Tuesday, December 28, 2010

World Junior Hockey Tournament

There are some negative comments about Buffalo coming from the World Junior Hockey Tournament. An 18 year old team USA member as well as a few members of the Swedish press both whined about the city. From WKBW...

Channel 7 also found hockey websites trashing Buffalo. Two sports bloggers from Sweden who are here covering the tournament had this to say.

"Coming to Buffalo was like falling into a scene from the movie "28 Days Later" minus all the zombies. The streets were horrible fate," bloggers said.

The Swedes need to be reminded that their country produced the pop band ABBA, forever rendering irrelevant, their opinion on anything. The USA hockey player seems to be forgetting he is 18 years old. He needs to go to the Galleria Mall and buy a soft pretzel and be thankful he can get into an R rated movie. He should check out Niagara Falls and just shut up and play hockey. This loser's too young to drink, anyway. He's probably a spoiled brat, whose parents mortgaged their house so he could play hockey.

Actually, this is a good opportunity for Buffalo to find out what would make this a great experience for the fans. We have the bars and restaurants, but could do so much more. For example, I think an indoor water park would be a great idea in the future. There's one in Erie, Pa. but why not one downtown? As I've said before, the city has the facilities to be the amateur sports haven of the Northeast. All it has to do is give the families more things to do when they are here.Hopefully, planners will use this to build on for the next event.



  1. Just admit that Sam Hoyt was right.... We won't hold it against you. The truth hurts. I've never been to Sweden, but from what Rick Steves has show us Buffalo's infostructure is laughable in comparison. I dig the idea of Buffalo being an amature sports haven. Water parks a sees pools and in an area that has maybe 4 decent months for such a place I think it's a waste of space. Reference the Niagara Falls water park of yesteryear. I read a comment on an Elizabeth Cary's Business First blog that suggested having the pond hockey tourney or the powder keg festival while this was going on. That may or may not have worked out, we'll never know.

  2. I don't believe Sam Hoyt was right, Sean. Just because an 18 year old kid and a couple of Eurosnobs say they are bored here, does not make the tournament a failure. I think most of the reviews from fans have been positive. A few years ago, when the NCAAs were here and there was no place to eat, that was a failure.

    You're probably right about the water park. I was thinking of an indoor one. It would only work if we had a lot more people coming here for sporting events (with their families). I think N Falls' was an outdoor park. N Falls, NY is the only city i know more corrupt than Bflo. it has historically been controlled by the mafia. that would have been cool to have those two events (pond hockey/powder keg festival) going on also. Canadians have proven they will come over to the city in droves if we have something fun to offer them.

    Maybe we just need a group of regular people to sit around and come up with ideas. they always seem to work out better than when the guys in the suits and ties try to do it. just my opinion.