Monday, January 25, 2010

Health Care Debate

An East Aurora reader gives Higgins an earful in today's Buffalo News on his health care policy. Says Higgin's fate could be the same as Martha Coakley, who was just upset by unknown Scott Brown for Ted Kennedy's seat (thought to be owned for life by the Democrats)...
How can Higgins defend such a corrupt process?
January 25, 2010, 6:44 am /

I read Brian Higgins’ article on health care in the Jan. 17 paper and have to wonder if he is delusional, an extreme left-wing ideologue or just a stooge for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. It should be obvious to anyone paying attention to the American public that this health care bill is not wanted, yet he writes as if we are idiots and he knows best.

No one believes that this bill will reduce our health care costs, no one believes that it is revenue-neutral and no one believes that we will have better health care if it passes. If a bill, which none of these representatives bothered to read, takes 2,000 pages it can only mean one thing—it is full of “gifts” to special interests and doesn’t benefit the taxpayer. Higgins should call the process what it really is—corrupt.

Maybe he should look to the east and see what the people really think of the health care bill. His fate will be the same as Martha Coakley’s if he continues to disregard our voice. I urge readers to visit and work to overturn the entire Congress in the next election. We need to clean up the House.

Paul Beauchemin
East Aurora

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