Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Keanes vs. Pinocchio

I got a report from the local Democratic committee reorganization meeting held this past Saturday. Tim Whalen, brother in law to Florida resident Jim Keane, was nominated to replace Little Antoine Kennedy for the do-nothing job of Erie County Legislator. Jim Keane can now make his moves, create more jobs (for his relatives), and then head back to the sunshine state until petitions come out again in June.

I'd be charitable if I told you Whalen reads on a 3rd grade level. But you'll find that out soon enough (assuming Brian Higgins and Keane let him speak in public). He needs to be defeated next September. We need to get an updated list of every politically appointed job the Keanes and their relatives now hold. The residents I know have had enough. Most know their(the Keanes) gig is to get as many jobs for their relatives at the expense of the rest of the community. For those of you who don't like me, I hate to tell you but this is not new or classified information here. It is the big con the Keanes have been pulling for the last 30 years.

Whalen's opponent Pinocchio Petrucci bowed out at the last minute, but not before dropping a few whoppers in his concession speech. He said something about being on the board of directors of the South Buffalo Youth Soccer Association. Tom Finn runs the South Buffalo Soccer Club, which has over 700 participants. I can assure you Pinocchio is not on their board of directors. Petrucci was talking about a made up group (it's him and one other guy). They have no players or teams. Did I mention I'm on the board of directors of the South Buffalo Equestrian Club? I don't know how to ride a horse but what's the difference? As long as people are dumb enough to believe me, I guess I can make that claim. I know as much about horseback riding as Pinocchio knows about soccer.

He also talked about being very busy. I know he's busy kissing Ray McGurn's ass on a full time basis, but that's about it. He mentioned something about his daughter being on an Olympic development soccer team. The team Lou is talking about is based in Hamburg and all the players are from Western New York. When Pinocchio's daughter was 11, the Hamburg coach contacted me about any 12 year olds we had. I had three names but their parents weren't willing to shell out thousands of dollars to play. I didn't really think about Lou's daughter. Although she was a decent player, I figured the team would consist of mostly 12 year olds. I didn't know they took pretty much anyone willing to pay.

She is a great kid and a very good player. However, right now, we have three twelve year olds in our South Buffalo program, who are as good, if not better. It's funny. When Patrick Kane was in the Olympic Development program for hockey, I had a few conversations with his father, and he never felt the need to mention it once. He just let his son's play speak for itself. Lou, you really need to stop embellishing and start telling the truth. You have a very vivid imagination. Most of your friends read my blog religiously and are aware of this.
"Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive".

Don't worry. Your friendly blogger is watching and reporting the truth. Soon, we'll be getting 5,000 visitors each week, who will be exposed to the tiresome, predictable playbook of the South Buffalo entitled class. The cream always rises to the top...

Hey, you'd be pretty angry too if you spent thousands of years floating around in the Phantom Zone. I seriously doubt this guy would take a back seat to the Keanes, either...


  1. Lou Petrucci was very helpful to me when I needed assistance regarding public schools. I really can not thank the man enough. Say what you want about him politically and who he is connected to but he is very helpful to the parents in South Buffalo that are braving the public school system. I have heard this from other parents in the area too.

  2. o and speaking of soccer, how about one team were the coach is trained to deal with kids with adhd and aspergers. Do you know how traumatic it is for a child with adhd who can't pay attention but has the atheletic ability to play but lack certain cognitive development needed to play, to keep getting yelled at by their coach, the other kids and the kids parents on the team. The other parents are usually the worse part, lmao. And the poor kids with aspie have a whole different battle but studies show that adhd and aspie kids do well together.

    Just throwing that out there since you are very involved I thought you may be able to help with some all inclusive team with a coach that can handle it and were the other parents arent going to yell at the children because there kid is neuro normal and the other kids arent. I'm not saying to cottle these kids, they have to learn to get along with society, but sports are suppose to be a fun outlet for kids as well as a way to teach them social skills. Purhaps try to find someone with a special education degree and most importantly a TON of patients.

  3. i can simply tell you Lou is a pathologoical liar. he has a very nice wife and kids but he has a major problem with the truth. he can't even keep track of his own lies.

    in regards to your son's team, you should talk to the director you already haven't. there is a program called TopSoccer. it is a national group but they have a local wing. Scott Boniface is the director. He is a great guy. He might be able to help you. here is their link
    and here is how to contact Scott