Thursday, December 31, 2009

Deer at Tifft Farms

I bought a camcorder yesterday at the store. I finally figured out how to set it up around 5 o'clock this afternoon and went over to Tifft Farms to look for something to film. I got some good shots of some bucks behind the warehouses on the new road across from the playing fields. I apologize for all of the shaking of the camera in the beginning of the video. It is my first camcorder. I will divert all animal related questions to Pat Herbert, resident wildlife expert. Not sure how many points are on these bucks.In the second clip, if you wait until 0:40, there is a good close up shot of one of them. There were three different bucks in the same spot and around twelve females. Unlike your average South Bflo. bar where there are three females for every 20 males.

I see turkeys, coyotes, deer, etc. all the time around here. Hopefully, I'll be able to film them in your backyard and post them on this site. With my luck, I'll spot a bear or a giraffe walking down South Park Avenue and my battery will be dead.

Brian Higgins Comedy Hour

Brian Higgins reports in today's Buffalo News that it will take us 20 years to make progress in Afghanistan. "Since my band of political hacks control all the local elections, I'll still be in office in 20 years. I'll be able to keep everyone updated on Afghanistan, progress at Welfare Beach, and Bass Pro not coming to Buffalo." Higgins concluded.

You got to read the article. Higgins says he directly confronted the President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzoi regarding corruption in that country. Please, Brian. Who are you trying to kid? You were just in Doc Sullivan's last week eating chicken wings for Christ sake!You didn't confront any world leader on anything. Higgins goes on to say that he has serious doubts as to whether Karzoi is a reliable partner for the U.S.

After your support of Byron Brown over one of our neighbors, many South Buffalo residents are having serious doubts as to whether you are a reliable partner, Brian. Stop trying to BS your constituents with fake news and do something about our floundering local economy.

I have to go. I have to take a call from the Prime Minister of Iraq.
20-year commitment needed in Afghanistan, Higgins says : World & Nation : The Buffalo News

virus email

In case you are on my email list, you might have gotten an email someone hacked into my address. I will be reporting this email to yahoo in hopes of finding out who did send it using my address. I did not send out this junk. Sorry for the inconvenience it may have caused you.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Candidate Named to Replace Outgoing Fire Commisioner Lombardo

A new name has emerged in the bid to take over for outgoing Fire Commissioner Mike Lombardo. The mysterious candidate is pictured below. As long as it doesn't go to Deputy Commissioner/South Buffalo political prostitute/Brian Higgin's cousin Pat Lewis, we don't care who gets it...> out as fire commissioner : Home: The Buffalo News

Police Commissioner Gibson Collapses at Press Conference

Police Commisioner H. McCarthy Gibson collapsed today at a press conference in Cheektowaga. He was walking on his own at the end of this clip so hopefully he'll be ok. He was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital.

You'll be Paying a lot More for Your Water in Buffalo

You'll be paying more for your water if you live in the city of Buffalo. Water rates are expected to rise by 21%(that's not a misprint) over the next 2 1/2 years. Water Board Chairman Oluwole McFoy (you can call him Ollie)attributes the increase to an unusually wet summer which contributed to a decrease in water consumption (???). So if we have an unusually dry summer, does that mean our rates will go down by 21%? I wouldn't count on it.

In typical cowardly fashion, Byron Brown waited until after the election to announce what amounts to a tax increase. Thanks again to Brian Higgins and Status Quo Kennedy for supporting Brown over one of their next door neighbors. When asked to comment on the rate hike, Commissioner Jim Comerford said, "What the hell do I care? I live in East Aurora. I'm more concerned about our village being absolved."

People can waste their time and show up to complain tonight at city hall at 6:30 if you want to pay to park and risk getting mugged on the way in. Thank you in advance to the five brave citizens likely to show up. McFoy insists this rate hike has been proposed with the water customers "best interests" in mind. What? I,for one, am glad someone is finally looking out for us. Thanks Ollie! water rates to rise : City & Region : The Buffalo News

Great Picture of Inmate Posing Next to Sleeping Guard

Here's a correction officer(Nadja Green) dozing off at Riker's Island while an inmate gives the peace sign. This picture was taken by the guard's coworker and sent to the NY Post. Both the sleeping guard and the coworker have been suspended. The coworker was suspended for using a cell phone while on duty and for taking this picture. Look at the size of those keys!

The guards may lose their jobs over this photo but have already been contacted by officials at the Erie County Holding Center for future employment.

rikers guard caught sleeping on the job -

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Assessment Games

Here is a story that affects many regular citizens. The city of Buffalo sent out assessments of city homes this past month. 14,400 homeowners received notifications stating that their assessments are set to increase. Fewer than 400 of them have filed challenges. Looks like the city's plan to raise their taxes is working.

Can you blame the 14,000 or so people that haven't challenged the assessment? First, research and time is involved. Then, they might have to take time off from work and deal with city hall parking. If they make it into city hall, the politically connected, often incompetent people behind the counter are always very helpful when it comes to assisting common citizens. Many people probably just throw their hands up in the air and say, why bother?

In any event, the city is granting a 15 day extension to file appeals. Last year, according to statistics compiled from The Buffalo News, 70% of the 1,638 people bothering to appeal their assessments before an independent panel were successful. City Hall is hoping you're one of the 14,000 that doesn't have the time or know how to fight them.
Later deadline likely for contesting assessments : Buffalo/Erie County : The Buffalo News

Channel 4 Has no Comment on Cejka Incident

What was once a story about a creepy weatherman with strange fashion choices has now evolved into a story about censorship. The Buffalo News has the police report that the Lockport Police forwarded to the courts. However, they appear to be giving a "pass" to one of their media colleagues. Many of the comments under the story point out that the news has had no problem exposing regular citizens in the past. Other readers think the News is doing the right thing out of respect for Cejka's family.

It's ironic that you get more information from the readers' comments than from the actual story itself. The homeowner and owner of the motorcycle makes a point in stating that his family does not know Cejka. He also says the police believe Cejka was running in an effort to do a "quick change"(early 90s movie starring Bill Murray) out of his leather chaps and into more socially acceptable attire (a chicken suit perhaps?). And yes, to answer the most common question on the minds of most of my readers, they were rear-end-less chaps, according to unnamed Lockport police sources. They also state that they think Cejka was engaging in some type of weird fetish activity at 4AM next to the bike. No word yet on whether Don Postles was involved.

Channel 4 has no comment on Cejka incident : Latest Local News : The Buffalo News#comment#comment#comment#comment

Monday, December 28, 2009

Random Thoughts From the Ghetto-Volume 18

I look out my window and see the empty 40 oz beer bottles, hypodermic needles, crack pipes and abandoned shopping carts left on my front lawn. I begin to think. The end results have become known as my random thoughts from the ghetto...

These random thoughts were created while wondering whatever became of the Lococo family?

-One of the best parts of midnight mass, if you're young, is watching all the older people come in drunk to church. The congretation is definitely louder and in a better mood than on an average Sunday at 11AM.

-Fat people all over Kaisertown can now rejoice. The new Tim Hortons on Clinton and Bailey seemed to be built overnight. That corner has been so ugly for so many years it almost looks like a mirage appearing from the desert. I will always be impartial to the Tim Hortons on William and Bailey and will still be going to that location.

-The KFC on Abbott Road looks like it's being constructed with walls made out of cardboard. Hopefully, the new bathroom will be inside this time. I hear it's going to be a combination KFC/Taco Bell. Some of the best urban legends from decades past involve KFC, their 11 herbs and spices, and rodents.

-The story in the paper involving Mike Cejka generated almost 200 hits a day to this blog. I guess people wanted information and the mainstream media wasn't willing to give it to them. I'm watching channel 2 news right now and I think reporter Dave McKinley might be the next guy on someone's lawn at 4AM. Where did they find this guy?

-Speakingof the news, it's snowing out so you can see all the closings under the screen. How many people are actually worried about Lackawanna Community Boxing Club being closed due to the weather? Just call the 3 or 4 people it affects.I think some of these organizations put themselves on there as a form of free advertisement.

-The funniest scene from the TV show Disorder in the Court is the skinny prisoner being led into the courtroom for a DWI offense. They take his handcuffs off and he immediately starts sprinting out the door and hurdles a barrier on his way out. I doubt if he got very far on the street wearing his orange jumpsuit.

- I was watching one of those religious shows and they showed a guy who they said was converted straight from gay with the help of religion. They said he was a "recovering homosexual". The poor guy had a lisp and you could see the flames shooting out from behind him. He was talking about how he used to be gay but was now attracted to women. He might be a recovering homosexual butI don't think he underwent a full recovery.

-Does anyone remember Ted Darling? The poor guy had some form of Parkinson's called Pick's Disease and people around him thought it was alcoholism. According to an old story in the Buffalo News, he was walking up to random people at the Boulevard mall and saying, "Hi. I'm Ted Darling. Voice of the Buffalo Sabres." I would have probably thought he was drunk too. It's hard to believe he's been dead since 1996. Thirteen years.

It was a nice Christmas this year. However, I was surprised not to see the classic Budweiser Clydesdales commercial once this holiday season. Did anybody else notice this? Well, you can relax now. We have it here. Please keep the hate mail coming. Go forth and sin no more...

Message from Brian Higgins from Afghanistan (Please click on picture for a better view)

Greetings from Afghanistan:

I'm over here dodging bullets so that you can be safe back in the U.S. If you need any assistance, I have a staff of political muskrats back home that you pay $6.5 million dollars a year to get things done in Washington.

2010 is going to be a great year for the Western NY area. I'm going to create thousands of jobs. If you're related to me, you might even get one. You and your families can also come down to Welfare Beach at the foot of Fuhrmann Blvd. One of these years, you might even be able to go in the water. Bass Pro will be making a major announcement in 2010. They will be opening a Kiosk next to the McKinley Mall food court.
Oh yeah. I almost forgot... Peace Bridge Expansion. We got that too. We'll be expanding the amount of time it takes for you to get to and from Canada because we haven't made any of the proposed changes we promised involving the bridge. Actually, it might not be too long of a wait. Since we created the enhanced licenses as another hidden tax on you, nobody purchased them. So who's going to Canada anyway? Have a great new year and please remember our troops.

Warmest Regards,


Blow off Your Steam Recap-Volume 3

Bill-Talks about a recent incident he witnessed at school 27 (Hillery Park Academy). Parents were asked to park a little bit away from the school for the safety of the students. A few of the parents chose to drive through the lot. They threatened the administrators and staff at the school when informed they were blocking the doors. Bill is shocked that these parents seemed oblivious to the poor example they were setting to their kids. Bill, you're witnessing the result of years of government handouts. These parents wanted to get close to that door. They probably needed to get home quickly so they could get home and play video games and drink beer. They never learned to respect authority. Why would they be expected to teach this to their children? Probably the only time the teachers and administrators meet half of them is after their kids cause problems at school. Then, they show up to blame the adults. In our day, our parents respected the teachers, sometimes to a fault. Today, many parents of the poor view the teachers as another government entity there to do their job. Free breakfast, free lunch, soon to be free dinner. Now, I'm hearing stories about schools keeping washers and dryers on hand to wash the students' clothes. Can you believe that? Thank the liberals.

Van- Very upset about the PAL's threat to cancel the ball drop. He tries to tie this in with the Buffalo Police getting $62,000 in overtime to work at Massachusetts Avenue for the Home Makeover show. Van, this threat from Sue Gonzalez was thinly veiled. I don't believe they were ever serious about cancelling the stupid ball drop. It was just a PR move to get donations for their group. You see it all the time. At the end of every summer, you hear stories about youth football groups in the city having all of their equipment stolen. Then, they get bombarded with new equipment and other donations from SUCKERS. By the way, PAL is a joke. Years ago, they had guys like Bob Williams. He made a serious effort to get poorer kids and kids that were new to sports involved from every South Buffalo neighborhood. And they had guys like Williams in other city neighborhoods doing the same thing. Today, these leagues are all star leagues. More than half the kids are from the suburbs. I give Masiello credit for bringing it back but it's not like it used to be. By the way Van, I miss your coverage of the Bills games on the radio. Fandemonium.

Colleen- Responds to Deanna's criticism of Mickey Kearns. She says she sees Mickey everywhere and doesn't see the other South Buffalo leaders at these events. She views Byron Brown as an embarrassment to the city of Buffalo. Hey, does Terrell Owens have to give Brown back the key to the city when he leaves next week? I'm not sure how that works. Anyway, Colleen makes no mention of Deanna referring to Mickey Kearns as a "homeboy" like two other writers did last week. However, in honor of homeboys everywhere, I'd like to bring you this song by RUN DMC...

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Korean Drag Racers

This is a great scene from one of the most underrated teen black comedies of the 1980s, Better Off Dead. This movie also had the newspaper carrier chasing John Cusack demanding his $2.00.
At random times during the movie, the two Korean brothers would periodically line up next to Cusack's car and demand a race.

'See. Here's a perfect example. Two brothers. One speaks no English. The other learned to speak English from watching The Wide World of Sports. You tell me. Which is better? Speaking no English at all or speaking Howard Cosell?'

Do as I say, Not as I do

This from the truth is stranger than fiction department: Kirk Caldwell, a Darby, Pennsylvania pastor who recently led an anti-violence campaign, has fatally shot his 21 year old son.
"Retaliation is never the answer. Retaliation is only going to make it worse." Caldwell had said last summer at a vigil for a slain teenager. Calls to the Pot from the Kettle were not immediately returned.

The Thermidors

This video of The Thermidors was sent to me by local music critic Steve Corbett *. The band was performing at Mohawk Place. The video is not defective. The band prefers to play in the dark. (Anyone that's ever seen the crowd at Mohawk Place needs no explanation.) Anyway, they sound very good singing this Bob Dylan classic I Shall be Released...

*(Steve Corbett, local music promoter, is a graduate of the Juilliard School of Music. He is credited with discovering many talented musicians including The Goo-Goo Dolls, Ani Difranco, Rick James, and Oingo Boingo.)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Paladino's Letter to the NY State Board of Regents

I know some of you read the South Buffalo News but I also know many of you don't. Unless there is a picture of one of your kids school activities in it, I don't blame you. I usually glance at it at my mother's house or at the Tosh Collins Community Center.

This week, Carl Paladino took out a full page ad (remind me to do that after I strike it rich) in the paper. The ad was the letter he had written to the New York State Board of Regents. The South Buffalo News doesn't have a website so I've scanned the 12 paragraph letter at the top of this page. Please click on the pictures above to better read the letter. For those with limited time constraints, I'll summarize a few of Paladino's points here.

He basically is saying what we already know about the Buffalo Public School system. That their failure is the single most pressing issue facing our community today. Their policies and past performance are the leading factors people cite when leaving the city for the suburbs. Amongst other things, Paladino :

-Calls for the immediate resignation of the entire school board and it's ineffective superintendent James Williams. He calls for the creation of a Special Master, whose job it will be to look after the school children. Someone who cares about the students:now that's a novel idea. See clip at the end of the post.

-Points out that inept Board members, administrators, union leaders, lobbyists (puke), legislators, contractors, and consultants all prey on money set aside for public education. They fear Charter Schools because they know Charter Schools work and are a threat to their financial gravy train.

-States that Bflo. Charter Schools receive only 75% of the state funding allocation yet are far outperforming the traditional public schools by leaps and bounds. Charters cost $10,000/student whereas Buffalo Public Schools spend $24,000/student. Enough to send each student to Nichols. Where is this money going?

-Believes that the end result of a Buffalo Public School education for many is violent crime, which causes more residents to flee the city for their own safety.

-Reminds us that the School Board election is purposely held in May instead of November. This causes only 3% of the electorate to vote (those controlled by the union).

-Believes that Superintendent Williams was handpicked by former School Board President Flo Johnson and a search company that only looked at black applicants.

-Talks about how disruptive challenged students are mixed in with the general population and continue to disrupt the classrooms. An alternative school for these disruptive students would help solve the problem but the Scool Board lacks the will to change anything. Why should the majority of well behaved students have to be in the same classes as these students that bring serious emotional issues with them to the classroom? Teachers and other students are in a constant threat of danger from these violent students.

Paladino's critics try to paint him as a racist. This is simply not the case. He is speaking out in an effort to help black, Latino, and poor white students. In fact, my sources at the Ellicott Square Building as well as the Bolesario point out that Paladino employs a mix of blacks, whites, and hispanics for all his positions. This criticism is just a smokescreen because some people don't want to confront the real issues. It is not in their financial best interest to do so.

If you have the time, I recommend reading the attached scanned letter. Finally, Paladino is urging everyone to write to the Board of Regents at c/o
NY State Education Department
89 Washington Ave. Room 110 EB
Albany, NY 12234
or email them at

I will be emailing them a copy of this blog post. Please take the time to fire off an email. It is a very serious issue and I wish more people were talking about it. It only takes a few to get the ball rolling...

Here's an interview with Joe Clark. He was the Principal of a high school in Paterson, NJ. He was the guy who used to walk around his school with a baseball bat (see picture from Time Magazine at top of post.).He was the subject of the movie Lean on Me. He says some interesting things in this interview about school choice. The Buffalo School District needs more people like this guy and less of what we got now, bleeding heart fools with their heads buried in the sand...

Pigeon & Kennedy: Working Against Your Best Interests

This editorial was in today's Buffalo News. It is from somebody very experienced in Buffalo backroom politics. It talks about how Tim Kennedy is working behind the scenes with Steve Pigeon. Just remember, if Steve Pigeon is involved, you know it is not in the best interest of local residents. If he's involved, it is to benefit Steve Pigeon and nobody else. The voters in South Buffalo are an open minded group. I believe they will see right through these two liars and be open to a protest candidate in this race.Just remember, they do not want ordinary citizens to be involved in the process. A vote for Kennedy is a vote for Pigeon and the status quo. Just remember, Brian Higgins and Tim Kennedy told you how great Bill Stachowski was just two years ago. This past year, they supported Byron Brown over one of your neighbors. Then, we all saw the South District get left out of Brown's spending plan and we have yet to hear a word about this from Higgins or Kennedy. Why anyone would support Kennedy is beyond me. Please don't be fooled by their lies.
Pigeon’s response to allegations is preposterous : Another Voice : The Buffalo News

Friday, December 25, 2009


Neighborhood residents can now rest easier knowing that armed security guards have been stationed at the McKinley Circles in case any civilians try to beautify them.

Who would have thought that 5 or 6 of these cool wooden elves would generate so much controversy?

There was a serious incident that took place yesterday. You might have seen it on channel 2 news. A couple of fathers and their kids from St. Ambrose were going around passing out wooden elves to various neighborhood children. One of them was dressed as Santa Claus. They even came down to the ghetto and placed one on my mother's lawn.

However, this crew had the audacity to place 5 or 6 wooden elves on the McKinley Circles (which had no decorations on them). Don't be alarmed. Our fearless neighborhood vigilante confiscated (stole?) the wooden elves from the circles. Thank God. Now, we can all go back to staring at two large mounds of dirt.

God forbid anyone else receives any media attention for taking part in a community activity. The next thing you know, Byron Brown might ask them to be in one of his commercials. The circles are now safe, so don't worry. Using some of the tens of thousands of government dollars she gets each year,the circle princess has hired two armed guards to watch over them in case someone else attempts to beautify the area. Thank you, Marge. How would we survive without your commitment to yourself, err I mean the neighborhood ?

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Every Mall Santa Claus Has a Story

This guy looks stoned out of his mind.

Looking at this guy would make you want to convert to Judaism.

This girl is clearly freaked out by his sinister laugh.

Nothing says Christmas like a 105 lb., strung out Santa.

This santa looks like he got into a bar fight last night.

This guy seems to really be in touch with reality.

This isn't a Christmas picture. It's evidence. Look closely at Santa's left hand. I take it this mall doesn't conduct background security checks.

Santa and the tooth fairy are finally united.
These pics and many more can be found at It is a funny site. I wish I would have come up with the idea.

Christmas Crime Stats

The first paragraph is a message from Chief Brian Strobele alerting people about a scammer pretending to need money for baby supplies. The money is actually for crack supplies...

A W/M,40-50's is going to doors in the A District at strange hours of the night asking for money to buy Diapers and formula. He states that he only lives a few doors away and will bring the money back when his wife gets home from work.He may actually drive up to the house and have another person waiting in his vehicle.Please do NOT give him any money and do NOT let him in your house.Call 911 right away and get a good description and vehicle information or plate number if you can.Be Safe.....Thanks

Monday Dec 14th

159 Smith--Assault---suspect listed.
9 Downing--Home Invasion--3 unk males entered house a forcibly took his 46" tv,displayed a black pistol.
64 Koester--Burglary--unknown entry--WII,Dell laptop,HP laptop,jewelry,coins stolen.
155 Bailey(NOCO)-shoplifting--W/M stole 12 pack of beer.Plate # given.
1460 S Park(TOPS)--larceny--purse stolen from a cart.
68 Remoleno--crim mis/larceny from a car--pass side window broken--car stereo stolen.
1460 S Park(TOPS)-shoplifter--2 arrests--Jacquilyn Hill..Aldrich.1 juvenile.
58 Pierce st--larceny--decorations stolen from front lawn.
28 Alamo--crim mis--rear car window broken
19 Ryan--harassment---lug nuts on car tire loosened.
69 Red Jacket--assault---warrant card issued.
A District--1 arrest on a warrant--Timothy Garner...Butler ave
59 Dash--Assault from 11-29-09--1 arrest--Robert Willard...Eaglewood.
63 Kingston--threats--suspect listed.
Dash/Remoleno---crim mis -dash damaged inside of the car.

Tuesday Dec 15th

85 Hayden--larceny--money missing from account--suspect listed.
386 Downing--Assault--warrant card issued.
573 Fulton--Fraud--unauthorized charges on charge card.
115 Abbott--crim mis--gutter damage on house.
144 Milton--crim mis--hole broken into building--fire extinguisher sprayed into hallway.
32 Ryan--crim mis--tire punctured.
95 Dorothy--crim mis--BB gun shot thru several truck windows.on different vehicles
A District--sexual abuse---female victim filed a report from 6-12 yrs she was abused--suspect listed.
42 Woodside--1 arrest--Kelly H Granger...Michaels Pl...Lackawanna--Obstruction,disorderly,harassment.
1460 S Park--possesion of stolen property--1 arrest--Raymond Gutowski..Littell ave--possed victims stolen bike.
364 S Ogden--crim mis--2 rocks thrwon thru front window.
1028 McKinley(McDonalds)-customer trouble--1 arrest--Jason Lawler...Choate ave

Wed Dec 16th

1894 Clinton--Burglary--suspect listed.
149 Van Rensselaer--Robbery--unk known male suspect took prescription meds at knife point.
2114 Seneca--Larceny--meds removed from hallway after Postal delivery.
64 Trowbridge--larceny--brown Coach purse stolen from a car.
82 Roanoke--larceny--350 CD's stolen from a car.
94 Meriden--UUV
9 Zittel--assault--1 arrest--Jason Zacholski..
182 Maurice--larceny from 12-07-09--1 arrest..Thomas Burtis IV....E Main st...Gowanda
9 Pritchard--crim mis--items poured on car.
139 Peabody--Burglary--boards removed from windows without permission.
53 Baitz--Assault--1 arrest---Emanuel Harris
164 Parkview--Crim Mis--unk male broke rear car window.
124 Fredro--1 arrest--Drugs--Michael C Sherk..Ansley ct ..west Seneca

Thur Dec 17th

2382 Seneca--cust trouble--1 arrest--Tricia Lemke...Lisa Lane....Blasdell--failure to pay cab fare.
550 Bailey(Parking Lot)--Robbery--B/m did forcibly grab $120.00 dollars from victim--suspect arrested by A District officers the next day.
27 Robins--threats--suspect listed.
138 Milton--phone harassment
78 Fields--Burglary--rear window broken---tools stolen.
701 Seneca suite 430--Burglary--buisness enterd---3 laptops,I phone stolen.
145 Scoville--threats--suspect listed.
A District--1 arrest on warrant--picked up in Mayville NY(Chautaqua Sheriffs)---Derick Mallory...andover...Bflo
Clinton/Metcalf--1 arrest--drugs---Charles M Kramer...Jones st...complt about 96 Metcalfe..large amount of pills recovered.

Friday Dec 18th

553 Hopkins--Assault---1 arrest--Nicole Erle
Seneca/Kingston--Assault--2 unk W/M's did punch victim
1312 Seneca--threats--
2133 S park(NOCO)--shoplifting--2 unk W/M's 17-18 did steal 2- 30 packs of beer.
36 Troupe--assault--
51 Lilac--threats--suspect listed.
116 Lockwood--1 arrest--Obstructing Robbery Investigation---Delainy Santos
2076 S Park--Armed Robbery---2 arrests--Johnathan Mojica...Lockwood,Jose Gonzalez..esser st
8 Keppel--viol order of protection--suspect listed.
209 Weiss--Assault--1 arrest--Anthony Lloyd..Colvin
146 Pontiac--larceny from a car--Radio,GPS,Footballl jerseys,gift cards stolen
69 Fulton--Burglary--steel door damaged--copper pipes stolen.
2157 Seneca--larceny--2 fake money orders sent to victim.$1,900 dollars stolen from her account.
360 Dingens--larceny--14 Blue Rhino propane tanks stolen

Sat Dec 19th

386 Swan--UUV and RUUV--vehicle involved in accident and was impounded.
103 Densmore--larceny of purse---2 W/M's did remove complt purse from her car.
108 Louisianna--larceny--home made trailer stolen NY REG AL43864.
81 Abbott--crim mis/larceny from a car--dash damaged--stereo stolen.
58 Rejtan---Burglary--rear window broken--jewelry & Christmas presents stolen.
67 Baitz--Assault--1 arrest--Tara Maracle
408 Louisianna apt 4--viol order of protection--suspect listed.
2426 S park(Reckios)--assault

Sunday Dec 20th

8 Weiss--fraud--card used at Save A Lot
19 Ryan--crim mis/larceny from a vehicle--windows damaged,stereo stolen.
Foot of Smith--2 arrests--Exposure of a person---William Cowell...Wasson st,Amanda Papierski...Curtis Pkwy...Tonawanda
Clinton/S Ogden--1 arrest DWI---Theoren Miller..Orlando st
38 Troupe--threats--suspect listed.
42 Edson--harassment--suspect listed.
137 Bloomfield--susp person--unk W/M,50's,plaid shirt,med to stocky rang back doorbell,asked fro money for formula.
24 Sheffield--contempt of court order--suspect listed.
19 Oakdale--Crim mis--suspect listed.
2153 Seneca--drugs & warrant --1 arrest--Edward Powers...Fillmore ave
2079 Seneca--Assault--2 unk W/m's did punch victim in the face.
47 Cable--1 arrest---Robert Sliwinsi...Columbus ave---Viol order of protection.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Elves

Nice story on Channel 2 news about a group of S Buffalo dads making elves and putting them on their neighbor's lawns. Jason D'Anthony is one of our coaches at the Tosh Collins Community Center along with Tim Driscoll.Both are really nice guys. Just wanted to share this story in case you missed it...

Mike Cejka Update

This is a story straight from Blogger's heaven. The mainstream media doesn't want to look bad by covering a story critical of one of their colleagues. The story then falls on the shoulders of fringe type characters. That's where we come in.

Several people close to the arrest, report that channel 4 weatherman Mike Cejka was wearing leather chaps when arrested at 4AM in Lockport. The poor guy. How does he live that down? Seriously, if half the stories we hear about some of our local media members are true, Cejka doesn't have anything to worry about. I don't care what he does when he's not working. He's not annoying on television, which is all I really care about. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Just get on TV, say you had a rough night, and everything will be forgotten. Not a big deal. My sources say law enforcement officials are looking for additional suspects in the ongoing investigation. Lockport police are said to be trying to track down a cowboy, an American Indian chief, and a construction worker...

Blow off Your Steam Recap-Volume 2

There was not much steam being blown off this week. For some reason, the Metro Community Snews never made it down my street on Sunday. Don't ask me how I survived. I was able to steal a copy today from a friend's house.

The most common question I get besides why are you such an a-hole? is Was that your column I read in the Metro Community News? Unfortunately, every other male in S. Buffalo is named Mike. Had I been named Ezekiel, I doubt if there would be so much confusion. Anyway, I can assure you the answer is no. I was banned from this publication a few years ago for talking about things your local representatives didn't want discussed in public. This was actually one of the reasons for the creation of this website.

Jack-wrote in about the utility raises. He correctly points out that you can't win. If you conserve to save money, they simply tell you they didn't make enough money and raise your rates. That's what happens when you're a monopoly and don't have to deal with any competition. Jack also talks about how the spokespeople and chief executives are all former politicians and their relatives. The salaries they give themselves are criminal. Just another reason for us to vote out just about every incumbant. In short, I agree with Jack. The people that run these utility companies should be behind bars. Crooks.

Hilda-Upset that a previous writer (Deanna) referred to Councilman Kearns as a "homeboy" last week. I think Hilda implies that Deanna is black. I don't know how this can be inferred from print (or if it's even relevant). She tells Deanna to move back to the Masten district if she likes Byron Brown and dislikes Kearns so much. I don't know about that but Hilda correctly points out that Byron Brown shows up whenever there is a TV camera. The thing is, Deanna was complaining about her street not being plowed. Byron Brown appoints a Streets Commissioner whose job it is to get the streets plowed.It is not the Councilmember's job. In any event, I was happy that they were able to plow my street in a timely fashion. If they decided to plow my street after reading some of my articles on Brown, they'll plow anyone's.

Mike (not me) was also upset with Deanna's use of the word homeboy. At least she didn't call him her home skillet. Mike calls Deanna uneducated on civic matters. He speaks highly of former mayor Griffin and Kearns. He also speaks highly of Kennedy, which forces one to tell Mike he should educate himself on the issues a little more. The guy works 15 hours a week and hasn't made a decision on his own since he was "appointed" County Legislator by Brian Higgins and his evil friends. He must be stopped.

I know it's Christmas but please call or send in your complaints to the Metro Community News next week so I have something to write about.

First Absconder

Interesting. I wonder if he really needed to get somewhere or just wanted to turn on the lights. Apparently, a lawyer caught up with him before police arrived at the scene...
NH man charged with stealing ambulance
The Associated Press
Updated: December 23, 2009

Police say an ambulance idling outside a New Hampshire hospital was stolen and the suspect needed to be subdued with a stun gun after being tracked down 18 miles away.
WMUR-TV reports that 26-year-old Stephen Cummings Jr. of Nashua has been charged with stealing the ambulance Tuesday afternoon. Police needed a "rolling roadblock" to get him to stop the ambulance.
Police say the ambulance was taken outside Lakes Region Hospital after its crew had left the vehicle for about 15 minutes to pick up a patient. In winter, ambulances are often kept running to keep them warm.
Stewart's Ambulance Service officials say they're reviewing their policies.
Court officials say Cummings is being held for lack of $10,000 bail. It was unclear Wednesday whether he had a lawyer.

Strange but True

Yesterday, the blog reached somewhat of a milestone as over 100 visitors came to the site in a 24 hour period. The only thing I can guarantee is that the graphics will remain from the 18th Century no matter how many people read it.

I'm still not exactly sure what blogging is. I just learned how to send an email in 2002. My writing is sub par. That I know for sure. I think the main thing is to talk about topics people want to hear about, and keep the posts short. Who knows? Thank you to everyone for stopping by, including my political rivals. It wasn't my intention to fight but that's what you clearly are looking for. I guess it's my obligation to give you what you want. If that includes a protest candidacy here and there, so be it. Don't worry. Just like you said a few months ago, nobody will read the blog anyway. I'll see you soon after we break 1,000 visitors per day.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great Christmas. I'll see you in the cafeteria line...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Run Run Rudolph

Rudolph the red nosed reindeer had a very shiny nose. I know a few guys in South Buffalo with similar features but theres isn't a genetic abnormality as much as it is the result of staying out too late, too often.

All of the other reindeer used to laugh and call him names. Who would have known reindeer were so pretentious and stuck up?

They never let poor Rudolph join in any reindeer games. What exactly are these "reindeer games?" How do we even know it was in Rudolph's best interest to partake in them in the first place?

Then one foggy Christmas Eve, Santa came to say,"Rudolph with your nose so bright. Won't you guide my sleigh tonight?" "Then all the reindeer loved him."Key word being THEN. So if it wasn't for some fluke in the weather, Rudolph would have continued to have been shunned and ostracized by his peers over something he had no control over? With all due respect to Santa, if I was Rudolph, I would have told him and the ungrateful reindeer to go piss off. He didn't need their social acceptance anyway.

I was actually just looking for a nice segway to play this song. You hear the same 25 Christmas songs on Buffalo radio but for some reason you never hear this one. Until now...

Porn Vs. Board of Education

Keep up the great work Buffalo Public School officials. Half the laptops given out were found to be misused. Online poker, porn, gambling, file sharing, etc. And those were the ones that didn't have their computers scrubbed. Oh yeah, they're also still paying health insurance to deceased workers. Way to be on top of things over there. If stuff like this didn't happen every day with these clowns, it would qualify as news. Channel 7 tried to contact several Buffalo Public School administrators at 2PM today, but they had already left city hall for their plush suburban townhouses...

That's a Nice Bike You Got There

Here's a bizarre story from today's paper: Channel 4 weather guy Mike Cejka was involved in an unusual incident. Someone in Lockport noticed an intruder trying to pull the tarp off their motorcycle on their property at 4AM. After a brief chase, a police deputy pulled him over and drew his gun. The suspect, allegedly wearing only leather chaps according to police sources in Lockport, identified himself as the channel 4 weatherman. I never knew, while most of us were sleeping, local weathermen might be lurking on our properties looking for something to steal. Cejka can take some comfort in the fact that he's not even the weirdest weather guy in his own studio. As long as he's on the air, that title belongs to channel 4's chief meteorologist/stalker Don Paul. Cejka was charged with two counts of having some kind of midlife crisis, a misdameanor in Niagara County.

Deputy draws his weapon on weather forecaster Cejka
December 22, 2009,

A Niagara County sheriff’s deputy handcuffed and drew his weapon on Channel 4 weather forecaster Mike Cejka last week after an unusual incident in the Town of Lockport, the deputy reported.
The incident involved a brief car chase, during which Cejka drove his Jeep Grand Cherokee past a stop sign without stopping, sheriff’s officials said Monday.
Cejka, 50, of Clarence, was ticketed for failing to observe a stop sign, Sheriff James R. Voutour said.
The incident involved a homeowner on Old Beattie Road who called police at about 4 a.m. Dec. 14 to report that a man was trying to take a protective tarp off his motorcycle, which was parked in the driveway.
According to a report filed by Deputy Jonathan Andres, a Jeep driven by Cejka fled the scene in a “hasty” manner when the deputy drove up to respond to a 911 call. After a short chase, Cejka pulled his vehicle over on Rapids Road. The deputy drew his weapon and ordered Cejka out of the vehicle, according to a sheriff’s report.
Cejka identified himself to police as “Mike Cejka from channel 4 News” as he was being handcuffed, according to the report. Cejka said he had seen the motorcycle before and wanted to “take a closer look at it.”
He could not be reached Monday to comment.
The Lockport homeowner could pursue a trespassing charge in Lockport Town Court, the sheriff said. A violation is a non-criminal charge that carries a maximum penalty of 15 days in jail.
When asked to comment on the story, channel 2's MaryAlice Demler said, "Who cares about that guy? Did you know I'm from NT?" and then followed it up with an embellished laugh.
Deputy draws his weapon on weather forecaster Cejka*

Monday, December 21, 2009

Brian Higgins: A Grinch for the working poor of WNY

The grinch: pictured here with his little bitch Status Quo Timmy; Both working together against the wishes of WNY's working poor. The predictable tandem recently supported Byron Brown over Michael Kearns in an effort to further their own political careers at the expense of you and I. Not cool. Santa and many registered voters were watching.

Amherst Says Goodbye to Satish Mohan

I don't live in Amherst so it's hard for me to grade Satish Mohan's performance as Amherst Town Supervisor. Judging from the comments under the following article, he was well respected, except by town workers and union members. His supporters credit him with taking unpopular stances on many issues. His critics say he tried to micromanage everything. He was not part of the local political machine which makes him a winner in my book. In any event, people from South Buffalo aren't allowed to move to Amherst, so what the hell do I care? I'd like to be the first to nominate Satish for the 2009 Irishman of the year award.
After rocky ride, quixotic reformist exits : City & Region : The Buffalo News

Target Update

You can put this in the We saw this coming department. Target has reversed it's policy and decided to reinstate the 7 workers fired last week for purchasing those stupid stuffed hamsters. Under the story in The Buffalo News and even under my story two days ago, there was already talk of a boycott. Company executives are placing the blame on an "overzealous employee". This overzealous employee should be the one demoted, if you ask me. This goes back to people with no common sense being placed in decision making positions. At least Target has decided to do the right thing and given these people another chance at making $10/hr, so they can continue being unable to pay their bills.
Target reverses Zhu Zhu Pet firings : Home: The Buffalo News

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Brian Higgins $80,000/yr Part Time Secretary

Our staff has been diligently going over the numbers. We told you recently about Richard Finnegan, the South Buffalo political hack who receives $20,000 to perform his third job for Brian Higgins. A no-show job that seems to be without a job description or any duties. Where can we get one of those?

Now, we will go inside the numbers and look at the salary of one of Brian Higgins' several $80,000/year secretaries Veronica Kane-Lockwood. You might remember her as the former city Councilmember who brought you the "temporary" garbage tax you get in your mailbox every year. That year, Kane-Lockwood was prostituting herself and your tax dollars to the highest bidder who just happened to be then mayor Tony Masiello.

Her title on Higgins' payroll is (get ready to laugh) Senior Field Representative for Special Projects. I wonder how many of these deep thinkers it took to come up with that title? Translation=She shows up and carries the clipboard when Higgins tells us Bass Pro will be announcing their arrival in 10 years (right after the new Peace Bridge is constructed).
Many of us have been forced to take pay cuts the last few years due to the economy. But don't worry, not Kane-Lockwood. In 2006, her salary was $57,000. The next year, she squeaked by at just over $72,000. In 2008, she barely avoided having to go to the local food pantry and "earned" about $76,000. I wonder how much she will steal from the taxpayers this year as you and I less entitled citizens struggle to pay our utility bills each month. Kane-Lockwood's resume' might as well just say, "daughter of Don Kane". After all, if it wasn't for that fact, she'd be working at Delta Sonic,not making $80,000/yr.
Veronica Kane Lockwood - Congressional Staffer Salary Data

Brian Higgins has lost touch with the common person. He has absolutely nothing in common with the poorer people in his district. We will continue to investigate Higgins along with every other incumbent in Western NY. Thank you to the several hundred people who read my opinions last week. We'd like to dedicate the following clip to Veronica Kane-Lockwood, the entitled daughter of Don Kane. How much of your hard earned tax dollars will she be given? $90,000? $100,000?

Random Thoughts From the Ghetto-Volume 17

I look out my window and see the empty 40 oz beer bottles, hypodermic needles, crack pipes and abandoned shopping carts left on my front lawn. I begin to think. The end results have become known as my random thoughts from the ghetto...

Some random thoughts collected while wondering what ever happended to Waddi Sawabini...

-Does anyone else notice teenagers on foot crossing the street in front of you while you have a green light? I'm not sure when this became popular. I guess nothing says cool like a trip to the head trauma unit at ECMC.

-I was glad to see the link to my blog listed on Carl Paladino's blog. Unfortunately, the next day, it was gone. Someone must have made a phone call to alert him I was persona non grata. They must have said, "Be aware of this guy. He has a mind of his own."That's ok. I like the work Paladino has done in the community and will still display his link on my list of related sites. Not many people in this area can say they are too controversial for Carl Paladino so I consider it an honor.

-Very few people have taken me up on a chance to win $50 by sending this link to their friends. In fact, right now only Billy OHeir, Marty Farrell, Linda Herbert, and Jennifer Reiss are eligible for the January drawing. 1 in 4. Not bad odds. My brother Pat had a good idea. He said instead of offering people $50 to promote my blog, I should charge people $100 to not be mentioned in it.

-I'm not big on conspiracy theories but I have to admit I like Jessie Ventura's new show. He has some interesting topics. Ventura has been a navy seal, a professional wrestler, a governor, and now a journalist. I'd say that's a pretty interesting resume'.

-There's nothing funnier than when someone privately refers to someone else as a fruitcake. What a great word. Glad you could make the party. No problem. I brought a fruitcake.

-Does anyone remember the songs recorded to make money for the famine in Ethiopia during the 1980s? Bob Geldoff formed the group Band Aid and they recorded a very nice Christmas song called Do They Know it's Christmas? Not to be outdone, American artists got together for the historic We Are the World. No you're not but at least you were able to raise some money. Finally, a Canadian supergroup called Norther Lights created the song Tears Are Not Enough. Oh no. Leave it to the mullet wearing Canadians to jump the shark. I don't know how this project could fail, with renowned singer John Candy on vocals.

-Come on Fonzie! You're not at Arnolds Drive Inn,You're on a vacation at the beach. Take off the leather jacket will you?

As Ray Herman once said, go forth and sin no more...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cellino & Brown

Cellino & Brown- One's an attorney. The other's a clown.

-Have you been seriously injured at work?
-Has your son stolen your car and tried to run over your neighbors? Are you looking to cover it up?
-Have you suffered nasty paper cuts while holding one of those stupid oversized checks?
-Are you tired of watching inbred Buffalo mongoloids making excessive amounts of your tax money for doing nothing?
-If you happen to trip over a podium during one of your 605 ribbon cutting ceremonies this week, please call Cellino & Brown at 854-2020. Your trusted personal injury attorneys since 1982.

Look Ma! That Guy is Naked!

Here's a story from The Associated Press about a man convicted for being naked in his own home in Fairfax County, Virginia. It's not as it first may seem. Erick Williamson seems to be standing naked on purpose to get a reaction from passers by. He sings or makes rattling noises to get the attention of women and children. Come to think of it, this guy might be a step up from some of my current neighbors. I spoke to our legal team and we're in almost complete agreement. Put some clothes on, dude! Or at least put up some blinds. Normally, we're all for individual rights (especially in one's own home) but come on, man! People don't need to see your gross body when they're walking their kids to school in the morning.

According to the article, Williamson will receive a suspended sentence with no jail time. But if he decides to appeal, a circuit judge might impose a stiffer punishment of up to a year in jail. Yes. The writer from The Associated Press used the phrase stiffer punishment in his story. The sophomoric puns are too obvious to mention in a family blog.
Va. man convicted of in-home indecent exposure : Strange Stories : The Buffalo News

Target fires 7 workers for buying Zhu Zhus

Target apparently forgot all about the Christmas spirit and fired seven overnight workers from their Walden Avenue store for buying Zhu Zhus. I don't know what a Zhu Zhu is and I don't want to know. These poor guys are making $10/hour to unload boxes overnights. Give them a break. What's the big deal? They paid for them. It's not like they stole them or anything. They didn't purchase more than the maximum of four each.

From the comments under the article, I fully expect these people to be given their jobs back, especially if they return the stupid $8 toy. It would be a bad PR move for Target as worker's rights types are talking about boycotting the store until they are reinstated. What about the cost of training new employees also? People should show up at a prescheduled time and throw Zhu Zhus at random Target executives.
Target fires 7 workers for buying Zhu Zhus : Retail : The Buffalo News

Lockport:Lights, Camera, Aching Back?

This story in today's Buffalo News was kind of funny. Lockport city Fire Captain Michael Collette has been out indefinitely on workman's comp with a bad back. Apparently, he has some enemies within the town. Someone reported that he is seen playing the bank security guard in the new Keanu Reeve's movie Henry's Crime. Nothing like adults who tattle on other adults. Just like the politically connected person who anonymously sent this blog to my boss and said that I was an admitted morphine addict. I pointed out that it also says in my profile that I wrote the song Born to Run for Bruce Springsteen. "Nobody likes a tattle tale, Danny. Except me, of course." Chevy Chase in Caddyshack
Fire captain on worker’s comp suspected to have bit part in film : Niagara County : The Buffalo News

Friday, December 18, 2009

Charlie Brown

You know we never get tired of the classics here. Charlie Brown's attempts at placekicking a football; as American as monster truck shows and cheating on your taxes...

The theme song from the Peanuts show is also a classic. If I ever learn to play the piano, this would be the first song I would learn...

Buffalo Bored of Education

School Board member Ralph Hernandez has some explaining to do after a state audit found he likes to download porn on his government provided laptop. When asked to comment, Hernandez said, "Can't a man relax?"

A routine audit of laptops given to Buffalo Board of Education members has found alleged misconduct by at least two. Catherine Panepinto had her computer "scrubbed" so the auditors couldn't find any damaging information on it. Now, like a typical politician, she is making up some ridiculous reason for the scrubbing. I've watched too many murder cases where the murderers have the inside of their cars professionally cleaned right after they transport the body. Hey Paneporkchop;fess up you're guilty and you're covering something up!

Ralph "Tattoo" Hernandez has admitted that seven pornographic sites were downloaded onto his government provided computer. He has no idea how they got there. Maybe Mr. Roarke downloaded them while Tattoo was out ringing his bell awaiting the plane. In any event, these idiots control the Buffalo schools which continue to be a source of national emabrrassment. Panapinto should be forced to "scrub" Hernandez and the two should be allowed to continue doing what they do best along with the other remaining ineffective school board members:Politicize our corrupt and failing Buffalo school system.

crime stats 12/7-12/13

Monday Dec 7th

376 Louisianna---crim mis/larceny--storm door damage christmas decoration stolen.
S Park/Trowbridge--Crim mis/larceny from a car--window broken--GPS,tools stolen.
1091 Clinton(Clinton Auto Wrecking)--Burglary--power cut,tools stolen.
47 Pembina--Burglary--attic entered --3 guitars stolen---suspect listed.
268 Holly--larceny from a car---CD's,shoes stolen.
23 Naragansett--larceny--wallet stolen from car
886 S Park--larceny--storage area entered--copper cable,aluminum car ramps stolen.
837 Bailey(J & J Auto Parts)--susp person---2 arrests---Christian Reben..Lyman st,Jerrold Katrein...Cable st.
54 Houston--Assault--suspect listed.
350 Alabama--Contempt of court order--suspect listed.
344 Perry--harassment--suspect listed.
56 Huessy--Phone harassment
329 Southside--crim mis--graffiti on building
43 Peru pl--Susp person-2 arrests--Bart Alexander..Weiss st,Dean Williams..Fillmore ave...both suspects were in J&J Auto removing car parts.

Tue Dec 8th

837 Bailey(J & J auto parts)--1 arrest--auto stripping---Bart Alexander...Wesiis st.
412 Louisianna--Burg--apartment entered..42" TV stolen.
1402 S Park--UUV2133 S Parkshoplifetr---1 arrest---Tepearis Vives...Kamper st
699 Hopkins--larceny--suspect listed
2426 S Park--larceny---T Mobile phone stolen from bathroom sink.
589 S park--Phone harassment
180 Crystal--RUUV
2097 Seneca--1 arrest--Possesion of stolen property....Jason Caminero...N Ryan st
19 Ryan st--1 arrest--drugs---Luis Rodriguez..Bailey Ave
Fenton/Clinton--1 arrest--drugs/V&T---Daniel Marsh...Spann st
Cumberland/Meriden--1 arrest--dis con--David Beyers..Cumberland ave
70 Hayden--Robbery from 12-6-09--1 arrest--Jason Caminero...Ryan st...

Wed Dec 9th

1115 Seneca st---Burglary---door broken,cash stolen.
Louisianna/South--Purse snatch---1 arrest--Mathew Mayer..Wilmington ...N Tonawanda
212 Southside--larceny from a car---purse stolen
Lorraine/Abbott(mercy Parking Ramp)--crim mis/larceny from a car--window broken...IPOD stolen.
182 Maurice--larceny---debit card used by unknown person(s).
25 Alamo--larceny--blackberry stolen--suspect listed.
565 Abbott rd---crim mis--window broken--GPS stolen.
885 Bailey--RUUV
A District--1 arrest--warrant---Christopher Miller
McKinley/Kimmel--Assault--1 arrest--Paul Williams...Huessy st
30 Spaulding---Assault--suspect listed.
1 Fulton(Casino)--counterfeit money--suspect listed.
127 Elk--Assault--1 arrest---Jerard Knightner...Steelawana..Lackawanna
22 Leamington--threats---suspect listed.

Thur Dec 10th

683 Bailey--UUV
63 Kingston--Burglary--entry thru rear windon--computer,jewelry box stolen.
613 Fulton--crim mis/larceny from a car--door lock damaged---steroe,DVD's,CD's stolen
605 Fulton--Larceny from a car--Digital camera stolen,GPS holder,cell phone & charger,cash stolen.
24 paul pl--larceny from car---wallet stolen,stereo stolen.
515 Abbott--larceny--drivers license stolen while at Mercy hospital
27 Roanoke--larceny--Garmin GPS,Cash stolen.
153 Weiss--larceny from a car---IPOd,stereo,CD's stolen.
97 Duerstein--larceny from a car--registration stolen.
39 Griswold--crim mis/larceny from a car---car damaged,stereo equipment stolen.
383 Smith--tresspass---warrant card issued.
131 Walter--Assault--1 arrest--Stephen easney...Lincoln AVe --Dunkirk

Friday Dec 11th

2 Wildwood--larceny--cash stolen from lockbox
2097 Seneca(Seneca Liquors)--Robbery--suspect w/f,5'6",blonde hair,one piece snowmobile suit,black motorcycle helmet with clear visor.Suspect stated she had a gun.Cash stolen.
2 Wildwood--Home Invasion/Robbery---suspect did knock victim #1 down stairs,Stole cash & meds from Vic #2.
435 Chicago--UUV
Cazenovia/Seneca--crim mis--unknown suspect kicked door of van
565 Abbott---Assault--suspect listed.
418 S Park--H&R ---damage to NOCO gas pump.
1402 S park--RUUV
2228 Seneca---phone harassment---suspect listed.
1701 S Park--threats--

Sat Dec 12th

8 Roanoke--UUV
2 Wildwood--1 arrest from case on 12-11-09.--Andrew Krytus...Thorndale...West Seneca
51 St Johns Parkside(St Johns School)--Burglary
16 Hayden(Trinity Catholic)--Burglary---3 juvenile arrests for both Burglaries.
505 Abbott--fraud--caller stated victim won $1,000,000 in lottery and to take a cab to post office,then to her bank.
229 Potters--phone harassment
1937 S Park--Viol order of Protection--1 arrest---Stephen Spath
184 Altruria--threats--suspect description listed.
72 Woodside--threats--suspect listed.
42 Cantwell--assault---1 arrest--Timothy Ernle...School rd...Rome NY

Sun Dec 13th

76 Roanoke--Assault--suspect listed.
171 Southside--UUV/RUUV recovered at S Side/Hubell
77 Sage--Burglary--window on rear door broken,attempt to remove building supplies.
2346 Seneca--Assault--suspect listed.
708 Perry--larceny--black trailer stolen from yard.
212 Mackinaw--assault---1 arrest---Jesica Oziadaszek...Duerstein st
2050 S park--larceny---convertor box stolen...then returned by unk B/M(M&T Laundry)
557 Downing--larceny from a car--GPS,meter,binoculars stolen.
534 Downing--crim mis/larceny from a car--pass side window damaged--cell phone stolen.
13 Lester--trespasser--suspect listed.
279 Perry--crim mis--front door lock broken
174 Cantwell--larceny from a car-----Nextar GPS stolen
813 Abbott--Assault--

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ground Chuck Gets Scolded on Airplane

The sign behind this pompous weasel says it all.

Senator Chuck Schumer recently became upset when a member of a flight crew told him he needed to shut off his cell phone like everyone else. I guess he feels he should be above the rules. I'm better than you. I'm a senator. You can't tell me what I can do. What a jerk. Someone should have thrown this arrogant spoiled punk right off the plane in mid flight. It's laughable when these people try to masquerade as one of us. They are so out of touch with everyday working Americans, it's ridiculous.
Sen. Schumer regrets comment to flight attendant : World & Nation : The Buffalo News