Friday, January 15, 2010

Robertson and Limbaugh Respond to Haiti in Typical Fashion

Every time there is an international tragedy, someone says something utterly ridiculous. On Haiti, Pat Robertson reportedly said the earthquake was a result of a "pact with the devil." Yea. That's what it was. I'm convinced Robertson's 700 Club is the combined IQ of the people watching his show.

Not to be outdone, Rush Limbaugh urged people on his radio show not to donate to the Haitian relief effort, somehow trying to tie it in to President Obama. It's become so common for these two to put their feet into their mouth I'm surprised a word hasn't been invented in their honor. When someone says something so over the top that it borders on ridiculous, they should call it pulling a "Robertson"or a "Limbaugh."

Are these two imbeciles just trying to get their names out in the national media or could they possibly be this ignorant?

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