Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Public Service Announcement

I am very sorry to hear that my posts have upset a few South Buffalo families connected to the city. It was never my intention to single out one single family. It isn't just about one family. In my opinion, there are many people that have compromised their integrity by kissing up to certain elected officials over many years.

Despite a Master's Degree and 19 years of volunteer activity, I couldn't get an interview with the Buffalo Public Schools. It was at that point that I decided if I couldn't beat them, I was just going to make fun of them. I have instant access to thousands of families whom I've gotten to know over the past two decades. There's nothing you can do to change that. You don't even know most of these people because they are not political hacks-just everyday citizens.

Some of these political types are angry and upset that regular citizens can now question their leadership abilities. With 400-500 city of Buffalo residents reading this website each day, I plan on continuing to document things as I see them. Threats to relatives and acquaintances of mine won't stop me. As a show of cooperation, I'd like to offer this public service message to residency violator Jim Comerford. Just in case you need directions on how to get to city hall from your East Aurora neighborhood, I've printed them here for you. There's no need to thank me. If you don't want to be accused of a residency violation, simply sell your house in East Aurora and buy one in the city.

1. Start out going WEST on MAIN ST/US-20A/NY-16/NY-78 toward N WILLOW ST. Continue to follow US-20A W/NY-16 N/NY-78 W.
0.3 mi

2. Enter next roundabout and take 1st exit onto BUFFALO ST/NY-16/NY-78/CR-572.
0.6 mi

3. Turn RIGHT onto BOWEN RD/CR-242.
2.3 mi

4. Turn LEFT onto JAMISON RD/CR-574.
0.2 mi

5. Merge onto NY-400 N/AURORA EXPY.
8.4 mi

6. Merge onto I-90 E/NEW YORK STATE THRUWAY E toward BUFFALO.
1.5 mi

5.5 mi

8. Take the CHURCH STREET exit, EXIT 7.
0.2 mi

0.1 mi

10. Turn LEFT onto DELAWARE AVE/NY-384.
0.2 mi

11. Enter next NIAGARA SQ roundabout.
0.2 mi

12. 65 NIAGARA SQ # 201 is on the RIGHT.


  1. I have no serious connection to Jim Comerford (friendship, relative, etc,), but it is strange that you rip him constantly. As a tax payer, I looked into his living situation and saw that he has a p.o. box in east aurora, and also owns a house in south buffalo, meaning he pays taxes to the city, which is really the whole point of having employees with residencies. Outside of that, from what I hear he does a good job in the housing and inspections department. Please comment on this. Thanks.

  2. You ask a fair question, so I'll give you an honest answer. I went out and got my masters gegree in teaching so i wouldn't have to rely on playing the political game. Despite 19 years of coaching and officiating in South Bflo, I couldn't even get an interview with the Buffalo schools. I sat here and watched Jim Kane hand over an $80,000/yr no-show job to Comerford's daughter. After watching kids I coached get phys ed jobs over me, I decided it was time to compete and I drew a line in the sand.Whether they like it or not, I will be part of the process with them or against them.

    I found out through reliable sources that Comerford lived in E Aurora so I mentioned it. I've satirized many people on this blog but he became particularly upset and began issuing threats to me through people that barely even know me. All that did was inspire me even more.

    I'm not good at that many things but I'm very good at marketing. I told Jim Kane if they wanted to compete with me, they were going to find that out first hand. I have come to know thousands of South Bflo families and I flat out love to compete. If Jim Comerford cares about the city, he should buy one of the six houses on my street that are for sale and move here. He and his friends should also pack a lunch because I aint going anywhere.

  3. Ok, fair enough but I have to ask you two things. First, you never commented on the fact that he owns a house in Buffalo on Eden, and has owned it for over 20 years. As a south Buffalo resident I have seen him there for the past 20 years with my own eyes, even to this day. (I was not aware of his East Aurora P.O. box, but after reading your blog and lookng it up, you are right he does have a P.O. box there.) This means he pays taxes to the city, which is the spirit of the residency rule, right?

    Second, why would he threating you to people who barely know you? That seems odd. If you are all about transperancy, then name names on who he said stuff about you to.


  4. No problem.
    I believe the residency rule is about where you live. I know most of the people in similar situations(ie.Tony Farina) had their suburban house and a cheap dump that they used as their city address. There are many slumlords that live in the suburbs and own houses in the city. I'm not calling him a slumlord as Eden is a nice street.

    Friends tell me he lives in E. Aurora but still owns a house on Eden St.(where his ex wife lives)?. The fact that he gave a PO Box in EA as his address at a city fundraiser tells me he was trying to hide his actual address. If he owns a house in EA and Bflo, I doubt if he's not living in EA (unless he's an absentee EA slumlord).

    Threatened might not have been the right word for me to use because I'm not intimidated by any of these people. I don't associate with them and don't answer to them.My job doesn't depend on them. He mentioned it to one of my cousins who works for the city as well as two of my friends who are teachers. (Actually, his son mentioned how angry they were at me to an acquaintance, who barely knows me (she also teaches). I'm not going to mention her name. She's actually a friend of a friend but he must have thought we were close.

  5. Ok, so he never threatened you personally, and he does own a house on Eden. Thanks for clearing that up.

    From what I hear, he does a very good job and has been running the Permits and Inspections department for the figure head moron Reilly(r,i,p,). Comerford is a Buffalo taxpayer, who raised his family in the city and from all accounts, does his job quite well, which is a rarity in this administration. If he was upset, which you offered little proof to the fact other than the admission that his son was, doesn't he have a right? You wrote a post ripping apart his daughter who didnt deserve to have her name dragged through the mud. I dont know if he reads this blog, but as a father he had every right to be mad. I know if someone said something about my daughter, I would not let it go. You have a right to post, people have a right to be upset.

  6. I do believe if he sleeps in East Aurora, he is a clear residency violator, regardless of whether he owns a house in Bflo. It shows he doesn't want to live next door to the people who pay his salary.

    You are 100% correct. He certainly has the right to be upset. I don't even know his daughter. I did post that she is entitled by virtue of her last name and that she got an $80,000/year job because of it. Any time I see the offspring of political opportunists get big government jobs, I will be writing about it. Comerford Sr does know about this blog as he did confront my cousin about it. New people every day are coming up to me and asking about this site. I don't claim to be any type of writer or newsperson. However, I will continue to be heard whether these people like it or not. I do appreciate you taking the time to comment, even if we don't agree.