Monday, January 11, 2010

Mad Scientist Murdered in Kentucky

You have to read about this guy to believe it. Walter Sartory was a 73 year old recluse. He was a paranoid schizophrenic and one of the most brilliant guys in the world before he was murdered last February in Kentucky. He was a mathematician whose work on nuclear weapons remains classified. He held three patents and did pioneering work on a wide range of subjects. He also thought the CIA had trained ants to spy on him.

It says in the article that Sartory retired in 1992 and used algorithyms to invest on Wall Street. Before the market crashed, he had earned $14 million this way, yet still lived in a tiny apartment.

When police finally went into his house, they discovered that the scientist had converted his living room into a monitoring station for extra-terrestrial life: Six powerful computers were running a program that analyzed radio signals from outer space.Deputies found Sartory's schedules. He set precise times to brush his teeth, get dressed and so on, and then checked off each completed task.

He was truly a mad scientist. A woman from a cleaning service and her son are suspected in the killing. What a bizarre end to a strange life. Prosecuters are seeking the death penalty in the murder case.

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