Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Where'd they find this lady?

Philanthropist Robert Gioia tried to lesson the burden on taxpayers in an effort to privately fund the cultural organizations of Erie County. Barbara Miller-Williams made a fool out of herself by turning down the money and trying to label Gioia as the bad guy. Miller-Williams is the Buffalo police officer who doubles as a $43,000/year part time County Legislator. She even has the audacity to work overtime as a police officer, thus emphasizing the irrelevancy of her position as lawmaker (as well as the other 13 members of the do-nothing Legislature).

Gioia is now bypassing the entire Legislature with his plan. Who can blame him? They are an irrelevant body. They need to be eliminated, as they are an unnecessary layer of government. South Buffalo representative and MENSA member Tim Keane-Whalen didn't say anything during the hearing, but did play with his tie a few times...

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