Monday, December 27, 2010

In Lakeway, a crusade against speed traps

Who said there are no more heroes? When Lance Mitchell of Lakeway, Texas sees a speed trap, he goes back a couple of blocks, puts on his orange shirt, and warns motorists. I wish there were more people like this crackpot.

"I saw a cop pull up in the parking lot of the old Lake Travis Elementary," he wrote in March 2008. "About 1,000 feet up the road, there was a perfect spot for me to set up. So, there I stood, holding my 2 x 2 hand held sign, waving my other hand and pointing at the sign."

With the determination of a superhero, he vowed to continue his crusade. "I'll be out again soon! Any time, any place I see a cop blasting out radar, I'll be not too far away, blasting out my message.

Good for him. I think most people know these speed traps have less to do with safety and more to do with pulling in cash for the town.

In Lakeway, a crusade against speed traps

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