Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Blow off Your Steam Recap-Volume 5

Both Rick and Rusty write that they upset with Brian Higgins, Mark Schroeder, and Tim "Status Quo" Kennedy for supporting Byron Brown over one of their own neighbors. Rusty says Kennedy's career is over and he shouldn't waste his time or money on the Senate race. Kennedy's got bigger problems than that. He has not been backed by Mark Schroeder or Mickey Kearns-and won't be. He is being backed by Steve Pigeon, whom most voters are beginning to detest. Pigeon is not interested in any kind of reform whatsoever and frankly, I'm surprised Higgins would lower himself by associating with him. I think Higgins and Pigeon are underestimating the intelligence of a large number of South Buffalo voters. Once they realize Pigeon is behind Kennedy's campaign, they'll drop him like a bad habit.

Len writes that he sympathizes with the previous weeks' writer who was upset at Higgins, Schroeder, and Kennedy for supporting Byron Brown. He justifies their endorsement by saying "in the world of Albany, sometimes you have to give a little to receive support for yourself." I didn't know the mayor's race had anything to do with Albany. This person thinks Higgins and Kennedy care more about this region than themselves. He couldn't be more wrong. They are only concerned about their own careers. Kennedy hasn't made one decision on his own since being appointed. I take that back. He chooses whether to have his wings cooked hot, medium, or mild. Their decision to back Brown over Kearns has many people very upset.

Jack is very upset about the Water Authority raising it's rates. Join the club. How many patronage jobs are over there? Can someone get me a list of all their employees? A previous reader mentioned that the guy who was caught selling the handicapped parking tags stolen from city hall recently got a job at the Water Authority. Who knew he was such an expert on water?Where is the outrage from Higgins, Kennedy, and Kearns over this hire?

Then there is Marge. Marge steals all the wooden elves from the two McKinley circles placed there by actual community volunteers. These parents then had to explain to their kids why this woman would be crazy enough to carry out such a senseless vindictive act on Christmas Eve. Then Marge has the nerve to call the Metro Community News and accuse someone from this group of knocking over her stupid looking Santa Claus. Marge, I have to tell you this. I know someone's going to forward this to you. You need to quit while you're behind. From the many comments under my elf story, people in your own neighborhood are on to your dreadful act. They know your group consists of about three people and you receive tens of thousands of dollars in government money from all the incumbants that you shamelessly kiss up to. By stealing elves from kids, you are fast becoming little more than a circus act. I hope someone in your group explains to you that what you did on Christmas Eve really puts your entire group in a bad light. And that's too bad because I know of well intentioned people in your group that are just out trying to improve the neighborhood. You just don't happen to be one of them.

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