Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Brown continues opposition to S. Buffalo youth facility

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Despite overwhelming support on the Common Council and the South Buffalo community, mayor Brown is doing his best to prevent South Buffalo residents from getting a state of the art sports complex/educational center for it's youth.

The Council was successful in overriding the mayor's veto last week. However, a new Councilmember friendly to the mayor (Reverend Darius Pridgen), replaces outgoing Councilmember Curtis Haynes next week. Haynes was in favor of the project. Pridgen is widely expected to do the mayor's bidding. His vote could prevent the rest of the council from freeing up funding for the proposed facility. From The Buffalo News..

Mayor Byron W. Brown announced that he will not authorize bonds to pay for the Nevilly Court project. The Council could have a tough time lining up six votes to free up funding because a key project supporter is leaving the Council on Friday.

The development near South Park Avenue has been on the drawing board since 2006 and would include playing fields, a gymnasium, an educational facility with classroom, library and performance space.

The mayor's latest trick is to recruit (hire?) one of the neighbors to act as an obstructionist to Kearns' project. Oh, and I'm sure this will come as a shocker to everyone, he's a city employee...

Nick Macri, president of the Dallas Zollars Block Club, insisted that some residents only heard about the project through the media.

"No one knew what Nevilly Court was, and it's in our backyard," Macri wrote. "After talking to neighbors and block club members, our area is against this plan and feel funding should go to existing facilities."
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Kearns said it is untrue that Macri wasn't briefed on the project. The lawmaker claimed he personally outlined the plans to Macri during earlier conversations. Kearns also raised suspicions about Macri's motives, noting that Macri is a city employee.

"I just find it suspect that [Macri's] letter even uses some of the same terms that were in the mayor's earlier veto message," Kearns said.

I believe Kearns when he says he spoke to Macri about the project. The mayor's people obviously coached Macri on what to say in his letter. I'd love to know on what grounds they oppose this project? Buffalo should change it's name from the Queen City to the Obstructionist City. We have people waiting two hours to get across the Peace Bridge because politicians can't make a decision on building a new one. The owner of Pano's Restaurant on Elmwood had to fight preservationists like crazy to expand his business. Now, it is one of the nicest buildings on the Elmwood strip.

We have Brian Higgins and his "South Buffalo team " (Antoine Kennedy, the Comerfords, the Mckinley Circle Lady, Jim Keane, Kevin Kelley, Pinocchio Petrucci,etc.) to thank for this also. They were the ones who told you and your neighbors how you needed four more years of Byron Brown.
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Where do they stand on this project? They're against it, because it won't make them look good. If they were true leaders, they would be speaking out for it, for the neighborhood. Most of these people don't care about the neighborhood children at all. Why should they? Most live in the suburbs, or are hoping to, soon. One even lives in Florida. All they care about is furthering their own careers and securing politically appointed jobs for their entitled kids.

Most residents I talk to don't care who looks good by building the Community Center. They just want a place for their children to go and play sports and receive tutoring services, and socialize in a safe environment. A place like they have in almost every other part of the city. Councilmember Kearns knows this also, which is why I think he's not ready to give up the fight on this project.
This isn't over with by a long shot.
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  1. mark Schroder knocked on my door and asked me to vote for BYRON BROWN, I told him i was voting for KERNS and he told me BROWN could do more for South Buffalo.

  2. Everyone involved with youth athletics in SB that I talked to is for it. Can we start a petition or go to city hall to show our support?

  3. -Everyone involved with youth athletics in SB that I talked to is for it. Can we start a petition or go to city hall to show our support?

    That might be a good idea. I'll forward your comment to the Councilman. I know several hundred soccer parents would sign it.

  4. PS. you can make more of your neighbors aware of the ongoing debate by sharing this story on facebook. please see the Share feature at the end of the post. you'll be amazed at the response. Thank you.

  5. mike blake is everyone aware that where you want to put the nevilly project theres a junkyard thats been there for over fifty years take a walk back there see what you smell gas oil antifreeze thats been soaking in the ground for over fifty years thats good for the kids huh look at hickory woods what about the people who live on zollars marilla dallas ashton we dont want this in our backyards we pay to live here bet the nevilly projects not in your backyard

  6. "i" don't want to put the nevilly project anywhere. it's not my project. your fight will have to be with the councilman. who would oppose an athletic/educational center for our kids? the kids along south park ave. haven't had a community center to call their own for years.

    in regards to the junkyard, from what i hear they are moving out. they built the tifft playfields on a landfill. people have played soccer, lacrosse, football, and softball there for decadeswith no complaints.