Sunday, January 31, 2010

I didn't even know Buffalo had a basketball team

The Buffalo Stampede semi pro basketball team made a mistake by prematurely announcing they had signed Leonard Stokes to their team (Yea. That Leonard Stokes). In reality, Stokes is waiting patiently for a contract offer from the Cleveland Caviliers. It was actually just a matter of miscommunication. The team thought Stokes wanted to play basketball for them but he actually had been asked by Byron Brown to run the snack bar at home games, due to his great track record at running successful restaurants.

Stampede 'jumped the gun' on announcement of Stokes signing
News Staff Reports

The Buffalo Stampede has made its share of gaffes on the basketball court during its brief history, but the second-year Premier Basketball League team made a huge off-court one Thursday.

The Stampede (2-5) sent out an inaccurate press release announcing the addition of former Turner-Carroll and Cincinnati Bearcats star Leonard Stokes without actually signing the former NBA Development League player to a contract. The two sides discussed the possibility of joining forces but Stokes never signed a contract.

"We may have jumped the gun a little bit," team owner Vince Lesh said Saturday night by phone before the Stampede's 114-111 win over Manchester at the Koessler Center.

Stokes didn't return a phone message from The Buffalo News.
Is the team open to issuing refunds to any disgruntled fans?
"If anybody said, "I'm here just to see [Stokes],' obviously it's not a problem," Lesh said.

I'm going to show up at the next home game and say, "I'm here just to see Stokes." Maybe they'll give me my $10 back or at least a free box of popcorn, or something.

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