Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Come on, dude

It's funny how people lose their minds at sporting events. A Rochester area man was arrested at a Community College basketball game for refusing to leave the arena. He had been heckling officials and was asked to leave the premises, when he refused...

Trooper Hollands located the subject who identified himself as John R. Parrinello, D.O.B 10/13/38 of 80 Berkeley Street, Rochester N.Y. Trooper Hollands advised Parrinello that he had to leave the premises due to having been asked to do so by the Genesee County Community College officials. Parrinello stated that he would not leave. Other GCCC staff indicated that Parrinello was no longer permitted in the building. Parrinello continued to indicate that he would not leave voluntarily.

There are usually about 25 people in attendance at Community College sporting events. Usually, when someone makes a fool out of themselves, it's a sign that they don't know what they are talking about. I often times have to remind parents, the game is not about them or myself, but those playing it. No matter how bad the officials are, the fan's only job should be to cheer. They are not intended to be active participants in the game, match, etc. And once they are asked to leave, they've really reached a low point and need to just do so to avoid further embarrassment. If this guy wasn't 72 years old, I would encourage mandatory ignorance counseling.


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