Saturday, January 2, 2010

Council Should Appoint Pridgen to Vacant Post

I've always believed that city residents should pick their own representatives. That sounds great in theory but in practice, it is often the neighborhood political goons who manipulate the process.

In the Ellicott District, Brian Davis has been forced to give up his seat and several people are vying for it. Here's how the process works.The neighborhood committeemen and women recommend someone (usually a like minded bottom feeder) to the Common Council. The council traditionally rubber stamps their appointment and the city goes on operating in it's typical dysfunctional way.

This time, it's different. The council's majority is an all white faction, composed of people in direct opposition to Mayor Brown. The Ellicott committemen will recommend someone but the all white majority on the Common Council are under no legal obligation to go with their choice. They, in essence get to pick from the several candidates being interviewed for the $50,000/year post.
East side residents recently showed up wearing all red clothing in a show of unity behind the Reverend Darius Pridgen from the True Bethel Baptist Church. In my opinion, the council should select Pridgeon from this field. He is clearly the candidate most respected by residents of this district. Any other choice would be motivated by politics. I wouldn't want Damone Smith telling me who should be the next South District Councilmember. Dave (I've been in office for 100 years) Franczyk shouldn't get to pick Davis' successor.

Pridgen could be the person best suited to bridge the racial divide on the council. He has been known to speak out on controversial issues. Recently, he called for his congregation to help capture the black teenagers accused of beating up a white high school student for having a black girlfriend. I believe he is the most independent of all the serious candidates. Pridgen is also a great organizor. His church has grown tremendously under his watch and even has a Subway Restaurant inside of it. In the end, I think the council will have no choice but to select him. But with this group and Buffalo politics, you never know?
Pridgen supporters for Council seat pack interview : Buffalo/Erie County : The Buffalo News

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