Thursday, January 14, 2010

Common Council:"Look who we've got our Haynes on now"

The Common Council's ruling majority selected Curtis Haynes to replace Bryan Davis for the Ellicott District seat. This is a tough call. The Common Council traditionally chooses the candidate recommended by the district committeemen to fill the vacancy. However, the council according to the city charter, is not bound by this recommendation. I actually liked both of the frontrunners Darius Pridgen and Curtis Haynes. Pridgen is beloved by members of his church and has proven to be a great organizer. Haynes is a respected Buff State Professor with some great ideas on urban planning. I think both would do an excellent job on the council.Reverend Pridgen won the committee vote by a one vote margin. For reasons I cannot understand, disgraced Councilmember Davis (who is also an Ellicott Committeeman) was allowed to vote for his successor. He voted for Pridgen who is aligned with Brown.

I don't think the district committemen represent the will of the people. They represent the will of the Democratic party bosses but not the will of the residents. In South Buffalo, this has happened twice recently when the late Jimmy Griffin resigned from the council and Mark Schroeder moved from the County Legislature to state office. The neighborhood committeemen in those cases chose Jeff Conrad and Tim Kennedy respectfully, two intellectually challenged party hacks handpicked by Brian Higgins. Neither one of them was capable of leading themselves out of a paper bag. Neighborhood committeemen are widely known as partisan bottom feeders only looking out for themselves. I should know. I was one for like 10 years.

Back to today, check out the audio tape on the following link to hear the contentious debate that went on. If there was only a second vote to remove all of these guys...
Over protests, Council appoints Haynes : Home: The Buffalo News

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