Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lancaster Cop Charged With New Year's Eve Assault

Western New York residents, specifically Lancaster residents are watching this case closely. From everything people are saying about Andrew Gill, he had no business ever being a police officer. He appears to be a spoiled hothead, who got the job due to his father's position as a Lancaster Detective. I don't know about the victim in this case. He might be trouble as well, but he's not the one wearing the badge.We will be keeping our eyes on this story.
My guess is they'll make Gill resign without admitting to any major offense and then try to place him in some other law enforcement job in the future (ie. Sheriffs, Prison Guard, French Foreign Legion, etc. ) Don't believe the town officials or the DA when they say they are treating this like any other assault case. Their past track record says otherwise.

Lancaster officer charged with assault : Home: The Buffalo News

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