Friday, January 8, 2010

Lancaster Beer Pong Match Turns Ugly

People are really talking about this story. A rookie off duty Lancaster police officer beat up a 17 year for cutting him in line during an intense beer pong match at a New Years Eve Party. According to the victim's attorney, 23 year old Andrew Gill allegedly said, "I'm a cop. I can kick your ass and get away with it." The case is being handled by Lancaster detectives. Gill's father is a Lancaster detective! No conflict of interest there.

From reading the many comments underneath this story, it sounds like both the victim and Andrew Gill are known punks in Lancaster. Several people mention that Gill was accused of punching his girlfriend in the face at a Bills game once. They say he is known to be a spoiled hothead. He obviously was made a police officer because of the status of his father. I hope he gets fired immediately as well as charged with assault. How would you like to get pulled over by this clown if you happen to be driving down Transit Road one night?

It appears as though the whole town of Lancaster is talking about this story. The biggest joke is the Lancaster police chief saying he will conduct a fair investigation. With the cop's father being a detective in town? It was a good move by the 17 year old's lawyer to contact the News. Now, this case will be much harder to cover up. As the new voice of reason in Western NY, I am calling for the case to be transferred over to the Galleria Mall Security Unit (you know those guys with the big hats that patrol the mall).
Off-duty officer accused in beating : City & Region : The Buffalo News

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