Saturday, January 9, 2010

Buffalo Is Finally Number 1 at Something

Correspondent Tim Hartigan forwarded this interesting article to me from It talks about how Buffalo has become a hotbed for convicted felons running collection agencies. Collection agencies were drawn to Buffalo in the mid-nineties by it's inexpensive office space and large work force looking for any type of employment.

Some of the debt collectors illegally pose as lawyers or threaten to take people's children away. One debter was told, "Get some clean clothes because you're not coming home anytime soon." Out of 213 agencies the regional Better Business Bureau graded, 104 were given an "F". This article talks about the shady pasts of many people running these places. It's eye opening. My advice is to hang up on these types or just start talking to them about the Buffalo Sabres until they get angry and hang up on you.

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