Friday, January 1, 2010

crime stats 12/21-12/27

I'd like to thank Chief Brian Strobele for providing this report to residents.
Monday Dec 21st

48 Zittel--Burglary--2 tv's,DVD player,PS3 stolen.
73 Edson--Burglary--$500 in equipment stolen from the garage.
493 S Park--UUV
156 Melrose--UUV
166 Cantwell--Larceny-- keys taken by known person.
Caz Park--larceny from a car---window broken--medication stolen.
427 Downing--larceny from a car--IPOD,knife,change,movie passes stolen.
133 Gilbert--Burglary--suspect listed.
169 Folger--Fraud/larceny--check stolen from mailbox and cashed.
68 Mineral Springs--Assault--1 arrest---Theresa Daluisio
312 Perry apt 7G--phone threats--suspect listed.
493 S Park--RUUV
117 Hayden--crim mis--inside door damaged.
150 S Side--trespassing--1 arrest---Joseph Sabia ..Weimar st
Hopkins/Tifft--crim mis--car damaged --suspect listed.
769 Tifft--harassment--suspect listed.
A District--Rape report from Remoleno st from a house party---Suspect is known to victim.
6 W Woodside--crim mis--1 arrest--Javier Valderrama
1853 Seneca--crim mis--brick thrown thru window
21 Aldrich--trespassing--suspect listed.

Tues Dec 22nd

63 Kingston(up)--Burglary--IPOD,cash,printer stolen.
294 Woodside--larecny--paper stolen--juev located.
2265 Seneca--larceny--rubber lid bumpers stolen from washing machines at Laundry Mat
363 Hopkins-shoplifter--1 pack of cigarettes stolen.
Abbott/Kimberly--harassment--victim harassed at bus stop by a W/M,20-30's,teeth sticking out did ask her to get in car,showed up at school.
86 Rejtan--harassment--408 Louisianna--apt #4--crim mis--window broken.
521 Marilla--threats--1 arrest--Lee Schmidt.
82 Kelburn--Assault---1 arrest---Brian Donovan...Gibson st
95 Stevenson--assault--1 arrest--John Roberts
8 Keppel--phone threats--suspect listed.

Wed Dec 23

43 Redjacket--larceny--wallet stolen--suspect listed.
2097 Seneca(Seneca Liquors)--Robbery--B/M,5'10",dark,heavy,black/brown bomber jacket,black hoodie with white stripe on hood..pointed large black handgun and robbed store.
Clinton/Roberts--threats--suspect listed.
153 Selkirk--RUUV
122 Weaver--larceny/possesion of stolen property--coat & camera stolen--1 arrest--Vaneshia Curry...7th st..1 suspect outstanding.
1989 Seneca--larceny--1 arrest---Stephen Boylin...Erie County Corrections--Alden.

Thursday Dec 24th

Abbott/McKinley--crim mis/threats--1 arrest--Michael Cochrain...Ridgewood circle...Lackawanna
763 N Division--larceny--stolen keyed used---PS3 & 9 games stolen.
39 Mt Vernon--Assault--1 arrest--Shane Welch..Norman
39 Mt Vernon--crim mis--car damaged by kids
901 Fuhrman--crim mis/larceny from a car--window broken--wallet,phone stolen
1981 Clinton(up)--Burglary--medication stolen.
229 Elk--Burglary--locked damaged,interior doors removed--large amount of tools stolen
Holy Family Parking lot--Assault from 12-2-09---1 arrest---David Montalvo...Altruria st

Fri Dec 25th

92 Columbus--crim mis--glue put in door lock.
19 Oakdale--crim mis/larceny from a car--dash damaged --radio stolen.
565 Abbott--larceny--meds stolen from cart in ER--suspect listed.
384 Louisianna--Violating Order of protection---1 arrest--Devon Rogers
888 S Park--fight--1 arrest--Michael Santiago..South Park ave
370 Germania--falsely reporting---complt falsely reported Hit & Run to vehicle at her house.
A District--! arrest on warrant---Suzanne Gorney...Highridge terrace
162 Gilbert--crim mis--suspect listed.

Sat Dec 26th

S Park/Chicago--crim mis/larceny from a car--window broken--Purse,IPOD,camera stolen.
Larkin/Seneca--larceny from a car---wallet stolen.
54 Columbus--larceny--several items stolen over past 6 months.
726 Exchange--crim mis/larceny from a Time Warner truck--large amount of equipment stolen.
131 Eden--larceny from a car--2 wallets stolen.
S Park/Louisianna-1 arrest--Obstruction...Mark Diehl...Navaho
223 Myrtle--Assault--1 arrest--Lamar Wilkerson
Seneca/Milton--Accident/Injury---1 arrest--DWI--Darrien Noble... Hillside
201 Columbus--crim mis--1 arrest--Robert Barrie..Whitehall
122 Folger---Assault-- 1arrest--Antonio Cancel

Sun Dec 27th

298 Woodside--Burglary-- 1arrest--Mathew Jones..Dundee
125 Cable--larceny---1 arrest---Cardis Robinson...No Address
185 Stevenson--larceny from a car--Gibson guitar,Blackberry,IPOD stolen...possible suspect listed.
2346 Seneca--Assault--suspect listed.
193 Columbus--crim mis--1 arrest--Robert Barrie--Whithall
138 Milton--threats--
2022 Seneca--Theft of services--known suspect left without paying bar bill.

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