Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bus accident on Perry Street


In the same day, we have a school bus in Buffalo getting struck by a moving car and a 3 year old boy being left on a bus outside Rochester for three hours in near freezing temperatures.Expect many more stories like this as the school year continues...

A driver fleeing from Lackawanna police at a high rate of speed crashed into the back of a school bus at Perry and Louisiana streets Wednesday afternoon, injuring himself and a child, according to reports.

The bus was on Perry taking children home who were released early from school when the crash occurred just before 1 p.m.

At what point do people recognize busing as the huge failure it is and go back to neighborhood schools? It obviously hasn't worked, as the cities are more segregated now than they ever were. Take all the money we're wasting on gas, bus drivers, and aides and put it into the classrooms. I heard Buffalo School Board member Lou Petrucci talk about busing when he was running for office. Haven't heard a word about it from him since.

Drive by Notre Dame Academy during dismissal. You'll see parents and grandparents picking up their kids. You'll see older brothers and sisters walking the younger ones home. There's a word for this scene. It's called a community. The schools used to be the center piece of the community. Not any more. We need to go back to the way it once was...



  1. that would be great for elmentary schools but for high schools it would be so good at least for south buffalo kids they only public high school in the area is south park and it isnt that great of a school

  2. i know what your saying. i still would want to have good schools like city honors, hutch tech and da vinci available for all the city kids to attend if they are accepted. the rest would be for kids in each neighborhood. south park would improve then.