Saturday, December 11, 2010

Savannah Wells

Congratulations to former South Buffalo soccer player Savannah Wells. The Lorraine Academy student and Girl Scout recently collected over 300 coats to distribute throughout the community. She had been known for being very shy, but the coat drive seemed to get her going, and then some. From today's Buffalo News...

Savannah got up in front of that faculty meeting, asking for support. She wrote and distributed a letter asking teachers and fellow students to donate jackets for Harvest House. She got on the morning announcements, appealing for help. She met with business owners along Abbott Road, asking if she could post her neon-yellow fliers to help spread the word.

"She has come out of her comfort zone and become more outspoken," said Tracy Dake, a former teacher of Savannah's who is friends with the girl's mother.

The first load they delivered was gone in 24 hours.

I've known teacher Tracy Dake for several years. She teaches Wells and is also friends with many of the families of other students. The article mentions how Savannah sometimes spends her lunch period with Tracy, assisting younger students in need of extra help. Tracy is a coach for our indoor soccer leagues and she single-handily sees to it that half the school registers their kids for the program. The students love Tracy's enthusiasm and she has been a terrific coach for us. It is no surprise to me that her enthusiasm has spread to one of her students. Congratulations to Savannah on her great act of kindness. You and Ms. Dake are official members of the Blogger's Hall of Fame.


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