Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lost in translation

With Twitter and other social networking sites so popular these days, athletes are constantly putting their feet into their mouths. What I find funny is how they can say something so straightforward and then try to cover it up by saying they didn't say what we all heard them say!

You did say it. We all read it. It can only be construed one way. Take this 18 year old dufus from team USA, Emerson, Lake, and Palmer Etem. Yesterday he said, "Buffalo is a ghost town. The worst city ever." That's about as straightforward as you can get. Today, of course, he apologized and said it was not what he meant and he was sorry for the confusion. Not what he meant? Confusion? What confusion is he talking about? He said Buffalo sucks. There isn't anything confusing about that statement.

On Tuesday, Etem apologized, telling the National Post, "My point to get across was not to put down a great host city like this. I know a lot of people put in time and effort to make this thing possible."

"It was a poorly written Tweet by me. Sorry for the confusion," Etem told the newspaper.

Actually, his point to get across
was to put down the host city. What other point could he have had? It would be refreshing if someone came out and said, "I said what I said and I meant to say it. I apologize if I offended anyone but I have a big mouth." In the past, people could say regrettable things and then cover them up by denying they said what was reported. Nowadays, with cameras and 24 hour news,and such,whatever they say or write is filmed or recorded, yet they still deny it. I find this hilarious.

It actually reminds me of the scene in Star Wars where Obi Wan Kenobi tells the stormtroopers with a straight face, "These aren't the droids you are looking for. You don't need to see his identification." Because he uses his mind control, they buy it (By the way, this is a great trick to try the next time you are at Customs). In fact, they were the droids they were looking for and...That man behind the curtain? It might be a good idea to keep your eyes on him, too while you're at it...

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