Monday, January 11, 2010

Paladino- No Fan of Darius Pridgen

I received a copy of this email sent from Carl Paladino to Tom Baurle regarding the Reverend Darius Pridgen. According to Paladino, the Lord has been very generous to the minister. I don't have anything against Pridgen. In fact, I've written two positive articles about him. I don't really know any of the other candidates. It will be interesting to see how this vacancy plays out. I still think Pridgen will get it at the end. Here are the allegations Paladino makes against Pridgen in the email to Baurle:

Tom, can someone please talk about the potential appointment of Darius Pridgen to the Ellicot Council seat? The man lives in a $400 k townhouse on the waterfront that is 100 % tax exempt. No church business takes place there but he still is able to avoid the taxes. This is public record however the reporters at the Buffalo News aren't allowed to talk about it. He just purchased this year alone a brand new Hummer & Cadillac (all tax exempt) under the name of his church as well. How can a church that serves some of the lowest income & impoverished people in Buffalo (and is funded by them) even explain having over a million dollars in properties (he has a summer home as well) and 3 luxury cars all over $50k regsistered to them. How can the Common Council or the citizens of Buffalo benefit from a person who lives within the district but doesnt even pay taxes? The other residents are paying $10 k a year in taxes on their homes where he lives and he pays nothing. Even his suits are tax exempt. I just cant understand why he isnt being questioned on this?

It will be interesting to see who the council selects. Darius Pridgen is friends with Byron Brown and Carl Paladino is no fan of Brown .You never know. With Pridgen's ethics now being questioned, it might open the door for a fresh face in local politics. Maybe, it will be this guy...

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