Friday, December 10, 2010

Changes promised at Thruway Authority

The Thruway Authority has promised some changes for the next big snowstorm. I'd like to see Donna Luh's resume. I'd like to know what experience she had in transportation before she was named Vice Chairman. Is she qualified for this job or just another in a long line of political hacks that seem to find their way to such posts? Please give us any information on Luh or others in the Authority...

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  1. I heard about GPS tracking that was installed into every City of Buffalo plow from September until the day before we got our first snow flake... I haven't heard a word about them since (Well in the press that is). Rumor has it that the plow drivers were instructed to salt and plow the East and West Sides while South Buffalo got pounded. I have heard this from a few different folks. In one conversation I was told that Mickey Kerns went into Byron's office either Friday or Monday morning after the storm and demanded that Byron give him the GPS records from Wednesday and Thursday. Apparently he was flustered and back pedaling when asked. Those records should be subpoenaed. This political pea-cocking that goes on is becoming a detriment to our City and its residence. With all the glad handing and press conferences with how well the City did removing the snow is ridiculous... it reminds me of that Chris Rock bit about how people talk about how much they love their kids and take care of them so well... YOUR SUPPOSED TO! Now we have to listen to Kathy Hochul chime in on a communication system that can be solved with a twitter or facebook account. The clerk's office is a mess and 10 years behind some of the smallest counties in NYS.