Thursday, December 16, 2010

Not impressed by Nichols

The Buffalo News did an article on the Nichols girls basketball team this week ...

Coach Bob Torgalski doesn't always go after players he wants on his Nichols roster. Sometimes they come to him.

That was the case with freshman phenom Taylor Rooks, who Torgalski said came gift-wrapped from the Clarence school district. Clarence doesn't allow grade school students to play JV or varsity team sports so the Rooks family turned to Nichols when it was time to decide on a high school.

"Clarence really helped me out," Torgalski said with a laugh. "They don't let you play up. The father was upset, they contacted us, and here she is."

Nichols is an overrated school. They're mostly people who aren't really wealthy but like to pretend they are. They think they're like a New England boarding school but they're more like the rest of us, actually. I have to admit, it was mighty white of them to let this girl come to their school to play basketball. What amazes me is how bad they are in sports, considering they can take players from anywhere in Western New York. The last time they were any good in boys basketball, recruited player Christian Laetner was coming up from Angola, New York. That was 20 years ago.

The worst are these middle class people that send their kids to Nichols, hoping to rub elbows with the Western New York power elite. How pathetic is that? Here's an idea. Why don't you go out and make a name for yourself instead of hoping other people's money falls into your lap?

If they didn't recruit most of their athletes, I'd say their uninspiring results the last 25 years were due to their supposed higher academic standards. But since they don't really build any decent programs on their own, I'd have to say their athletic department pretty much sucks. They come out in this article and say they are getting most of their players from AAU. I hope their girls basketball team loses every game this year and the coach gets a bad case of head lice.

Here, a recent Nichols graduate decides he wants a new bike for his birthday. "You'll be sorry, Pee Wee Herman."


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