Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What people are saying

Some interesting political talk making it's way down to the ghetto, and some of it might even be true...

-My source on the Lackawanna Democratic Committee tells me his fellow committee members in the Steal City (I realize it's misspelled), are sick and tired of Congressman Brian Higgins meddling in the process of choosing candidates. He also said the West Seneca and Cheektowaga Stormtroopers feel the same way. According to my source, who stumbled drunkenly out of Curly's five minutes later, many of his peers want to ask Councilman Mickey Kearns to challenge Higgins for his Congressional seat. The local Republicans view Kearns favorably because they know he is not aligned with Higgins and would appreciate his support.

The Independent Party members have finally come to the realization that Higgins coat holder Rick Finnegan is only in it for himself. In fact, they couldn't wait to endorse Kearns over "11,000 Doors" Fahey a few weeks ago. Len Lenihan, the Rasputin of Erie County politics, is just hoping to survive the next Higgins backstabbing. Lenny, as us important insiders like to refer to him, has known Kearns' mom for a long time.

All of the above feel that Higgins has burned too many bridges. They point to Tim "Hortons" Kennedy and Tim Whalen's support of Republican Chris Collins in the Erie County Legislator (at his bequest). It's common knowledge that neither of those two know how to think for themselves and simply do whatever they are told.

It will be an interesting year, although I personally think Kearns would have a hard time competing against Higgins. I would probably vote for Higgins, because if I asked him for something reasonable (like talking to Superintendent Williams for me), I believe Higgins would do that. In fact I remember Higgins setting up a meeting with Mayor Masiello, Vince LoVallo, myself, and Kearns one time. Kearns was then a Legislative Assistant for Dennis Manley at the time and I invited him to the meeting. I was grateful to Higgins for doing that for me, even though LoVallo threatened to "throw me through the wall" (true story). Hey, what can I say? The Blogger sometimes has that effect on people.

-Some City Hall insiders asked me to dispel a rumor started by McKinley Circle that Kearns recently fired two of his assistants. Not true. Kelly Krug was not fired and still holds the same job. The other assistant is still working but has lost his benefits thanks to a motion by Joseph Golispek to limit each Councilmember's assistants to two. I don't think he went far enough. How about limiting each Councilmember to zero assistants and having citizens call specific Department heads with their concerns?

-Another sign that Mark Schroeder is going to run for mayor: He is dressing up like the guy from Monopoly and traveling to East Side grammar schools. What this has to do with handling the city's finances, I have no idea.


-Finally, I've thought long and hard about this. I will be endorsing Mike MacGavis as the President of the OTB Wednesday Afternoon Club. Tony Hammell has been in charge for many years and the Rooster thinks it might be time for a change. The Rooster points out he will be throwing his weight behind Tony the Stuper.

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  1. Mike,
    I don't really understand you. Often times, your statements are contradictory. You constantly bash Brian Higgins yet you would vote for him? You reason that you would probably vote for him because he would do you a favor like talk to a school superintendent on your behalf. Like, put in a good word for you? That's strange coming from the same guy who bashes anyone hired through politics. I guess the criticism you dish out is ok if you feel like they deserve it. But a guy like you, who has dedicated so much time to the community, is justified using patronage? Does your gigantic ego prevent you from seeing the hypocrisy?
    Other times you report rumors as truth ie: Byron jr becoming a cop . When Fahey claims he knocked on thousands of doors you call him a liar without any evidence to support your claim.
    It must be nice being you. Is there a medicine I can take to be like you? (Self absorbed, egotistical, grandiose) Or are you just naturally a petty, jealous, mean spirited man?
    I'm not knocking you for what you believe in. I understand you're attempting to stick up for the little man, fight the establishment / status quo. There's honor in that, there really is. Let's be honest though, this blogs not exactly uncovering crazy corruption. It's more or less a personal hit list for you. It comes across as a bitter man who feels wronged, printing unconfirmed rumors about people who have it better than him.

  2. Like Hoover said in the court scene in Animal House,I'd like to address these charges one at a time, if I may.

    "That's strange coming from the same guy who bashes anyone hired through politics."

    The difference between me and the political hacks looking for jobs is that I have 21 years of experience dealing with thousands of community members. Nobody owes me anything. But don't complain if I run against Kennedy in a three person race. You can't have it both ways.

    "Other times you report rumors as truth ie: Byron jr becoming a cop."

    That was one post out of thousands. I apologized the next day, also. I made a mistake in trusting the validity of one of my sources.

    "When Fahey claims he knocked on thousands of doors you call him a liar without any evidence to support your claim."

    His claim is absolutely absurd. 11,000 homes? I ran for council in 2001 and worked my butt off going door to door. If I hit 1,000 homes, that would have been a lot. And I went out almost every afternoon. When a claim is beyond ridiculous, what more evidence do I need to dispute it? His claim is laughable, so I am simply laughing at it.

    "The blog comes across as a bitter man who feels wronged, printing unconfirmed rumors about people who have it better than him."

    I usually write about self promoters and resume builders. Nobody owes me a damn thing. I go to bed every nigh and wake up every morning with a smile on my face. No bitterness here. I respect the political process. It tells me I need to run if I can be a factor in the state senate race. If my candidacy isn't a threat, the entitled have nothing to worry about. This site is simply where I hold court. If it wasn't intelligent and entertaining, you wouldn't be reading it daily, would you?

  3. "You constantly bash Brian Higgins yet you would vote for him?"

    I don't dislike Higgins. I honestly think he's a sharp guy. I just don't like the way he anoints yes men/coat holders with zero talent (Conrad, Kennedy, Whalen, Fahey). I would vote for him over Kearns because historically, Higgins has shown me more respect than Kearns has. I'm surprised this honest opinion would bother you, especially since people erroneously assume I answer to Kearns.I think Higgins would defeat Kearns 65%-35%. Do you agree or disagree?

  4. You think because you have run soccer leagues that you are entitled to a position? You have to have the proper certifications which you don't. That is how you get a job, you become qualified.

  5. I have my masters in Physical Education and a NY state teaching certificate. Anyway, I've been looking outside the education field. There seems to be a war on teachers these days.

    No, I don't think I am entitled to anything. What part of "nobody owes me anything" don't you get? Why do you think me running against Tim Kennedy is delusional? If I can get the 1,000 signatures, I'm sure I'll have a lawn sign on every street. The non-political members of the community appreciate what I've done over the last 21 years involving the youth of this community. I probably wouldn't win the race. But I can definitely put a large dent into Kennedy's base. Why is that delusional? He's MUCH dumber than I am. By the way, once I start gathering signatures, don't offer me any deals/jobs. Just put on your helmet and get ready for battle.

  6. "intelligent and entertaining"
    Intelligent, no. Entertaining, yes. This site is a collection of rants from a meglomaniac. You don't believe anyone owes you anything? Bull shit ! You constantly reference your years of community service. You obviously crave recognition.
    You are right about one thing though, Higgins would crush Kearns in a race.
    I think Fahey will beat Kearns too. You're thoughts on this?

  7. "You obviously crave recognition".

    sorry. whenever a team picture is going in the s bflo news, i take it so i'm NOT in it. the only day i dread is the end of the year party, because it is one person after another saying thank you. i'd much rather be working with the kids and not have to deal with any of that stuff. the last thing i want is recognition. i work two jobs now (which i like) but could use health insurance like everyone else. that is what i want, not recognition. these jobs give me the flexibility to coach, ref, and run leagues. the only time i reference my community service is when i'm making the point that, after 21 years, i've met thousands of people i could potentially count on for support. we'll find out whether i have any political juice or not this summer, should the NY senate district remain as it is. if i have no impact, then i'll admit you are right and probably just get out of coaching.

    Fahey vs Kearns? that's a tough one. Kearns has name recognition from running for mayor. Voters are dumb and usually support people that are on the local news and in the papers. Fahey does have the Democratic committee members behind him. He comes from a nice family. I played baseball years ago with his twin brothers. They're great guys. Some people don't like it when Democrats switch parties. Others will vote strictly Democrat no matter what. I wouldn't have any faith in Langworthy's ability to get the Republicans out to vote if I were Kearns.

    I think Kearns has a positive approval rating with independent voters.If I was to bet, I'd say Kearns 55% Fahey 45%. However, that's just a guess. It could easily end up being the other way around.

  8. I'm involved in Fahey campaign and he doesn't see you as a threat,more like a bitter crackpot who is heading to funny farm soon.(and Tim Kennedy is much smarter than you and soccer is a hobby like bowling and not a sport so get over yourself)

  9. Thanks for the insight, loser. What's your role in the campaign? Do you drive the Bopsy Twins (Chris and Tim) to the Old Country Buffet for their daily feedings? You better get your people on my site to vote for your friend. According to the informal poll, he's currently getting his ass kicked (58%-31%)...

    A."Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son." Dean Warmer (Animal House)

    B."There was never a genius without a tincture of madness." - Aristotle

    PS There are things growing on my shower curtain that are smarter than Tim Kennedy. Since you're supporting him, I'm sure that makes you a Rhode Scholar.Congratulations on having the guts to sign your name, Ass-clown.