Monday, January 4, 2010

Gipson Gets Canned by Brown While in Hospital Bed

Reached at his home in Amherst, H. McCarthy Gipson says he was very upset that the mayor fired him while in the intensive care unit at a local hospital. He could report all the cover ups the mayor has been involved in (his son's hit and run, Leonard Stokes, etc.) but then he would have to admit that he was involved also. I wonder what the real story is behind this move by Brown. Looks like I'll have to go on some message boards and find out. The local cops always have the inside story. The first African American Police Commissioner in Buffalo history fired without a reason. Will Frank Messiah and friends be leading a protest on the steps of city hall? They would if Brown was white. I have a feeling this story is not over with yet.
Gipson tells of dismay on how mayor fired him : Home: The Buffalo News

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  1. If he was reached at his home in Amherst NY I would guess that would be one of the first problems because city workers are suppose to live within the city.When you look back a few years ago,his address was a big issue all over the news and he claimed to have rented an apartment in the city of Buffalo.Then add the accusations that he was on crack rock,and the propertys that he owns which should be knocked down but are actually being rented out and you have on hot mess ! Just look through erie county water records...