Saturday, January 16, 2010

Updates on WNY Residents in Haiti

Some very tough stories coming out of Haiti. Erin Lancer of West Seneca, was able to come home yesterday. The Lancers new adopted son Geoffrey is in the custody of friends back in Haiti for now. Clearly overcome by what she witnessed in the region, Mrs. Lancer declined to be interviewed. She was very understanding that the needs of all the Haitian people have to come first right now over individual situations. I hope the WNY Congressional delegation is able to help the Lancers get their son when things improve over there.

Patrick Hartwick, the professor from Daeman College is still missing. He had been there on a humanitarian mission.

The last time we witnessed anything like this must have been Hurricane Katrina and the tsunami that struck Thailand. Haiti has been getting help from some unlikely sources. The Dominican Republic, a country often at odds with them, has been sending doctors and support staff. China also is trying to help by doing the same. Hopefully, with all the advances in technology these days, more lives will be saved and some kind of order can eventually be restored.

West Seneca woman returns from Haiti without adoptive son : City & Region : The Buffalo News

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