Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Shrine of Fatima

Donn Esmonde wrote this column about James Williams and his hiring of Fatima Morrell. Usually, Esmonde spends half the article describing the physical characteristics of his male subjects, but not this time. He talks about how poorly Lafayette principal Morrell performed before she was promoted to her current position. She failed miserably at school 31 according to teachers, students, and parents. She was the assistant principal at McKinley during the Jayvonna Kincannon debacle. At Lafayette under Morrell, students are allowed to swear at teachers without fear of being suspended. Morrell yells at teachers and degrades them in front of the students. She recently told the football team "not to embarrass her" during one of her morning announcements.

Just another day in the Buffalo Public School System. Actually, City Honors, Hutch Tech, Da Vinci, and Emerson are very good high schools. They should take all the other high schools and pick the 10% of each school that are decent kids and form another good high school. Could you imagine Fatima Morrell being hired in any suburban school district? Not in a million years. Despite a dismal track record, Morrell kept getting promoted under Williams. I wonder what School Board President Ralph Pornandez thinks about this?
According to some of the comments underneath the article (which are usually more informative than the actual story), Morrell is the best friend of William's girlfriend. Say it isn't so, Dr. Williams. Is it all about the children or is it all about your mistress' friends? Keep up the great work. Why didn't you take that one way ticket out of Buffalo? I guess Nashville's loss was our loss, too.
Donn Esmonde: Blame mess at Lafayette on Williams : City & Region : The Buffalo News


  1. Mike
    I wonder why you never write about how you ran for council member. You make jokes about all these politicians when you were trying to be one yourself?? South Buffalo has been political for over 150 years and I hope it stays the same. Good people get jobs, not those who try to blackmale others into getting them.

  2. I ran for Councilmember in 2001 after scoring #1 on a test for Youth Program Moniter. They gave the job to the guy who was #3. I went against the machine and wasn't even endorsed by Jimmy Griffin. I finished 2nd in a 3 person race and got 33% of the vote.

    Good people get political jobs? What are you smoking? Relatives and ass kissing sychophants get these jobs. I hope South Bflo remains political too. We're going to need someone to comment on these idiots and I'm perfectly willing to do so. Why would I have to blackmail anyone. I have a masters degree and almost 20 years of coaching and organizing experience. Blackmail? I have every right to express my opinion. What can I say. If you're friends don't want to be scrutinized, they should stop providing me with daily ammunition.

  3. This person never said good people get political jobs mike!! He said "GOOD PEOPLE GET JOBS" so try being a good person instead of a critical one, too many people are finding out what you are all about. It is going to be very tough for you to find a job, worry about yourself and your future. Not what current people are doing. Its not like you are going to change anything in South Buffalo, except maybe your address because people are coming for you Mike, people are coming!!!!!!!

  4. I guess it takes a lot of guts to write anonymous threats on the internet these days. What exactly am I all about? I write stuff on current events and tell bad jokes. The great majority of the comments I get in public regarding this blog are positive. I'm sorry that you feel threatened by me exposing corrupt public figures. Can you elaborate to everyone else what you mean when you say "people are coming for you" or are you too much of an anonymous coward to do so?