Saturday, January 23, 2010

crime stats 1/11-1/16

Monday January 11th

29 Macamley(lower)--Burglary--4 arrests--Jordan Sullivan Macamley,Sean Sutherland..Trowbridge
David Clark..Macamley,Helen Sullivan...Macamley.7 guns,medication recovered.
73 Culver--UUV
205 Aldrich---Larceny--used credit card for amount under $100.00143 Fillmore--larceny--orange dumpster stolen.
Bailey/Clinton--1 arrest--V&T,False name--William Liga...W Delavan...also 3 outstanding warrants.
25 Kamper--Assault--Suspect listed.

Tuesday January 12th

19 Alamo--harassment by bus aide.
54 Columbus--threats--suspect listed.
19 Macamley--DOA--2 arrest---woman found dead in the house from overdose...2 arrests for crack pipe & pills---Michael Botlin,Camille Carveth.
223 Smith--Drugs--1 arrest--Tammie Cummings
A District--1 arrest--Bflo warrant frm Hamburg PD...Noel Merced...Angola NY

Wednesday January 13th

25 Alamo--UUV
42 Edson--Larceny--suspect listed.
162 Trowbridge--Burglary--1 arrest---Keith recovered.
142 Mackinaw---larceny---1 arrest---Cindy Egloff
Bailey/Seneca--Violation order of protection--1 arrest---Haley Sinclair...Keppel
8 Keppel--Violation order of protection---suspect listed.
2265 Seneca--Crim mis--suspect listed.
Bailey/Seneca--harassment---suspect listed.
68 Ryan--harassment---suspect listed.
1853 Clinton--crim mis--window broken
435 Bailey---threats--suspect listed.
25 Alamo--RUUV
726 Exchange---threats---suspect listed.
Okell/S Park--Assault--2 arrests---Pamela Medza...Okell,Johnathan Hill...Okell

Thursday January 14th

426 Abbott--Larceny--inspection sticker stolen from Roots collision.
363 Hamburg--larceny--wallet stolen from truck while making a delivery.
42 Edson--Burglary--computer,TV,tires,speakers stolen...son & girlfriend are suspects.
626 Abbott--Caz Pool--Burglary---door lifted--locker broken into.
1799 Clinton--Assault--1 arrest of juvenile.
235 Weimar---Crim Mis to a car--pass window broken.
182 Maurice--ID theft--info used to open mortgage loan.

Friday January 15th

1719 Seneca--larceny from a car---stereo stolen from car repair lot.
88 Indian Church--larceny--surround sound stolen from attic--suspect listed.
154 Cazenovia--Crim Mis---doors damaged
154 Cazenovia--Burglary--doctors office door kicked in---3 Dell PC's stolen,1 laptop,22 " monitors,3 office phones damaged.
30 Glendhu--harassment--1 arrest--Chester Rush...Lord st
A District--Attempt Rape---Suspect listed.
202 Weimar--Assault--warrant card issued.
1200 Fuhrman--crim mis to a car---door pryed,window broken.
13 Lester--1 arrest--Falsley Reporting...Jennifer Koepnick...Lester st

Saturday January 16th

77 Paul--threats--1 arrest--Kyle Mcevoy...Oakdale
35 Moore--crim mis to a car---pass window broken
108 Weiss--Burglary--entry thru window,garbage thrown around.
108 Cable--larceny--1 arrest---Joseph Szczodrowski.
845 Abbott(lot)--Robbery--W/F,late 20's,Green/white hat,black jacket,gray scarf,dark pants --pointed handgun at victim & took $17.00 cash....fled on foot down Woodside towrad Potters rd.
Woodside/Abbott--Robbery---W/F,5'5",suntan complexion,gray scarf,black carhart jacket,galsse with blue letters"Cheers",Beige Timberland boots did display a handgun and took victims cash & cellphone.
Seneca/Duerstein--V&T--1 arrest---Jordan Hamilton-Kennedy...Galloway st
2065 S Park---Crim mis--apartment window broken.
447 Bailey--Burglary--copper stolen from scrap yard.
249 S Legion--threats--suspect listed.
301 Bailey--larceny from a car---stereo stolen.
160 Abbott--UUV
428 Louisianna--Assault--1 arrest--Carl Jackson...Parkdale st

Sunday January 17th

Hickory/N Division--Drugs--2 arrests--Mesha Branch...Mortimer,Tamara Dowdall..Beach dr...Medina NY
247 Hancock---larceny from a car---1 arrest---Dennis M Lyons... Arbour lane---drug addict and car popper..
Perry/Louisianna--crim mis--bottle thrown at car breaking window...suspect unk B/M.
1870 Clinton--2 arrests--V&T/Drugs---Luther Butler...Goulding,Daniel Birkmeyer...Weaver st...poss of Hypodermic needles/Heroin.
72 Garvey --threatsHamburg/190 North exit--2 arrest--RUUV/Drugs---Tanya M Munoz...Junior st,Scott Dombrowski..Gibson st
69 Weyan--threats--
230 Weiss--larcenyfrom a car--Sony radio,tools,toys stolen.
108 Weiss--crim mis--suspect listed broke front window.
1801 Clinton--larceny--gym bag stolen while playing basketball.
108 O'Connor--threats--suspect listed.


  1. Hello, I was wondering if I can possible get anymore information regarding the arrest of Joseph Szczodrowski at 108 Cable Street for larceny....such as some details, outcome, etc. I'd appreciate it, Thanx!

  2. Hello Diana, I only report what the police chief sends out. We don't get any more information than that.