Sunday, January 3, 2010

Thruway Tolls Increase Again

What's the best way to get citizens and businesses to leave New York State? Increase taxes. The Thruway Authority has imposed it's fourth toll increase in five years. Since, 2005, thruway tolls are up 45%. Add this to higher than average gasoline taxes and state fees for drivers and it borders on being criminal.

Who runs this Thruway Authority? Why aren't they being audited? Or eliminated? I'd love to see how many no-show jobs they provide and the salaries of the people at the top. Where have our state leaders been the last 30 years while this group was accumulating so much influence? How about The Buffalo News? They write these articles now, but they're the ones that kept endorsing the same state representatives year after year(the guys who continue to allow this stuff to go on). To his credit, Assemblyman Mark Schroeder has called for a complete overhaul and an audit of the Thruway Authority, as well as the elimination of all unnecessary Authorities. I hope this is an idea that catches on. I, for one, will be taking alternate routes until something is done about these ridiculous increases.

Thruway toll increase of 5% is 4th in 5 years : Home: The Buffalo News

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