Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Brown to Buffalo police: stop malingering

The mayor's office says some Buffalo police are malingering. According to this article in today's Buffalo News, 13% of the current police force is unable to work. I have to say, most of the cops I know do not fall into this category. The department claims some of the injured are gravitating towards "sympathetic" doctors (translation-doctors who double as their friends).

Union President Robert Meegan comes up with a pretty feeble argument: Since we went to one-officer cars in 2003, we have better than 200-plus less officers, so we have less backup, as a result, and injuries are more prevalent," Meegan said. "The city was told there would be more officers injured on duty before we switched to one-officer cars." City officials had argued that many urban departments successfully utilized one-officer cars.

Less backup? I don't claim to be a police expert of any kind but I've seen enough calls on my street to know they send 10 cars to situations where they probably only need 2. Every time there is a domestic dispute on my street, it looks like a Bishop Timon reunion. What is he talking about, less backup? I do agree with Meegan when he talks about the city's Human Resource department being incompetent. I know something that should take one day to clear up probably takes six weeks with the jackasses the city of Buffalo hires these days. Ask anyone that's ever gone to city hall to try to take care of any sort of bill and they'll agree with that.

Police work is tough work and it's not for everybody. But the numbers don't lie. The small percentage of malingerering officers give the rest of the department a black eye. If you want some real comedy, read the reader comments underneath this story. That's one way to measure the court of public opinion...

Police injury claims soar, raising malingering issue : City Hall : The Buffalo News

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pull your pants up

The more they try to outlaw this, the more appealing it will become to teenagers. If you see your kid's pants "sagging", you might just want to start spending more time with them. They're obviously looking for attention.

How could this happen in the safest city in America?

Something with this story just doesn't seem to add up. Is this just a horrible tragedy where 31 year old David Park just walked into the wrong house? An anti gun person would say this is one reason we don't need guns. Too much potential for accidents. A pro gun advocate would say the Amherst homeowner was well within his rights to shoot the man. To me, it just seems like there is more going on here than the Amherst police are telling us. Shouldn't the homeowner have realized that the victim didn't pose a threat? Or was there so much confusion that the victim never realized he was in the wrong house? Since when do guys go to baby showers, much less get drunk at one? Was the neighbor's door left unlocked at 1AM? Hopefully, more information will come out regarding this story.
Albany teacher fatally shot in Amherst : Northern Suburbs : The Buffalo News

Reclusive math whiz may reject $1M prize

Some crazy stories and crazy people coming out of Russia these days. Subway bombings, violence, scams, stray dogs learning how to maneuver the trains.
Grigory Perelman is a 43 year old bachelor. He is unemployed and lives with his elderly mother. He is also a reclusive genius. He recently solved a math problem that has had Mathemeticians scratching their heads for a century. The only problem is he's unsure as to whether he will accept the $1 million cash prize that comes with solving it. To me, this story is about the correlation between genius and mental illness. I guess the things that are important to the rest of us are not important to guys like Perelman. I would love to read more about how his mind works.
Reclusive math whiz may reject $1M prize The Detroit News

Monday, March 29, 2010

Ethics training under way at City Hall?: April Fools!!!

Oxymoron of the week: City Hall ethics training under way. Do they realize most of these people get into the positions they're in through unscrupulous means? Weren't most of us taught ethics by our parents and teachers? Now we need to pay some lawyer to come in and do it? I'm not sure, but I think this might be some kind of April Fools joke gone awry...
Ethics training session under way at City Hall : Latest Local News : The Buffalo News

I could tell some bad jokes about people from South Buffalo political families falling backwards while others catch them, exhibiting "trust". However, I'll just print some of the comments left on the Bflo News website under the story:

Ethics are for those who possess a conscience
Posted by:
gorgon on Mar 29,2010 at 01:00 pm

Ethics are complicated? I sure as heck don't need a law or rule to tell me what is ethical and what isn't! Most of us learn ethical behavior as we are growing up.
Posted by:
Justathought26 on Mar 29,2010 at 12:45 pm

Who could've seen this coming? Lawyers teaching ethics?... weren't any used car salesmen available.What next? Tiger giving classes on fidelity?

Posted by:
ugottaluvit on Mar 29,2010 at 12:03 pm

They should hire a motivator next. The people in City Hall are disgustingly lazy.
Posted by:
repomania on Mar 29,2010 at 11:32 am

Are the Mayor and Casey attending?
Posted by:
getreal on Mar 29,2010 at 11:19 am

I just spit my coffee all over my monitor!! Is this for real??
Posted by:
bflogloria on Mar 29,2010 at 11:18 am

Talk about ethics...just take a look at how much money attorney Adam Perry (individually) and Hodgson Russ (as a corporate entity) donate each year to Byron Brown. You will see an ethics issue there as well.
Posted by:
HarryStone on Mar 29,2010 at 10:59 am

Rumor has it, they will be getting this guy next year as a motivational speaker. He's not that good but he is second cousins with the Comerfords. So of course, that makes him qualified, doesn't it?...

Letter to the editor- unions

This letter writer will make many union members unhappy. He is calling for New York state to declare bankruptcy so the state can then renegotiate all union contracts. Something's going to have to happen as the state can no longer afford to continue as is. I don't begrudge union members as I think unions have many positive attributes. Without unions, I think workers would get treated unfairly by power hungry management. However, with the state being as troubled as it is, the benefits of it's union members will be looked at very closely by people in the private sector struggling to pay their bills and the ridiculous taxes imposed by New York state. People out there are angry and looking for change. Who the hell do you think reads the crap I write every day?

Let’s declare bankruptcy, void state’s union contracts

I have an idea on reducing the state budget. What I would do is file for bankruptcy. This way, we can break the stranglehold the state’s unions have on us. We could bring salaries and fringe benefits (health care and pensions) in line with the public sector. We all have taken a hit in these tough times. I think it’s not unreasonable to expect the same from a work force fully supported by taxpayers.

It seems they feel they are immune to tough times and all that needs to happen is to raise our taxes. I have yet to hear anyone say:We understand the issues facing New York and we would like to help. We have been extremely fortunate in having a compensation package well above the national average, and we understand that these packages are no longer sustainable. Perhaps when the state is on sound financial ground, we will be able to revisit and adjust accordingly.

This would go a long way in reducing our state’s deficit and getting labor out of dictating state policy, which only benefits the unions at the cost of the state’s taxpayers. It’s time to take the state back and make it a good place to live and raise our children.

Rick Fisher
East Aurora

crime stats 3/22-328

Monday March 22nd

1545 William--Burglary--Storage unit--Appliances stolen.
1460 Clinton--larceny from a vehicle---tools and tool bag stolen.
100 Mariemont--threats--suspect listed
15 Norman--threats --suspect listed.
2375 S Park--crim mis to a truck--side vent window damaged.
428 Perry--threats
718 Hopkins--1 arrest--warrant--Ronald Barney...S Hampton
97 Pierce--crim mis/harassment--suspect listed.
90 Southside--V&T --1 arrest--DWI--Peter Flanigan..Big Tree rd..Hamburg
83 Weaver--threats--suspect listed.

Tuesday March 23rd

159 Selkirk--Arson Fire--1 arrest--Jamie Wild..Heritage farm rd
299 Cable--Burglary--suspect listed.
303 S Division---Burglary--42"tv,WII,Dell computer,printer,19" tv and DVD player stolen.
Clinton/Bailey--larceny--wallet stolen
107 Pries--Crim mis--broken drivers window,stereo damaged
271 Mackinaw--crim mis--front drivers tire slashed
19 Melvin--Assault--1 arrest--John Williams
58 Pulaski--phone threats--

Wednesday March 24th

88 Red Jacket--larceny from a car/drugs--1 arrest--Dennis M Lyons..Arbour lane...
268 Holly--Burglary--door kicked in--inside door damaged.
154 Scoville--UUV
85 Vandalia--Burglary--Playstation 3 stolen.
78 Mariemont--larceny from a car--GPS,Amp stolen.
129 Louisianna--Fraud--suspect listed.
2348 Seneca--larceny--wallet stolen from counter.
244 Southside--Comtempt of court order--1 arrest--Carl wells...Bickford st
537 Willet--tresspassing--suspect listed.
888 S Park--RUUV
182 Whitehall--crim mis--lawn damaged.
127 Elk--crim mis--warrant card issued.
163 Southside--crim mis--windshield broken--2 supects caught,parents to make restitution.
A District--1 arrest---warrant--Ronald E Melson--Rother st

Thursday March 25th

565 Abbott--Mercy Hospital Ramp--man breaking into cars--1 arrest--Jeremy Clark..Davidson st
2133 S Park--shoplifter---1 arrest--Dennis Stilb jr...Tifft st
51 Pritchard--UUV
137 McKinley--2nd arrest for Burglary from 3-7-10--Joseph Swartz..Zittel
159 Selkirk--Arson--2 additional arrests---Lena Jindra,Joseph Swartz
124 Roanoke--crim mis--2 windows broken,ignition damaged,stereo system damaged.
S Park/Crystal--Contempt of court order--warrant card issued.
600 Hopkins--crim mis--window broken--suspect listed.
116 Trowbridge--threats--suspect listed.
19 seminole--larceny from 3-12-10--1 arrest--Dennis Keller..Elkhart..Lackawanna
68 Hayward--drugs--1 arrest--Carlos Rodgers..Chicago st
Louisianna/Perry--Obstruction/False impersonation--2 arrests--Jeffery McCrayer..Alabama,Mark Carpenter
Seneca/Kamper--Assault--suspect listed.
51 Pritchard--RUUV
114 McCamley--threats--suspect listed.

Friday March 26th

261 Woodside--Burglary--hot water tank,sump pump stolen
200 Orlando--Robbery--2 arrests--Dennis Green..Orlando,Dennis Benzel..BradfordA District--1 arrest--warrant--Michael Wilk..Cresent ave
2360 S Park--crim mis--suspects did pull knife and towed victims vehicle away.
162 Gilbert--UUV
175 Como--larceny from a car--GPS,camera stolen
300 Dorrance--Fraud--6 checks cashed without victims knowledge
181 McKinley--larceny--suspect listed.
S Park/Katherine--harasment--suspect listed.
33 Mount Vernon--crim mis/harassment--1 arrest--Kali Smith..Sidney st
354 Katherine--harassment--suspect listed.
A Distric--1 arrest--warrant---Michael Wilk...Cresent ave
2360 S Park--crim mis--window broken
1540 Seneca--crim mis to a car--windshield broken.
246 Bailey--Drugs--3 arrests--Aime Wheeler...Majestic..lackawanna,Glenn M Zoizack...Pittsburg st..Hamburg,Rodney Johnson..Fulton st.
A District --1 arrest for prvious larceny---Kim Montague..Indian Church..West Seneca
597 Fulton--harassment
162 Gilbert--RUUV
A District--Sexual assault from Trowbridge--suspect listed.

Saturday March 27th

117 Hayden--threats--suspect listed.
727 Bailey--larceny--purse stolen--GPS taken--purse recovered in mens room.
611 Fulton--tresspassing--3 arrests--Raymond Felchow..Mackinaw st,Carissa Bochenski..OKell,Angel Davis..Richfield
418 S Park--Gang Assault--6 unk males assaulted victim
135 Gilbert--Burglary--unk entry--Laptop,Digital Camera stolen.
2022 Seneca--crim mis1 arrest--John Gugino..Ryan st
646 Hopkins--crim mis to a car--rear window smashed--2 arrest--Walter Lake..OKell st,Elizabeth Lawler..Abbott rd
130 Kelburn--Burglary--$50.00 removed from victims purse,posible suspect listed.
135 Gilbert--Assault--suspect listed.
Cornelia/S Division--larceny--2 arrests--Todd Borkowski...E Eagle st,Richard Swartzmeyer..Wagner st...Sloan.--suspects stole several tires and rims from yard.
S Park/Choate--harassment
80 Lockwood--ID theft--unk person did try to take money from account.
651 S Ogden--larceny--2 possible suspects listed.
363 Dingens(Storage Unit)--Burglary--House hold items stolen
731 Perry--1 arrest--DWI--Robbie M Bukowski..Cable st
22 Boone--tresspassing--1 arrest--Tanner Torres..Germania st
346 Hopkins--larceny--catalytic convertors stolen from 5 different vehicles.
22 Boone--1 arrest--Obstructing Officers--Tara Barbuto
100 Childs--Burglary--lock cut---Welder,Generator,Oxygen tanks stolen.
84 Parkview--UUV--suspect listed.
688 Fulton--Assault--1 arrest--Stephen Reska..Fulton st
688 Fulton--crim mis--1 arrest--Jason M Skrok...Fulton st--kicked car damaging same.

Sunday March 28th

11 Trowbridge--Burglary--1 arrest--Jesse McLaurin..Perrys t
24 Troupe --Burglary--clothing stolen
2113 S Park--Assault--1 arrest--Bruno Maliszewski..Fisher rd ..west Seneca
42 Kamper--larceny--2 suspects used victims debit card.
84 Parkview--Assault--1 arrset--Jacob Zierk
169 Ridgewood--crim mis/larceny from a car--vent window smashed--Sirus radio,IPhone charger,Sony radio stolen.
16 Crystal--crim mis--pipes to muffler cut
2133 S Park--Forgery--suspect listed.
1905 Clinton--crim mis--lock drilled on Buffalo news box
514 S Park--crim mis--rear door kicked in damaging door and frame.
84 Parkview--UUV--1 arrest--Jacob Zierk..Woodside

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Last Supper

Bill "Squirrel" Joyce and Mike "Perez" Pascall met at squirrel's restaurant this week to discuss the rules for their weight loss challenge. Pictured here is actual video of them discussing the terms of the contest. Squirrel does his best Mickey Rourke imitation as Perez makes short work of Chilli's delicious ribs:

The two agreed to meet for the weigh-in shortly thereafter. A gentlemen's agreement ensued:

Since then, a lot has changed. Not once, but twice, Pascall has cancelled at the 11th hour, citing "work concerns." On the day in question, big Mike was seen entering Chicken-N-Pizza Works by none other than Herbie Gill. Both Pascall and Joyce have agreed to the 60 day, winner take all, weight loss challenge. But getting them in the same room to weigh in may prove to be the biggest challenge of all.

If it's too good to be true...

This guy met three crack addicts at a Main St. McDonalds (???). They invited him to a party but instead pepper-sprayed him and stole $12 and his car.

Man invited to ‘party’ is victim of car theft

A 53-year-old Buffalo man thought three young women had invited him out to “party,” police said.
Instead, they stole his car.
The man met the three, in their late 20s or early 30s, while in a McDonald’s restaurant on Main Street, Buffalo police said Saturday.
The three drove off in a dark van, and the man followed behind in his 2008 Chrysler to Michigan Avenue and Northampton Street, where the man hopped into the van, according to police.
One of the women began to grope the man, who was then pepper-sprayed, said police, who added that his keys were stolen, along with $12, and he was pushed from the van. The three then took off in his vehicle.

It's too bad they assaulted and robbed him but they never say in the article how the party turned out. Great opportunity for us to show when Eddie Murphy jumped the shark with his attempt to transition from comedy to music...

Saturday, March 27, 2010

What did she just say?

I've said it a million times. The classics never get old...


Man, it must be nice to be from one of these South Buffalo entitled families. You know, to have a butler and a maid and a yacht. And all with little or no education.They are so tough and disciplined. I aspire someday to be just like them.

Right now. I guess I'll have to settle for making fun of them with words. Thank you google ads for paying me for the privilege to do so. Thank you to the 800-1000 readers a week who read this blog. Thank you privileged elite for giving us so much ammunition, as well. It's that time of year again. Start calling all your friends to get your rugrats their no-show summer youth jobs.Wait by the phone so they can tell you which crooks you have to support in November. While your mastering quantum physics, I'll just be here expressing my simple peasant thoughts.

Let's get this competition started. We're going to look at no show jobs, incompetent commissioners, hangers-on, political parasites, South Buffalo sycophants, and the residency violating blood suckers in city hall. Please don't waste your time trying to contact friends and relatives of mine. You have my email address. Talk to me directly.
I've always been taught to respect your opponent but it's kind of hard when your opponent is as lazy as ours is. We'll be adding another 100 or so email addresses into our database this week, but don't worry. We don't know anything about marketing. So please, let us know how we're doing. If you're one of the privileged elite, please let us know how you do it year after year. I'm fascinated by your unique skills set. If I can cut your lawn or wash your car in the future, I'd be honored for the opportunity to do so.

IRS worker caught...cheating on taxes

Hey, I thought these guys were the ones whose job it was to make sure we pay our taxes???:

IRS employee pleads guilty to theft of public money

A local employee of the Internal Revenue Service admitted today that she failed to report her income while receiving federal rental assistance over a period of five years.
Candace M. Morrow, 32, of Erb Street, admitted that she failed to report her IRS income while applying for assistance under a U.S. Housing & Urban Development program set up to help the needy.

Lancaster man arrested for DWI on lawn mower

It's always funny when this happens. A man in Lancaster, barred from driving a car due to previous DWI convictions, gets arrested again. This time for driving drunk... on his lawn mower. Joseph Simme tried to cross Walden Avenue before he was pulled over. "I'm sorry officer. I needed a drink badly and my go-cart was in the shop".

Man accused of driving lawn mower while intoxicated : Latest Local News : The Buffalo News

Friday, March 26, 2010

For Sale: New York state

Recently, I wrote that New York State is no longer a government but a criminal enterprise. People might dismiss that as blogger hyperbole, but please examine this article from today's Buffalo News as a case in point. New York's ruling Democrats in the state senate are actually advertising that they are currently accepting bribes. They don't say it in that language but we'll act as a translater.

ALBANY — State Senate Democrats are opening their special access campaign clubs beyond just labor groups and are promising meetings with Senate leaders in return for donations of as much as $50,000, the Democrats' chief fundraiser said Thursday.
Sen. Jeff Klein, D-Bronx, who runs the Senate Democratic Campaign Committee, told The Buffalo News that an array of interests with business at the Capitol are being asked to join "advisory councils" to help counsel the party's lawmakers about how to keep control of the Senate this fall.

Advisory council. I wonder how many of these crooks it took to come up with that name? For at least $50,000, the senators will prostitute themselves to protect their interests and the interests of these businesses that do business with the state. If the groups don't pay the money, the senators are taking their ball and going home. Since you and I don't pay them, our interests are not important.

Soon, he said, special advisory councils will be formed to collect campaign cash from environmental interests, lawyers and others, and they will get face-to-face time with Senate leaders in return for the pricey memberships.
Government watchdogs called the timing especially troubling: The state budget is being negotiated at the Capitol, a plan that can turn interest groups into major winners or losers.
"It shows a disregard for the ordinary voter. It's really breathtaking," said Susan Lerner, executive director of New York Common Cause.
"It's as if New Yorkers needed confirmation of their worst suspicion that our state policies and our fiscal policies are up for sale to the highest bidder," she said.

Could you imagine if local burglers took out ads in the South Buffalo News and said, "I have goods that are real cheap because I didn't have to pay for them. I stole them from your neighbors' houses. Meet with me and I'll sell them to you for next to nothing." That is what is going on here. These people in the senate are selling the interests of average voters to groups willing to pay them. I hope average people read about things like this and start paying attention to idiots like Bill Stachowski, Dale Volker, Sam Hoyt, and other state leaders (Senate and Assembly) that have simply been in office way too long. Since Tim Kennedy represents more of the same status quo, I plan on writing in the guy who sells used golf balls out of his car on Potters Road as my representative in the Senate.

N.Y. Senate Democrats offer access for money : Latest Local News : The Buffalo News

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Residency violators could pay more to golf

If one Buffalo lawmaker has his way, local residency violators Dave Thomas (East Amherst), Jim Comerford (East Aurora), and James Kane (West Seneca) pictured here, will have to pay more to use city golf courses this summer. God knows it's probably a good investment, since these guys have considerable spare time (you know,when the rest of us are working). South District Councilman Mickey Kearns is proposing an increase in fees paid by suburban golfers using Buffalo's Olmstead parks.

Suburban golfers may pay more : City of Buffalo : The Buffalo News

Caught on tape: County Legislature holds illegal meeting

The Erie County Legislature violated the Open Meetings Law and met today on Clinton Street in West Seneca to talk about downsizing. What they didn't count on was my camera being there. Absent was South Buffalo's representative Tim Kennedy. You remember him. He's the guy that supported Byron Brown for mayor over your neighbor Mickey Kearns. Now he's hoping you forget that and vote for him for State Senator. My sources tell me Kennedy could not make the illegal meeting today because he was cleaning Brian Higgin's house dressed in a French maid's outfit.

Paladino's message to Manhattan Congressman: Piss off!

This is why we must rally around Buffalo developer Carl Paladino. I don't work for him. I don't know him. When he makes statements that get career politicians up in arms, that's a good thing. One thing Paladino doesn't claim to be is politically correct, and that's another good thing. Look what political correctness has gotten us. A bunch of phonies in Buffalo, Albany, and Washington. Grandstander of the week Jerrold Nadler took issue with Paladino's comments regarding 9/11.

Here was Paladino's response to the Manhattan Congressman/blowhard:

“Your statement drips with the pomposity and arrogance we have come to expect from our rotten ruling class, so busy clawing for campaign contributions they can’t find the time to understand the bill,” Paladino said in a letter to Nadler. “I am not impressed that you kissed enough [rear ends] to chair a committee of politicians in the Congress, and the fact that you are chairman of a House Judiciary Subcommittee hardly means you are an authority on the constitutionality of the ‘Obamacare’ law.”

Look for the New York city press to try and crucify Paladino because he doesn't represent their selfish interests. I'm not saying I agree with Paladino's stance on health care but I do stand for his right to express it. This clown from New York should stick to fundraising with the Manhattan elite and leave the real issues to guys like Paladino.

Paladino expands horizon for political controversy : City & Region : The Buffalo News

Blogger to James Williams:Cut the BS

From the he's full of crap department: Buffalo schools superintendent James Williams says Buffalo is in line to layoff 680 teachers. My message to him is stop talking about it and do it. I don't think he has the guts. They do this every so many years (make idle threats). I can't believe anyone still falls for it.

If you want to start with unnecessary jobs, how about the no show job you created for the daughter of East Aurora resident Jim Comerford? Or better yet, how about getting rid of Buffalo's highest paid residency violator, James Kane? If you're looking to cut jobs, might I suggest you look at your own office? Stop making threats we all know you aren't going to follow through with. You're all talk. All hype. I thought you were on your way to Nashville anyway?
Oh, I forgot. They didn't want you!
Buffalo schools face 680 layoffs from Paterson cuts : City & Region : The Buffalo News

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Uncle Phil blasts Hollywood Hoyt

Phil Rumore's response on WBEN to Sam Hoyt calling for a teachers pay freeze was about as straightforward as you can get:

B.T.F. President Slams Hoyt

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) -- The head of the Buffalo teacher's union has some strong words for Assemblyman Sam Hoyt.Buffalo Teacher's Federation President Phil Rumore says Hoyt is "a publicity-seeking pathetic excuse for a human being."Rumore issued those words in response to Hoyt's suggestion that teachers accept a wage freeze for one year in light of the state's financial problems."Buffalo teachers have been without a new contract for five years, probably are among the most lowest paid in Erie County, and work under the most difficult conditions, and he's asking us to have a salary freeze. Well, we've already had a salary freeze."Rumore says Hoyt is pinpointing teachers."He didn't talk about adminstrators. He didn't talk about other public employees or anything, he just singled us out."

Rumore also calculated Hoyt's salary at $95,000/year. He said that doesn't include something like $150/day that the state leaders get for food and lodging. Don't most of us have to pay for our own food? Hoyt should have never opened up his mouth in the first place.

Everytime Hollywood Hoyt speaks it reminds me of an old quote (attributed to both Abraham Lincoln and Mark Twain): "It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt."

crime stats 3/15-3/21

Monday March 15th

155 Bailey(NOCO)--shoplifter--1 arrest---Dennis Reiber..Trowbridge
391 Paerry--larceny---wallet stolen
155 Good-larceny--2 GE air conditioners taken from the porch.
111 Frank--Burglary--laptop,DVD player,cash stolen...possible suspect listed.
108 weiss--Burglary--rear door open...4 mont pitbull puppy stolen.
2325 S Park(Kutter Hair Salon)---Burglary--1 arrest--Francis Smith...Maple Grove...Lackawanna
124 Imson--Burglary of the garage--hinges broken off shed--2 ATV's stolen.
208 Amber--Burglary--2 unk males forced way into house--42" & 38 " tv's,SONY computer,cellphone stolen.
SPark/Josie--Assault--rock thrown at victims head...4 possible suspects listed.
73 Manitoba--crim mis to a car--nail put in tire
65 Wheelock--harassment--suspect listed
22 Pomona--Assault--suspect listed.
1315 Seneca--larceny--cell phone stolen by known person
58 Clifford--ID theftMcLelan/Choate--Contempt of court order--suspect listed.
1617 S Park--Search warrant --suspect not home--drugs recovered
Seneca/Duerstein--1 arrest--drugs--Angelica Dunworth..Lockwood ave
Southside/Abbott--1 arrest--DWI--Charles Donahue..Barton st
202 Weimar--Assault--suspect listed.

Tuesday March 16th

Seneca/Elk--1 arrest--V&T/Criminal Impersonation--Christopher Holor...Essjay..Williamsville
99 Richfield--Harassment--warrant card issued.
Hopkins/Pembine--Assault--1 arrest--Darryl K Barnes...Kilhoffer st
2330 Seneca--1 arrest--False Personation--Erick W Fountain..Perry st..also Cheek PD warrant
34 Paul pl--Contempt of court order--suspect listed.
Durant/Trowbridge--crim mis to a car---windshield broken.
544 Abbott--Burglary--laptop stolen
Baraga/Hopkins--threats--suspect listed.
1928 S Park--larceny--checks stolen.
117 Norman--Child Endangerment--suspect listed.
132 Gilbert--UUV
24 Princeton--Burglary--purse stolen
68 O'Connell--crim mis--car window broken
45 Frank--threats--suspect listed.

Wednesday March 17th

Hopkins/Amber--1 arrest--drugs--Wayne Wells jr..Marilla st
644 Bailey--Robbery--victim was robbed by 2 B/M's,ski masks,black hodies,blue jeans,blk sneakers,large black handgun..took cash and fled in a gold Jeep SUV west on Clinton.
1682 Clinton st--1 arrest--drugs--Tara Gavigan...Sandra dr..Lackawanna
S Park/Olcott- 1 arrest--False Personation--Eric address
398 Dingens--crim mis--entry door broken
406 Dingens(Dickies Donuts)--entry door broken--possible suspect listed
30 Glendhu--tresspassing
20 Lester--Assault--suspects listed.
164 Parkview--harassment---suspect listed.
688 Hopkins--RUUV
96 Abbott--Burglary--suspect listed.
1619 S Park--crim mis--window frame damaged
103 Weimar---Larceny--warrant card issued.
936 S Park--Burglary--window broken--42" tv,SONY playstation stolen.
601 McKinley--crim mist to a car--raer window broken
17 Dingens--harassment--suspect listed
161 Mackinaw--crim mis to a car--drivers side window broken
346 Hopkins--crim mis--suspect listed.
133 Trowbridge--1 arrest for Violation order of protection 3-14-10----Nicholas Stanson..Koester
5 Clifford--crim mis to a car--rear pass vent window broken
30 Clifford--crim mis to a car--driver side window broken
230 Miami--crim mis/larceny from a car--pass window broken,speakers & Amp stolen.
11 Clifford--crim mis to a car--raer pass window broken
76 Roberts--larceny- license plates stolen
1832 Clinton--crim mis--lock damaged on Buffalo News box

Thursday March 18th

156 Woodside--Burglary--fish tank stolen--possible suspect listed.
49 Hollywood--Assault--suspect listed.
244 Southside--larceny--X,WII system stolen.
647 Bailey(Tim Hortons)--larceny--donation box stolen off front counter.
Hillery Park--crim mis to a car--rear windwo damaged.
339 Mystic--threats--suspect listed.
76 Roanoke Pkwy--ID Theft
Seneca/Buffum--1 arrest--Drugs/V&T--Robin Fuller...Hillery
20 Lester--crim mis--door damaged
140 Arbour lane--threats--1 arrest--Tina Zowistowski...
26 Glendhu--Assault--1 arrest--Kevin Kellar
591 Hopkins--larceny--bank card used..suspect listed.
688 Fulton---larceny--suspect listed.
66 Crystal--harassment--warrant card issued.
474 Abbott--larceny--2 purses stolen.
53 Strathmore--crim mis--brick thrown thru car window--1 arrest--Jessica Feeney..Hess rd ..Appleton NY
537 Willet--2 arrests--drugs--Jonathan Walker..Bailey ave,Ronald Newman
156 Peabody--larceny from a car---coat stolen
1024 McKinley--1 arrest--Contempt of court order--Darryl Barnes...Kilhoffer
11 Athol--Assault--1 arrest--Andrew Kelschenbach..Willaim st ..Cheektowaga

Friday March 19th

121 Pawnee--suspicious person--victim states a W/M,black hair,black jacket..grey van..was staring at her.
422 Marilla-- phone harassment--unk person
34 Cazenovia--id theft--account opened in victims name.
77 Sheffield--UUV
33 Melvin--UUV
63 Kingston--Burglary--kitchen set,clothing stolen.
Seneca/Ryan--Robbery/UUV--3 arrests--Allen Jones...Leamington,Shannon Black..Ellen drive..Cheektowaga,Tara Wasik..Leamington

Saturday March 20th

84 Parkview--UUV
Smith/Elk-Assault--victim struck in head witha baton--possible suspect listed.
1667 Seneca--Burglary--door kicked in ,clothing taken
167 Parkview--Burglary--door kicked in...DVD player,XBox,ring and meds taken.
8 Huessy--Assault--suspect listed.
15 Norman--Assault--1 arrest--Shannon Baykowski
1 Griswold--harasment--1 arrest--Darryl Ransom
90 Southside--theft of services--tenant tapes into direct TV signal.
121 Southside--harassment--suspect listed.
140 Coolidge--Viol order of protection--1 arrest--Debra Wrobel
A District--1 arrest--warrant--Douglas Nowicki..Ellicott..Colden NY
Fulton/Hamburg--1 arrest--warrant--Brandon Ortiz..Kenefick
2346 Seneca--Burglary--inside doors damaged.
Hillary Park--Forcible touching--victim reports 10 B/M did grab her and fled into woods behind school.

Sunday March 21st

202 weimar--Contempt of court from 3-15-10--1 arrest--Wallace Kopinski
25 Zittel--larceny from a car--IPOD Nano,Camera stolen.
37 Hobart--Assault--suspect listed.
199 Culver--crim mis/larceny from a car---door pryed open--1 dual DVD player,Alpine speaker,Alpine Amp stolen
Abbott/Alsace--Accident--1 arrest--DWI--Kevin Bednarz..Norfred drive..Lackawanna
58 Clifford--Assault--suspect listed.
942 McKinley--larceny--W/M did run out doro with Pioneer car speakers
38 Weiss--crim mis--rock thrown thru window
94 Weimar--harassment--suspect listed.
193 S Legion--harassment--
Pomona/Seneca--harassment--suspect listed.
22 Arbour lane--crim mis-----car trunk written on
710 Ohio--tresspassing--7 arrests
29 Duerstein--contempt of court order--1 arrest--Tim Jablonski..Chamberlin dr..W Seneca
195 Culver--larceny--suspect listed.
35 Hayden--1 arrest--drugs--Jason Pilarski
110 Southside--larceny--Debit card stolen and used at various locations
698 Hopkins--Burglary--rear door panel forced in--2 cameras,jewelry stolen.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

90 year old charged with murder

A 90 year old man has been charged with killing his 89 year old wife at a retirement home in Amherst. Talk about bizarre. The DA is seeking a life sentence, or in this case 1-3 years behind bars. It's very sad to think of a 90 year old man going to the Erie County Holding Center. At least the 100 year old pedophile will have someone to play cards with.
Amherst man, 90, charged with killing his wife : Latest Local News : The Buffalo News

Shelf life almost up on Sam Hoyt

Assemblyman Blowhard is telling teachers they need to skip pay hikes. Where was Sam Hoyt's conservatism when the Assembly was discussing his pay increases.? This guy makes at least $79,000 a year, which means he's overpaid by $78,000. Here's a guy who's been in Albany since the 1980s. What has he ever accomplished? Nothing. As a part time teacher, I'm currently not for or against pay hikes. I know everyone has to make sacrifices. However, Sam Dolittle should start by looking in the mirror. He's the last guy who should be calling for others to tighten their belts.

I'm predicting defeat this year for daddy's little boy. While Hoyt is in Albany professing his love to 18 year old interns, teachers and other people are actually out performing some sort of job. Sam, don't make suggestions on anything. Your opinion is irrevelent. It's a sad joke that the people in North Buffalo are dumb enough year in and year out to reelect you. Every time you open up your mouth and try to speak, we're all embarrassed for you and them.. Thank God your shelf life is almost up. I think most of Western New York is on to your sorry act.
Assemblymen want teachers to skip pay hikes : Twitter - Buffalo News : The Buffalo News

Monday, March 22, 2010

Buffalo-Amateur sports town USA

Buffalo really is a great amateur sports town. I think this article is right on the money. I didn't know about the Frozen Four or World Junior Hockey Championships coming here. I wrote a month ago about how the city should try and capitalize on the community's love of hockey to make it a true hockey town. I think this could be expanded to other amateur sports as well. Buffalo has some great facilities.For example, the Flickinger Center at ECC does a great job of hosting some big swiming tournaments.We need to find a point man who shares the same enthusiasm as the average citizen on sports. I don't think guys like Andrew Rudnick are getting it done. Chris Collins and Byron Brown need to find a point man to bring more events like the NCAA tournament here. We need to really roll out the red carpet so other groups want to bring their events here but last weekend's tournament was a good start.
Buffalo wins hearts of hoops fans : Latest Local News : The Buffalo News

Protests over health care debate

First the brick throwing incident at Louise Slaughter's office in Niagara Falls, now this. I'm glad to see people are finally watching the way Congress operates. I just hope they use tact and protest peacefully.

I haven't heard enough specific information on the health care plan to form an opinion either way. I know people that don't like Obama, don't like the plan. People that do like him think it's a great plan. But I don't hear either side talking specifics yet. I know I have no health insurance and work two jobs. Hopefully, this will be a good start but only time will tell.

Vandals strike AZ congresswoman's Tucson office : 24 Hour Breaking News : The Buffalo News

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lazio is a dud

The state Conservative Party has decided to back Rick Lazio for Governor. No big surprise there. I got one word for Lazio. Dud. I can't say anything bad about him because he's never said or done anything of note. He ran a lackluster campaign against Carpetbagger Clinton, where he failed to generate any excitement or enthusiasm from the voters. The state leaders must have figured he'd stand up for New York City's interests more than the outspoken Carl Paladino. He and Honest Andrew Cuomo look like clones from a bad horror movie. Carl Paladino kind of looks like their crazy uncle. That's why I already know I'm voting for him should he beat Dud Lazio in the Republican primary.

Conservative Party leaders back Lazio for governor : City of Buffalo : The Buffalo News

Random Thoughts From the Ghetto-Volume 24

I look out my window and see the empty 40 oz beer bottles, hypodermic needles, crack pipes and abandoned shopping carts on my front lawn and I begin to think. The end results have become known as my random thoughts from the ghetto...

-I saw Seymour Knox III name in the paper a few weeks ago. If you're born with the first name Seymour, chances are your family isn't hurting for money. You don't see too many kids running around Riverside or Babcock with the first name Seymour.

-One of the most annoying things nowadays is when you call a company for help. You have to listen to one of their five minute commercials where they say answers to the most commonly asked questions can be found on our website. BS. If you're dumb enough to go to their website, all it ends up doing is confusing you even more. Just answer the phone and answer my damn question.

-I can tell I'm getting old because kids swearing bothers me. Before, I'd hear kids walking up the street using bad language and I just wrote them off as white trash. Now, when I hear teenagers swear, my first reaction is "Hey!!!" Watch your mouth!!!

-It's always funny when you hear someone running for office say their goal is to create jobs. Politicians don't create jobs. They never have. They never will. Businesses create jobs. They keep saying it though and stupid people continue to buy into it. In Western New York, the only jobs they've created are for moving companies.

-How do you believe anything is real? For all those years, teachers told us Pluto was the smallest planet. Then, one day, scientists just out of the blue say it isn't even a planet?

-Most ridiculous response to my comment that we have too many sons and daughters of political prostitutes getting handed political jobs: "Mike, the good people are the ones that end up getting the jobs." The sad part is these people are so stupid they probably believe that. So I guess you and I aren't "good people" because we haven't forfeited our self respect like these degenerates have. And of course it was an anonymous comment.

- I remember working at fast food restaurants helping the disabled keep their jobs. A manager at KFC told one of my clients that KFC liked to send spies into the restaurant to make sure they were kept clean. I told my worker to watch out for a guy with gray hair, a goatee, and glasses who was dressed in all white (obviously describing Colonel Sanders). The manager apparently didn't get the joke. She interrupted me and said, "No. The guy they usually send is Puerto Rican and has dark hair."

I found this clip of Tom Petty inserting Hit the Road Jack into one of his songs in concert...

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Health care opponent throws brick through Slaughter's office window

NIAGARA FALLS — The "Slaughter Solution" on health care isn't the only thing that has come under attack in U.S. Rep. Louise M. Slaughter's world this week. Sometime early this morning, someone threw a brick through the front window of her Pine Avenue office.
The damage was discovered about 12:30 a.m., city police said.
The brick put a hole in the outer-most window at the office at 1910 Pine Ave., but did not damage a second interior window, police reported. A piece of broken brick believed to have caused the damage was found at the scene.

I've driven by Slaughter's office. It's in such a bad part of Niagara Falls, the person who threw the brick might not have even known who she is much less her stance on health care. This section of Niagara Falls makes Seneca St. look like Rodeo Drive.

Surveillance footage taken at the scene, appear to resemble the guy on the right (with the nerdy glasses) in this picture. Detectives located an Elmer Fudd style cap and a large bottle of red hair dye in front of the building, which they are labeling as evidence in the criminal investigation...

Harvest House

I saw this story on Channel 2 about Gary and Linda Tatu. It talks about how much they have accomplished since they sold their house in the suburbs and bought an old, dilapidated church on Seneca St.

I was there in their first year when they met much opposition from neighbors. I ran a two month indoor soccer program in an attempt to get more kids from Seneca St. involved in our summer soccer leagues.I'll never forget how hospitable Gary and Linda were towards me and how much physical work Gary put into improving the building. He always had his blue Harvest House t-shirt and wore a giant cross.Not many people know that the two are Roman Catholics.

They talk about their early years and mention the soccer program in a book they co-authored. Gary has been diagnosed with frontal lobe dementia. However, he still works tirelessly to improve the neighborhood. Watch this clip to see how much two people can accomplish with little more than faith and a hammer.

Friday, March 19, 2010

South Buffalo native among those mentioned for Liutenant Governor

Our sources at the Ellicott Square Building report that one of Carl Paladino's longtime associates, H. Michael Pascall, is on his short list for Lieutenant Governor. Pascall, pictured here on the left, would not confirm nor deny the report but it has been confirmed by two high ranking members of Paladino's inner circle. When reached by phone Pascall said, "I am honored to be mentioned for the position of Lieutenant Governor. Right now, I am concentrating on performing my current job to the best of my abilities. I would definitely entertain any offers to serve in Carl's administration but first, I'd have to ask God for guidance and consult with my family. Any speculation at this time would be presumptuous at best."
Pascall is a 2008 graduate of the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. He was also the winner of the prestigious Peabody Award for excellence in 2002.

‘Paladino for the People’ ready for liftoff : City & Region : The Buffalo News

2010 Irishman of the year...drum roll please

With the month of March in full swing, we'd like to announce our 2010 Irishman of the year. Since just about everyone that ever ordered a drink at Hoppers has already been bestowed with this prestigious honor, we'd like to posthumously select Buckwheat. He's done about as much for the Irish community as any of the previously selected winners. He also holds the distintion as being the first private sector employee ever to win the award.

Here is some footage of Buckwheat in one of his finest performances...

Webster's new phrase for 2010-pension padding

Honest Andrew Cuomo is starting an investigation into "pension padding". If this continues, Buffalo police officers might be forced to do something unthinkable, like move from Orchard Park into Buffalo. Cuomo called pension padding a "scam" on the taxpayers that needs to stop. Who suddenly woke him up?

It should be noted that this scam is not just a police scam, or a Buffalo scam. It's a scam done by doctors and politicians as well as Erie County Sherrifs and mechanics. It takes place all over New York State, not just in Buffalo. A Buffalo News investigation documented this in 2009:

A Buffalo News investigation conducted in 2008 and 2009 — “Public Pensions: Cashing In” — found, for example, that it’s not unusual for Buffalo police and firefighters to retire with pensions that exceed their base pay.
One officer, The News found, racked up $123,000 in overtime in his final year on the job, bringing his paycheck in 2007 to $188,747. The officer retired with a $105,361 pension on a job with an annual base pay of $58,243.
More recently, it was disclosed that Barbara Miller-Williams, chairwoman of the Erie County Legislature, is getting ready to retire from her job as a Buffalo police officer.

In preparation, Miller-Williams worked more than $51,000 in overtime, boosting her total annual pay to nearly $128,000 — double her base salary.

This scam is an obvious ripoff of the taxpayers. The question is how will honest Andrew's newfound tough stand play with the locals? Will the local workers that benefit from this scam suddenly shift their loyalties to Carl Paladino? Probably not, since they usually dutifully do whatever they're told to by Brian Higgins. It's one thing to talk tough when they're out at the bars. Here's a chance to put their tough sounding words into action. When Higgins tells them it's in their best interest to support honest Andrew, they will all drop what they're doing and fawn all over him like 12 year old schoolgirls. We'll be watching with interest. Will these tough talking government workers support an independent thinker over an entrenched democrat? Unfortunately, I think we already know the answer to this question. It lies in their genes.
Cuomo probes pension padding : City & Region : The Buffalo News

I hate when this happens to me...

You're all alone, minding your own business, and someone shoots you with a gun in the head. This guy has been given two extra leases on life. Why do I have a feeling he doesn't appreciate the luck he has been given?
Man shot in head 2nd time this year : Niagara County : The Buffalo News

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Always low prices, Sometimes racist

It doesn't take much for something to become a national story these days. Some idiot gets on the intercom system at WalMart and says, "all blacks please leave the store" and crackpots like me are putting it on their blogs all over the country...

The whole non-story reminds me of this scene from Mel Brooks' Blazing Saddles...

crime stats 3/8-3/14

Monday March 8th

24 Leamington--larceny--checks stolen from mailbox
2267 S Park--Burglary--entry thru rear door,paperwork stolen
73 Culver--RUUV
22 Leamington--1 arrest--possesion of stolen checks,Forgery---Melinda Russell...Leamington..2nd suspect listed.
48 Whitfield--Crim mis--storm window broken
48 Whitfield--crim mis--inside front window broken with a red ball
65 Wheelock--threats--suspect listed.
1701 Seneca--Crim mis--window broken with a rock--1 arrest--Stephen Dummitt jr..Hopkins st
546 Fulton--threats--suspect listed.

Tuesday March 9th

Ohio/Moore---Arson/Larceny from a car--window broken,car seat stolen,car started on fire.
49 Euclid--Assault--1 arrest--Timothy Murray..Seneca st
2235 S Park--larceny--cricket cell phone stolen off counter.
2426 S Park--Assault--suspect listed.
2426 S Park--Assault--1 arrest--David Schmelzinger...Macamley st
146 Walter--threats--unknown suspect
48 Hillside--ID Theft--debit card used for unauthorized internet orders.
150 Southside--harassment---1 arrest--Karina Lopez...Amherst st
156 Pries --crim mis--chimney damaged
2277 Seneca--harassment--suspect listed.
1907 Seneca--1 arrest--V&T/Drugs--Michael Mills jr...Cazenovia st
1323 Seneca--threats/Obstructing--1 arrest--Patrick Chmiel...Berg rd
120 Childs(Rigitized Metals)--4 arrests--tresspassing---David Stehler..Highgate,Michael Tasenski..Highgate,Jason Smolinski...Meyers,Vincent Graber..Brooklane..west Seneca

Wednesday March 10th

1460 S Park--larceny---known person stole credit cards and used same.
17 Tamarack--larceny--cell phone stolen from Boys & Girls club.
155 Bailey--larceny--known person used stolen credit cards.
2348 Seneca--Shoplifting--B/F & B/M did steal 5 bottles of grey goose Vodka.
58 Rejtan--larceny--1 arrest--Robert Tworkowski
10 Glenn--Burglary--known suspect cut lock off and damaged inside door.
245 Bailey--1 arrest--DWI---Charles J House...Kirby ave..Lackawanna
228 Weiss--Tampering with a witness by known person
870 Tifft--harassment--suspect listed.
1 Fulton(Casino)--counterfeit money
Abbott/Southside--Gang Assault--suspects listed.
73 Pawnee--threats--known suspect.
2097 Seneca--tresspassing--1 arrest--Curtis Stevens...Stevenson st
18 Mt Vernon--threats---unk suspect

Thursday March 11th

147 W Woodside--harassment--suspect listed.
62 Indian Church--Burglary--suspect listed.
25 Alsace--larceny--black metal Arbour with gate stolen from front lawn.
1180 Abbott--larceny--dealer plates stolen.
39 Boone--Assault--1 arrest---Andrew Jablonski
40 Wheelock--Burglary--Video equipment stolen.
2311 S Park--crim mis--1 arrest--Felix Vellon...Ashton
1989 Seneca--Assault--1 arrest--Edward Powers..Seneca st
208 O'Connell--crim mis/larceny from a car--dash damaged..CD player stolen.
Southside/McKinley--1 arrest from gang assault on 3-10-10--Cody Poppenberg...E Eagle
299 Abbott--larceny--package from UPS stolen.
150 Southside--harassment---known suspect
169 Folger--larceny--schoolchecked stolen from mail & cashed.
Quinn/Orlando--2 arrests--Drugs---Amir Williams..Walden Ave,Daniel Barr..Orlando

Friday March 12th

722 Hopkins--UUV--1 arrest--Jill Szlapak...Grant st...Angola NY
129 Abbott--Crim mis--back door to Chicken N Pizza works damaged.
100 Orlando--larceny--license plates stolen.
220 James E Casey--crim mis/larceny from a truck---vent window broken--GPS,TV/DVD player,clothes stolen.
194 Miami--crim mis/larceny from a car--hatch lock broken..AMP stolen.
Clinton/Wheelock--shoplifting--1 arrest---Jose Borgos...Weaver.
Bailey/Dingens--Accident injury--1 arrest --DWI--Erin Kelleher..Boll st
2188 Seneca--Crim mis--tire slashed
281 Barnard---Contempt of court order--known suspect
S Park/Buffalo--1 arrest--drugs--Christopher Mount..Latona Ct
1830 S Park--threats with a gun--known suspect.
422 Louisianna--1 arrest--Contempt of Court---Porter Jones..sweet st

Saturday March 13th

568 Exchange--Burglary--entry thru rear door--DVDplayer,Time warner cable box,Am/FM radio stolen.
1460 S Park--larceny--stolen credit card used by known person
608 S Park--larceny--1 arrest--Porter Jones..Alabama st
129 Trowbridge --Assault--suspect listed.
209 weiss--Burglary--suspect listed.
58 Pomona--threats--suspect listed.
39 Buffum--harassment--suspect listed.
Elk/Smith--1 Arrest--V&T,Obstruction--James Blatt..Euclid
S Park/Amber--assault--suspect listed.
S Park/Lee--1 arrest--V&T,Resisting arrest--Denise Lemke...Gibbons st
79 Ladner--drug dealing---2 suspects listed.
85 Vandalia--1 arrest--Joseph Zientek jr
360 Mineral Springs---Burglary--forced open man door..yellow Poulan chainsaw and tools stolen.
2342 Seneca--crim mis--front window broken--1 arrest--Nicholas J Finnegan..Weaver st
384 Louisianna--crim mis--1 arrest--Thomas Kitchen
79 Ladner--Search Warrant---3 arrrests for Drugs--Jamal Griffin..Winstead..Lackawanna,Daniel Hanrahan..Ladner,Christine Cordova..88th st..Niagara Falls

Sunday March 14th

27 Dallas rd--larceny from a car--Jensen flip up radio/DVD player,speakers,amp stolen.
226 Stevenson--Burglary--kitchen door pryed open--jewelry,lottery tickets stolen.
39 Fredro--Assault--known suspect listed.
A District--Rape--victim states she was taken to unkown location by a person she knows and was sexually assaulted.
133 Trowbridge--Violation Order of protection--known suspect
164 Parkview--crim mis--1 arrest--Jason L Norris..Parkview
19 Seminole--larceny--suspect borrowed 2 ladders and never returned them.
128 Baitz--larceny from a car--dual DVD player stolen.
135 Whitehall--crim mis--vehicle scratched.
1329 Clinton st--larceny--suspect listed.
143 Weaver--Assault--suspect listed.
100 Weaver--V&T stop--1 arrest--Daniel J Paul..Weiss--drugs

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The state of New York

Recent stories in the news make me think New York state is on the brink of total collapse.

-This soda tax was a poorly concocted money grab. It really reeks of desperation. The average person doesn't want our government telling us what we should consume, much less trying to charge us more for things like soda. The politicians' claims that it is to promote a healthy lifestyle is laughable. What do most of them know about healthy lives anyway? Not much, if you read some of the stories about them.

Soda Tax Proposal Appears Likely to Fizzle

-New York wants to make it illegal to buy cigarettes online in an effort to "protect the children." They don't care about children. They are children. Again, it's another desperate attempt to collect more taxes or as they like to call it "revenue". These quick scams are so ill concieved, I'm embarrassed for the so called leaders of our state. They remind me of a bunch of 6th and 7th graders on a school student council.

-The state leaders are trying to tax soft drinks and close parks. They keep on saying the situation is very bad. Then, you hear that they found it in their hearts to increase their staff size and give themselves raises. Will the ordinary person show up and vote against incumbents this year? I don't understand how people can see articles like this and still keep voting for the same clowns (Hoyt, Stachowski, Volker, Thompson) etc. in.

-According to a recent Siena College poll, 61% of state residents are embarrassed to call themselves New Yorkers. 75% say they will vote for anyone but incumbents.

It really seems as though the state is about to hit rock bottom. I'm very curious to see how things are going to play out. It's funny how the state representatives keep trying to reach deeper into our pockets with these ridiculous money grabs. It's sad that residents don't think highly enough of themselves to vote them out. I could write a whole blog on the continued soap opera that is the state of New York.

Tops restores B-Kwik on Seneca St.

I spoke to Assemblyman Mark Schroeder a few weeks ago about doing some articles about the attempted revitalization of Seneca St. He mentioned the photos inside the newly refurbished Tops (formerly B-Kwik) and the new Tim Hortons next door as potential stories.

I was always a fan of this store, even before they fixed it up. I like smaller stores where you can pick something up quick. They also have always had a great selection of fresh fruit in the store. The store looks so much better on the inside as well as the outside since Tops decided to invest a few bucks into it. Anyway, whoever came up with the idea for the pictures did a great job. In case you haven't been inside in awhile, I took a quick tour of the store. Thank you to my old friend from the Old 1st Ward Center, Justin Jacobson, for letting me film inside the store.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Seneca/Babcock 2005

I found this old clip on YouTube. It is worth showing again even though it is five years old. It shows how the people of the Seneca/Babcock neighborhood reacted when a group of liberals suffering from "white guilt" came down to their neighborhood from their suburban homes to try and tell them how they should live. How can you take anything from this story seriously? They interviewed the one guy while he was standing in front of Pandora's Boxxx. The last guy had a great line. He said, "We're not in the KKK. I'm Irish-Catholic. The KKK hates me as much as they hate blacks." I thought this was well said, despite the fact he was probably wearing a wife beater and smoking Newports when he said it.

I don't like to talk about race too much on here. However, blacks and poor whites have more in common with each other than these bleeding hearts from East Amherst. If they love Seneca/Babcock so much, why don't some of them relocate there? The residents should have egged their minivans and told them never to come back.

Calling all drunks

The St. Patrick's Day Parade went down Delaware Ave. on Sunday. People of all ages and races gathered to revel in their sheer stupidity as onlookers watched:

“We’re having a wonderful time,” Deputy Fire Commissioner Patrick Lewis said, walking in the parade with a banner across his chest that read, “Irishman of the Year.” “It’s a great day for the Irish, with everyone here enjoying themselves.”
The Buffalo Dachshund Club drew laughs as more than a dozen dogs — walking behind the “Wiener Wagon” — made their way forward.

The political prostitute Lewis actually marched on all fours with the Dachshunds, as his master, mayor Byron Brown held the leash.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Charlie the dog's stance on the war

Normally not one to express his opinions on international matters, Charlie the dog responds to a reporter's question regarding the war in Iraq:

Great article on Tommy Blake, Jr.

Today was apparently Blake day in the Buffalo News' Viewpoints section. Political writer Bob McCarthy started his column talking about how my uncle Tom Blake (along with the late Richard Keane) started the St. Patrick's Day luncheon at the Buffalo Irish Center in 1972.

Tom Blake's son Rich wrote the following article on another page of the section. Buffalo is such a small city, I'll bet neither McCarthy nor Blake knew they would both would be writing about father and son family members on the same day, in the same paper, in the same section of the paper. Rich Blake wrote about his brother Tommy, Jr. Tommy was born deaf and with CP. He has walked with the help of crutches his whole life. He has accomplished so much, only some of which was written about in the story. One thing that I always noticed about Tommy was the great enthusiasm and respect he has for life. He always seems to have a great awareness of his surroundings, never complains about his role in life, and always asks good questions.

In the story, Rich Blake mentions about how Tommy insisted on going to a "regular" school when it wasn't the trend back then. When he earned his diploma from West Seneca West High School, he received a standing ovation from his fellow classmates and their parents. A few years back, he earned national recognition for saving the life of a 73 year old man in Daytona Beach, Florida:

In the early 1990s, Tommy and my mom moved to Daytona Beach, Fla., where incredibly he continued to be feted by reporters. In 2003, every TV station in Volusia County covered the story of the amazing deaf man with cerebral palsy who saved a diabetic senior citizen from drowning in the swimming pool at the Pickwick Village retirement community. Tommy had held the 73- year-old unconscious man’s head above water for 20 minutes, clinging with his one free arm to the side of the built-in pool, crying out for help until someone finally arrived. Even Jeb Bush, then governor of Florida, sent Tommy a medal recognizing his heroism.

With all the negative stories about the economy and corruption going on in the state, finally a positive story around St. Patrick's Day...

A brother’s journey to Ireland, and to hearing : Sunday Viewpoints : The Buffalo News

War of the Worlds- Part II

There's nothing like a harmless practical joke. Maybe, this wasn't such a good idea, though...

Fake Russian invasion broadcast sparks Georgian panic

(CNN) -- A television station in Georgia triggered a panic when it broadcast a mock half-hour report about a Russian invasion of the country.

On Saturday night, the pro-government Imedi TV in Georgia broadcast what it called a "simulation" of what a fresh invasion would look like. And the broadcast ended with a note that the events in it were not real.

However, the show did not run any on-screen notes during the half-hour broadcast to alert viewers that what they were watching was not real.

About two hours later, the station began scrolling a text, apologizing for spreading panic among viewers.

Manana Manjgaladze, the spokeswoman for Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, also made an unexpected live appearance at Imedi's studio to apologize to viewers for the false alarm.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cazenovia Creek 3/13/10

Parades, luncheons, blowhard politicians, Irishmen of the Year. Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah... Here's a clip of the waters of Cazenovia Creek today:

Friday, March 12, 2010

Cat missing? Coyote filmed behind school in South Buffalo

We were sitting in the school library today when one of the six students in the room spotted what looks like a coyote running around the baseball diamonds at Okell Field. Like any decent blogger would, I quickly grabbed my camera from my coat. I'm about 80% sure it's a coyote. It could be a coyote-dog mix. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the clips we were able to get. Sorry about the camera shaking. It shakes when it zooms in on things and the animal was at least 100 yards away. We got some very good close ups, though.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Miller-Williams: 'Gaming the System' while you and I struggle to pay our bills

How could anyone read this article in today's paper and not get angry? I've been calling for the County Legislature to be eliminated for several years now. It is a completely useless body which does absolutely nothing that the old VOLUNTEER Board of Managers didn't do. Some points from the article that should make people stand up and demand their government back (but probably won't)...

Barbara Miller-Williams is a Buffalo Police officer as well as the Majority Leader of the County Legislature. Last year, she racked up $51,000.00 in police overtime. This is not a misprint. It's hard to be sympathetic towards Buffalo police officers when most live in the suburbs, allow this blatant rip off of the taxpayers to go on, and then pull you over and harass you about your inspection sticker(because they are angry about their contracts.) Seriously, look around at the residents that pay your salaries and be very thankful for what you have.

"She's gaming the system, which is done by police officers all over the state, and it's costing the taxpayers a lot of money," said Lise Bang-Jensen, senior policy analyst with the Empire Center for New York State Policy, a research and advocacy organization based in Albany.
"This is why the public is upset by the high cost of government," she said.

Miller-Williams admits to working 15-20 hours a week as a County Legislator. Sadly, she and the rest of her colleagues in this do-nothing group probably work less than that. For this part time, unnecessary position, each makes $43,000.00/year. This is not a misprint, either.
Brian Higgins handpicked the borderline disabled Tim Kennedy as our representative, not long after he handpicked the intellectually challenged Jeff Conrad to become city Councilman . Kennedy supported Byron Brown over South Buffalo native Mickey Kearns because uncle Brian told him to do so. Kennedy also was part of a coalition of Republicans that pushed for Barbara Miller-Williams to be the Majority Leader. So when Kennedy asks you for your vote this summer for State Assemblyman, please ask him why he supported Barbara Miller-Williams for the Majority Leader position. He did so because he cares more about Bri-Bri than he does about you and I.

Lynn Marinelli claims to work 40-60 hours a week as a County Legislature. Marinelli is a liar. She is a snake oil saleswomen who hasn't worked 40-60 hours/week in her entire life. Lynn, you're not fooling anybody. Go back into your cave. Please wake up and stop reelecting the same crooks.

Legislature chairwoman's police OT is a pension lode : City & Region : The Buffalo News

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New York State Police Superintendent steps down:This is not a recording

The acting superintendent of New York State Police Pedro Perez has announced that he will step down after 28 years of service. He will be replaced by one of the Galleria Mall security guards. Perez was recently named Goin' South's Irishman of the Year for 2009.