton/Bailey Ave Robbery Thomas Dettula Def did push complt to ground, hold her down and reach into purse and take $300 cash.

8/28/2010 87 Barnard St Larceny Brian K Rozler Suspect was asked to leave party. Suspect took complt's mother's bike and then pushed complt out of way while she tried to block him from leaving.

8/28/2010 22 Norman St-Lwr Phone Threats Beth M Oakley Suspect did phone and text over 20 times causing annoyance and alarm by threatening to have people come over and beat him up.

8/28/2010 665 Perry St Assault Ora V Tucker Def did reach in victim's vehicle and punch and scratch victim in facial area causing scratches and bleeding and did threaten to shoot victim.

8/28/2010 45 Fredro Threats Will Quinn, Rebecca Suits Suspects have been calling complt's cell phone several times a day stating they are going to beat her up, harm her children and when she goes out of town will burn her house down.

8/28/2010 78 Fillmore Crimmis Mary Smigiel Suspect did key driver's side of complt's vehicle

8/28/2010 S Park Ave/Lockwood Robbery unknown Suspect did grab complt, pushed her to ground and grabbed her purse and wallet. Victim retrieved property after chasing suspect and kneeing suspect in teeth and he fled.

8/28/2010 85 E Market Burglary unknown Susepct entered apt by unk means and did take property

8/29/2010 Botanical Crimmis unknown suspect did knock over arbor damaging same

8/29/2010 1115 Seneca St Trespass Matthew Bernhard Arrest did trespass in bar after being told numerous times in past not to come in. Suspect is underage.

8/29/2010 12 Latona Ct Crimmis unknown Suspect did cut seats with knife, did damage dash and break window on complt's vehicle

8/29/2010 141 Southside Threats unknown Suspects did come after complt with a shovel and a pole scaring complt. Weapons were recovered and suspects fled

8/29/2010 445 S Division St UUV Don Juan L Tyson Suspect did take without permission complt's vehicle and said he will damage vehicle.

8/29/2010 157 Trowbridge Fam Dispute Joshua Rogers Suspect did attempt to punch her but was intoxicated and did not actually strike her.

8/29/2010 323 Whitfield OOP Dennis M Coxson Def did step in front of her house in violation of OOP.

8/29/2010 11 Hollywood Domestic Brian Uebelhoer Def did break out complt's living room window and did kick in back door of apt causing door to strike complt.

8/29/2010 2265 Seneca St Crim Nuisance Lukman A Mohamed Def did play loud music in public causing a nuisance, had no ID and was out of control.

8/29/2010 8 Keppel Domestic Richard EB Healey Def did come up to complt and threatened to kill him and his family.

8/29/2010 1853 Clinton St Unlawful Possession Robert C Harlach Def was observed cutting into a tree and while ofc was investigating def was found to be in possession of marijuana.

8/29/2010 79 Prenatt Assault Keith E Garcia Suspect did strke complt's juv son in the back of head with handle of machete. Victim treated at Children's.

8/29/2010 70 Trowbridge Larceny Keith W Malachowski Suspect did remove debit card from purse and did use same.

8/29/2010 445 S Division St RUUV unknown Vehicle was returned to complt in good condition. Complt does not wish to prosecute.

8/30/2010 166 Mackinaw Burglary unknown Suspect did enter home and once inside did take property.

8/30/2010 549 Hopkins St Burglary Orville J Vega-Perez Def did enter home by unk means and did take property. Def was found to be in possession of property.

8/30/2010 KFC on Abbott Rd Larceny unknown Unk per(s) did take complt's son's bike.

8/30/2010 79 Ladner Narcotics Rachel A Cook, Brandon J Shelton, Jennifer A Haulk Def's were found in lwr apt and did find def's to be in possession of drugs.

8/30/2010 450 N Legion Marijuana Possession Couron Virgil-Mack Def was in vehicle with no plates/reg, parked on sidewalk. Def did have outstanding warrant and was found to be in possession of marijuana.

8/30/2010 78 Rutland Crimmis unknown Complt's vehicle was parked and unk juv broke the driver's side mirror off vehicle.

8/30/2010 82 Rutland Crimmis unknown Complt states unk juv's did damage vehicle by kicking the driver's side mirror.

8/30/2010 82 Sage Gun Miguel A Cortes Def had an unregistered firearm under his bed stating he found it. Gun was left unsecured in home with a juv.

8/30/2010 519 Hamburg Larceny unknown Unk per(s) did remove property from vehicle

8/30/2010 111 Walter Crim Contempt Joseph Goff Sr Def did come into her residence uninvited threatening to cause physical harm to complt and in doing so did violate OOP.

8/30/2010 1972 Clinton Assault Jason Claar Suspect did punch complt about face causing blk eye. Complt was intoxicated and refused ADI. Warrant Card issued.

8/30/2010 54 South-Lwr Burglary Yvonne L Kanehl Def did enter residence and did take property from same.

8/30/2010 335 Dingens Burglary Matthew J Sherman Def along with juv co-def did break a window and a lock on door and once inside did take approx $800 in cash.

8/30/2010 1989 Seneca St Threats Keith Cramer Def did threaten complt at Tim Horton's by screaming, yelling and swearing at her. Def did make a gesture with his hand as if he had a gun.

8/30/2010 62 Fredro Threats Ronald Yusczyk Def did violate OOP by contacting her via telephone

8/30/2010 32 Oakhurst Threats Michael Misiak Complt states that after having dispute with suspect, suspect did punch complt in mouth causing bleeding and a fat lip.

8/31/2010 47 Edson St Burglary Abdul Ghani-Hassan Suspect did gain access through side window possibly and once inside did take property to include guns and ammunition

8/31/2010 143 Hamburg Burglary unknown Unk per(s) did cut front screen, enter home and did take property while inside.

8/31/2010 26 Trowbridge Burglary unknown Unk per(s) did enter residence by unk means and once inside did take property.

8/31/2010 104 Sheffield Assault Cornelius D Thompson Suspect forced his way into home and did punch and knock complt unconscious. Victim has OOP in order.

8/31/2010 S Park/Tifft Shooting several unk males victim claims that he was approached by several unk males and one did shoot him. Victim totally uncooperative with specifics of incident.

8/31/2010 65 Kamper- lwr Landlord Trouble Jessica J Merritt Def did slash boyfriend's left arm while fighting with knife

8/31/2010 33 Wheelock Burglary unknown Victim states unk did kick in door to apt. Things were thrown about apt and items were missing.

8/31/2010 248 Katherine Burglary unknown Unk per(s) entered apt while complt was sleeping. Property taken.

8/31/2010 Tifft/S Park Larceny unknown unk per(s) did take complt's bike

8/31/2010 376 Dorrance Larceny unknown unk per(s) did enter hallway and once inside did take property

8/31/2010 1744 Seneca St Larceny unknown unk per(s) did cut 35' of cooper ground cable that was being installed on outside of bldg

8/31/2010 103 Manitoba Larceny unknown unk per(s) did take items without permission

8/31/2010 Small Boat Harbor RUUV unknown complt rpts that vehicle was recovered

8/31/2010 39 Mt Vernon Harassment Patricia Trala suspect did scratch his arm after complt asked about turning the cable on in his name

8/31/2010 64 Kenefick-Lwr Assault Courtney L Patchett complt and suspect did get into argument and suspect did hit complt with broom handle and screaming threats at complt

8/31/2010 426 Abbott -Lot Crimmis unknown unk per(s) did break passenger window on complt's vehicle and did also break mirror off

8/31/2010 426 Abbott -Lot Crimmis unknown unk per(s) did break passenger window on complts vehicle

8/31/2010 unk Culver Forcible Touching Christopher James/Michael Schichtel juv suspects put their hands inside victim's shorts

8/31/2010 153 Arbour Lane-lot Crimmis unknown unk per(s) did key driver's side of complt's vehicle from front to back

8/31/2010 Bailey Av/S Park Assault Samir A allafey Suspect did punch father in face several times causing pain/swelling and bleeding

8/31/2010 121 Melrose Crimmis unknown unk per(s) did damage driver's side mirror on vehicle

8/31/2010 403 S Divison Crimmis Terah M Brown Suspect did scratch the paint on his vehicle

8/31/2010 102 Spaulding Harassment Rickey Roberts suspect did enter apt and threaten wife and threatened daughter with pole causing alarm and annoyance

8/31/2010 86 Troupe Threats unknown complt rpts for juv children that unk juvs have been following children around harassing them

8/31/2010 78 McKinley Fight unknown ex-girlfriends boyfriend did punch complt about the face, kick comp numerous times

9/1/2010 145D Fulton st Larceny Xavier M Haykal Suspect did take property and after being confronted suspect(son) did return most of property

9/1/2010 1 Cazenovia Larceny unknown unk per(s) did take contents of complt's purse while it was left unattended at park

9/1/2010 37 Hayden Burglary unknown unk per(s) did enter residence and did take property

9/1/2010 164 Elk Burglary unknown unk per(s) did enter residence and did take property

9/1/2010 223 Smith Crimmis unknown unk per(s) did damage mailbox by prying open top

9/2/2010 Stevenson/S Legion Larceny juv b/m complt rpts for juv son that unk juv b/m did take victim's cell phone

9/2/2010 35 Lester Larceny unknown unk did remove from victim's purse prescription pills

9/2/2010 120 Childs Larceny unknown per(s) unk did enter property and did take property once inside

9/2/2010 24 St Stephens Burglary unknown per(s) unk did enter residence thru rear window and once inside did take property

9/2/2010 718 Hopkins Assault Patrick A Daniels Def did assault complt and did push him downstairs causing a possible broken shoulder, strained neck and cut to nose. Def found in possession of marijuana.

9/2/2010 unknown RUUV unknown vehicle recovered

9/2/2010 68 Mineral Springs Assault Burke C mcFarland Def did punch complt causing bruises, pain and severe swelling to face

9/2/2010 64 Edson Crimmis unknown unk per(s) did take unk object and did break front windshield on complt's vehicle and then cut driver's side tire

9/2/2010 64 Edson Threats Eric J Krisnoski complt rpts that suspect did call on phone stating that he was going to punch her in the face and that he was going to kell her and then himself

9/2/2010 526 Swan Crimmis unknown unk per(s) did damage double pane glass window on front east side of residence

9/2/2010 718 Hopkins Narcotics Patrick A Daniels, Carlos L Rodriguez, Jennifer Silva def's did possess narcotics

9/2/2010 81 Sheffield Agg Harassment April R Rozler suspect did continually call complt threatening and harasssing to call CPS and her place of business and tell them and that she is hitting her children trying to get her in trouble DATE NUMBER STREETCLASSIFICATION ARREST-SUSP NOTES WE SEP10

9/3/2010 2346 Seneca Pet Larc unknown bike twop from backyard

9/3/2010 268 Holly Pet Larc, trespass unknown electric bicycle twop from front porch

9/3/2010 1970 Clinton Burg, Pet Larc unknown per(s) unk entered apartment by unk means & did twop $6 & prescription Loritabs

9/3/2010 116 Baitz Burg, Pet Larc Jonathan Rodriguez per(s) unk did enter apartment by unk means & twop 6 baseboard heaters from walls

9/2/2010 24 St Stephens Burg, Pet Larc, Gr Larc unknown Complt(s) rpt per(s) unk entered residence without permission & did twop several items incl wallet(s) with several credit cards, personal papers

9/3/2010 Seneca / Hammerschmidt Poss Marijuana, VTL ARREST - JOHN FERRARI def driving without headlights, intoxicated & in possession of marijuana

9/3/2010 86 Rutland Forgery susp - Ronald Jablonski susp did without permission write (4) checks from complt's checking acct

9/3/2010 Elk St junkyard RUUV unknown complt did recover veh; landlord had veh towed to junk yard

9/3/2010 781 So Division harass warrant card - Zachary Talowski susp has been harassing complt verbally & by text

9/3/2010 214 Smith harass susp - Sarah Klinger susp has been harassing complt verbally & by text

9/3/2010 53 Littell Asslt, harass susp - Sherry Dingeldey susp did harass, spit on & punch complt

9/3/2010 27 Seneca Parkside Warrant Arrest ARREST - JOHN SCHOLL def arrested on outstanding warrant

9/3/2010 27 Seneca Parkside DRUG ARREST - JOHN SCHOLL after being served warrant, def was found to have cocaine while being searched at ECHC


Sunday, September 26, 2010

World of Warcraft

From WKBW channel 7: A 35 year old woman from Michigan was arrested for traveling to Williamsville to hook up with a teenager she met online while playing the internet game World of Warcraft. The woman is charged with enticing a minor to engage in sexual activity. The defense is claiming innocence citing the fact that nobody playing World of Warcraft has ever had sex with anyone.

The FBI is not identifying the victim but our sources have obtained this photo from an anonymous source:


White deer

I thought this was pretty cool. From today's Buffalo News: the Murray family of Clarence took a picture of this white deer in their backyard. I'd go out there with my camcorder but with my luck, I'd probably end up running it over with my car on Goodrich Road.
Whoa!A deer—a snow-white deer: Family’s rare find - City & Region - The Buffalo News

Saturday, September 25, 2010

You gotta go, you gotta go

A 64 year old man was arrested at the downtown bus station for using the bathroom. There are two sides to every story and I expect the truth lies somewhere in between...

Enoch “Edsil” Cook said he was arrested for using the facility without being a bus rider that day, and for parking his bicycle in an unauthorized spot.

“[Cook] has been observed repeatedly lingering and loitering around the building. The officer’s job is to keep the building safe for our customers,” said NFTA spokesman C. Douglas Hartmayer. Others say the transit officer overreacted.

“I can think of no reason that a person in passing could not use a public facility that was open to the general public,” said John A. Curr III, director of the New York Civil Liberties Union’s Buffalo office. “I get really upset when police are targeting poor people.”

If the man was panhandling, I can see them asking him to leave. However, if he was just there to use the bathroom and not bother anyone, I think the police overreacted. Being poor is not a crime. However, downtown is filled with loiterers. Ellicott, Elm, and Allen Streets being among the worst. You can't walk two blocks without being approached for money. I'd like to see the police focus on the people smashing car windows and taking things out of them. They should be sent away for longer than they are (if they are even caught). But a 64 year old man on a bicycle should be allowed to use the restroom, in my opinion as long as he's not harassing others.

Man arrested after using bus terminal restroom - City & Region - The Buffalo News


Perverts' party cancelled in Lockport

A group of swingers tried to have a party tonight at the Lockport Fire Hall. They were rejected at the last minute when the Fire Company learned of their plans...

A sex party that had been scheduled at the South Lockport Volunteer Fire Hall on Transit Road for Saturday night was canceled after the fire company's board of directors learned about the plans for the event.

"The swingers party will not be going forward," said attorney Steven M. Cohen, who represents the volunteer fire company.

According to Cohen, a man filled out an application on Aug. 30 to rent one of the two fire halls for what was billed as a "family party."

Party planners were calling for some nontraditional events...

The party had a scavenger hunt theme, dubbed "Welcome to the Jungle." Among activities listed was "Truth or Dare."

An e-mail that had been sent to party guests described "two private on-site locations for use" of "adult" and "extreme" activities. Guests also were invited to rent rooms at a group rate at a nearby Holiday Inn.

Welcome to the jungle? I don't even want to know what that means? So, if you're looking for a good time tonight, head to Lockport. You might run into your favorite judge, teacher, or former Governor.


Friday, September 24, 2010

Jack the barber/blogger

I thought this was pretty neat. Jack Quavis runs the Taylor Mae'd Barbershop in Blasdell. He enjoyed listening to his customer's opinionated rants so much, he began filming them and putting them on his blog...

"I'm tired of the average person not being heard," he said. "At the barber shop, guys will open up. Everybody's eager to talk about something."
Politics, though often a taboo subject at social events and many workplaces, is the topic of choice in his shop, said Quavis.

You got to love it. He's combining cutting hair with a form of therapy. Don't get any ideas Tony Scaccia, Jr. Actually, I think I'd pay to hear some of Tony's customers'rants from Seneca St. CNN recently did a story on Quavis. Here is the link: I found some footage of a guy I plan on refering to Jack's shop:

About ABU (For New Visitors)

West Seneca man carjacked

Some dirtbags carjacked a West Seneca man on the West Side. Apparently, they weren't too choosy on the vehicle, a 1992 Subaru Legacy. The victim escaped on foot (and outran his car for the first three miles)...

West Seneca man, 29, is victim of carjacking

A West Seneca man was the victim of a carjacking at 11:30 a. m. Wednesday on Forest Avenue near the intersection of Grant Street, according to Buffalo police.

Christopher A. Kosowski, 29, told police he was driving on Forest when one of two men opened the door of his vehicle, dragged him out of it and then attacked him before fleeing in his 1992 white, four-door Subaru Legacy.

Anyone with information is asked to call the police department’s confidential tip line, 847-2255 or Text-a-Tip, [716] 847-2255.

They did what?

In a classy gesture towards Trent Edwards, 97 Rock changed the name of Edward St. to Fitzpatrick St. Mayor Brown gave them permission to do this. It's good to see Urkel is dealing with important issues affecting our community. Meanwhile, gangs on the West and East sides continue to run the city...

Bumper stickers are on their way

You demanded bumper stickers. We got them. Show your support for Carl Paladino and your dismay for the prospect of another 12 year Cuomo reign by purchasing some of these. Let's spread the word all over New York State...

Guess who's coming to dinner?

(wned) - Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Cuomo will be in Buffalo Friday for his first area visit since Buffalo developer Carl Paladino's upset win the Republican Primary. Paladino has been dogging Cuomo, challenging the frontrunner to a debate. Though Cuomo continues to be evasive on the matter, he told an Albany radio station that he would meet Paladino if their respective campaigns could come to an agreement on the details of the debate.

Cuomo will be in Buffalo Friday for a reported $1,000-per-person fundraiser.

WNED: Cuomo Coming to Buffalo Friday (2010-09-22)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Last Train to Clarksville

This was a funny story from channel 7. Assembly speaker Sheldon Silver said if Carl Paladino wins the governor's race, people should consider leaving the state. Paladino responded by buying him a one way, $75 Amtrak ticket to Washington D.C.. It is dated for November 3rd, 2010. I don't know what Silver is waiting for. He might as well leave now. Win or lose, this is a movement generated by Paladino and Silver's days in Albany are numbered either way. The people are finally beginning to smarten up on career criminals like Silver. It is much bigger than the Tea Party Movement. There are Democrats and Republicans sick of the way New York has been mismanaged by Cuomo I, Wacky Pataki, Client #9, and the current drug addict serving as governor.

Personally, I think Amtrak is too good for Silver. Paladino should have bought him a Megabus ticket and had him seated next to some smelly, overweight, obnoxious Irishman...

Client #9 on CNN

If you can stand listening to client #9 for two minutes, watch at 2:30 where he says Andrew Cuomo is a "nasty pol". He adds that Cuomo was the guy with "brass knuckles" when his daddy was governor. This is going to be so funny when little Andrew doesn't get his way and has one of his meltdowns. Can someone tell me again why CNN feels the need to put this pervert on the air?

10th Streeters

Several members of the 10th Street gang were arrested today along with members of the 7th Street gang. The two gangs are arch rivals.(When we were kids, we played football and street hockey against other streets but shootings rarely took place after games.)

I feel sad for the young woman in this clip who just wants to live without bullets flying by her child. I never knew La Nova Pizzeria was right in the middle of gang territory. I knew it was a bad neighborhood but not this bad. They probably carry Uzis in the back of the restaurant.

I think the Buffalo Police should pull a "Superintendent Williams" and just rename the streets (Williams is famous for renaming poorly performing schools so they don't lose their funding). Maybe the gang members would all become law abiding citizens and go off to college, if they just changed the name of 10th Street to The 10th Street of Excellence and Higher Achievement...

I've been on more dangerous rides at Darien Lake

I went to watch this guy from France tight-rope across the Liberty Building tonight. I want my money back. (Save your questions. It was free.)

He had a huge bungee chord attached to his back (in case he fell!) He was in no danger. I've worked downtown. I've seen window washers outside the Liberty Building put themselves at greater risk than this guy. Even daredevils today are wimps. Next...

We went into the archives and found out the fearless French fry has nothing on this guy...