Tuesday, December 21, 2010

NY Senate's friends and family plan

Remember when the state leaders told you we were broke? Everything was on the table to be taxed, from your hunting licenses to license plates to soda. We all were going to have to tighten our belts. Well, apparently everything wasn't on the table. From WGRZ...

After spending 40 years in the minority, the Democrats took control of the state senate two years ago. Since then, the party has exceeded its staff spending budget by at least $7 million, 2 On Your Side has confirmed.

During that same two year period, Republicans spent $2 million less than budgeted.

"It's outrageous," Republican Senator George Maziarz (Newfane) said. "It happened because they just hired every family and friend they could find and put them on the payroll."

This might be the best part of the story. Channel 2 tried to get in touch with outgoing (thank God) Senators Antoine Thompson and Bill Stachowski to get to the bottom of the story. Antoine declined comment (big shocker) and Stachowski had his staff members lie to the reporter and tell him he wasn't in the office (even though his car was in plain site!)Hey, they have to do something to justify the $7 million dollars they steal , I mean, earn. Hiding in a closet is always the true sign of a leader. In fact, Winston Churchill was known to do so every once in awhile...

We attempted to contact the region's two Democratic State Senators, both of whom were defeated for re-election. A spokesman for Senator Antoine Thompson (Buffalo), who has the region's largest staff, declined to comment.

Senator William Stachowski (Lake View) did not return our phone call. When we visited his South Buffalo office, we found his car in the parking lot; however, his staff told us he was not in.

Good thing channel 2 thinks Kaisertown is part of South Buffalo. Anyway, this is why you cannot believe any of these knuckleheads when they tell you the state has no money. They always find the money to hire their relatives. $7 million dollars might be a drop in the bucket compared to the whole budget, but it is still $7 million. Keep your eyes on Tim "Hortons" Kennedy's staff. There's a reason Florida resident Jim Keane worked to get Kennedy elected. We'll be watching to see how many of his relatives end up on Horton's staff. The over/under is at 10...



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